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In Alhamdulillah, WA salatu salam ala via Allah Allah he was hired to do one Wella

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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told us

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laqad can Allah con para su de la he was watan Hashanah.

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Allah Clara said Verily for you. A good example is the life of my interviews Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Islam as we know, and as we claim, and as we say, and as we state is a way of life.

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It is not a bunch of rituals related to worship.

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It is not a political ideology.

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It is not an economic policy. It's a complete way of life, which covers worship.

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It covers

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politics. It covers statesmanship. It covers economic theory.

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It covers the way of living inside your house, domestic life, it covers public life.

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It covers every aspect of being that a human being can possibly this chip.

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That Verizon Wireless Randall dalla

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gave us this example of his of the life of his Nabhi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and said this is the example for you to follow.

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Allah did not send just a book

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with some instructions, Allah subhanaw taala us and double up with instructions. Allah subhanho wa Taala sent

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a law and then

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equally importantly, Allah subhanaw taala sent

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the messenger with the law with the instruction to implement it and show it and demonstrate it in practice.

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Two reasons obviously for that, one is to actually practically show people how things are to be done.

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And secondly, to put a seal on the argument that anything of Islam is actually not practical

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to complete this whole journey to our Hunter, that till the end of time, if somebody claims that this aspect of Islam is not actually practical and not doable, then the life of Rasul Allah is Allah Allah was I was lm is a living proof that this person is a liar.

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Anyone who says that any aspect of Islam is not practical or practical is a liar and the proof of that is the life of Muhammad Allah.

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So, Allah subhanaw taala wanted to establish this and say that it by or we can do it you can do it you are even be or Anna Bashara with logo.

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He was a human being, he was not an angel, he was not some other creature from some other dimension or some other planet. He was a human being like you. And if he could do it, then you can do it and you have no argument. And then of course, we live in Los Angeles and a whole generation of people who also emulated and followed him

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to perfection.

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And we have the US law firm with a lot of them and the CEO of the Sahara.

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The point I wonder why myself and you is that therefore, ultimately in Islam, the emphasis and focus is on practice. It is not on knowing the theory. It is not on explaining the theory. It is on practicing the theory and showing it in practice.

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For example, the two great

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thinkers and all ama of our self hypnotize me era Delilah and mamma,

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Mia, remember that

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they have both written on the issue of politics.

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So there is a sense of your mom was early and there was a siesta of your marriage

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and two very different views on politics.

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if somebody were to do a comparative study, they could do it and then many people who have done a comparative study of these two and said this is what he says is what you want, even if a man says these are the points of difference in points of collaboration.

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The point is that until somebody can take that and continue that discussion and bring it into a modern context and say in today's multicultural pluralistic democratic societies, how is this yes of Islam to be applied?

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The loop is not close.

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Just saying that even they may said this aneema was eligible these are these are the similarities of these are the differences is not sufficient. You have to actually show it in application.

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That is a challenge of words to say that when we have the example of the zeros and ones,

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how do we take the lessons of this era and implement it in today's life?

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Then the circle will be closed, inshallah and dsba, the whole research Academy project to this applied Islam, how are you willing to apply Islam into this world?

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Not by changing Islam. But by applying it in today's world, the idea is not to change Islam. The idea is to keep Islam as it is because Allah subhanaw taala gave the example of the life of Osama bin they give the example of my life or your life, you have the labor example. So keeping that intact? How do we apply that in today's world? And that is a challenge and that's why I remind myself the new that the key thing is to focus on the application of Islam in our lives. Let us check in our own lives and say, how is my slab How is my Salah how close is by Salah to the Salah?

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How close is my domestic life at home to the life of the resort? How is my public life whether it's in a shop or in a business or in government or wherever it is? How is it

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compared to the public life of the visa lottery.

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And that is the key in terms of implementing of Islam. ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for us to do this. And to open the doors of that for us and to make us a source of guidance for ourselves our families and all those who come into contact with us. Allah Allah Allah will carry get right it was obvious Bangor Africa