Children’s Series – Are your Grandparents a pain?

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, my beloved children, some of us stay with our grandparents. And some of us have grandparents, but we don't live with them. We visit them sometimes. And some of us don't have grandparents because they've passed away. So we pray for them. When we say, may Allah grant them Rama or mercy. Now, those of you who live with your grandparents, you need to know that your grandparents love you. They do love you. Sometimes they say things to you that they want you to become a better person by those things. But because they're old, they get irritated. They say things sometimes in not such a nice way, and it hurts us. What do you do? If

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they've said something that hurts you, you go to them and say, grandma, grandpa, you know what, I love you so much. But try not to speak to me like that. Try not to tell me in a way that it's gonna hurt my heart, you're screaming at me, you're yelling at me, or you're picking on me. May Allah grant us ease and talk to them. And let them know how you feel. It's very important for us to let them know how we feel. Sometimes they might be upset when you let them know how you feel. But you tell them again and again and again. And they get used to it, because they're old. But they love you. They mean well. It's just that sometimes.

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Because they want to see you do the right thing. According to them. They don't think that what you're doing is the right thing sometimes. But you can ask your parents, and they will guide you. Sometimes maybe grandma has some pain in her knees or her bones are aching, or maybe she's not feeling well. So she's irritable, meaning she gets crossed very quickly. She doesn't like to say nice things, and she's just grumbling. And she might be just in a bad mood all the time. It happens. It happens. But not all grandparents are like that. Tell me in the comment section about your grandparents. Are they alive? If they are, do you live with them? And if you meet them, how do they

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speak? They speak nicely to you. Do they talk to you in a beautiful way? Or are they sometimes a little bit grumpy? And do they say things sometimes in a very hard way? Let me know. Because, like I said, one of the most important things to do is understand those your grandparents, respect them. Don't worry, don't cry because of how they told you something, no problem. They're all It's okay, excuse them. Nevermind, but you need to tell them how you feel. And you need to let your parents know sometimes, you know, grandma was telling me this is it okay? Like is it fine is you know, and your parents might then guide you because sometimes they think a little bit differently. But when

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they tell you don't play with your phone, good advice. Don't sit in front of the TV too close. That's good advice. Don't eat like that. Eat with a little bit of respect. You know, don't just Munch your food. That's good advice. Don't drink so much water. don't have too much sugar. Don't drink too many soft drinks. That's grandparents, they love you so much. Because you have too many soft drinks. You eat too much. You're you don't chew your food properly. You're not dressed properly, you're not so clean. Sometimes you need to have a bath or a shower. Sometimes you're screaming too much. Sometimes you're very naughty. Sometimes you're breaking things. Sometimes

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you're not going to bed, all these things they might tell them to you. Does that mean they don't like you?

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Does that mean they don't like you know they love you. They want to see you go to bed on time sit correctly, you know, smile, sometimes have a good expression on your face. Don't just sit with a with a with a expression that's not nice on your face, you know, have a good expression on your face. And Subhanallah speak properly to people speak loudly, clearly sit with your core on some of your grandparents must be saying when did you when last? Did you read your Quran? That's good advice. Very good advice. They love you. They care for you. So Allah and then they might tell you so many other things. You know, be careful of your friends who your friends are, you can't go to this

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place and that place that's lovely advice because they just want they're looking out for you. They want you to be successful. They want you to be happy. They want you to do the best you can so that when you grow older you appreciate they protected you they looked after you like i said if you really don't like the way they said something or what they've said let them know again that you know what you said this and

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I don't like it or I how you said it was not nice oh I disagree with your granddad and then talk to them. And my beloved grandparents, you know, I hope you're keeping into this video.

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Go easy on your kids. The generations have changed things pretty different. The advice we give them is the same but the way we give it to them would have

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To be a bit updated upgraded, So, remember, install that update on Sharla you'll be fine. Allah bless every one of us, my beloved children, so lovely to speak to you this evening. And looking forward to another beautiful session with our children series, as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.