Haifaa Younis – What are the Signs that You are a Muttaqin (Person of Taqwa)

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of being aware of one's behavior and expressing one's feelings. They stress the need to be patient and not hesitant when dealing with difficult decisions. The speaker also mentions the use of Halal foods as a means of pleasing Allah.
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Let me tell you the signs that you are attacking. Number one

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that person whose motto always worried that Allah will not be happy with them.

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The worry is not how I look. The worry is not how much money I have in the bank. The worry is not where I'm gonna go to college or which job I'm gonna get the worry is that he is not happy with me. Number two every deed you do every action you do, you ask yourself why I am doing it?

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Why? If the answer I like it, you're missing it. If the answer is everyone else is doing it. You're missing it.

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Is this what I am doing? Gonna get me closer to Allah?

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The answer is yes. You're on maternity three turkey or on to the obedience of Allah. You don't want to miss a sale and everybody goes there. You're on. I'm Amati I Iran. Ah, this is a good day somebody called me come and volunteer in the masjid Iran because that's a good deed. I'm not gonna say anyway, they every time they call me there is nobody else any opportunity for good deed helping someone but they don't deserve it. Don't do it for them because that's pleasing to Allah or on for control.

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Not the neffs pulls me

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I pull the nerves I pull myself. Let's give you an example. Why do you drink coffee or tea? Or something at 10am in the morning?

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Because you like it. It's not haram but because you like it.

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Or you keep on your social media for three hours, nothing haram. You like it? That's my knifes and Motoki have control.

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You drank coffee today? Tomorrow, you're not because you need to be under control. You have done three hours as too long. Nobody tells you you say to yourself, somebody say something back to me. I'm not going to answer a mama Turkey. I have control. I got upset, I'm not going to react.

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I'm not going to make a decision very quickly. I'm I'm a toughy. I am always thinking of Allah and I have control. The Mottaki leaves a lot of Halal because he or she is worried that there may be something doubtful, not haram. Example, stay away from the extras that luxury. It kills the heart, because you get used to it and you wanted and to get it. Most of the time I have to do something not pleasing to Him that I'm not talking

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and when a difficult decision needs to be done, the decision is very easy. Is it pleasing to Allah or it's not pleasing to Allah? Very easy. I don't have a huge problem. Because me or people is not in that equation.

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You are patient, you are Mottaki no patient, not Aqua patient. You're not hesitant. You're not. You don't do things quickly and respond very quickly. And this is me and I have temper then you're not on topic.

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If you're not patient, we need to work on your taco.

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And we Turkey is not perfect

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and Motoki can disobey Allah.

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Yes, of course. But what happens? constantly turning back to Allah. So you said something to me, I got upset. I said something. And then I go home and I say why did I say that?

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And I turned to Allah so please forgive me. I am a MacDuffie is not perfect, but you turn back to Allah subhanho wa Taala and you turn back to him constantly

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