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Then on very low salatu salam ala Gilles philam via Allah Allah He was heavy Amanullah about.

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My dear brothers and sisters we have been discussing from class couple of days we were talking about Allah subhanaw taala as word where Allah subhanaw taala said camelhair to dunya Illa Mata Al Quran, Allah said that this world is nothing but deception. And yesterday we spoke about the issue of wealth and how wealth receives. Today I want to run myself anew about the other big issue, which is the issue of power, the issue of power, the issue of feeling that we

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it is our effort, it is the ASVAB it is the material resources that we have, and the material things that we have, which cause which are the cause of success and failure that we win or lose, depending on how much you have, how much meaning how much money, how much authority, how much knowledge,

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you know, how much access to science and technology and so on and so forth. Now, it is not to say that these things have no value,

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it is to put them in the right place. Sensor Technology has value, money has value, power and authority has value, but to understand what exactly is that value, and to then see whether that value actually results.

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But that value actually creates results. So the results are created by something else.

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For example, we may we may feel that the

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the solution for sickness is better and better hospitals is better and better medical care. But if you uncertainly medical care helps. But if you look at that as a principle, then if medical care is what cure sickness, then anyone who has access to proper medical care, medical care must be killed.

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One can understand people who don't have access to medical care if they are dying, or if they are, you know, falling sick. But people who have access to medical care than they should, they should be good. But our own life experience shows us that this is not true. People who have access to medical care, also fall sick people who have access to the best medical care in the world. Also, at some point that medical care fails, no matter how much

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they may have spent trying to get the best possible medical care where at some point, doctors drop their hand and say we can't do anything.

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So also, you can take this example and apply it across the board. If knowledge

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is required for

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professional success, then the highest paid and most successful people in the world should have been college professors. But that is not the case. college professors have the best knowledge, obviously, because they are teaching it. But they are not the most successful. They are not the highest paid. They don't how many great global businesses do we know which was started by

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Harvard Business School professors, not even one. And we know many, which was started by people who never went to Harvard, or people who dropped out of school. I mean, forget about forget about business school. So it's not knowledge, which is the cause of success. If you say, well, it's entrepreneurial spirit, then the same logic applies. And you can take this across the board, I don't want to spend a lot of time giving example after example. But the point is that all of these things which are before our eyes, we don't seem to see

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the reality behind that which is that it is not that material thing. It is not that well, it is not that power. But it is something else beyond behind that or something else beyond that, which actually causes the success and failure. That's something else we know to be the armor of Allah subhanaw taala we know this to be the order and the home of Allah subhanaw taala. And that's why many times

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we find people have illnesses and they get cured, despite doctors saying the exact opposite of so many cases. We know cases, you know, right now in our lives, where people had completely given up hope. And then there is a cure and everybody said, Wow, this is miraculous. It's miraculous from a from one way of looking at it, no doubt. hamdulillah but for somebody who understands the amount of Allah

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for someone who understand the power of somebody who understands that Allah subhanaw taala is Yeah, follow my Asha Oyako my read, he can do whatever he likes, and he can order whatever he likes, then this is not a miracle. It's not a miracle in that sense.

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It's, it's a miracle from our perspective but for Allah subhanaw taala, it is normal. So to understand the power of Allah Jalla Jalla? Why is it important to understand that because only then do we understand the value of pleasing Allah subhanaw taala in what we do, the problem happens. And the reason I'm saying this is because the problem happens when it comes to a dilemma or comes to a question of obeying Allah or doing what the material world tells you to do. And that is where the problem comes. Because if you don't understand the fact that success and failure comes from the home of Allah, from the hammer of Allah, not from the material world that we live with, then if you

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understand this, then whenever there is a question of,

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of doing something, which is against the home of Allah, you will stop us no, I'm not gonna do that. If somebody says no, but unless you do that you won't succeed is no sorry, success comes from Allah, it doesn't come from doing this thing. There cannot be any good in something which is prohibited. For example, somebody might say, unless you borrow some money on interest, you cannot grow your business, you know, can't that's not possible because something which Allah prohibited How can there be good in that

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if somebody says, for example, that in, in advertising, telling the truth is not good for advertising, so be foggy, you know, sort of smudge stuff, and so on and make promises that you cannot keep is no sorry, I don't lie. Whatever is there, this is my product, and I will describe my product, what is the good in it and what is not the good

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success doesn't come from telling lies, because Allah subhanaw taala, prohibited telling lies. And success cannot come from something which Allah has prohibited. So this becomes this decision becomes easy, because when you understand that real success and failure comes only from the order of Ensenada and Allah, what Allah ordered, give success, what Allah prohibited us from is the cause of failure. But when you don't understand that, then we get sidetracked and we get taken in by the deception of the world. And the deception of the world tells us that having more of something, whether it is knowledge, whether it is money, whether it's power and authority, is the goal of

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success, and that's what makes you successful. So that's when you you eyes open, and you realize that people who have a great deal are not necessarily happy. On the other hand, it's almost like a rule. It's not always a rule, but it's sometimes for a lot of times, it's the rule that the more somebody has, the more they are afraid of losing what they have, because their debacle, now they have their reliance has gone from Allah to the material stuff. And so if your alliances Allah, then there's no question of loss because Allah is always there, or you will call you, Allah, Allah does not go away, Allah does not, power doesn't decline. But if your mate your reliance is on material

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things, then you have to worry about the the performance of the share market, what happens to my portfolio, if the market drops, if you have to worry about political conditions, what happens to my property, if there is a if the if politics is, you know, goes up and down, and so on, and so on. So you're actually the more you have, the more worries increase instead of peace of mind increasing? The more you have, the more you are frightened. Now, this doesn't mean that we should not be wealthy. Of course, being wealthy is a good thing. If you understand what is wealth and if you understand how to use wealth,

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if you take the wealth, and if you use this wealth, to build your ACARA then being wealthy is a very good thing. But if you take the wealth and allow the wealth to deceive you and take you into all kinds of private places, and obviously that wealth is a is a means of you know, earning Jahannam instead of an agenda. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to open our eyes to the realities of the world. So that we are not fooled by deception and to open our eyes to the fact that one day we will meet Allah Jalla Jalla Allahu and to make that day the best day of our lives was Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah He was savage member Africa