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We have only two minutes for those, there might have been a Muslim one who has consciously submitted to the Creator. Now he has a non Muslim sitting next to him. And you know what now what you're saying is like, logical, rational and makes sense. And now all that person has to do what's already naturally in him, help give that encouragement for the person that's read about Islam, he knows is the truth. But you know what? The devil comes up and says, You know what you're going to forsake the religion of your forefathers, and all the other doubts tests are creeping them, how could we encourage them to do the right thing? And what are the benefits of doing the right thing submitting

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to God? Well, the benefits

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are, the eternal life, that we all seeking

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eternal life, in a beautiful, and a good and a pure sense. One in a state where we are at peace with God, God pleased with us. And as with him, I mean, what better state can we be in? That is paradise. So that reward and that goal that we should all have, can only be achieved, achieved through submitting ourselves to the will of God, known as Islam. That is the bottom line, and without it, no matter what we accumulate of this world, it will be ultimately of no benefit. It won't last and we can't take it with us. None of it all stays behind. Yeah, others benefits Michael Jackson died. Bruce Lee died, will die to exactly the pharaohs died, still looking at their bodies and their

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Didn't benefit them at all.