Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders The 4 Step Process Part 9

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of learning the Arabic language and its grammar in teaching and learning is emphasized, along with the challenges of responding to the Quran and overpaying for lip service. The use of the "bringing" label in the title of the book is also discussed, highlighting the success or failure of a relationship. The transcript is a jumbled mix of disconnected sentences and phrases, making it difficult to summarize.
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In Alhamdulillah, WA salatu salam ala rasulillah. Well bad.

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We continue with our discussion of yesterday with regard to teaching and learning of the Quran

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and I began with the head his enemies Allah Allah so, marriage development is not fun but there are no reporters or asila Selim to say hi Roman home tala Malhotra and Allah. He said the rest of you are the people who teach the Quran and learn the Quran. And we spoke about one aspect of teaching and learning the Quran which is to know the meaning of what we are reading and reciting the importance of non annoying the Arabic language.

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The importance of the Arabic language is not only in terms of the meaning alone, but also in terms of the grammar of the Arabic language. The grammar of the language is a miracle in itself.

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The Quran shows this Allah Subhana Allah puts this as a challenge to the people and says that if you think that this is the work of a human being Then why don't you write and create a surah like this.

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And then he says you cannot create a surah create one I

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and Allah rather that even if you all get together you still cannot create even one eye and this is an open challenge to the people who believe in the divine origin of the Quran till today. for 1400 years no one has been able to create even one ayah

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but we have no appreciation of that because we do not understand the language or the ground.

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The key thing to understand is that just by saying Masha Allah Subhan Allah doesn't make any difference.

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If there's one Mashallah Why don't you learn Arabic?

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That is the key thing. The key thing is don't pay lip service. That is an evoc you really have abbreviation, learn the word. Learn the meaning of opera.

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The second issue is with regard to responding to the Quran. The Quran is a living column the Quran is not some dead mantra which you are reciting the Quran is a living column, Allah Subhana Allah in the Quran in some cases asking a question. In some other cases, Allah subhanho wa Taala is asking us to reflect for example, as rather as errands rather than file is as opia Allahu wa Jalla kulu. He said, among the qualities of the believer, he said that these are the people when the seeker of Allah comes before them, their hearts shiver with the fear and majesty of Allah. What is that really a Dalai

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Lama? And he said, when the eyes of the foreigner resided before them, the man increases. So when we read the Quran, when we are teaching the Quran, stop the students stop yourself and say, Allah subhanaw taala said either Look, your Allahu wa Jalla guru boom, that when the seeker of Allah comes the heart shivers with the fear and majesty of Allah, what is happening to my heart just

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I have just been reading the Quran what is happening to me anything happening to her at all? Or is my heart completely free from Mashallah the effect of

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stop and ask

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Allah rather in other places, masala Kabira. Beagle curry, how is it you have forgotten your rub? Who is curry? What is the answer?

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Allah is asking a question.

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He's asking question to us. Who is supposed to answer this question?

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stop and ask yourself, How am I expressing my sugar dollars? ronaldson

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legal grip and let's say how have you bought my Europe? Who is Kareem? What is the answer? stop and ask yourself. Stop your student if you are teaching and ask himself when have you done tell us one of them. When was the last time you can tell us one of them?

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When you say your news are reading al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen all breathe and all times is to Allah Serrano Donna who is the robe of the ultimate? How have I found a law

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it's not enough simply to say I'm the law. What have you done a lover in today between the time you woke up in the day who prints a lot further Have you actually tanked Allah subhanho wa Taala and if you take the last run odana What did you thank him for? That is the question was the whole point of teaching and learning the Quran is to make this Quran a live thing in the in the life of the student and the teacher in some places a lot smarter and described the

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way in which he created the Christian world

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Hello as Roger said we have graded the mountain the specs

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we read yeah we know that some of us do not interest what pig which pig

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close bracket on the clothesline what kind of pig 10 pack?

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What is the meaning of big who is going to do the research? Who is going to answer these questions?

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Why the last one?

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Which were which How?

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Oh by now

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barbed wire Majora

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there is a wall between these two CS one suite runs out and it cannot be crossed. Which one what one?

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As one of those talking about the wall of Lucca 900 graph every Friday we read it.

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Where is this one?

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Allah is not talking about the gender and the gender he's talking about this earth. He says on this earth there was this king and he did this and this and this. Where is it?

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Who was asked this question?

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This is the way things are. The way it is the Koran is to put the questions and to earn the give the answer that opened the eyes and open the arts.

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And for this we have to devote time

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for this we have to devote time does not want to happen. If this is a spare time activity I have to do everything else first. And then in my spare time if I have spare time, then I will do this. You will have spare time when you go to a cover not before that believe me.

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So teaching and learning the Quran and that is the reason why Rasul Allah Allah said the best of you are the one who teach and learn because the one who teaches and learns the Koran is conducting himself and correcting his students. Well as Ronald said,

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there is no better activities and connecting to Allah subhanho than

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the delille of this Hadees

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hieromonk dalaman Quran Allah who is in the Quran itself well as one with that what determines what does it

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Allah Allah said the best

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what is better than the word of the one we were invited solace manager

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in so he was off and that was my that is it. What is Oman is done well Golem me man died Allah, whose word is better than the word of the one who invites towards Allah? What is the first and the best way of inviting towards Allah is through the paramjit.

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Dara was to recite the Quran

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the Tao of Allah Allah was present when people came and asked him what are you saying he would recite the Quran. So this is what I'm saying. This is the kind of Allah which has come at me.

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And that was wasn't mentioned in the Quran itself in sort of Elgin and various, various other places, where he talked about sort of the lesson of the restitution operand, which was witnessed by and heard by the gym, and immediately they became Muslim and they went and started giving down the people

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that were unavailable. So Nicola mingma, de la.

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Rami lasallian rapala in any minute muslimeen

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the one who does do invite rosamma does good deeds as I'm

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aware myself venue of the true importance of actions in this life.

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Let's not fool ourselves by brothers.

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Just now your grandma told me about one of his relatives. They were today she passed away.

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Within God's completely unexpected, believe me the day is the day I dropped dead. It was very unexpected.

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All of you will direct alpaca cheese and aka.

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So of course,

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nobody expects to die Believe me. Ever everyone it is when it comes, it is unexpected.

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But it will come

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and we don't know when it is going to come. And that is why let us be very clear, prioritize our lives. Don't put Allah subhanaw taala behind your back. Don't put the work on your back. do that first. If you have time do other things. If you don't have time, Angela, no problem. That is what you are. The other thing is not a question in the grave. The other thing is not a question on the Day of Judgment. The other thing is not going to add any value to you or take away anything. But five minutes is banned in teaching and learning the Quran may be the five minutes that will make the difference between Jana Jana was a digital MLS rather than America among those people who love the

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craft, truly not by done by actually spending time and energy learning it. learning to read it learn to understand it and to teaching it to others or some Allah Allah will vary while he was there, which made that article

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