Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders The 4 Step Process Part 2

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of reading the Quran and reciting it to understand and learn about Islam. They stress the need to read and recite the Quran in a clear and easy manner to improve one's memory and knowledge of Islam. The speaker also mentions a book called "The Golden Circle" by a famous woman named Jose who talks about the importance of reading the Quran in order to the best possible way to learn to recite the Quran.
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In Alhamdulillah, WA salatu wa salam ala rasulillah. But

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we will continue with yesterday's

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lesson with regard to the four step process, about the practice of Islam and conveying of Islam. And the four step process, as I mentioned is here to do Allah in IoT he was a key manual lemo Makita, Polycom

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lasma della gave this we have this process to his name is Allah Allah Azza wa sallam. They said recite for them the ayat

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then purify them, and then teach them the book, and then teach them the practice. Padma.

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I remind myself I knew that the Quran is the spoken word. It is not the written word.

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Allah did not send a piece of paper with writing on it. the very least I'm spoken of is the lines.

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The Sahaba heard the Quran first. Later, that was the garden but the first thing they heard the Quran, what turned the heart of Omar Abdel satara. Delano was listening to the Quran. And this is the story of almost every one of us our exam like it was what turn the hearts was listening to the plan. And that is the reason why it is very important to focus on the reading the recitation of the Quran to be able to read it properly, with as with because it is the it is the it is when it goes through the year it goes into the heart and that is very important to understand. So listen to the Quran. Today the whole concept of just reading and of reading without understanding and of passing

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or translations of Quran. Nothing wrong it is not haram to give someone a tankless, but believe me, that is not the word of Allah. The translation is the word of the translator, no matter how good the translator is very simple, very, very simple. Take the last three I had of Serato hasher for example, which many of us know and it is a one of the very famous I had to write, read those I had

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in the Quran itself. Just read them and see what is the effect on your heart. And then

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those last same last

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Ayat of the Quran, then listen to them. were honest about who Allah

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He was

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or he who Allah will let

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me know more I mean Oh la z.

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Mohammed, Mohammed, the

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Mata Kabir, soba law, soba and Allah

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who aloha Leopolda

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Allah Allah

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u sub B Hola Hola.

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Wahoo Allah Xiao Hai Ki

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read the diet in the book and listen to that and you will know the difference between reading and listening.

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Read the translation and you will see the difference even more.

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He is Allah The one who knows the hidden and

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hamdulillah we have to because we don't understand Arabic we have to read some translation but the issue is yes Lu Allah him is even Allah Subhana Allah trata method to his name is Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala as a reason please understand very clearly, Allah subhanaw taala is not randomly doing something No, there is a reason yet to do I lay him the law of karma he soon I Lana Gallacher dgl Anika

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poco loco de la luna a will be canonized. Maria is actually the mother of Ischia, which is the most important thing yet to Laura Lee, it

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will do this in the next three, four days. I don't want to cram everything we'll do one at a time. But yes,

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very important. Let us make some effort. Please others that does not take time it does not take that takes less than 15 days to understand and learn. Even if you have even it will start from zero.

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Until all of us can read the Quran by the grace of Allah. Allah be with you know, by reading the Torah.

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Just take about a day less than two weeks I have told two people to read it to hear and many people have learned Alhamdulillah so do that. Learn that as you learn to recite it well listen to the Quran as much as possible. Now today what I bought live but God knows on so many things.

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Listen to the garbage. Just listen to the Quran, right? Just listen to the sun and Sandra there's so many beautiful colors.

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In the world, so as you listen to whoever you like, have no problem hamdulillah and just listen to them and let the Koran and your heart that is how people came to Islam, people who are the enemies of Islam, people who had pulled out a sword to say I'm going to go and kill Muhammad now will Allah Allah, Allah, that sort of person completely turned 180 degrees and became the one of the biggest supporters and one of the biggest, you know, benefits to Islam. How by listening to the world, though listening to the Quran is a very, very important thing yet to Allah MIT

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Musashi vellano was reading Salah, Allah Allah, tala in the masjid nabawi and he was reciting for iron and he had a he felt that somebody is standing behind him. He didn't realize obviously it was Lucas so he could when he finished when he turned made Salam is on a visa lalani Salah was standing behind him and listening to him. He said, Yasser Allah, you are here that I was like I love the way you said the Koran. I was listening to

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and there are so there are stories like this about others about Islam by about Abdullah Schroeder about other people, unless you want to know God, Abdullah Massoud, and he called Jose and he asked me to decide the Quran for me. He said how can I reject it this kita came on you. You are the receiver receiver of the Quran, the recipient of

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Allah subhanaw taala has ordered me to listen to the Quran from you. So to set the record

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as he

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has he is a mock up of the Sahaba that's why they read about the Sahaba with this others this is a standard for us the standard for us is our Islamic element but if you follow those our you cannot go wrong. So you're through Allah him IoT. Today today's reminder for me and you is let us concentrate on reading the Quran. And foreigners on doing that reading well as well as we can possibly do. Learn that as read and learn to recite the Quran and learn to always take the time to listen to the Quran. Because the Quran is the

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is not the written word. It is a spoken word it is the spoken word of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah did not give you the hurry he gave him column, the column is column Allah is not the head of Allah is not the right the writing of it is the spoken word of Allah. So let us be very clear about that and learn to recite the Quran and read the Quran in the best possible manner, as well as handle data to make it easy for us and to open our hearts to his column and to allow his column to enter our hearts and to fill our hearts and our lives with nor was Allah Allah Allah Nabeel Karim, Allah Allah He was happy as rain to get

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