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nella Marilla salatu salam ala cambia

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Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on Voila, but

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nevertheless, he says, We have all heard the term global village. And most of us think that the term refers to distance.

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The fact that we can go travel long distances in a few hours,

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which earlier people used to take

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months to travel or years to travel.

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We think that is the meaning of global village. But that's not the meaning of global is

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the meaning of Global Village is the meaning of the Hadees orsola, Salah Salem, where he said this ummah is one body.

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If the head paints the whole body feels the pain

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that is the meaning of global village

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and by this ummah, DOMA is all all human beings on the face of the earth because they're all the homebirth have also vice versa.

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So when one person feels the pain, everyone feels a bit

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I'll give you an example.

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We had a professor of OB organization behavior area, in when I was in the

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car pulling GARCH.

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So, pulling told us a story once

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he said that Ford Foundation had come, they started a project in up in a village

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to help people to produce better crops.

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And in that project, they introduced the use of a iron lauscha The piece that goes into the ground made of iron.

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So, in this village, they went there, they asked for two fields for the experiment to show that and then they had control they had a controlled plot which is a field which was tilled using the traditional method, which is a wooden blockchain

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they ran this whole project for two seasons and they weighed the grain and so on crop.

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And they proved to the villagers that the iron Plugshare was a much better method which gave them much better yield because it went down deeper into the soil, it broke up the soil better because it's iron thing

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requires almost no maintenance.

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So, they approved all this

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and on top of that, when they left the village, they gave them as a gift from Ford Foundation, they gave them a whole lot of iron plushies. So, now here was a situation where it had been proved to the villagers that here was a good system and

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to use the system there was no costs what they needed which was the iron blockchain was given to them as a gift

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to yours passed and then this project came for a revaluation.

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So, they came back to this village

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and to their absolute astonishment

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they found that not a single person was using the metal Crusher the endless nobody was

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this is where is the where are the plushies which you gave you so they showed them it was in some in the village head elder the bodies had hot lines over a whole bunch of them were just laying there

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so these people said What is the reason why not using

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so you know our usual culture and we never say anything? No. So they said that the villagers are very hospitable to them they said no, we are so grateful to you came all the way from America to help us and you know you are big people we are only small villagers and you are so are these people this is what frustrated me this is what kind of thing is we didn't come here to be praised for coming all we give you something we show it to you we prove it to you that all these Indians are stupid that was there

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so anyway, they had to still do something they have to show that their project was functional obviously does not function is not working.

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That is where my professor pullin guard came into this picture well is that they contacted him to some means he was acting as a consultant to for one day shows up

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so cool is that okay? Let me go and find out Cesar I went to this village and I stayed in the house of the pottery

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And he said, of course, in our culture, you don't simply go and start asking questions so that one day we

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spent there we had food there, slept in house.

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He said next morning,

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they gathered all the budgets.

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And he said, Are you having some tea?

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And then he said, I asked them, I said, Tell me, these people came from Ford Foundation,

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where you're not happy with what they showed us. Very happy, they're very happy. Well, you're not convinced that what they were telling you was the right thing that you will get better crops. And if you get better crops, it means you make more money, right?

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It's another of course, absolutely, we are convinced their method is very good. And we will get better crops and we will make more money. So who is it and why are you not using the mental prowess share which they gave you.

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You are convinced that it was a it is a better system, you are convinced it will make you more money.

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It is free because they gave it to you as a gift. You're still not using it why?

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He says the whatever is the hotel of the village

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is a very apologetic tone.

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He said to him,

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we have a family of carpenters in our village,

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if we use the metal ploughshare, they will have no livelihood.

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How can we use it

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when the whole village decides

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to stay with lower crop yields, the whole village decides to stay with a lower income.

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Because that one family of carpenters, which is in the village, if they use a metal ploughshare, then they will have no livelihood because their livelihood is making the plebs then sharpening that every once in a while, that is their work.

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This is the meaning of Global Village.

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This is what wrestlers or a fella meant when he said when the head is the whole body feels the pain. Now why am I saying that in this was a reminder because this is the essence of Islam.

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A feeling a sense of responsibility for each other.

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And that is reason why Rasulillah Salam said Allah subhanaw taala may forgive the sins against him, his vocal, Allah may forgive this, because Allah subhanaw taala does not need to seize

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the whole course of Allah are really on us. If I don't pray, it is no different. One was one that I'm just throwing myself out of the religion I am depriving myself of the benefit of Salah and so on and so on. But I'm not harming Allah in any way I love does not delude myself.

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So Ravindra Salam said, the scope the rights of Allah subhanaw taala, he may forgive that's up to him, he may forgive him or punish, but he may forgive. But is it the rights of the people Allah subhanaw taala will not forgive until the people forgive.

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And he did not say the rights of Muslims. He says that some people, anybody whether it's Muslim, non Muslim, if you tell a lie, if you cheat, if you do not give people what is there do you take away from them what is what they should be getting?

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All of this I mean, I don't have to make a list of these things. All of these things will not be forgiven.

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By Allah until those people themselves forgive those things that they will call you back

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and know about your Salah and no amount of your Hajj and no amount of your fasting and no amount of your charity and our no matter how many Masjid you build and nobody our mother is your supporting. None of that will help you if you have been harming people.

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As simple as that.

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And those people can be anybody non Muslims, anyone. If you have been harming other people, and you are you have a beard like we will Winky and you got turban like the dormer methoxide would help you

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it will not help you, it will not help you all your Salah all your everything. And what am I saying this? My delille was saying this is the hat is always a result of again, where he asked the Sahaba he said Do you know who are the destitute of this OMA destitute what is not poor? Destitute is somebody who has absolutely nothing. somebody walking naked on the street.

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Starving that is this this is not you know somebody who's poor now let's do it is absolutely nothing

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He asked him we said Who are the destitute people of the summer? They said yes, those who do not have money. Those who do not have dinner are gonna

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say no, he said, the destitute of this ummah are those who will come to Allah subhanho wa Taala before Allah subhanho wa Taala on the Day of Judgment with good deeds, the size of the mound are about

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those of you who have not, you know, if you're a bit worried about you next time you got

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a good look at what's good, this is the bottom those are looked at. Take a good look at it. It's a it's a it's almost like a mountain range. It's not just one hill, huge. There was a sort of say that the destitute of this OMA, are people who will come to Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment, not with one or two or three good days, they will come with good deeds, the size of the mountain our hearts.

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But there will be a long line of people waiting there, who they would have wronged who they would have have, who they would have received who they would have lied or cheated or who they would have hit or their they would have harmed their dignity or harm their reputation by slandering by backbiting so on thoughts on

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all of those people will be waiting there and they will say Allah, we want our work give us our right. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Jalla will give on that day using the currency of the Day of Judgment, which is deeds are the currency of the Day of Judgment is not their humble dinar is not gold coins, it is Abba it is actually it is our deeds.

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So this will be given an abuser, as an object until a time will come when this entire mountain worth of good deeds will be exhausted and finished,

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all given away to people in keeping with how they had been robbed. And then he said,

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but the line of people will still be there.

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The line will not finish, it will still be there.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala della della who will ask those people now what do you want me to do?

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Because his good deeds are finished. Now what to do, there was a terrible army, give him our bad deeds,

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give our bad deeds to this person, and this will be done.

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Who are those people, not only Muslims,

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not only Muslims, people.

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People who did not even worship Allah subhanaw taala evil who committed Shirakawa

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but who are wronged by the Muslims, good deeds or who's only Muslims.

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Because there is no Mushrik or gaffer who is willing to come before Allah Samantha with good deeds because where is the good deeds for them? They did not believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala there AMA on the day of judgment or zero? So who are the people who are being judged Muslims? Who are the people standing in the line, Muslims and non Muslims

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and as well as well as an object, this person who came to Allah subhanaw taala, with good deeds, the size of the mountain, oh, God will be thrown into Jana with somebody else's bad deeds.

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Why? Because of those people here on

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when I first started the service, I used to think, how is it possible that somebody has robbed so many people in all this world mountain awards is finished? And still the line of people is there I was it wasn't until I discovered the internet.

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And then my question got answered.

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Because one message, one message of slander

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has an eternal life.

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500 years after your debt, it will still be floating around in the net earning for you. So you had

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one single message

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people who you've never heard of

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people you did not even know who are not even born. When you sent out this message.

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Will see that message will read that message.

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And because of that, you will get

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their evil in your cover and on the devil.

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You need to make the word this is the meaning of Global Village Global Village means that we are related to one another. We are connected with one another in a very personal way.

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What happens to you affects me what happens to me affects you whether you like it or not. You can deny it as as much as you want. That's not the reality.

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Try to deny

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Gravity jump off this building and you will know what I mean.

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It doesn't disappear because you because you deny it

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you can deny gravity and jump off this building will still have a concrete experience

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gravity won't vanish

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we are related to each other in a very personal way. And therefore, we must live with that understanding and with that consciousness to say that if I related to you minimum, this is the absolute basic minimum, this is not the limit, basic, basic minimum is that I must not have you in any way.

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Yeah, well, you karmic is the is the biblical habit.

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I must try to benefit you, I was trying to help you, I was trying to be good to you. But even if I don't do all that, at least absolute basic minimum, I must not harm you in any way. No action of mine, no word of mine must cause any pain to you must not must cause any inconvenience to you. You may not even mention the inconvenience, you might say everybody I know you're here for the major Atlanta, Georgia,

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a lot for the Atlanta

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if I'm doing some nonsense in my house, I'm making a noise, I'm doing something and it is it is hurting you. You your family might say it's okay. No, it's not okay. It is not okay.

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We have to live with that consciousness. We have to live with this consciousness that we are related to one another, and what happens to what happens to all and that's why there is a injustice to one is injustice to all

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ask Allah subhanaw taala geladeira Lu to enable us to live with his consciousness and to

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give us a world imagine the beautiful world that will result if we live like this.

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Everyone is concerned about each other guys and then you will have Gemini in this world etc. And when so simple. There's nothing complicated about it. There's not in education, doesn't need a PhD, doesn't need money doesn't need anything. Just concern for one another period has

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asked Allah Subhana Allah to give us this insha Allah so that we can create a beautiful environment around us in our homes outside our homes. And please Allah subhanaw taala geladeira Lu as a result of that, also Allah Allah Nabil Karim Allah He was Euro