The Greatest Matter That Will Keep You Firm Upon Islam Until You Meet Allah

Abu Bakr Zoud


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The speaker discusses the importance of watching one's prayer after crisis and staying firm and steadfast on it. They also encourage individuals to practice their prayers on time and carefully, as it is crucial for their health and success in Islam. The speaker emphasizes the importance of watching one's prayer and staying firm and steadfast.

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My Brothers and Sisters in Islam.

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The third way in how we can remain committed and steadfast upon the worship of Allah after Ramadan is no doubt

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to observe our five daily prayers at least, and be consistent with that. If your prayers are right and consistent, then you will be granted energy and strength to be firm and steadfast upon the worship of Allah throughout your life. Listen to this hadith and maybe sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said is the chemo wallet to so while I'm on the Hydra Amelie como solid, while you have evolved who 11 Min. And Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he commended us in this hadith. He said is the p mu. Be firm and be steadfast upon the religion of Allah. And he said well unto hustle, and you will never never be able to achieve 100% steadfastness. We can't obviously because the human being falls

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in sin he forgets he becomes heedless, he gets tired, he gets lazy and so on. But they listen to this. When the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Be steadfast, straight after it, he said, and know that the best deed

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is the pray.

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He said the prayer is the best deed.

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And so the question is,

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why did he say the prayer is the best deed after he commanded us to remain firm and steadfast?

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There's a connection between these two, meaning that the prayer is the greatest matter that will keep you steadfast upon the obedience of Allah subhanahu wata isla.

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And that's why a solid comes from the word Scylla. Which means a link, because a solid is the link and connection between you and Allah subhanahu wa. And the first thing that you'll be judged about on the Day of Judgment is your prayer. If it is good and upright, meaning you fulfilled all the pillars in the obligations of the press, then everything else is right. Everything else that you did in life is all good.

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Imagine, and it all you're fasting us to do, and everything will be perfect and tops.

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And if this prayer was abandoned and neglected and wasted,

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then all your good deeds that you did throughout your life are also wasted and abandoned and all rejected. So there is no doubt that the greatest matter that will keep you steadfast upon the deen of Allah is that you observe your prayers on time and carefully. The prayers especially the obligatory prayers, if you find yourself after Ramadan, praying your prayers on time, that's a good sign that you're on mobile and was accepted. And that's a good sign that you are being steadfast and firm after Ramadan

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and add to your obligatory prayers, some sunnah and praise don't neglect the Sunnah and praise

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pray the Sunnah neuroactive to like out before Fisher at least two like I had before both to like after and two after mother and two after Isha that's as soon as a robotic They attempt like that yes there are other mother have that mentioned it's totally like out and they make that for before book. But the correct opinion Allahu Allah

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is that Sunon avoid is 10 blackout, very easy one law he it is very easy to pray them to before

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and to before fissured and to afterward until after motive and to after Isha. Very easy. And I tell you, the easiest way to prevent is as soon as the cross your mind, get up and pray. That's it.

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act upon the thought. The moment the sooner pray, crosses your mind, get up and pray it. You see if the Sunnah crosses your mind. And then you say I'll pray at leader I'll pray at leader the more you do you delay it.

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The the tougher it's going to be to get up and prayer. The che porns was twice is going to be intense. And so that's the idea of Mujahideen to knifes the spiritual struggle that was your handle to enough's. It can be over in one second. As soon as you finish a solid and you say a Stanford Allah or Stanford Allah a Stanford Allah get up. If you think that oh, if I read all the guilt after the prayer, I'm going to not end up praying the Sunnah after the prayer, then set a stop for a lot of stone for a lot of stuff or get up straight away, get up and pray big

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As soon as you say Allahu Akbar, that's it. The struggle and the fight is over. It's finished. Almost there's nothing you're going to struggle about. Allah heat is very easy my brothers and sisters in Islam

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and remember, the more you perfect your solid, the obligatory prayers, the Sunnah and prayers, then you are on a path of steadfastness and righteousness until you die beef Nila. And don't forget to pray something of the night prayers. And with that as well

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pray at least one block at night.

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The best of the obligatory prayers are the best of the voluntary prayers

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after the Sunnah, not robotic, is the night prayer.

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So make sure you're praying at least one icon and with it. That's the most beloved of the prayers to Allah azza wa jal in Allah with the Rooney rule with

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Allah is odd. He is one and he loves a limited. Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said until we are

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people of Quran and to my brothers and sisters in Islam, and we all wanting to be from the people of the Quran. In sha Allah, we ask Allah azza wa jal to make us from the people of the Quran. Then the people of the Quran are supposed to pray, and with us before we sleep,

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or after you sleep when you wake up before then if you choose the time for yourself and prayer with that one back on and always be conscious of the fact that the more you pray and engage in the prayer, then this is a means it's a way to remain steadfast upon obedience and upon the worship of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Now, at least two o'clock at night, and then add to that one black girl with at least three Roccat Allahu Akbar. If you pray three look at that night

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for the entire ye that will equal to 1095 volcat

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which is 2192 opportunities of pseudocode. How does a person neglect all this and waste all this