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I'm Barry level salatu salam ala rasulillah. Right?

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We continue with our discussion with regard to the teaching and learning of the Quran.

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The Hadith is Allah Allah celebrated wills wanted that farmer Delano, where he said Allah Allah is Allah teittleman. Home dial, Mr. Khurana, well,

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the best of you is the one who teaches around and learns it.

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What is the meaning of teaching the Quran?

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Unfortunately, today, especially in the subcontinent, we have reduced

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teaching of the Quran to a mechanical process, which does not result in connecting the student with Allah subhanaw taala.

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The biggest of the problems is that we misinterpret the word read.

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For example, if I, because French and German and Russian are written in the same, not Russian, the French and German, say for example, French and German and Spanish, are returned, written in the same Roman script. If I were to take a French newspaper, and

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aloud if I read all the news on that paper,

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and then I told if I tell you, I have read the newspaper,

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then what is it?

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You will tell me? What is the what is the news? So as I don't know.

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So then if you don't know, what do you mean, read the newspaper?

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So what did I do? I looked at the letters, and I produced certain sounds from my mouth. That's all I did.

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making sounds is not reading.

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Reading is to understand

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if we are simply making sounds because we understand the script.

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Or we know the script, whether it is English, Roman script, or whether for example, if I take a Farsi, I do not know Farsi, but if it is because I know those scripts, I can so called read Farsi. But if I read for you all the Azhar of mana Rome

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and I have not understood a single word. And as I have read, the SHA, Allah room will accept.

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We don't know what to do, but he's not reading, read something Allah knows best.

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So taking out certain sounds, from your mouth, by recognizing the shape of certain letters is not called reading. I don't know what it is called. Because there is no such thing. It does not exist. There is no word for it

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in any language.

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But that is what we do with.

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That is what we do is we look at the letters and we take out certain sounds and which are under karanpura. We have read the Quran, you're not read the Quran, you have done something Allah knows what you would like every word Anyway, I'm not in the Allah is not going to ask me whether they should give you a word or not. But I'm just saying that let us be honest with ourselves, why do we apply a different standard to the core and then we apply to anything else in the world.

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As I told you just now, there is no word in the language in any language, for looking at a script and taking out certain songs, there is no word

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Scot loves in it, there is no word to describe this process. But that is what we do with a brand we meaning those of us who do not understand Arabic and who do not make any effort or Arabic.

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Now, we could we carry this forward into our his brothers. And we insist that unless a child does not know the meaning he cannot do is which is the most ridiculous, oxymoronic stupid explanation that I've ever heard in my life. If that is so then how did all this ABA make it? How did all the How do all the Arabs do his till today?

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They all know Arabic. They all understand what this allows the making of this is a totally nonsensical argument is total nonsense.

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Yeah, as a matter of fact, it is easier to make his when you understand the meaning because you know if you are making a mistake,

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but we insist no the student must not know the meaning. So therefore he is made to memorize the Quran the entire Quran, just like you would teach a parent or your didja minor bar or something, where it is saying something he does not know what it means.

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And the whole of his life, this half is of the Qur'an

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will reside the veteran in therapy after therapy after therapy year after year after year. He does not have a clue what he has said and the people bring behind him I have no clue what he has read. May Allah protect us from this and May Allah not punish us for this terrible treatment of his color.

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This is not

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The meaning of the animal or an animal

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to teach the Koran and to learn the Quran means to understand the meaning of the word.

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So, I remind myself when you let us make some effort,

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meanwhile let us at least read the

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translations, but let us make some effort to understand the Quran because unless we understand the Quran unless we understand the Arabic How will we connect with Allah subhanho wa Taala you're standing here the map is reading something you are standing behind the valve does not know what is reading you don't know what is reading. Or even if the man knows what he's reading, you don't know what is reading Why would you connect with Allah? What is the buffaloes, Allah, the buffers of Salah is to get into Allah and if he cannot even connect with Allah Subhana Allah Allah even when we are in Salah, then how can we connect with others well outside of Salah

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it defeats the very purpose of salt.

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So let us make some effort inshallah and do our best and we ask Allah to make it easy for us to learn Arabic and to understand his column in the way that it should be understood. We will continue with this thing. There's so much more to talk in terms of the of how to discover and inshallah we'll do it later in tomorrow and so on and so forth or guide us to do what is pleasing to Him and make it easy for us to do that was a lot and I really got involved. It was obvious