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The speakers discuss the importance of belief in oneself and others, as it is crucial for everyone to show faith and change behavior. They stress the need for guidance and understanding of history to avoid mistakes and harm. The message is to make amends and forgive mistakes, and to be a "has been through" person to avoid mistakes and harm.

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One zero as a Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Salam Allahu alayhi wa sallam, we're back. It's always a pleasure to join together may Allah subhana wa Tada join our heart. We were connected and hamdulillah over the last few weeks each and every Wednesday, as you become inhabit. We meet together at 12 o'clock loon London time so that we can receive some of your Islamic q&a questions. We pray that Allah Subhana Allah makes it of benefit for yourselves and others Allahumma I mean, I know that there's a few of you who are on the line, and now going through the identification process and so on. Please do follow through with

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that. And I look forward to having you live with us with your questions. In the meantime, I wanted to speak about the preparations for 2022. And as Muslims, of course, we're not those who celebrate in a religious sense holidays and festivities other than the ones given to us by Allah in the Quran, prophets, I said, Let me tell you that that there are two reads that we mark religiously as Muslims. The concept of a religious celebration for us is one that is legislated for us by Allah and through the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And that's why it's limited to to that, of course doesn't mean that we don't have other cultural events that we mark in our calendars, or we'll have

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days off for or that we can gather for in commemoration of different things, different events and different activities. There's nothing wrong with that, as long as they are not meant to be, as a religiously observed occasion that if somebody misses it, people are condemned to love it, or that they believe that they've done something wrong, because they were not part of it. But for us as Muslims, we do look forward to opportunities of reigniting restart reaffirming and allowing a rebirth and a re resurgence and re restart to some of the things that are important for us in life. And one of the occasions of course, is the start of the new year, we have really the history

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calendar is a very powerful and important calendar. It's a lunar calendar for us as Muslims, and that's marked by the month of Muharram, which was a few months back, we celebrated it in the sense of acknowledging that yet another year has gone by, but we also do mark in our calendars, this start of the solar calendar and the Gregorian calendar, which is, you know, entering into the year 2022, And subhanAllah, 2020 and 2021. Were years that are going to be very difficult to be forgotten by those who have lived through them, and have endured some of the trials and tribulations, inability to travel and mandates and closures and vaccinations and may Allah have mercy, mercy upon the

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departed, who have returned Mercy of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, our loved ones and our families all around the world. Nevertheless, we do look forward to a new year and a new beginning and a new start. And it's kind of important for us to begin thinking as in terms of a psychology of change in terms of preparing ourselves, Well, how can I make a change? How can I start with a new leaf, and I wanted to merge between two essential topics, the topic of dua, which is our overarching theme, where we are going to be speaking about things that are important for us as Muslims, the overarching themes are important for us. But also we want to speak about the necessity of preparing for bigger

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and better things in life in sha Allah, and you know, as as a concept of redeeming ourselves and restarting and reigniting it's not something foreign to us as Muslims in the authentic hadith and that's why I want to join between DUA and rebirth restart reignition and the authentic hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Eman surely your faithfulness, your Eman that you have laffy JioFi had become it begins to become worn out, become tattered, become overly used. Can I tell ya the way your clothing becomes worn out when you when regularly washing them regularly for more than one year? Eventually, it's not as crisp as clean as well maintained as it once when you first

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inherited it or bought it for settle law. So when a man in your heart begins to wear out, you have to make a change for cellula and you just didn't imagine if you could do with them. So invoke God ask Allah make do I make so as a soul of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, ask ALLAH SubhanA wa to Allah, Allah Allah hum infinitely ask Allah of his blessing.

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And you just did an email that he restarts reignite. Re establish faithfulness in your heart subhanho wa taala. And that's a really powerful thought that we take from the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. It's a really important way of kind of looking at our relationship between us and Allah. How does do I influence our faithfulness? That's a really powerful thing. Because if you're going to make dua, it means you believe that there is greater power to effect change. And that greater power you're asking to put change into your heart to affect that change is the one who you are reaffirming your faith in. So it's almost as if it's a cyclical, unending

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pursuit, unending process. You're saying, Oh Allah, I believe in you. So I'm going to ask you, and what am I asking you for? Is to believe in you more? It's where Allah tells us and sort of in is that yeah, you will have levena Manual? Me no. Oh, you who believe believe. It's amazing. Really, when you kind of think about that discussion that Allah has with us as His creation. You are people who claim faith, you are people who have belief in me reestablish it reignited hold, firmer, stronger to it. And that measure of an Meenu of Eman it means practice it. And therefore do i is a way of showing

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the belief that is meant to be in your heart. Because unless you make dua, unless you believe, do I matchers elves and works then the faithfulness in the heart which is where do I actually from you say, I make dua from my heart. What does that mean? It means that there is a connection that I had with Allah that I know in my heart, a love will hear me I know in my heart, Allah will help me with support he will defend me will give me will take this burden off me I believe that Allah will establish it. And that's a really powerful thing. belief, of course, is not always a natural outcome to many believe is something that requires a person to suspend that inhibitions of their mind, and

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the doubts of their heart against the trueness of what they are established in faith upon. And therefore one of the way that you show that is that you do the actions and save this statement that return the passion of faith internally and externally. And that's why you should you and I regularly in our mornings in our evening should make the two out of the prophets I send them all day to be learned here. I'm content with Allah as my Lord, my robe. What are the to be Islam Idina? And I'm content that Islam is my way of life, submission and surrender to that Lord Allah. What are the two mu Mohamed Salah Allah How are you a seldom Naveen, what are sudah I'm content that Mohammed Ty

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Salah is as my master as a prophet and a messenger to me, as an example to be followed. Those three statements of prophets why Selim says are ones that reignite our faith? Why are they important? Because you're saying I'm happy with Allah, I'm content with Allah, even though my life is a struggle, or I'll need to be left. I'm content with Allah Subhana Allah, my health is failing, but I'm happy with Allah Subhana Allah I'm on redundant men and replace, but really to be I'm content with Allah, Allah will see me through a roadie to Billa I'm having difficult, difficult things in my private life in my marital life and life with my children are all the two Billa I'm content with

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Allah, Allah you, you may have taken this and tested me in this and this and this, but I remain firm in my contentment with Islam. I'm content with Islam. I'm content with the hijab that I wear, I'm content with prayers that interrupt my work that I'm content with my fasting, I'm content with waking up when others are asleep for my budget. I'm content that I swallow my pride in front of my parents and then I'm respectful to them, and content that I withhold my toxicity and my vulgarity towards others. I am content to be a person who recognizes that I am under the power of the order and direction of Allah and is the one who orders me to do right and to stay away from I'm content

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with Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as may never be. I'm content with his life with his sunnah with his teachings. I stopped where he stopped and I go where he went and I

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Take him as the best of examples for myself. We have our first caller on the line. Salaam aleikum, caller How can I help

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you on the

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show Allah

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wishes that

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the husband and the wife in

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general about what is the good one and what is the wife and what is the thing and what is the best husband and one of the things

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that they have to

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be careful of is

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our brother Rafa doesn't live here a regular coming to us live from New York May Allah subhana wa Allah bless him in his home and his family, and allow us to continue a wonderful relationship virtually as such, until we meet together in this dunya or after Allahumma Amin May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless all of us with the Sunnah of the Prophet Isaiah, the brothers asking about what makes a good husband what makes a good wife? Well, these are really powerful questions I actually teach a course called love note, and love notes is meant as a as a program that kind of teaches the habits of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the habit of the prophets who came before

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him, the messengers of God as we are taught in the scriptures, both the Quran and that which came before of how they adjusted their lifestyle. I've also you know,

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there's a book,

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Love Stories from Quran that kind of speak of love in the truest sense in the word of Allah subhana, Allah to Allah, that might be good resources in short, but when we speak about what makes a good husband, what makes a good wife is that

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the compatibility between them, the triangle between them has to be a law at the top. So it's almost as if you put Allah who is connected to the wife, Allah who's connected to the husband, and because of them being connected to Allah, they are connected to each other with that word, one word in Nicoma FF two Mohan Nebby Kellie Mattila, you take them in your responsibility in your duty of care to them with one word that you made as a promise to Allah subhana wa Tada. In fact, Allah tells us that this word upon men is a very serious about an oath. Allah gives us this example in the example of Adam and his wife how where Allah subhanaw taala tells us to add kala min have both of them ate

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the forbidden tree.

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And both of them ekeler Duel both the man and the woman, Adam and Eve both ate from the tree. But near the end of the aisle, Allah says, Wow, I saw an ad that Rob Bell who was our Adam disobeyed his Lord, so they were misguided Subhan Allah, Allah puts a central blame upon Adam, which is a really powerful thing for us as men to consider. It's important for you and I to consider that part of our CO web, being a co web being one who is established in duty of care for ourselves and our family is one that is not just responsible for the good things or the maintenance or the food or you know, shelter bought me you know, responsible for the good and the bad that occurs. So that that triangle

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of relationship is very important, Allah, husband and wife. Second really important is to look into the life of the property sell him a little bit deeper, to look into how he established certain routines of love. each other the Allahu Ana for example, she says when she is asked, What did you miss most? After the prophets departure? After his return to allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what do you miss most about the time you would spend with him? She says of the things I miss most can either the halali Jealous. When I miss most that when he would enter into my our home, he would sit next to me were Elda so I hope he would put his fingers intertwined with my some Allah. Hi, Lou,

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look at what she look at. Look at the attachment yet. She doesn't say I miss that the Prophet would lead me into her job. I missed the prophets I send them would you? No, no, it's the simple connections of our humanity are the things that are the glue of light that make life between husband and wife better. And therefore I like to speak about the second issue by saying that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a person

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Who taught the importance of intimacy not necessary, not necessarily sexuality and sexual content, there was this attachment to each other. And that's why Allah refers to that relationship. Hootenanny best when they are like the undergarments to you and you're like their undergarments. The bass is liberal how it is an armor you wear in protection. It is levers that you wear to shade you from the sun levers that you wear to warm you from the cold levers that you wear to adorn yourself and make yourself look good. Live as that you were so that people know your rank and your position. It's like the metal on your on your on your chest. You know all of those were in that in that one as

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they are like the garment to adorn yourself, protect yourself shade yourself shelter you with and you must be the same. I believe me I'm bad ambass He says that the area where Allah subhanaw taala says the most common dua that Muslims make are a banner ad Tina for dunya hustler will accurately hustler or Hina ever now that the Tafseer of this is the meaning of this I O Allah give us good in this life. Good in the next slide protect us from the punishment of hellfire is oh Allah give me a good spouse, who will make my life happy, who will help me stay away from jahannam. And who will give us a great reward in the afterlife because we lived well together in the dunya Subhana Allah

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and then in wife, it is completing half of your faith. If you were to define the word zellwood, and Zelda to define the word, husband and wife, what its definition in our Islamic context is that it is the most difficult act of worship over an extended period of time that leads to the greatest reward, or the worst regret on the Day of Judgment, the greatest reward or the greatest regret, of not having established balance, happiness and harmony. So it's a serious matter. Finally,

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just as a summary, to recognize the sound of love of the prophets, Allah Allah Azza wa sallam, you can Google them soon out of love and my name with it. Yeah, hey, Brahim. There'll be a wonderful resource for you. I've written a piece on it. That could be a really good assistance, marking out the habits of love of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam literally ignite that tsunami of love in our homes in our households, Allah. I mean, we we've been speaking about how we can connect our do with our hopes for the coming year. And we said that when we have this optimistic nature, and that we have a psychology of rebirth, a psychology of redemption, a psychology where we

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restart and we reignite ourselves as psychology of tobacco. So how long as human beings we are taught that there are three important steps. The first step is eating knowledge. The second step is Miuccia Prada, working hard. And the third step is Toba is repentance and all of them are a conveyor belt, they are excite equal of life, you learn, then you work with no, but you recognize you will make mistakes. So you work again and you learn more, and you work harder. And then there will be mistakes, you go back and you continue learning about Allah Subhana Allah and I want to qualify that. There's a difference between learning about a law and learning of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Many of us we kind of stopped where we say, oh, Allah said he is a rough man on Rahim, but not because I know of Allah that I meet. That means I know a lot. Knowing about Allah is not the same as knowing Allah. And you need to have MADI fat Belaire not I need that, not just to know about God, but to know God to become a friend who walks in the path of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, which is the path that was laid forward by those who he sent to us, the Prophets and Messengers, peace and blessings be upon them Allahumma and becomes important I guess, to kind of qualify therefore the necessity of dua in leading to a hidayah and when we may do out of the first to add that is shared

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with us in the Quran. Is that after we make Nephi Allah Alhamdulillah have been either mean or Rahman Rahim is the merciful the forgiving, magical Nadine the one who is in charge of our judgment who will hold us accountable? Yeah, can Abu iya can stay in. Only you do. We worship only you will we ask for assistance and help. Okay, now I've made all of these declarations I've shown all

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Have this important of belief I've set all of this as something in my intent what then do I ask Allah I'm to do this yeah Allah I acknowledge who you are I acknowledge your supremacy I acknowledge I am your servant I acknowledge I'm accountable to you. What do I ask for? Yeah, can I move away? Yeah can stare in only you? Do I worship only do I ask for help? What do I need from you? Dinner, sir autoloading. Lead all of us in law to the straight path lead all of us to that path that you lead the prophets and messengers before us upon dinner set autonomous stuffing lead us to that stray path. Why is this important? Why is the first Do I have the Quran? We're asking for something is the

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drop for the Daiya not just for ourselves for all of humanity, Idina new rule, lead all of us to the straight path. Why is that the most important, right you and I should be making Allah Who Medina Why do you make it 13 times every day because you recite total fat had minimum 17 times in your prayers each and every day? Why is that so essential? Because he Daiya is of two levels. There's the he die of discovery. Somebody gave you a book somebody gave you a message you heard a lecturer say you know, words that are shared to you may Allah Minkus reason for your he Dahlia Allah but then there's the other he Daya may Yeah, the left who were martyred, the one whom Allah guides, none

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can lead them away. Woman up Lila Phelan taggi The law who will be your Murshida fell ahead, you will not find one who Allah misguides allows to be misguided allows not to benefit from the truth allows not to be profitable with reading the Quran or hearing a four iron or witnessing the truth of the Quran. The one who Allah causes their heart to be absent from understanding he Dahlia none can bring them to guidance, not even Muhammad SAW Allah hasten not even Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam inocula tatty men that you cannot give he Daya to the ones you love just because you love them. If Allah has not intended and ordered ordained it for them SallAllahu wasallam even the

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prophet is limited in that regard. Because there is a hedaya that is not a shad. It's not just through discovery and hearing, but it is a hedaya that descends from Allah into the heart. And how Julius should you be all Muslim? Oh, one who surrendered themselves to Allah how Joy should you be that you are from those who he died has entered in in their heart when Allah and then Allah that Allah tells us today in the Koran had we not been guided, you would not have known and found this guidance. May Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to maintain guidance in our hearts are open Allah Tuesday of last Tuesday of Kullu vana that it had a tener the DUA over Allah in the Quran that he

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teaches us to make and the Prophet to make, oh our Lord Allah, lad to the Kuru, when I don't take our hearts away, don't cause our hearts to have variants. Don't cause our hearts to lose commitment. Don't turn our hearts away from the truth after you are the one who led us to discover the truth will attach I feel Rubina levena Ave another dua is all about don't put in our heart, anger rancor, wrath, jealousy emnity hatred towards those who believe Oh Allah, another important job. Ravenna la Jana fitness and Lil La Vina Cafaro over Allah don't make us the reason of trial and test for those who have disbelieved in you Oh Allah. Don't use us that others will point and say look at these

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Muslims what good is their Islam don't make us the reason others have turned away. Don't make us a fitna and a test for other people's lives. Oh Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would make this too often Allah human potential fifth net NFP Dena Allah do not test us in the matters of faith. Allah maintain our mind but you may take Allah don't we ask you not to take from us but don't test our Eman. Keep our faithfulness keep the faithfulness of our children keep our Sangha or OB JAL Nemo crema Salah wanting to reality Allah make me regular in my prayer and my children regular their children regular in their prayers, Ravenna with the husband to Allah do not reject this to Allah

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except this drop from me on camera I mean, and therefore that psychology of repentance of dua to Allah in the beginning of 2020

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must begin with that mindset with the mindset of growth with a mindset of commitment, with the mindset of healing with a mindset of redemption, with the mindset of turning over a new page with the mindset of having a fresh start and a new beginning and a new opportunity and how fortunate we are that law has given us light he Daya Eman, had we not received it from Allah, it would have been lost to us. May Allah maintain our faithfulness and commitment to him Allahumma Amin, while you continue with your calling process, I wanted to continue with our discussion about DUA and our commitment to Allah and three important steps. As we look forward to the arrival of 2022 The first

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step is to recognize that you and I must be uphold must be upset, mournful, regretful of the things we know that are wrong. And one of the signs that your heart has faithfulness in a lot, one of the signs that you're a good person that Eman remains in your heart, one of the signs that you're a person who has great opportunity ahead of them is that you recognize when error was made, and that it leaves within you remorse and regret. It's not just something that you say, it doesn't matter. In your heart, you have an attempt, you have a desire to bring about a new new start and a new beginning. And it doesn't matter. You know, we as Muslims, we don't look at the start of a new year

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being the time where we, you know, have resolutions Omi. In fact, it's meant to be each and every morning each and every night. And the prophets I seldom would teach us to reconcile for behavior especially towards others each and every evening. In one powerful Hadith, an authentic hadith as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting in his masjid, he indicated to the door and he said, the next man who enters from that door is from the people of Ghana, from the people of paradise. And everybody sitting there they were they were mournful, regretful that they were already in the masjid because it means they're not that one. So they're all sitting with the prophesy exam that it can't

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be me. But and then, and each of them said, I've made do and I was hoping they brother or my friend or my, you know, my cousin or somebody that I loved would be the next man through the doors, but the Hello Julian les alifu amending Abdullah Yama says a man came in, I don't know him. He's not notable. He's not like her Mamuka or Abacos. So that is not one of those elite that everybody knows. So the prophets Allah Allah, Allah wa sallam had said that this man from the people agenda had to live near a mirage. He said, The Battle I was spying on I was following him. I want to see what this guy do. So from that morning from that pleasure, I sat looking, seeing what's he doing? Is he making

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cold day? is he standing not even praying, fasting and praying and Quran and what's his men doing? And Abdullah Omar says, I followed him and he didn't do too much. He went to work,

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went out to the field, irrigated his crops, he bought them things from the thing he did. Let me cafiero minerals. I didn't mean read much of the Quran. He didn't, you know, didn't do anything. Major. He wasn't fasting. There wasn't anything he was doing. Then at that night time. I said, No, there's maybe it's at night. Maybe he's just a regular guy by day, but maybe at night, he's from the elite. So I asked him I said a minute. You know, I need a place to stay tonight. Can I be your guest? And the men said Yes, you're welcome in my home. So I walked with him when in house it was a modest house. He said here's some food I have I'm in the US are funny and he said okay, you can

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retire now and I will wake you for salata. Veg, I'm like, No, I'm I said, Oh, I'm sure this guy's gonna get up and pray. And he said, finance. This man slept. And he woke up just a little bit before fetch prayed a couple of Raka and we went to the masjid. And then I just couldn't hold it anymore. I said, Listen, you know the prophets. I seldom said that there's the person will walk in from this door is from the people agenda. And you were him. And I don't you know, I excuse me for saying but I can't see why I can't see what you've done. That's so worthy of the Prophet mentioning you. He says I don't believe I'm worthy of anything really. I didn't believe I would be worthy of that. Perhaps

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the only thing that I do is that every night before I close my eyes before I fall asleep, is that I cleanse from my heart I remove from

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My heart and Baba will heal. I remove any anger, that it settled in it any hesed any jealousy that I had for others and I make a vow that if I had wronged someone that I would fix it with them the next day. So I go to sleep with a content start with a content mine. I don't owe anybody nobody owes me and if anybody insulted me around me I forgive them in front of Allah I say Oh Allah, you deal with them give me the reward agenda Allah just protect me from their harm.

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How do I know I'm I said, this is the reason you're from the people agenda. Somehow. You know that clean hot, that clean seated heart where your heart is pure. When do I need maybe one or two genetic name? What makes you worthy of inheriting Jenna Alban Salim a clean heart, I healed complete heart. May Allah subhanho wa Taala cleanse our hearts, put in it love for others. So the first aspect of what we should manage forward for is that we make in our heart, this intent to push back against the wrongs that we have done, and forgive the wrongs done against us. Number two is to make amends. It's not enough just to say, Oh, I stopped for the last for the last stop for law, no, make amends. If

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you insulted, ask for forgiveness. If you took return, if you hurt, make amends, take the you know, take the way absorbing yourself in this life, rather than waiting for Allah to settle it in the next slide. So you have to make amends. You can say oh, I you know, I ask Allah to forgive me in my heart, but I don't you know, I'm not gonna I know I'm not going to go ask them for forgiveness nowadays, you know, I'm, I'm too I'm too I'm older than them. What would people say? That kind of arrogance is not going to get you anywhere. And third and finally,

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is be of those who are willing to

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to be forgiving.

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be of those who give so that you will receive be of those who love to be loved. And that is a general theme in the Quran. Every time Allah subhana wa Taala says, He will give forgiveness and that to a Buddha and young Pharaoh Allahu Allah, forgive them. Don't you want Allah to forgive you?

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Oh, the prophets I sell them said show mercy. Allah says to show mercy on this earth to those who live with you men, women, animals, neighbor, Muslim, non Muslim, be merciful to everyone, the one above the heavens, Allah subhanaw taala will then show you mercy. Right. The general theme that we have as Muslims is Do unto others as you want others as you want a lot to do back with you. May Allah give us a good start for our upcoming year. May Allah bless your home in my home in our hearts with His light and guidance. May Allah protect us and forgive us our errors all suddenly love him or sell him was it were barik ala Sayidina whenever you know what have you been? Muhammad sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa volcat. Why?

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