Reminders The 4 Step Process Part 1

Mirza Yawar Baig


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The speaker discusses the four step process of learning Islam, including communicating with the body, internal and external purification, practicing the process, and learning through data. They emphasize the importance of practice and continuous monitoring to achieve the four step process. The speaker also mentions a video about Islam and a study on the topic.

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Number 11 salatu wa salam ala fil ambia

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while he was heavy on what

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my bad Allah subhanho data

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said about is an abuse of law Holly was able to sell them.

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He mentioned four things with regard to sola xlsm.

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And Allah say Lacan, Allah, Allah momina is basashi him Rasulullah he had to do la MIT he was a key him were you Ile de Mohamed Al Kitab al hikmah. When Colonel macabre Minh caballo de la the movie, physiology movie. That's right that I said very early and surely Allah subhanaw taala has

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made a great nehama on the momineen has blessed the momineen by sending among them from amongst themselves,

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era soul

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to do four things here to Allah in iottie. to recite for them his IRA

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values are keen to do their task easier to clean them and purify them while you are lemo hormone keytab and to teach them the book, The Quran while hikmah and to show them how to implement that book in their lives, which we know as the one

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analyst rather than Wayne garneau

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and ensure Lee and truly been covelo. Before this,

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he's allowed a movie that they were misguided.

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These four things are a criterion for us to judge ourselves and to see our own level of spiritual development. These are not for independent things. Sometimes we we mistakenly explain this as if there are these are four independent things or four independent things. This is a four step process. For one thing, and that one thing is the communicating of the message of Mohamed Salah is

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a four step process to teaching Islam there is a four step process to learn Islam. It's not for independent things. So what are the four step process? Number one is informed yet through Allah MIT what was the Kalam which was revealed informed them by reciting the ayat.

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And then is it enough only to decide? No.

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If it was only enough to decide, then Allah would have stopped at this is

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what kajioka Why isn't a big Gala. That's why does it use a key purify them?

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purification as we know is of two parts. One is the external purification, the body, the clothes, the host on the auto and so on. The other one, which is equally or even more important is the internal purification, purification of

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the purification of the mind from all sorts of Ozark and mancora, from all sorts of shameless stuff from all sorts of disobedience, stuff from all sorts of rebellious stuff, from all sorts of things which

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anger lust, we handle that

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purification of the mind from that law has said,

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No jealousy, no hatred, no anger,

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no envy,

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no backbiting all of these things and I'm not going into a whole list.

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And then

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for you I limo multitap teach them the book. And as I mentioned always, the guitar did not come to people like us who do not understand when it came to the people who were Arab who understand Arabic, when they were when the IR of Allah recited they understood what it was. So what is there to teach,

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but obviously there is much more to teach and that is the reason why I was rather that the UN Li Mo Makita and also do remember the that comes before the digic unless there is dust here unless there is cleaning and purifying the teaching will not take root.

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You cannot understand the Quran you cannot get the essence of the Quran you cannot have the tenor of this unless the heart is pure unless the glare the cleanliness, cleansing has been done on this purification has been done. And then after that, while hikma What does it take by the sun that the the pure and the beautiful so now vamos hacer la sala de Sala, which is the implementation of the Quran in life.

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You inform them, you clean them, you teach them and then is it supposed to remain at the level of learning I know so much.

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What you know has to be

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practiced how to practice

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Just to give you an example unless you are going to set up a masala

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the gelato that has been done

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right you have been informed then what to do to revive gourmet Budo

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masala so now what to do

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now once you have made Hulu and come back and if you needed was a Luma booster before they wouldn't come back after that what how is this allowed to be performed?

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You are LIMU will

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Alexa can go like is there a time

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later dagoberto

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magic Canada Canada How is it that you are living we'll get up

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and what that data means Allah Lu Kamara, Tunisia Li o kumbhakarna la salat wa salam ala

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campo de replay as you have seen me pray. So you added the mobile get up and then practical demonstration of the Salah

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which is the others which is inside it for you. Very good example to understand how these four things are related. It is one four step process. So now when we look at ourselves, we have to ask ourselves, what is my level of information? How much do I know about Islam? Number two, what is the level of my own internal purification and external purification outward is my life in terms of external Maya, my mama, my mama and my internal with regard to others get to know where to apply.

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And then third thing, how much do I understand how much knowledge do I have?

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And the fourth thing, how am I practicing this knowledge as well as random data to make it easy for us to follow this four step process and to continuously keep on checking ourselves on this four step process and inshallah to make it easy for us to develop in terms of this four step process, so that we reach a stage well as Renata insha Allah is pleased with us, was Allah Allah Allah, Allah will Karim Allah Allah. He was happy. He