Sunnah, Sirah, Shamail and Hadith

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You know the thing understandably, you know, when you have got headache collection people don't understand the difference between Suna Sera, and Hadid to I'll tell you the difference, and also shamal so these words people use it, but very often they don't understand what they mean really. So let's make make Victoria

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what tsunamis. So now when we use what asuna and the process they use is Allah Kobe sumati follow my sooner it obligately are you to follow my tsunami, tsunami in said, that way of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, which he did, in a capacity of a messenger? Either messenger the sooner that we must follow like Alibaba halal and haram, these things he did I the messenger, that must be followed, that we call what sooner or consistent that sooner the guidance to book a Hadith, they have got a big section of soon most what the contents sooner.

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Then we have got sera sera means what the prophets Allah Allah said the space and the time that was given the prophets Allah Allah cinnamon he used them I the human being adorable me messenger derka derka Sera, Sera euro if you will be when he was born, which city was born, who are his parents, who are his children, which are better he felt, you know, you know, did all the Syrah what different sera sera basically they space and the time of any human being? You know, very often I teach people, I make a vertical line like that. This year, this vertical line never comes back. You just keep moving in one direction never comes. This differs for everybody. I work as a deacon his own Syrah.

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Omar has his own Syrah the Prophet he wants to hear each one of his own Syrah This is your space and time is a space and time of everybody is different. Not everybody in the board maka not at the same day but impossible never happened is space and time Shira is given by Allah. This is given by law. What's so nice, Suna is Circle. Circle means things which are repeated. You do them every day. They keep coming like further prayer every developer comes Zurich comes every day when you see people smile it comes every day. So now we'll keep come the sooner is a path which was work all the time. So now must be considered a walker never come back to Sierra never come back better better never

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come back again. But I've never come come back. But for clear the file they will keep coming all the time. So this is sooner and this is the Sierra, what you need to do is apply the sooner to your sera that what you need to do to your Sierra will be different from my Sierra Maestra to your Sierra, a worker will differ from over because Because Allah or these people give different from each other. Is it clear to you, you are that no reward to follow the Prophet sera to for example, if you see Oh, the professor very big 40 year old, he went to the cave of Hara to let me go to kill her. You get no reward in that there's no reward for this a Syrah in asuna. He did not he didn't I never met sooner.

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But when you said like that, you know the prophets, a lot of them used to get up very early in the morning and do so many prayers I do the same, you got to vote for that he used to eat with the right hand, you got reward for that? Is it clear to everybody the professor lawless alum hirahara keep coming back. But he does many things at the Sierra Club, he are among other people, he has certain taste. Even other people, not everybody enjoy the same food, just keep changing. This is not sooner, somebody left somebody like me to more somebody loves this for somebody, like make more somebody don't like drinking milk. You know, as long as the farther The sooner it doesn't matter which one

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you do like our medicine as well among them is you know RF pure automation is like that, today come in the category of what we call it you can see that the products are very ill he know he gets a medicine, but not as easily be as long as the medical treatment anyone is fine for me. So nice to get medical treatment, it is not assumed not to get the same medical treatment as the professor because we never can assume any way we are not an insane environment not simplest, not necessarily, but we should do medical treatment, this hyper. So this is in a Syrah then we got shamal shamal basically means that those things which are distinctive to anybody in the Sierra are in the sooner

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it's also distinctive, it clearly a measured properly naturalistic teaching with people, but you can see the prophets analysis in a minute, somebody will come, what he ate, what drink how he treated, also will come in his prayers in how the fasting shamala book will help although because they are more distinctive other parcel of the HTML is the specific medium. Anybody can follow. But it is when you put together you know it is Professor land. So this is how he took all together to make the process. That's shamal

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When people and Hadith means Hadith a minister reporting the Sunnah of the Prophet salla that Hadith he started the people are more interested to know what is sooner did but later because people love the prophets or they should love anyway anything related to him he became believers to even his Syrah even is better or those things don't even didn't have same criteria of correctly but all became important to Hadeeth collection became collection offer not only sooner sooner is the main one but even the Sierra even the shamal so they will ask the food the BB of Tom which food he used to eat but not mean that we should eat the food but people love it you should eat Shouldn't the cut

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that it will help you to understand you see the professor lesson among all the food of our people he loved this one This was so high to me my food I should also should go for the highest food for that detest seen I have seen but not very important that they are really competitive not very much whatever sera you know if you see in this book of Hadith in a Manchester which foodie yet which karate, you know war on which medical treatment had it that that means kind of guidance is simply missed the word to narrate to you all the stories to you know about your profit and sometime it can be helpful for some other things now when not you have to follow that following is only farther

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sooner luckily your father you don't forget everything but he left his his stories you left is that related to the profits and whatever? Like know his battles what he did you know how his teeth were broken? You know you This door is very good. You want to know kousaka the history is dear to heart, but not to know after eight year Africa you have to conquer America. He says conquering MacAskill sooner. Now I have to make an army to conquer America not sooner for you. does nothing for him maybe not for you. You have another marker somewhere else to do conquest, your own desire you have to conquer that what people have done in Indian people What happened? When the problem was Babri Masjid

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most people must know this mosque built by Barber, the first noble Emperor or his one of his minister or one is a man built a mosque in Judea. Babri Masjid Hindu people claim that this is the place where their Lord Rama was born. They claimed it was their temple and Ababa diversity temple and he built a mosque and they wanted to damage the mosque and build and there was any way to build a temple so in those days when they are still not demolish it they want to so one Muslim group can no I'm we are going to different and we are going to be the same number of people are bothered 300 330 people so they came with a 313 people to God and they were arrested put into prison and sent

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by to do three really button three and a 13 people writing music It was 30 and 13 why came because there are no other people anyway if the happen fair enough society the product that no no magic in 330 number it did the best he could do. So know that to be three and 13 people so nice to make people like a casa de la cama these people that are so nice. So now that was 313 so not to make your better one after each other in this country. No, it could change Syrah of the people keep changing. But sooner should this you should follow us traffic in sooner not in the Sierra, not industry someone that what the people think if they put on the turban and they walk in the City of London,

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they are exposed to nine in London no worship your Lord Be kind to the people to your neighbor, feed your people you fall so not your turban your turban does not write any any good in the society you know people can still be better without your terrible you know the prophet in our competition you have to wear a turban now his mission to make everyone to a terrible hickory himself with hardly a turban people have no idea we don't have any real sound heard this about the Prophet habitat one some time here, but not all the time. Most time he is to be better had no nothing yet at all. But people think he used to have all October. You can imagine the hot weather of Arabia somebody put

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around all the time. Can you imagine?

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But some people you know, I remember what my friend does very hard in a day. And in Indians in Guatemala, they have Shivani and topi but you know that even his burden in the summer in don't do this but one of my my my friend Craig we become new teacher to new teachers want all that to be informal cloth. He was in that former cost suiting like anything the direct anathema he said to me let you know is something wrong with your friend. He could see maybe somebody that he could cloth, but you should understand the weather. You know, terrible maybe the profit is sometime but not in the hot weather either. But some people think and some people think it must be green because the

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Prophet love green that they make a Green Party. And you know, the unnecessary problem the society. This all seriousness tonight is Sierra Sierra should change. Actually people shouldn't make effort. You know, do in Sierra, if sometimes some people occasionally do something out of the love of the Prophet, they get rewarded, but if they make it hybrid, it is

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Probably to compete out. So there should be is it clear to know you know the meaning of sera Suna shamal. And you know the meaning of Hadith simply means reporting all those things. here this one is really reporting the sooner then is become reporting of all that the book of huddle, Evercore that not only asuna they have got also shamal they also have got what we call sera there but all those together, do the major parties sooner.