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Hello, Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala

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Muhammad are so nice on Allah Allah He won't only he was able to sell them to Steven because he and cathedra Humberto, my brothers and sisters we talked about how do we measure our connection with Allah subhanaw taala

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the importance of the connection? How do we how do we measure the connection? Today, let me remind myself and you about

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how do you get that connection?

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We talked about measuring it, how do we get there?

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One very important thing to remember,

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for everybody, especially in today's world, where people talk about being spiritual, and you have these all these fancy,

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sort of, you know, Southern California walk statements, I'm not religious, but I'm spiritual. I am not for organized religion. So you have a disorganized religion, I don't know what what it is.

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And so on and so on. Please understand one very simple thing and that is

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that Allah subhanaw taala, get close to Allah subhanaw taala

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is not a mystery. It's not a matter of being spiritual or mental or whatever. It is to follow the method that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned. And what is that whether Allah said, Oh my God, Allah, wa rasuluh, or godfather, the foreigners Eva, and let's say the one who obeys Allah, and his Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam forgot further falls on Azeema only that person is successful and that person has achieved ultimate success.

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Everything begins and ends with the obedience of Allah subhanaw taala

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according to the method of surah Allah is Allah isn't

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the finest example of that is Allah. Allah does it Okay, well Salah

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established the salah, how must I do that? So listen, listen, observe Sallu Kumar i to Mooney who sadly pray as you have seen me pray, we obey the hug of of Allah, the order of Allah, which is to pray in the method in the way that also Allah is Allah I celebrate.

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Not in our own way. I can't say well, you see, I'm spiritual in my in my spiritual sense, I believe that prayer

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must be a form of singing and dancing. So therefore I will dance in the street for the love of Allah. Sorry, that is not prayer. That is not salah. And that is not what Allah subhanaw taala mentioned. Like there is a protocol to meet any great person in the world. And of course the Allah Allahu Allah Azza we don't compare a lust monitor to anybody.

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But like there is a protocol.

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You are told what you're supposed to do, how you're supposed to meet that person. In 2008 2800, I was

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honored to be invited to speak at the International hedge conference in Makkah, and then do Hajj as a guest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And part of that was a banquet on either day,

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where I was fortunate enough to meet the king,

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His Majesty King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Raja Laurie.

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And before we went into the, into the audience, chamber, the people myself and those who are with me, we were given a brief coaching,

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brief statement by the head of protocol. And

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he told us what we should do. And he said, This is what you should do this is how you should be simple is it is very simple. When you go, you will shake hands, we will say salam alikoum. And

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that's it. I mean, you know, you don't

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you don't say anything else.

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Other than that, and you don't sort of hang on to his hand forever. You just say, can you see this in America? I did that as you can. This is our requirements. You know, he give a lot of grace and so on. So the point I'm making here is that there is a process. I can't say obviously, I love thinking so much. I'm gonna I'm going to go hug him. No, if you do that, you will have some disastrous consequences probably.

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Because whether you will love the king or not, doesn't matter. The word matter matters it what is the correct way of meeting the king. So also with Allah subhanaw taala. As I said, You're not comparing but just to understand that Allah subhanaw taala to get close to him. Allah showed us the way

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To establish Salah

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and to do that in the way that also Salah Salem did not in according to any way we want obedience is a very important thing.

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Islam is all about obedience. Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in May when a Salah he said it's kinda la hora boo Aslam kala Islam to the bill Alameen. He's upset to him submit he said I have submitted robot army.

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It's that means the mission needs to obey Allah subhanaw taala. And this obedience is critical as far as we are concerned. The obedience we see in two ways in Islam one is obedience with regard to the rule to the rights of Allah subhanaw taala which we call cocola. And second one is obedience, in the context of the rights to the people, which is wholly bad. So Islam shows us a way of behaving with Allah and a way of behaving with the people. And for both of these, the guidance is the obedience or

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the emulation rules of thumb. That is why last round there is a lack of Kerala confy Rasulullah. He was watering, lemon kallyas Hula Voluma la Farah for the Corolla cathedra. Let's say that the best example for you is example of the Rasul of Allah Azza wa sallam

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and that is for anyone who wishes to meet Allah subhanaw taala and I look forward to the day of judgment because this person is sure off and is confident inshallah and Messiah will forgive him and rewarded. So he looks forward to that day. And he remembers Allah subhanaw taala a great deal. This obedience is very, very important. Therefore, we need to know the sera of resources. So what did he do in different places in different situations in different challenges? How did he face them? How did he respond to them? And that is the way we will

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we need to work. And then Alas, Wilder took it a step further and that's why the circle the hip bone, Allah Fatah, Briony Yubico La Jolla. Welcome de novo como la hora for him. Unless I say to those people who claim to love Allah subhanho wa Taala to make my devices to them make my to make whatever make the developers were lies or Salah let's sing to them to him to him, Salah Salem, Cole said to these people, tell them you love Allah, therefore, emulate me immediately be like me walk like me talk like we do like me, smile like me.

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If you are angry, be angry like me, right? Not raving and ranting, not beating people not expressing jallat but showing anger, but in a way which is constructive, which is caring, even in anger, which is caring. If you are if you if you are

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if you love somebody, show it in this particular way.

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If you are hungry behave like this, if you are gentle, if you if you are in need behave like this, if you are

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if you see people in need, we have like every single aspect of life is reflected in the sphere of resources, and to emulate him and everything. This is something that

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allows one to wrestle and the reward of that is, you will go and Allah will love you. And if Allah loves you, your local noodle bubble will know for him, he will forgive your sins and He is the Most Forgiving and most Merciful. This is very, very important for us to

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to understand this and remember this, that to get close to Allah subhanaw taala is not a mystery. Like people people say, Well, I'm searching for all I'm looking for ways. There's no need to search. That's why Allah subhanaw taala sent to me. That's why I sent this get up, which is clear,

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radical kita will already Buffy. In this book, there is no doubt this is a clear book, although it was 13 and it is a means of guidance for people who are who have Taqwa, people who are concerned about the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala. How can I please Allah very clearly described in the Kitab of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Therefore, it is focused on the obedience that is the reason why Ramadan comes to reinforce the spirit obedience where Allah subhanaw taala is because he said so we hold ourselves back even from things which are Holon how much more important it is to hold us hold ourselves back from things which are haram. They are harmful they are haram they are prohibited when we stopped ourselves from that which is permitted because Allah said so how about stopping ourselves from that which is why I waited for the same reason because I'm not saying so nebulous sisters today be the biggest cancer in our in our community in the Muslim community is earning, earning haram and eating haram. People talk

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about wanting to save Islam, Islam is in danger is not danger. We are in danger. It's time Allah subhanaw taala promised to protect this religion and He will protect this religion. We have examples of it from all over the place.

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See The how I remember

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saying is can completely wiped it off the face of the earth. Everything with it was gone. It killed millions of Muslims.

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The opposite is grandson Hulagu he finished them. He leveled Baba. But then what happened Islam did disappear.

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Islam came back stronger. The Mongols became the became became the forefront of Islam. Allah subhanaw taala. If we don't do our job, Allah will replace us.

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And our job is to practice Islam. Don't talk about saving Islam, save yourself. practice Islam. The best way to save Islam is to practice Islam. You cannot save Islam by not practicing Islam. In India we have this debate. People say oh no, the oral language is disappearing. And we must say who the eff is overdue? And if you ask them what newspaper comes to house English newspaper, what do your children speak English language? What do you speak English language? Can you can you read or write? No, I can't read write with my children. So which one do I want? Do what to say? Who muscles so you say it is your language you don't speak it you don't read it. You don't write it. You don't read the

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newspaper in in that language. And you want to save the language. This is hypocrisy. This is hypocrisy. Same thing with Islam. You want to save Islam? Oh is that was dead so that we're not in danger. You are in danger I'm in danger. So let us be very clear. Let us get our act back together. That is why Amazon came to remind us to become obedient to Allah subhanaw taala let us be obedient to Allah subhanaw taala These are the days in last 10 days of Ramadan these are ethic of those who are in ethical all power to you may Allah smelter accept to ethic off and accept or to do as those are not unethical. Get into Africa even if it is a one day get into Africa. Don't tell the person

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who is making a rehab Mr. My brother, you are an integral make dua for Washington may go for you. He may go for himself. You get into Attica Mingo. For yourself right? Instead of telling somebody else make dua for you. You get to Ethica Dubois for is that is better for you and we're better fathers please because we do have we will refer you but make sure that you don't lose out the reward

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at the most your brother in Africa will basically do it for you but he can make up for you. Yeah, his reward for anything if he will hit you will not get the reward. So please get into the cup. These are the moments These are the times where the treasures of Allah subhanaw taala The doors have been open and you are being invited come and take it. Come and take it your Rob wants to give it to you here is the treasure the door is open. Despite that if you don't want to step into that door and take from that treasure my brother and sister who's responsible, there does not leave this month to the regression it was dealing with money in satisfaction. That a Hamdulillah I did my best. That is

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very important. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept our effort to increase it to enhance it to make it beautiful, make it easy.

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Fill it with sweetness. So that will be made general it will not be with regret. It will be with begging his forgiveness and asking Him to forgive us and cover is cover us is Mercy was Allah Allah Allah Allah will carry Murali he was