Haifaa Younis – Ramadan Mubarak! Remember Ramadan is still Ramadan!

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of focusing on the focus and not forgetting the previous months. They also mention the positive experiences of the previous months and the desire to make them even better.
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it's extremely important for all of us now with all what is happening that we do not forget the focus.

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That's all Milan is is still Ramadan and Ramadan is still the month that we all wait for every year and that's the month that brings with it as a guest a lot of goodness and we need to still focus on this and let us not let shavon have us move away from the focus simply because there is no Masjid simply because there is no tarawih in the masjid. I cannot have if bar with the usual people I am used to. It's sad but I think we all have to say this to ourselves that Allah pantalla al Hakim, Allah is the wise for his wisdom. He made it this way this year. He made it very different. I don't think anyone have seen ello Milan that there is no tawaf that there is no Amara that there is no

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tarawih and there is no masajid Subhanallah but Alhamdulillah the Ramadan is still there, the blessings in it is still there. The fasting is still there. All of these are still there. Let's look at it as a very positive experience and your Allah make it even better than what we want it to be your b&b

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