Hajj Mabrur – 02 Preparing Spiritually for Hajj Departure

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seminar for others

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guy, Africa, the network's in Chawla

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getting ready for work and school insha Allah, Allah Subhana Allah

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as inshallah, for the remainder of this week, we can show that we are going to be focused

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inshallah we're going to be focused on pageant.

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footsteps installation, Abraham touched on the topic of grace, we believe when it comes to

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Sharia here

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some interesting

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journeys of a lifetime

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in Africa, oh bless your existence a male last panel

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to visit again a law firm. So last time we met with virtual, now just the verb is the word I met some law Hawaii, he said that the one who attend

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has not any sexual conduct or vulgarity. And they have fulfilled the rights of a hedge they earned to return civil hedge, they return to English are born to Allah to make this series about being reborn at the edge of a lifetime, to be something that we are blessed with Allahumma I mean,

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we're going to talk a little bit about preparing for departure, preparing ourselves, in terms of finance, in terms of spirits in terms of thought about some of the things that we want in sha Allah, to get ready for on our journey if there are certain conditions short, meaning preconditions and childhood is something that will make your wedge

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wrecked by doing it first certain things that are done for your hedge to become compulsory upon you. The first of them, of course, is your submission to a law state of person who in your face. Second things is that men in a in a condition of being

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complete, met a complete woman and having attained to puberty and responsibility, finally, that you are free of mental defects and there's nothing that is perturbing you, that would distract you away from the

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can have the to go is the ability for you to be very early on to my dear brothers and sisters had you is not meant to be an obligation of the bottom of I noticed that there are a tinge of slim oma who

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can find it becomes an obligation upon them. And once that has ever to be that will the poorest of the problem, sell them to self, physically, financially, emotionally, spiritually. The

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task is dear elder who find yourself struggling to meet the necessities of life. Do not have your heart and doubt that based on your Nia on your intention of performing the hajj, that you may receive a greater reward than those who are standing there themselves who may not have had the same purity of Nia, but they had the financial and physical and a means to attend to them. So know that there are people who will stand on alpha, who may not receive even the same reward as those who are back home with the intense desire to have been there. But Allah subhanho wa Taala has taken that obligation upon them, off them from them because they have not been provided by him. Subhana Allah

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to Allah, the means to attend. And this is understood from the Hadith of the prophets, I send them numerous verses in the Quran. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says, willingness, well Illa halen well in learning, when lilla Hill had your Allah to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, that upon mankind luminesce Allah Allah had had that we make to Allah subhana wa to Allah it's written upon mankind to perform this Hajj, luminous La La he sebelah to the one who has attained the means to fulfill it.

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That for a loss of having went to Allah linas Alhaji

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is meant for mankind to fulfill that task to Allah Subhana. Home went to honor. So that becomes important. One of the things that's attached to that when we talk about finance, and it's a condition that many of us as Muslims find ourself in is debt. And I want you to understand that certain types of debt and to hedge your industry can then do think hedge these types of our moment it is do someone has said to you, you owe me this, it is due now I require you, you can take that money on perform hajj, and therefore we're principal in our Deen, we're putting a bad condemn or a bad fight. Creation must be met before you seek to fulfill the rights of Allah and take from the

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rights of Asian and only money to a loss of Hannah who went to Allah and take from the rites of vision and owe me money and take that wealth and go to Hajj, I think that you are doing something praiseworthy to Allah, and leave me in need of my own capital that I have out of my kindness. And the aroma of a love that has been placed in my heart lent out to you. Number two, you should not attempt you should not attend to Hajj, if you cannot make the payment to your debt and have full capacity to make Hajj. So for some, for example, they can pay the debt but then they will go to Hajj and it's difficult, they have no wealth to spend no means there, they don't have the hotel bookings,

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they don't have anything, it's just going to be I'm going to rely on the kindness of others. This isn't a legitimate of a hug, and fall from the kindness of others. This isn't a legitimate of a hug and fall from the thing from late to debt is that a person being given permission from the lender to go too

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late to debt is that a person being given permission from the lender to go to hedge and therefore structured type of debts? So you owe someone wealth? And he said, Look, I'm happy for you to pay me 1000 Rand a week.

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And you forgot to meet that a bit of a buffer after you can go with the excess to go to your hedge return and continue the structured payments with the permission of the lender. This is something that is considered permissible. The fifth condition which has a little bit of clarity that relates to it is with regards to the mountain and this relates to our sisters and our wives and our mothers in faith the women of the home of the prophets I send them in the opinion of the

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family ma'am and No, ma'am. Well, the pledge of a woman cannot build without Company A Muharram or in tour and then beat someone a quarter of the way. On the other hand, winder Lima Malik Anna Lima, Misha in particular, they do not make it a required that fulfills the the obligation of hedge the handle at EMA Malik and Lima Mushaf. In particular, they do not make it a require that fulfills the the obligation of hedge the handle at if there are preferred by them, and you will tell the authority that they are normal you are admin and they are in the guardianship of a legitimate group who will look after them and someone has to take on that responsibility.

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Finally, it's important to note that those who do not meet these five conditions, that if their need Nia is with a lot than the full reward of their a bad that in accordance for his or her intention fulfilled by a Subhana Allah to Allah and the prophets. I seldom spoke about that battle of taboo. And Allah mentions it in the Quran that there were people who could not travel with the profit left as you do my immediate family. I don't have the means to carry you with me to Earth to there. And the prophets I send them did not have the ability to take them. They didn't have the financial resources to escort him Salalah How do you sell them? Nevertheless, the profits I sell I said that

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we've left behind in El Medina, those people who we haven't descended into any Valley nor march through any open plane land nor ascended any mountain, except they have shared the reward with you and us. This is an authentic narration of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that is found in Al Bukhari and Sharif at no men.

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Therefore, and no woman should have this feeling of the devastation or depression of the means to attend the Hajj. Knowing these words of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam and Allah subhanho wa Taala is the knower of the intentions of our hearts. May Allah make our hearts pure towards him.

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Now speaking

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Preparing now. You have Yeah, you is a new way to hire and one of the things that I wish I knew about you and played the enormity of a game

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law and come to you here I come to you on this journey. He offered it April when is again after it had been ruined and brought to

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a loss of quoting

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Jana mielec a woman Luria Tina omata Muslim ethanolic were in Amman sick and went to ballet in in NACA and, or Haman salata, Baqarah, Allah subhanaw taala says they invoke our Lord or better or our Lord, accept from us and make us from those who submit to you in submission of Islam. Teach us show us our nastic show us the rites of Hajj and accept from us our repentance and therefore everything that we do in hajj is taught to us by the will of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah through the processes of the signal of our NaVi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So I want you to consider that first statement that now you're going to be heading and we'll we'll continue with this tomorrow in sha

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Allah, you are heading towards the house a lot. You are heading towards the sacred land, you are heading to the land that still bears the footprint of Ibrahim alayhis salaam to be at the mount at the mount of Safa, which is where the Prophet first declared his Islam and His Messenger ship to mankind and George, you're going to be near jevelin nur where the light of the Quran descended upon the prophets, Allah lahardee was setting them you're going to be near as the holiest place in the world for us as Muslims, which is the land that in tombs the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam according to an Imam for daily living in a yard, that that that the land where they just said, the

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blessing body of the prophets I seldom resigned is more blessing even than the land houses the cabinet. You're going to be in this vicinity visiting and Mecca. Mecca and Al Madina munawwara in Alhambra, Mel M and Ron banner. What do you

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mean Doria Tina Oh metta Muslim meta, like our lawmakers from those who submit you. So you're about to set about on this and to lie in return. And a lot of brothers and sisters who have their exposure there Kevin, are wrapped in their Iran. And by the command of the prophets, I send them that they're routed over La Land Bank, a law firm and a bank, the baker law Sheree Kala Kala bake in Alhambra when near laka. When

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this is a powerful moment, it's a powerful word. And that we will in tomorrow be in court that Allah hulan Al Baqarah. Our thought, if we are able to meet each other and leave you and to think about what are you preparing for your hunch, in terms of your financial means in terms of your taking time from work in terms of beating your family for well in terms of asking forgiveness from those who you may have caused injury to or not have caused injury to but asking your blessing. But in the same way, what have you prepared for the day Have you returned to Allah which is symbolized with the Kevin which the Iran that you were? Remember and I end with this, that the prophets why Selim was

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shrouded with his Iran that he performed his Hajj with some love Allahu alayhi wa early he was happy or send them will continue in sha Allah. If Allah gives us the energy and time and the ability tomorrow to continue with this word let Baker to understand its gravity and meaning and what it is that a law seeks from us akuto holy hell that was self futile ly law the many will come for self hero in the home will afford Rahim Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Ebrahim are once again in Sharla. Same time same place in Charlotte tomorrow for Russell gonna grant us all the ability in Sharma That

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is amazing.

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It is genuinely quite

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innovative continuing with just

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that every person

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speaks You

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oh my present I am present and present inshallah.

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Same place.

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Molly Casa de

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la, he wabarakatuh

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