Ahmed Hamed – New I Ramadan Reminders Series #8- How Do We Purify Our Sins

Ahmed Hamed
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of purifying oneself and removing hatred and envy in order to achieve success in the world. They stress the significance of cooperation and the need to purify one's mind and body to become more closer to Allah. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of purifying one's bodies and minds to remove suffering and anxiety.
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Dear boy my daddy seen over there and

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then took Ramona.

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Said I'm already good morning it's Allah hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah the team, once again, we are here to share with our viewers, another important aspect that acts like a reminder for us and for all of them that we get to benefit from insha Allah. So for the same, do you have any question for me? Yes. In

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how do we pay verify our sin Subhan Allah purification

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is really very important. That is what we need to first understand, you know, having that Ischia, turnips purification of our soul is really, really important that this should be reminded by every one of us, because there is a huge benefit from it. Allah subhanho died and he says on the Afla, hubba Zakka, right. But the Atlanta Zakka is indeed successful, to purify his own soul, right. So, purification is something which is linked with our success. That is the reason we need to purify ourselves. And this is not the success of just this world, but the year after, as well. So we need we need to purify our hearts by removing the hatred, envy jealousy of the people. We need to purify

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ourselves, most importantly, free from shake, free from the FDA free from, you know, hypocrisy, it free from all kinds of, you know, you know, wrong thoughts. So we purify our mind, purify our heart, obviously, when we fast we purify our body as well. So it is definitely a month that gives us that opportunity to purify ourselves. And through this purification, we become more closer to Allah subhanaw taala we need to understand that Allah is and produce and produce means the absolute pure, and in order to get closer to him, we can't get closer to him unless we purify ourselves, right? So we need to purify ourselves and get closer to Allah subhanaw taala. And this is the month to purify

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yourselves. And also when the shoes performed the wrong way. When they do, do

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they understand all the meanings of the drives, and they cry, and it is no big deal to us. They understand every single words of it. And that's what the hustle was, yes. didn't imagine what is being done. Yeah.

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Yeah, Subhan Allah, you know, that crying is also a way of purifying yourself. You know, when, as you rightly said, when the Imam he recited it to us, he understands that those people who are behind him those who understand, you know, the the DRS, they get scared of their wrong deeds, you know, they have we have been

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misbehaving and we have been, you know, disobeying Allah subhanho de la displeasing Allah subhanaw taala so, we tend to make sure that we remind ourselves about the punishment of Allah and the knee and then we get hopeful in the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa taala. So, this is again a very powerful thing that you should crime is a way to purify yourselves in sha Allah, Dr. Wu my daddy seen over there and

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then took

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