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The speakers stress the importance of choosing one's path and not making decisions based on who is on the street. They stress the need to make choices based on what one wants to live in a house or a shopping center, rather than on the street. The choice is not something one makes on their own, but something they are in the hands of others. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding confusion and making choices based on one's path.

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Under a little bit of cinema the film

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is made about

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the ad resided in the first regard. Baba Allah

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mentioned the elimination the desire to reveal when Allah said like I've been

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following you for with who will suffer these terms like I will call office and Allah

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allows and was really sad to reveal at the time when the burner they were expelled from Medina

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for breaking the covenant with Ursula Sullivan committing treason

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and sort of expel them from Medina. So when they were leaving,

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it was a custom among the Arabs at that time, that there was a false belief that

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there used to be fairly high infant mortality among the adults.

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And there was a false belief that if these children were left with the Jews, and if they were brought on by the Jews, and they would not die, so there were a number of Arab youngsters who are living with one another.

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Now on the banana, they were expelled

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the parents of these

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Arab youngsters who were living with divinity, they came to Osaka and they said, What shall we do with our children?

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Should they also be expelled? Or should we keep them back forcibly? And that analysis revealed and said like he did, and that's it, there is no compulsion in

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the two parts, the choices have been made clear, what is rushed, what is there, and what is my guidance is clear.

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And it doesn't matter isn't the one who chooses guidance, he has grasped a handhold which will not break

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because he is grabbing the hand of Allah subhanaw taala he is choosing

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what I want to remind myself and you is the life is full of choices.

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Unless we have no data does not compel us to do good or bad.

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Conclusion unnecessary, self created confusion in the minds of people with regard because

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and people say well, what can I do? This is my father.

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Other is not jealous.

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Allah knows but Allah does not compel.

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If Allah compelled, then Allah would be unjust in punishing

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and this was the the origin the problem of Akita with regard to the people who are called a DD or jabariya that they believed that the thief has been compelled to steal, that is his collar It was written for him that he will see it if it is written for him that he will steal then how can you practice and

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how can you position because he has been compelled to stay in the villa Allah is not unjust Allah is not

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law does not do injustice on anybody.

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And that is what is very clear in the Quran where in this particular case

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has been made clear in southern governors rhinoceros that for my for my volume in one Java for somebody wants to accept Islam relative accept if someone wants to make COVID-19 makeover in another case Allah will have a now one nice day both the paths have been shown clearly this one leads to that one lesion. So there is no devil and that's 100 knows that the different issue so let us not worry about that Allah knows and the knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala is perfect. What we need to concern ourselves a lot is what prizes are we making? Because this choice is very clear for us guys I've been given for lunch I have a human one.

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And the one who does cover in artisanally living and not Anahata beans Radhika does not the one that makes you confused. You want to have you want to bring faith and you want to

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bring the man Allah.

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Very good for you. And if you want to make over that is why

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you have the choice to deny, but the one who denies for him there is a fire.

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surprises are very clear in our lives. And therefore we should be very clear. That is out of the issue of concern. The issue has to do with choices if you may

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A particular choice than something else is something is your color. If you make another choice something else, for example, if you are driving, I always give this example, driving down the road, and you come to a fork in the road. And this fork, if you take a right turn, this will go say goes through the countryside, it goes into the forest, and it goes into fields and so on and so on. And if you take the left side, this will go into the city center. Right? It goes through this. Now when you are at this park, you have the freedom to choose where I want to go, right, I want to go to the forest, or do I want to go left? Do I want to go into the city center the address we have? A once

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you turn on lights, and you start reading and you come into the forest? And there were other buildings?

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And where is the you know, where is the city center?

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That is your color because you do the right job. Similarly, you take the left road and you come into the city center new vine skyscrapers and buildings and roads. And you say but where are the trees? Where is the forest? Where is the waterfall, there's no waterfall there is no forest because you are in the city center. There's no viruses.

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So, the other is what happens after you make the choice.

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But at the point of choosing you every you want to choose here, no problem. But once you make the choice, then whatever is on that road is

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that that does not change the deal will not turn into a building the building will not turn into a tree that is your father. Now you might say you know I drove into the forest and I realized I should not be here I should be considered an umbrella that is where

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there is

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this possibility for us to take a U turn on the highway make Toba and turn around.

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There is no word to describe. Maybe at the time of making the choice, I was not clear my mind was foggy, I was not sure what choice to make. And I made some choices. I thought it was good. But now I realize is not a good choice what to do.

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You got your 3d Center, whatever you want it. So you are is in your hands is in our hands, we can change the way we watch.

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Because the choices have been given the VR has been given. Once you have a human on javonni

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somebody who has committed over 10

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years, have you changed your company? Yes.

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But if he chooses that, and then he stays on it, then of course, whatever comes there is not Java Allah is not making Java on this person, like not forcing this person do this. That's what remind myself when you let us be clear about the choices we make. Because based on those choices, the color will open for us. If you take the right you get the harder you will get the juice or whatever it is. So based on the choice, we will get whatever is on that vote. So let us be very clear in our mind is what choice do I want to make? Because if you make the wrong choice, and there's no point in crying about it, there's no point in grumbling. There's no point in saying what you know, I wanted this I

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wanted that you may want it what you will not get because you did not choose, you are given the opportunity to choose and if you did not choose then that is your fit, you cannot change that

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are going to change that by making power like

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many of us have got very good and very high aspirations I want to do this I want to do that. All our people want to start set up the standard bearers Academy and so on. But do understand Allah Subhana Allah will take work only from people who are pure. Allah will take work only from people who are totally dedicated to Allah. Allah does not like adulteration. Allah does not like mixtures, and that does not create some harm with Allah. Allah will not take some filled with some clinic as untying things. No, I'm not sure handled la Gemini. Well, hopefully Jamal and Allah like that, which is pure and beautiful. And therefore, we have to make the choices in our lives, we want to be a member of

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this, I want to be a member of that you make you make a purchase, because if you you got to be very clear in our mind, this is the cause of a lot of confusion and unnecessary problem in the lives of people. People want to be in two opposite places at the same time, you know and I know the basic principle of logic, if there are two opposites, you cannot be simultaneously in books.

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It is not possible in any

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industry is one of those illogical things is an oxymoron to say I want to be in Greece and the western descent it cannot be possible.

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You cannot be in two opposite places at the same time. You can be sleeping and at the same time, your opposite opposite asleep, being awake. And

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you can be what is the

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Was it a hunger?

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Can you have any real hungry?

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What is the opposite of life? Can you

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And similarly, the opposite of sin is over, I go to Uganda, Uganda sin and Uganda, Uganda, Virgin,

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you have to get out of it, you have to make power. And you have to make your choice, you guys, you can't be a member yet, at the same time, not possible. So you want to be a member in

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vanilla, the door is open. If you want to be a member of the wrong place, Alhamdulillah, the door is open, also make your choice but forget about the right page, because that's not going to happen. It is simply not going to happen, you cannot have both two opposite things at the same bank. not doable, not logical, not reasonable. It does not happen in this world. So it will be very clear. And as Roger said, the paths have been shown, let us make our choice. And stop comparing. Because if you choose the right path, the right path, as you get to the right destination, there is no just just the wrong path will lead to the wrong destination, the right path will lead to the right

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destination, all we have to do is get onto the right path. But if you don't want to get on a path, you want to fool yourself and think that I will have one leg on the right path and one day on the wrong path. And then I will read the destination you will not use technical templates, which are two legs apart, and nothing is going to save you from that. So be very, very clear. Let us make our choices. And let us make them as quickly as we can. Because we do not know how long we have to live. Like we said yesterday, we talked about two people who can't or neither of them knew they were dying. And neither will

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be very clear in our minds. All of these charities. All this stuff I'm talking about is the door is open only as long as we have like the millet medical most comes that door closes no power, no turn around, no nothing. After that, whatever you chose, he chose

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to let me be very clear. If we want success in life, we have to choose Allah. We have to choose obedience to Allah. Consciously. We have to choose consciously obedience to Allah. If you choose that consciously, we will get success. If we do not choose that consciously, we will not get success, no matter who does what. I don't make the rules. I don't break the rules. And I made the rule I'm only informing you and reminding myself that this is the rule. Let us clean our lives of all disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala and that

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was sent to find the portions in the before the Battle of Cassia over the road wrote him a letter. And he said to him, that save yourself and your soldiers from sin, because sin weakens you

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either in weakens you, a lot of us victory based on our material and not as not as likely based on our weapons and force. Allah gives us victory based on our virtue. And if we are not virtuous, if we are not free from sin, then Allah will give victory to the one was the biggest weapon

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and that will give victory to the one who has the biggest army the biggest weapon and you will lose even though you are Muslim, you will be defeated. Even though you are Muslim, even though you're worshipping Allah, Allah will make you make you make you live and you will not win. Why because you did not save yourself from sin. So let us be very clear, clear our lives from Haram. Period our lives from every disobedience of Allah, there is no such thing as a small disobedience because Allah is not

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an academic, and therefore our disobedience our lives.

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There is no don't get confused and there is no disobedience of Allah which is not let us clean our lives of all disobedience, that is actively choose Allah or let us choose not up to us

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has left both the doors open, but we cannot use Allah in disobedience of Allah just just like we cannot choose to live and die. Just like we cannot choose to sleep and wake up just like we cannot choose to eat and be hungry. Similarly we cannot choose obedience and disobedience of Allah simultaneity does not work. Let us be very clear and let us make the choices if we are serious about being successful, otherwise forget about success. masala harana became while he was