Karim Abuzaid – WHAT AFTER RAMADAN #3

Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the issue of addiction and its potential consequences, including negative consequences like negative health and physical changes. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding addiction and overcoming addiction to avoid negative consequences. They also touch on the concept of "the heart is the limb that keeps the body moving" and the " ridgement of the body and the potential consequences of it."
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If you get engaged in since

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after Ramadan

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your deeds could be in vain. All what you have done in Ramadan in vain

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or what you have done in Ramadan in vain.

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We know that sometimes you could do deeds

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and you had everything right. But after you did it

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it's in vain.

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yeah you holla Deena Amanullah turbo SWAT akufo kasatkina de La La Jolla, who will colita J. Reba de comida en

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He believes Do not raise your voices, loud, louder than or loud above the voice of the prophets a lot of

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what that means that other what would happen if you do this, your deeds will will become up in vain will become fruitless. In the resurrection, you will come you will find no deeds in your books.

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You know, this verse was revealed in who

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anybody knows and who

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alpha Iran

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who is a Muslim cattle hide Iran Rania laka,

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our camera

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they had some arguments and the voices went up.

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So the deeds of Abu Bakr and Omar

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they are good deeds as an act. But now Allah subhanaw taala is telling them if you raise your voices like this, all your deeds will be

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in vain. So it is possible that you could end up doing good deeds and then after that

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it's done is not very new. Another example Yeah, you are Latina and will have to go to South Africa to Bill money while other

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Oh II believe do not invalidate your SATA car by doing men are given something to Allah either or giving you money.

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This does not talk about you not having the right intention when you give him the money. No. This is actually after you given the sadaqa and you had the right intention. And you did it for the sake of Allah. But because of the men and the harm that you did to the person that you're given the sadaqa to your deeds are involved the same exact thing all your

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earliest Leon Andromeda, all your acts of obedience could turn to be in vain or fruitless. What is the evidence or the thoburn? Well, honey fisheries manager and I know this hadith scares everyone including me, call a sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says

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Mati yet to knio malkia be Hashanah in unfairly Ji barely at her Matata for federal law and mentor.

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I know some of my followers who will come in the reverse direction which has an act has said that means what good work

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a lot of it the size of what a terrain of mountain Colton by law, it's in reference to intention sincerity, purity,

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but Allah will turn it into scattered dust.

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So foodland IRA Salama described them for us almost a year of Allah

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mingle they are like us they speak like us. That means what they have the proper clean the proper Dean not only this wire una Mina Layla Mata who do the break at night.

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They break the Hagrid at night ya una Mina Laila what they do, well I can either Hallo Bhima had him in LA he in takua.

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When they feel that they are by themselves, somewhere, they work they commit the sin

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they commit the sin commission

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is ama Holla

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Holla Holla Holla Holla rocky boo, while la sabana La Jolla fenosa attend an AMA to fi here and we are in

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lm Torah and Allah Allah. Allah to mercy love. Marissa pulumi najwa ella tiene la hora de

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Voila, I'm setting Illa, who was at this room while I'm in Delhi kawada, Xsara Illa who are now in America and those people once they see themselves by themselves, they commit the sin, they commit the sin. And just for you to get a peace of mind regarding this issue, and I have researched a little bit regarding this hadith

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it really indicates that if you do the sin and bribe it one day you will do it in public

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a sin by the way that you're keen on doing it in private between you and yourself. Because of the fact that you're doing you're doing it all the time

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and behind closed doors and windows one day you will do it outside

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because you're not going to see a sin anymore You're not the heart will become corrupt

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the heart will not see a sin anymore

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will not because you're used to it and you're going to end up committing it in front of everybody and in every saw Salim said about this kulu mata Mata Commander

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kulu metamora lol Mujahideen, all my oma will be pardoned except those who commit sins openly

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they will not have a chance to return

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this is the the issue once it comes to

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the consequences of

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basically having that disease or sickness which is

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degradation basically, or not doing as you used to do in Ramadan.

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Very quickly, what are the reasons behind this disease? Why Why do you have this disease?

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Number one,

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the official email

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Dr. Lehman

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What is your definition of Lehman?

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In your heart you believe in Allah.

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You declare it with your tongue you say eyeshadow Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah that's why we say it's the Shahada. And when you implement this with the tongue, with the rest of the limbs, here's the piece that we're not aware of. As a man we as each one

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it increases and

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in a

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man who be robbing him, was it in a Buddha,

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the our youth who believed in Allah and we increase them in guidance when Medina zetta whom Buddha

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taqwa so imagine increases and decreases. And this is a statement that was made by an eminent ohada Rahim Allah He said, I have met 1000 of the scholars of this oma

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and all of them defined faith in man to be heart, tongue, limbs, and it increases and decreases. Now, what makes you a man increases?

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You're sitting here tonight this will kick your Eman up.

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If you're sitting right in front of the television right now at the same time your demand will go

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down. You open the Quran and recite one page your Eman what

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goes up,

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up and down. Up and down.

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You break the head

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and here's the issue when your Eman goes down that's when it's dangerous.

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What causes you a man to go down

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abandoning the acts of worship

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and engaging in since the man what drops when your Eman drops all these acts that you used to do in Ramadan, which made you a man move up. Now you left it and you got engaged in disobedience.

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You become a victim to your enemies. Who are your enemies

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and knifes was shaitan and the human enemy

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you're sitting right you know if your Eman is down. Your laughs is gonna come after you. Let's go and have some fun. Come

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On you fasted Ramadan

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let's go on top but what about the six of shower?

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Lately I

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still have time shaitan comes to you

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about friend calls you What? How can you become then you lose that immunity you see a man or a lion is there any Hina is Navajo

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in the femoral column

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A person will not commit adultery when he's a believer

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because when a man gives

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he's a Muslim. So now

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he Islam, he's a Muslim, but he's not a believer. Because if he's a believer, he should have that immunity.

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immunity from what? From adultery? Well, I asked him, he does not steal when he's a believer. So when you're a man is weakened, you're exposed? No.

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You know, your heart is the limb that contains that man. I'll call boost. Oh, man, no loss.

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You know, imagine your heart

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when you do a lot of acts of worship.

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You're guarding this heart.

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When you abandon this act of worship,

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your enemies will start shooting what

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arrows imagine this Well, this is how it's done. The shaitan

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Subhana Allah Allah god this heart with what would the chest

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will be nurse merican nurse Illa Jimenez insurance was worse in hardness led us Swiss were

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few kulu

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kulu Venus but the really shaitan wants what he wants what

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he wants the heart

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but the heart is protected by the chest so he he does there was water in the outside if the heart does not have a man that was was gonna do what

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penetrate is like throwing an arrow and then the man gives a shield

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This is not by joke. I know for us his own sci fi but this is how he actually explained it that imagine your heart

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traveling because you're traveling to Allah subhanaw taala with the club with the heart

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in order for left for this limb to travel imagine you you're you see in

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and in Santa Musa Illa be that you are in a state of constant travel to Allah subhanho wa Taala myself

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and you travel the limb that he used to travel is your heart imagine your heart is what is the car that you're going to Allah with

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you traveling to Allah with

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now the car means what

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the car needs what

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if you don't have the fuel

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for the heart for the car what is gonna happen the car is gonna start what

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then the road the people what do you call those people in the road who come in and take away your stuff? What do you call this

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to drugs? hijackers hijackers.

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Know that like like the people who come in and yeah they steal your stuff because your car is Kabuto the same exact thing when your heart when your heart is fueled with a man will then it's worth flying to Allah flying to Allah but when it's does not have it then what they start with Let's get her shoot

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arrows, arrows arrows until they bring you down

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further Doflamingo skin is a problem roughly man and inshallah one of these days I will will give us a topic about doubtful Eman And how can you

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because it's a problem.

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