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Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © A man named Siraj Lustig introduces his campaign against the Muslim world and asks the woman he is protecting to say who she is and what she wants to do. He then asks them to help their families and their businesses with a CRO and a message of peace and prosperity. He then asks them to gather together and give them genetic videos.
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Tada. Well I can handle it or do it. What I can handle the Rhoda Allahumma international de Kodava Cova Tina Wakulla Tehila Tina well Juan and Alan gnas la Montel co Ulysses along mantle COVID Aziz la mental COVID Aziz, Mr. lethaby automatico vertical yada ya the untold story of one Muslim in a field of civil Hindi era but Alameen Allah we ask You that You give victory to our brothers and sisters in Philistine in India out of the nine I mean your Allah we ask you to give them victory or Bill al Amin given victory against their oppressors Yara banana mean your Allah we ask you Allah that you be the power and the source of a victory for them you're a man you are a home you are a bee

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we ask that you protect them objectors household and the lives you are behind I mean protect their businesses you're a man you are a him protect the properties you are but I mean y'all protect the lives your but I mean, protect their families and their children you know Allah, you ought to be asked to protect their misogyny or Bananaman protect their Messiah. If you are Rahmani r Rahim. yarby We ask them to protect their livelihood Dr. Abdullah Al Amin Yara be the whole world is given their back turning their backs against the amount of blimey we asked you to be the one that you are Allah you will turn towards them with your victory Ira Alameen Yola we ask you to aid them your

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manual Rahim make the refers easy for them or Bananaman your Allah we ask you to make their efforts easier but Allah mean accept their shahada and the care of that I mean, your Allah make the door secure Allah give them complete recovery and healing Dr Rahmani Raheem, those who are lost we asked her to bring him back home safely out of bed Alameen Allah and those who survive us who to alleviate their suffering and make it easy for the miserable Alameen. strengthen their Eman? Yeah Allah we ask the tenant to surrender their Eman and their heart. Dr. Abdullah Al Amin Yara is turning to their emotions in their hearts your man you are him. You are being asked to take away their enemies are

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benign. I mean, Ya Allah be the one who will punish their enemies and oppressors Jarrah, but I mean, Yola, you are the one who was just your Rahmani Raheem justice is coming from you and you are just a shot of Brahma we ask that you show them just a shot of it. I mean, y'all Allah showed them just a shot of I guess their oppressors Ya Allah. Ya Allah in a moment like this We ask that you accept our dua your Bananaman show us the way to help them in the best way that is most pleasing to your but I mean, Yola, we asked that utilize a CRO but I mean to help them and aid them and Philistine in India, elsewhere around the world you're a Brahmin you're Allah our pain in the Muslim world is so

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many and they're everywhere. We ask you to be the one who gives them comfort and easier but I mean, make us some of those who can convey that that prosperity and that peace to them you are a man we are a him. Ya Allah we ask that you protect our Muslim Gemma here in America behind me. Protect us protect our household, our livelihood, your ability I mean your Allah protect our iman protect our Islam, protect our massages for us your umbrella mean you Allah protect our families, our children. Yeah Rahmani r Rahim. You want to be keep us all united for your sake. Rahmani r Rahim strength or Eman our brotherhood or sisterhood yarrabilba al Amin, y'all we ask that you remove any ill feelings

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from our hearts to anybody Allah we ask you to fill our hearts with love and mercy for one other you are blind I mean, keep this messiness give the GEMA stronger but I mean keep us strong and focus on pleasing your man you are a him you are be the world we are in this place we ask you to gather together and genetic videos Allah Allah with the Prophet Muhammad Salah Lhasa masala hain. Well hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salam Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam salam ala

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