Abandoning the Quran

Abu Bakr Zoud


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The speaker discusses the struggles of men and women with addiction to addiction, including struggles with the title of Islam and struggles with women. They also mention the importance of holding onto one's bond for life and the need for guidance on how to read and act in the face of addiction. The speaker describes the worst potential disaster that could happen to anyone with addiction.

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blazor surely assists in sorta as sort of, he says, woman Yahshua I'm thinking why men listen so you can understand where the problems come, where do they start from? He said women Yahshua and Vikram, man, anyone who neglects the word of Allah, the Quran and here anyone who neglects it, anyone who keeps it behind his back? Anyone who turns away from it, yeah. And he, this could be a Muslim, it could be a non Muslim, it could be anyone. Anyone who thought himself to hide from the Quran could be the Muslim, the one that we said to him read the Quran, yeah, he's got your solution for every problem. He says, I know but give me something else. That same person is woman yoshua is

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the one who decides not to hold on to this.

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If you did not hold on to that, Allah azza wa jal, he says, No de la who share your bond, for who Allah who carried Nokia, we're going to appoint a shavon for him. And that Shabbat is going to be level Colleen is going to be his best friend, Luca who Shabbat for who and who Karim, he becomes his best friend that you need to understand my brothers and sisters, there are two paths, either the path of the man the path of the head, and you choose to hold on to that for life, and you have a daily relationship with this color. And if not, the only other path that exists is the path of the show. Bob has a lot of social mentions in this area. If you abandoned and neglect this and had it

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behind your back and gave it no importance and significance in your life, didn't try it didn't bother to read didn't bother to memorize, you did not bother to ponder over. You did not bother to learn how to read so you can start to read this, then that means you abandon you neglected what a law Sergeant says in the other part and we're going to appoint a pawn for him for who

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will be his best friend, like no one else will do to him and he said he

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would keep misguiding him and diverting him from the correct path. And you know where the big worrying part is. This is the worrying part. Why a normal dude. And those same people would assume their guidance, and they would have this feeling that Nana we're on the right path. We're walking correctly. And this is the worst disaster and calamity that could ever happen to anyone. He's misguided, and he reckons he assumes that he is guided. How does he do that? abandon the Fuhrer and that is exactly what the result is.