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Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The upcoming festival in Norway is a fight between two Muslims and two Christian speakers, with a discussion about Islam,ebrow, and Judaism. The discussion will be a roundtable discussion and will involve two Muslims and two Christian speakers. The host and another speaker discuss the origin of the term " Islam" and the importance of privacy, while also criticizing the use of man named Robert Spencer. The discussion centered around the origin of "we are not going to be" and the "we are not going to be" statement. The segment ends with a statement about Santa Monica and a mention of a Islam- ignore community.
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Know what they've sent us and look what that tells us about opponents so

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he's sending me that the topics of discussion Yeah. Is a festival well

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the who I often leave Filippo. Well who runs at? We want to establish an amazing masjid for the sake of Allah paradata in the country of Norway, click on the link and donate now for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah dedicatory brothers and sisters and dear friends, I hope you guys will inshallah. So it's just gone past midnight. And we have come to do this video, and we're going to tell you why. I want to give you guys maybe an analogy, imagine you are being offered a fight. Habib, and undertake you guys are fighters. Imagine your opponent tells you that you are going to fight them. But your hands have to be tied behind the back. And the sponsors and

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organizers of this event are all a part of this. So as a referee, at one moment of time, you're going to ask the question

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is why do you require me to have my hands tied behind my back while you have gloves on? And this tells you or tells us more about our opponents and the organizers, and even the referee. It says a lot about them. Now this is in the sense of a fight, but this is not an intellectual battle here. Yeah. So brothers and sisters value tainment. Patrick, David, is that his name? If I bet, yeah. But okay. Okay. So I don't even know for that matter. You have seen some of his videos. I've seen some of your videos which you

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correct them irrefutable. Some matters. And I had my perceptions about him. And I thought maybe I'm maybe jumping the gun. Let's give him a chance, etc. So recently, he has been trying to kind of outreach to be banned. Yes. And so we thought, You know what, Muslim people? Exactly. So we thought, okay, it's been good with them. Exactly. So here's what's happened, guys, when it comes to the title of the video, which is we were about to be ambushed. But we ambush the ambush. How? Because we was invited myself individually. I got an email, you got an email from value tainment. We were speaking to an individual called Robert and this these negotiations have been taking place wholesale or

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Jamaats? No, yes, there was first initiation that they send an email, then they went silent. No problem, because I'll be honest with you, I'm not really fussed about going there. I'll be very, very honest and blunt. It's the least of my concern. So we got this email. The first email was what hijab? What were the first thing that be sent you it was an invitation, I do actually want to kind of read it out because I don't want to. I don't want to misrepresent it. Right. So okay, so you open it insha Allah. So this is we initially got a couple of months ago, a message, then we went silent, and then they messaged us about couple of weeks before that. And they said that they want to invite

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me and Muhammad hijab, they want to fly off the flight out to Florida. And here is what they said. The discussion is going to be about. Yes. And beginning. Patrick would like to do a roundtable discussion on religion, specifically Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Okay. So now, the beginning we did think this is going to be a discussion, right? Yes. about Islam, Christianity, Judaism, the Abrahamic religions. Yeah. Building Bridges. Yeah. And then then this idea of a debate came up, right. Okay. Let's have a debate between two Muslims and two Christians. Okay. Yes. And let's, let's reveal who the Christians are. And people may know who they are. And one of them is really unknown.

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In the English speaking world, one of them's called Robert Spencer, yes. Okay. And the other one is called

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in Arabic, like on a sheet that was I don't know his full name in English. How do we don't even need to know Rashid right is a Christian, you know, anti Muslim figure in the Arabic speaking world, average speaking people may know he is. An English speaking world is pretty much unknown. Right? So these two individuals, right, we've got a debate going on to Muslims to Christians has already been said to us, we're going to talk about Islam, Christianity and Judaism. So this is fantastic. We have a debate, as we've been debating for a very long time. We have a range of debates, what we do, I mean, sporadic debates, informal debates, formal debates, all this kind of has been doing for less

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than 10 years or something, right? So it's no news to us. We look at their works. And we we prepare them kind and we go for it. It's gonna be attuned to debate and it was going to take place on the 21st of September live actually on his on his platform. Exactly. And we was looking forward to until I took the job, you know, what, why don't you ask them? Yes, what I had already asked two or three times before Exactly. And so I kept asking him, Look, you know, you traditionally And conventionally when you do a debate what you need to do, you just have the structure in place. Yes, these are like you're gonna speak for this long, you're gonna speak for that long, whatever. And these are the

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topics and this was not gonna veer off from the topic. That's what happens. So how many times did we have to I asked about four times four times effectively four. So check this out, guys. We asked once no reply. We offer second times. Second time, no reply. Third time, no reply. The full

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For time, and it's important to note here. Yeah, as we're getting closer and closer to the discussion, so as I have reason to believe mulawa have reason to believe that it doesn't Asym symmetry in the way that the information has been distributed. And because let's think about it, would you respect Patrick has already shown anti Islamic bias. Yeah, we've got so many videos on my channel. I don't I don't need to, you know, mention it here. Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but every terrorist, all that stuff is correct to some of it, but still, he's got anti Islamic bias, and he's a Christian himself, you know, so you've got these Christians. Okay, you've got anti semitic

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and then to add insult to injury, this is what happened. He comes today and I said, What is the topic? Okay, it's not going to be a topic. I'm going to be timed. Listen carefully. Take the time to tell this. Okay, let me let me read out because once again, I don't want to misrepresent it. Yes, read it out. Okay, so So this is what I'm hearing right? Yeah. Before before you read it out. Yeah. Then in mind, who is our opponent? Robert Spencer, Robert Spencer is somebody who has been banned from the United Kingdom. Robert Spencer is somebody who Anders Brevik. In his manifesto, when he killed 70 Plus individuals, I repeat again, he slaughtered 70 Plus individuals and put a bomb in a

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parliament building and implemented a manifesto. This is actually what what Spencer students?

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So yes, it wasn't he, in his manifesto mentioned what Spencer and encourages people to write? Yes, I'm talking about. So now imagine for a second would Patrick Pat Davidson. Last name? Yeah, please, I genuinely do not remember your favorite pet. Do you? Imagine for a moment that ISIS went and carried out an atrocity killing one Muslims? And in their manifesto, they say that we was inspired by Ali Dawa. believe his books would inspire, just to be clear, no problem. Okay, not inspired by what he recommends you recommend? I recommend, and that was videos. They're very good. No problem. All. All of them, all of them. One of them. One of them? Would I be invited that platform wouldn't

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be let in? The United States. So that is an insult already for you to invite. Number four. Yeah, that's right. Who is known by yeah, by the way. He's got a jihad watch. And the very funny thing is, he's a case study in himself. Absolutely. You have been used by terrorists. And not only that, we thought, You know what, no problem. We'll smash him. Because we have no problem. We do this on a daily basis. But look what they've sent us. And look what that tells us about opponents. So what do they tell you? He's sending me that the topics of discussion? Yeah. Is not a festival. It wouldn't be structured. It wouldn't be structured.

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Okay, so remember, you've got a pet David, who's already an individual who's, you know, showing his anti Islamic bias he's gonna be the moderator

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because we think I still do believe this by the way. Yes. I'll put it to him. Yeah, I do think he's got that bit of honor about him. Yes. Okay. So that he's he's magnanimous He's respectful his honor. Honorable you know, I do think that because you know, at the end of the day, to be fair to him again, he was going to invite us with his own money like his values him as well.

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Let me tell you however, however, However, having said that, he's saying it's not gonna be structured was

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going to be a roundtable discussion. Yeah, okay, no problem. There's not gonna be in timing, no debate structure, which means that it can be an equality here No, there can be arbitrariness no problem. Okay. Okay. But then, the podcast will be focused on Islam, the Quran, the teachings of Muhammad, three things But Christianity, none there's no mention of nothing, and may have include other topics such as the importance of interfaith Islamic apologetics, Islamophobia, may keywords anything may I don't even regard me the three things I mentioned Islam, teachings of Muhammad Quran. So what is this? In order for you to try and deal with us? You need like you mentioned the beginning

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of the year to tie our hands the things but even then, just when you tie your hands we will come the issue with this at hand. It's an insult. It's offensive. Do you think we are setting themselves up?

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Do you think we are monks Yeah, even though I'm an idiot that I'm gonna come there at the cost of my religion

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by by by an individual that has been mentioned a manifesto of a terrorist I'm going to come to that table sit with this.

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And then on top of that, you have the speculate these these things in place, that I can't even defend my reason. Do you think

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you're not Tawfik? Ebro? Yeah. Can you imagine what kind of fragility and insecurity that's required here? In order for someone to say this to you like, imagine, it's like you said, but imagine someone saying to you, I'm going to fight you here. But you can't fight me back. It tells me a lot about my opponent. Yeah. That means you have no confidence in your religion, bro. Give us 10 minutes, a minute, give us 10 minutes flatline the whole of your salary, and they know that there'll be like a Jenga, you know, Django in play, or like a house of cards. The whole thing will be broken. Give me 10 minutes and I'll just prove Christianity. But you know, the moment I start speaking about

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Christianity, you're going to be on shaky ground that you

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got to you got to be on shaky ground and I believe that is a businessman. Yes. That's his forte. That's what he deals with. Yeah, I don't believe this came from him. I came from Robert of course, because the evidence is the evidence of that if you look at these guys and as soon as since is the base of the Rashid Guy Yeah, but look at the titles of his debates. Hello, hello Quran kala Mala? Is the Quran the words of Allah is the Islam the religion of Salaam is the illusion of peace. It's all about Islam. Why are you so scared of making it in equal debate where you're discussing Islam and other religions, but in scarcely seldomly irregularly? Do you ever do that? Because you're a coward.

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You're a coward. You don't want to put your neck on intellectual property as a coward? That's the reason why I say people Robert Spencer, exactly. This didn't come from Pat. This came from them because they know it tells me a lot about my opponent Imagine if the fact that you were so scared to deal with your own religion and put on table the fact that and this is not a new phenomenon, bro

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because when we see Christian apologists, that is horrible they all they talk about is the Quran. That's right. They don't talk about the look, this is the scripture that was taught by Paul to go and preach to the world. Exactly. And all of your preaching to the world is Quran. So the point is what in a nutshell, we are not going to be booked by money and some biller even if you said to us 10 million pounds essentially account

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million dollars because you said somebody

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was 10 million

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chief individuals are gonna come that at the cost of our religion no way interrogate when negotiate should women listen when negotiating on behalf of the boss

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listen to us whoever is whoever is behind this moreover with a site where anyway Hebrew is this where she

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once said second one second

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the point I'm seeing is the following this man here isn't

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the point the following

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are watching this yeah yeah that's we to ask our religion is more dear than any kind of money that's not going to come that and have some money in our pockets if they were to offer that and we're going to come then you're going to demonize our religion and make a reasonable example so we're gonna be we're gonna be interrogate you've come to the wrong people. People think well, they're gonna say the following Yeah. Patrick, you can fix this you can fix this how you can fix it and tell them how number one we reject your offer to come to Florida rejected, outright rejected. So that's number one. Number two, Vic, you can forget about after this insult. Yeah, after this insult is offensive,

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so often spoken to me. And you think you will miss Muslims? And I'm talking to Andrew teeth. And Habib, yes, we have connections as well. We'll send this video to them. Because this shows ethos massiveness if this came from you, I do not ever want to come to your platform. If this came from our county opponents, you cannot speak about it. If it came from them, surely then you know, I'll see ya. You know what, we don't blame you. It came from them communicating what they said. Then we would maybe maybe maybe come to Florida or Miami to have a discussion with him with you. Yeah. We respect Lenovo speaking to visuals to have blood on their hands.

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Yes, that's all we have. They want to debate is equal stuff. Exactly.

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There is no debate

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on the cowardness Yeah, by by seeing that. There is no debate with him as a moderator no chance. Well, that's a question as simple as that. That's not a good reason we've done this videocast is to show you sadly, sadly, when you want to build bridges, look, we love the Jews, Christians, Muslims, this is too common. The stuff that we have, let's have a dialogue. The fact that you went from Christianity, Islam and Judaism to open discussion to bring in to hostile Islamophobia and then you can speak about that then we can

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say something even require a public apology not to us to the Muslims community. Yeah, absolutely. That's all I'm going to say anything else you want to say, bro? I think you summarized it very well. And I'll say look, this is actually embarrassing. This is actually embarrassing because like you said, but if I said to someone look I want to discuss imagine I come to a Christian or a feminist or wherever it is, let's let's discuss feminism or Christianity or whatever. But you're not allowed to speak to me about my worldview at all. Bella is in the national scene. I can punch you in the face and your hands that you cannot touch me bro. Do you know how cowardly that is? That is, that is the

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epitome of cowardice. Yes. With that will conclude with Santa Monica Monica Lineberger

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Islam that is establishing a masjid and a community center. You don't need to build this Masjid. Allah will decide to build the house for you in Jannah with bricks of gold and silver. Every person who prays in this masjid, every child that memorize the Quran, you will inshallah share in that reward. Donate now guys and do not delay

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