Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P02 031B Tafsir Al-Baqarah 229

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various verses of Islam, including deception, divorce, and relationships. They stress the importance of achieving the commands of Allah's subhanaw taala, avoiding couples' behavior, giving birth to a child, and not letting them go without warning. They also discuss the difficulty of marriage during the COVID-19 pandemic and the importance of privacy in marriage. The speakers suggest avoiding couples' behavior and returning something that the woman is unable to get along with, as it would be a sin on her husband.
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Hello everyone so Leo a lot of Sunil Karim and my birth for Earth bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, rubbish Rouhani Saudi UAE Sidley Emery, while under appdata melissani of Kahu Kohli Robin as in our Illuma.

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The verses that inshallah we're going to study today are specifically concerning

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concerning divorce, that how divorce is to be given? What happens after that? What's the proper procedure of divorce? And what happens to the children afterwards? How can the man give divorce? In which case can the woman seek divorce? What's the procedure? Inshallah we will learn about that? In the following verses? In the previous verses we learned about Nikka? So this shows to us that our deen is a complete way of life, where clear instructions clear guidance has given us to marriage, how do people get married, then clear guidance has also been given as to how that marriage can break apart.

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Because a family can be born and it can also be broken, two people can come together and they can also be drifted apart. So what's the proper way?

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Now, many times it happens that two people that get married and things don't work out. It doesn't mean that both those individuals are evil, okay? Or that either of them is very bad. No, it's quite possible that do good people do not get along together for whatever reasons. This is just like, there could be people in your classroom, whenever you talk to them. Or there could be people in your family, whenever you talk to them, there is misunderstanding and you feel like you just can't get along with the other person. You two are very, very different. Doesn't mean that you are evil or they're evil, not necessarily. Yes, no human being is perfect, everyone has their flaws. But just

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because two people are not compatible with one another, it does not mean that they are evil.

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So first and foremost, we must have this understanding that if a person ends up divorced or gives divorce, then it doesn't mean that they are an evil person that they are not a righteous person. Okay. And, in fact, a person who follows a procedure divorce properly, he is also worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. Through that, why, because these instructions have been given by who Allah azza wa jal. So when a person observes them properly, then what is he doing, he's striving to please Allah even through that.

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So this is a part of Islam, this is a part of our religion, because remember that lay you can live Allahu nevsun, Allah was, Allah does not overburden the person more than what he can bear.

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So if a person cannot get along with their partner, it doesn't mean that they have to live in that relationship, in that misery in that hardship in that difficulty. Allah has also made a way out for them. But we see that generally, in the society, what happens if ever you hear about divorce, then you have very bad memories, right? What you've seen is something very evil, because people do not follow the commands that Allah subhanaw taala has given.

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Divorce is not given in normal circumstances. It's given an unusual circumstances, right times when people are unhappy with one another. But we see that even at this time, what are believers required to do? Follow the commands of Allah.

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So whether we are angry or happy, whether we have perfect circumstances in our life or not good circumstances, no matter what the situation is what is expected of us as believers that we live by the commands that Allah subhanaw taala has given

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so let's look at these verses are the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. Akbar Allah Kuma Wotton. The divorce is twice it is two times

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up Allah for lack for lamb cough Talak literally means to untie a knot.

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Nigga rope that Tunica the tie of marriage that do people they get married. And it says though they're dying, affirm not that they're making a pledge a promise that they will live by the instructions that Allah subhanaw taala has given that they will give each other their rights they will fulfill their responsibilities that is that Tunica die of marriage. But if that doesn't work out that tie that knot is going to be opened up.

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So that is what for now, literally for left is to untie a knot to open it up to break it and it all

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means to set free to release someone to set them free.

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So when a woman gets Palau, she is released from that die of marriage. So she is free to get married to somebody else if she wishes to do so.

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So upon divorce, how many times is it? It is moderate than it is twice medulla Dan has a dual of Mara. Mara means once more than once and once again meaning two times.

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What does it mean by this? Meaning there are two chances that a person has to give divorce to his wife.

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Remember the follow up? There are two terms use for there are two types. One is for lack of luxury, and the other is for nap that in Rajouri from wrongdoer What does reviewer mean? Would your to return to go back?

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Okay, so for lack of luxury is the revocable divorce the revocable divorce meaning after which the couple can still get back together.

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So the husband, he says divorce to his wife. After some time he feels we should be together again. So can he go back? Yes. Can they get together again? Yes. Which kind of divorce is this? Fallout for now? A luxury. Okay, from Roger revocable divorce.

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The second kind is Tala al bear in the final the irrevocable divorce, meaning the two cannot get together after that again at all. There's no chance whatsoever. There's only one case which inshallah we will learn about later. But it's a final divorce.

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So over here, Allah says, of Paula Komagata. Divorce is twice which divorce. The luxury one the revocable one, meaning a man has only two chances to give divorce to his wife and take her back. So for example, he gives divorce to his wife in the year 2011. Okay, they get back together. Then what happens in the year 2013. He gets upset again, and he divorces her again.

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This is how many divorces to two chances. That's it. If he divorces one more time, then that divorce will be back in final than there is no getting back together. In the year 2015. The man gets upset. And he says divorce. Can they do get back together again? Can they know they cannot?

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So Ebola Komagata divorce is twice meaning Mara, Bertha Maura once and again after that once again. And that's it, no more chances after that. So which the left is this thriller of luxury of Polacco. Martin,

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the Arabs, they would give divorce up to 100 times sometimes, okay. They had this tradition, that they were divorced their wives once and they were divorced again and again and again and again. And a woman could literally live in this torture for the rest of her life. Once a man he said to his wife, I will neither divorce you, nor take you back. Look at the words I will neither divorce you, nor take you back meaning neither would I let you go for good. Nor will I take you back to treat you as my wife.

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So she said how he said I will divorce you. And when your term of the nears its end, I will take you back. And then again I will divorce you. And as soon as your does about to be over, I will take you back and again I will divorce you and as your it does about to be over. Remember the industry menstrual cycles, when it's about to be over? I'll take you back and I'll do this for the rest of our lives. Is that fair? It's not fair.

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So she complained. And then Allah subhanaw taala revealed upon our Komagata and you have only two chances. You cannot play with a woman like that. You cannot treat her like this, you cannot mentally torture her for the rest of her life in this manner. No, make up your mind. Either you keep her or you let her go. You have only two chances. That's it no more than that.

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Now, these days, if let's say a person does not follow the commands that are lost or piled on as given and he says Oh Jay Haley is on practice today. So how is it relevant to us? Even these days, a couple of them get together. And then they can, you know break up and then they can get together and then they can break up and then they can get together and break up. How many times can a woman go through breakups with the same man? How many times is it fair? It's not fair.

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So it's as though the men are being made to take their marriage seriously.

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V, this is a serious matter, you tell a woman, you're my wife, you take responsibility of her. Yes, there will be times when things will be bitter, when you will be unhappy. But at the end of the day, you are her husband and she is your wife, there should be forgiveness, there should be mercy, there should be compassion, there should be a concern with one another.

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So, be careful, don't abuse this word, don't abuse this right to give divorce of biological mother what time it is only twice.

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And after that, Allah says for him, Sercombe, my roof out there 300 bearson, for encircling him sack from BMC in calf must insert is to retain something, to hold on to something that one already has. So for example, you're holding a bag in sack is to, to keep holding the bag and not let it go. You're holding your child's hand what is inside that you hold the hand and don't let it go.

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So you have the wife, so inside can be my rule, if you keep her Don't divorce her, don't let her go him second, if you wish to keep her keep her how be more aloof in a manner that is appropriate. And what is more aloof or that is recognized meaning something that is culturally acceptable, acceptable in the religion of Allah subhanaw taala that people accept that is considered decent, that is considered good, that is considered appropriate by people by the intellect. So for insight can be my roof, meaning if you wish to live with her, then how are you going to keep her in a manner that is acceptable. And this is not acceptable, that every other day, there is a fight and the man says

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divorce every other day there is an argument and the man says Get out of my house. No, this is not my root for him, sir can be my roof.

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Because Allah Subhana Allah says in surah Nyssa 19 That why she wouldn't have been my roof that live with your women how in a manner that is appropriate.

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So if you wish to continue your relationship, then continue with in a decent manner. And if you do not wish to then oh, or the city him bearson Let her go how in the best manner.

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If you think that this relationship is not going to work out anymore, then set the woman free. Let her go her way. How be airson The three from the real letter seen Raha and the three is to release something to let something open to let go to send away. So let her go from the house. Send her away. But not with anger, not making things difficult for her know when you send her away than send her away with your son.

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Just imagine where do you ever see this today? Who practices this way today? Allah subhanaw taala wants us to do this, that when a woman is divorced, and she is leaving the house of her ex husband, she is not to be pushed out. She's not to be pushed away know, when she's let go. She's supposed to be let go how with their son?

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And what does it mean by our son?

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Scholars have said that what this means is that you let her go in the most decent manner with respect with dignity, without creating difficulty for her without any injustice without any learn.

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In fact, she should be sent with some gifts. This is what the scholars have said with some gifts with parting gifts.

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That yes, this relationship of ours is over. Yes, we enjoyed good times. But there were also you know some reasons because of which we feel that this cannot continue. So Salaam Alaikum. And this is your gift and you may backup and leave.

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But what happens typically, the woman is not even allowed to come back. She says May I please come back to get my clothes at least to get my jewelry.

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And what is she told?

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Not until you're alive. Right? If you want to stay alive then don't even dare to walk into this house. I myself have witnessed the divorce cases of many women

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who are in this situation, their belongings, their well, even their fast sports and their identity cards and their major documents their legal documents are sitting in the houses of their husbands, but they cannot go there to collect them. Nor will the ex husband center

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for months, arguments and fights are carrying on what does Allah say? Make up your mind.

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If you don't want her to be here if you don't want the relationship to continue to let her go in the most decent manner because of the lever Who is he Emerson

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and Exxon has many levels Exxon is what yours

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self sign is in dealings with others Your son is towards those who do good to you and axon is also towards those who do bad to you. So even if you feel that the wife was very disobedient, very rebellious, She doesn't deserve any kindness, Yet Allah says, do a son with her

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out the three one be your son

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in our best of the lower annual he said when the man divorces his wife twice, what the spark of the idea what it means is that when the man divorces his wife two times already, then let him fear Allah regarding the third time from now one after two divorces, he should either keep her with him and treat her with kindness or let her goal her own way with kindness without infringing upon any of her rights. So Otis at home bearson

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What are your handler calm? And it is not permissible for you meaning oh man, it is not allowed for you. And that who do that you should take mimma from that which they two more Hoonah you give them che and anything at a to move on from the root letters. Hamza? Yeah. Add they add at a tomb. Okay. At a tomb, you gave the why was extra here at a tomato, you gave Hoonah to them.

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Che and anything.

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Meaning at the time of divorce, meaning at the time when the woman is leaving the house, the reader is over, it is complete, she is going away.

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At that time, it is not allowed for you, oh man to take back anything that you gave her. Notice the word che and what does she mean? Anything at all? And notice that then when at the end, the two Fortezza Theon it means is Nikita mean in common? So it means nothing at all. Can the man take back from the wife that he gave her? Nothing at all? Neither a lot, nor a little

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meaning the MA have starting from the Mahesh. Okay, whatever the man gave to the wife when they were married, he cannot take that back at the time of divorce.

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So for example, there are days over the woman is leaving and the husband says, Well, this jewelry we gave you give it back.

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This jewelry we gave you give it back. Your bank account is full of the mod that I gave you, those $10,000 You're not leaving until you give all of this money to me. And by the way, since you've been here, I have been spending this much money on you on your expenses every month. So give me all of that back and then go he cannot take back anything at all. It is not halal for him. It is not permissible for him. Allah says it's not allowed for you to take back anything. So if a man does take back anything from the wife, at the time of divorce, then what is that? For him? It is haram. It is haram

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because sometimes this is what people do. Whatever clothes they made for the wife for the bride when she came from her wedding dress all the way to the last dress that she wore everything she has to leave. She cannot take anything with her.

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You got that dress made for that girl for that woman. Please don't take that back. Because a person who gives a gift and takes it back is like what a dog that pukes and eats its puke.

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a dog that throws up and then licks that puke.

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But people out of their greed for wealth, greed for money, greed for dunya. What do they do? They take back every little thing that they've given to the woman at the time of divorce and it's so bitter it is so painful. Divorce itself is so painful for the woman. Because when do individuals get married, it's like a body has formed. And divorce is like amputating a part of the body. And it's extremely painful. It's very, very difficult, especially for the woman. She started a new life she's gone through a lot. Perhaps she feels emotionally unstable. How can you torture her more by taking away everything from her. This is not allowed. It's not permissible for a man to do that. And the

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whole Lumumba data Munna che

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Illa. Except there is only one case in which the man can take back part or all of what he gave to the wife at the time of marriage or after that one case only. And what is that case in Al Horford except that both of them fear? Yeah, Hoffa is from the root letters call welfare from the word Cove. And hope is to expect some danger in the future. expect something harmful in the

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okay. So both of them meaning the husband and the wife, they have this fear, okay? What is this fear that they have, that Allah that not unless a combination of an end law and that law not that Allah up man, they too will maintain, they too will observe what who do the law, the limits that Allah has set,

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you came from path whelming, a comma a comma to slash to establish the prayer, it is basically to perform something properly to uphold to live by it.

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So, both the man and the woman, they feel that if they remain married, they will not be able to live by the Hadoop of Allah, her do discipline of head and head is limit boundary. So, what are the Hadith, the Shah, here the commands that Allah subhanaw taala has revealed, because the husband and wife have some obligations upon them, and they also have some rights. So, if the husband feels I cannot give the right of my wife, the wife feels I cannot give the right of my husband. So, this marriage cannot continue.

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Okay, there is fear on the part of both of them, that we cannot fulfill the rights of each other. Then at that time, Allah says that in this situation, then the man may take back what he gave to his wife at the time of marriage.

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But notice, it's not just based on the fear of the two, that the wife says, I don't think that I can give the hug of my husband, the husband says, I don't think that I can give the heck of my wife. No, it's not just the two individuals it's not just a couple, but the rest of the family as well. Even they feel that this marriage cannot continue because Allah says for MF dome, so if you all fear who does you all refer to? The rest of the family? Okay, their elders, their parents, their uncles, their family, they feel that Allah you Kima who do the law that they cannot establish live by the hadith of Allah than foulard you know, Holly Hema, then there is no blame, there is no sin upon them

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to upon who to upon the husband and the wife on the couple femur concerning that, which if that be she gives ransom with it.

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If that fair, then yeah, fifth year, what is fifth year, something that a person gives an order to free themselves.

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So who is giving the ransom over here? The woman? So the woman she will give a sum to the man so that she can be divorced? And what is this referring to the case of hula?

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Okay, the case of hula Fallout is what the husband gives. Okay. And in the case of Tala, he cannot take back anything from the wife.

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Hula, on the other hand, is what the woman takes. Okay, hula is what the woman takes. And in the case of hula, the woman will return to the husband, what he gave to her at the time of marriage. Why?

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Why? If you think about it, what is the mother? What is the mother? The mother is the gift that the husband gives at the time of marriage to do to his wife? Why does the woman have to give anything to the husband?

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Does she have to buy him a wedding ring? Does she have to buy him his wedding dress? Does she have to pay for any of the expenses of the marriage of the wedding?

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Does she Islamically know

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Islamically? No, the woman does not need to spend even a single penny on her wedding expenses, including her family members.

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But what is the tradition generally, there has to be wedding reception, there has to be a big party that has to be thrown. And so a lot of money is spent into that. And people sometimes have to take loans as well to cover the expenses. And it is not appropriate. This is not right. Because the marriage, how is it the man is the seeker? Okay, the man is seeking the woman. So he has to bear the expenses. You understand? The man proposes the man is asking for the woman's hand in marriage doesn't mean that the woman cannot propose. But mainly it's the man. Okay, so this is why he has to cover the expenses. But if you want to have a party with a woman's family where they want to have a

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party that whenever assumption of their own goodwill, it's up to them, but they're not Islamically obligated to do so. Do you understand? Is it clear? Okay, is it clear to everybody?

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This is something very important that must be well known because, unfortunately these days whenever there is a marriage, there is a wedding there first there's the Nikka event and there's a reception event. Then there's the walima event. Allahu Akbar, so many parties to go to that you have like three evenings gone, your whole weekend, gone, your whole week gone. And just attending wedding parties.

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It is so difficult upon the family, the friends, especially little children, for children, especially the way that we have our weddings these days, six hours, eight hours late into the night, your children's scheduled is ruined. Honestly, since I've had my kids, I stopped going to parties to wedding parties, because I cannot do that anymore. I can't stay at wedding parties till 12 o'clock midnight, 11 o'clock in the night, it's not possible. And all the children are going crazy running around ruining their clothes, destroying all the cutlery and whatever food is there. Why Why make marriage such a difficulty such a burden upon ourselves and the rest of the people.

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So anyway, the point that I'm making over here is that when it comes to Nikka, the man is the seeker This is why he has to spend on the wife

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Okay, so, he gives them a hush

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and the MA have it is a gesture of what of His love taking his responsibility. He is serious about his marriage, he is very interested in the woman that he wants to get married to, because he is spending for that gloves.

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Okay, he is spending for that cause. And this is the reason why he has a greater right in marriage as well. When the two are married, the husband has more right why because he is spending he is taking care of all the finances. Okay.

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So when he is the seeker, he is spending, he is showing his seriousness. If later on for whatever reason, he thinks this marriage cannot continue. He divorces the wife, then can he take anything back? No. Because he wanted her. Now he wants her gone. She might even want to stay. Okay, she might even want to continue the marriage. But he doesn't wish to he wants to divorce. So this is the reason why he cannot take it back. He cannot take them out back. But in the case of Hola, it's different. The case of hola is that the husband feels he cannot fulfill the rights of the wife, the wife feels she cannot fulfill the rights of the husband. Why? Because they don't like each other

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mainly. They don't love one another. They thought they would fall in love. But they didn't it didn't happen. Okay. They thought that they could overlook, you know the differences. They could overlook the deficiencies, but they weren't able to.

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This is just like the companion of the Prophet sallallahu sedums aides of the devil. And the Prophet sallallahu CEMs cousin Xena Boudleaux Varna. They both got married. Both of them were righteous people. But what happened?

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Could they get along? Good. They know they couldn't, because they it was a freed slave. And she was from the family of the Quraysh. There was a huge difference between the two, a huge status difference. I mean, she was at the top of the pyramid and he was like at the bottom. Not that in Islam. There is much value attached to this. But culturally, it was very difficult upon both of them to get along. So what happened, there was finished colors. There were many other occasions as well, where such marriages could not continue. In once a woman she came to the Prophet salallahu Salam. And she said that, you know my husband, there's nothing wrong with him at all, but I just don't like

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We learn about the wife of Sabbath even place, the wife of Sabbath even place she came to the prophets of Allah cinnamon, she said O Messenger of Allah. I did not criticize the religion or mannerism of Chavez mean there's nothing wrong with this Deen. There is nothing wrong with this character. He's a very good man. But I hate to commit gopher in his farm. She was indicating that I hate to neglect his right that I don't want to have relations with him. I just don't like him. Physically, I just don't.

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So she said that I cannot stay with him. I cannot give him his right. So the Prophet sallallahu sallam said will you give him back his garden? She said yes. Oh, Allah's Messenger. So he took back the garden and he gave it to Seamus. So the marriage was dissolved. This was Hohner

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it happens many times. So the woman she just doesn't like the husband. She just doesn't like him. She can't get along with him. He may be a good man. Maybe he goes to the masjid he gives sadaqa he goes for Hajj every few days. He spends on her, but she just doesn't like him.

00:29:56 --> 00:29:59

She just doesn't get along with him. There is a

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cultural difference between the two, you know, perhaps it is his manners it is the way he talks, it is the way he eats it is his habits. And it really bothers her.

00:30:13 --> 00:30:26

You know, if it's any other person, then what do you do? You just stay away from them? Even if it's your relatives, what do you do? You just don't go to their house much you don't talk to them much. But if it's your husband, what are you supposed to do?

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You just don't like him? Are you supposed to stay with him? You can't be forced into that it's not fair.

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I don't mean to say here that every woman just because she doesn't like the nose of her husband, she doesn't like the teeth of her husband. She doesn't like the fact that he doesn't do his laundry anymore. She says, Oh, I don't like my husband anymore. So I'm gonna seek divorce. No, there are many things that you have to overlook. Okay, many things that you have to overlook. Remember the Hadith, in which the Prophet sallallaahu Salam said that go for the dean of the woman. So likewise, the woman also has to go for the dean of the man.

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But it's possible that other factors are becoming too big to bear. So she thinks that she cannot continue.

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You know, sometimes it happens that the man is very good. But the family structure is such that he, for example, lives with his family.

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And he doesn't understand that his wife also needs some privacy, or that his wife is being abused or is being treated unjustly by his side of the family. And it happens in many families.

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Right? It happens in many families, that the woman doesn't feel that she can fit in that situation anymore, that she can continue in that situation anymore. She doesn't like the fact that because she's upset, because of what let's say her father in law did or her mother in law did, or her brother in law did. All that anger comes on to her husband.

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Okay, and then he doesn't even realize his responsibility. He says, I'm sorry, I cannot do anything about it, you have to live like this, she has the choice to walk out that marriage if she wishes to, if it's becoming unbearable for her.

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If it's reached the point where she cannot tolerate her husband anymore, even

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because the husband and the wife, they have to have mawatha And Rama, love and mercy for each other. And if that love and mercy is missing,

00:32:27 --> 00:32:59

if it is missing, that the husband does not even stand up to defend his wife, he doesn't stand up to take care of his wife at all, then this is not fair. It happens in many families, that the family is very well off. But as soon as the daughter in law walks in, you know, there was a maid who used to come once a week to clean, even she doesn't come anymore. There was a lady who used to come through the laundry, she was hired, even she doesn't come anymore. There was a nanny, she's fired, and who was expected to everything, the daughter in law.

00:33:00 --> 00:33:15

And then the Doctrina wants to study she wants to work, she wants to go to a class she wants to attend a lecture. There's a complete ban on her. It's like as though she's a prisoner. It's as though she's living like a slave in that household. And these stories are not unheard of. They are real.

00:33:16 --> 00:33:34

So in a situation like that, what is that woman supposed to do? You know, it's very easy to say do sub chakra sister. But if you're living in that situation, how long can you bear that situation? For how long do you think you will have love for your husband? How long do you think you can give the right of your husband? Eventually the woman will expire?

00:33:35 --> 00:33:45

Eventually she will perhaps even begin to question her faith. It happens. Women get depressed. They get psychological problems they develop them.

00:33:47 --> 00:34:08

So in such a situation, if the wife feels that I cannot continue like this, then she takes the hauler. But is it fair to them on the husband that the husband spent so much on her? Does he not have the right to take back what he gave her? She does not wish to continue? He is okay with the settlement. She's not okay with the settlement.

00:34:10 --> 00:34:19

So does he have the right to take something back? At least? Yes, he does. Because he still wants her but she doesn't want him.

00:34:20 --> 00:34:28

So then he can take back what he gave her. And this will be agreed upon by both parties or this will be decided by the judge.

00:34:29 --> 00:34:46

So in this story that we learned about the Prophet sallallaahu Salam he decided he asked her would you give back the garden that he gave you? She said Yeah, willingly anything. Right. So then it was returned to Sabbath and the whole that was the meaning the woman was set to go she was free.

00:34:47 --> 00:34:50

So for large now her Allah Hema, female after that

00:34:51 --> 00:34:59

there is no sin upon either of them if she ransoms herself, meaning if she gives something to the husband in order to

00:35:00 --> 00:35:01

free herself from that marriage

00:35:02 --> 00:35:03

is a clear now.

00:35:05 --> 00:35:26

I have a question. What if the husband gave to the wife? Some money at the time of marriage? Okay, let's say you gave her $5,000 At the time of marriage as much. And then she wants to holler. He says, Okay, I want the $5,000 back. She's Oh, I spent it. I'm sorry. I used it. So then what is he supposed to do? What is she supposed to do?

00:35:29 --> 00:35:29

What's going to happen?

00:35:31 --> 00:35:36

If she says, I've spent it, then what is going to happen? Yes.

00:35:43 --> 00:35:59

Okay, she says, Oh, I bought these clothes and this jewelry. So he takes the jewelry, the clothes, what is he going to do with those clothes? When they're used? Even if he tries to sell them on eBay? Probably nobody's gonna buy them? Because you're used. Okay? Then what? Yes.

00:36:02 --> 00:36:31

She still has to give whatever he asks for whatever the judge decides, Okay, those $5,000 were used up, but she has to get $5,000 from somewhere else. Okay, her family has to help her in that situation. The government can help her in that situation, whatever. Because it's not fair on either part, then. Okay. It's not fair for the husband, that he spent so much on her. She used everything up. And now she's walking away. Is it fair for him? No.

00:36:33 --> 00:36:53

You know, many times it happens that, like, I remember, I heard a story once that this man and woman they got married and the woman was in another country and she was waiting for her papers to migrate to the other country to live with her husband. And as soon as the immigration went through, she was supposed to just travel she applied for Hola.

00:36:55 --> 00:37:38

Okay, so in other words, she had citizenship of another country. Okay, she could come. And that's something that many people are seeking. Okay. And on top of that, all the money, all the wealth, all the jewelry that he had given her at the time of marriage, she had that too. And then she's blaming him that oh, he's like this, and he's like this, and he's like that, whereas they've never lived together. And she's walking away with that marriage. Is it fair for the husband? Is it fair, not fair at all, he deserves to get back something. So whatever he wants, whatever the court rules, whatever decision is made, that will be returned to the husband at the time of color.

00:37:39 --> 00:37:45

But notice, ALLAH SubhanA darkness this fella Juna, highly Hema there is no sin upon them to

00:37:46 --> 00:37:48

Why does Allah say that?

00:37:49 --> 00:37:59

Because if the woman was to seek divorce, without a genuine reason, this would be a major a great sin on her part.

00:38:01 --> 00:38:02

Remember this very clearly.

00:38:03 --> 00:38:11

If a woman seeks divorce without a genuine reason, then this is a sin on her part.

00:38:13 --> 00:38:30

In the Hadees, we learn that any woman who asks her husband for divorce without justification, then the fragrance of Paradise will be forbidden for her. Imagine paradise. Jana, that is so fragrant. Even that fragrance we forbidden for her.

00:38:31 --> 00:38:45

You know, sometimes you're driving through a street and you can smell food. And you say, Oh, these people must be having a barbecue. They're having their barbecue in their backyard, probably and you can smell it all the way in the street at a distance.

00:38:46 --> 00:38:58

I live close to a plaza where there's hero burger. And you know, we get these whiffs of fries and burgers and all of that. So you get to smell that.

00:38:59 --> 00:39:13

Now imagine a woman who asks for divorce without justification. She will not even smell gender, meaning she will not even come close to Jana. Forget about entering Jana. She's not even going to come close to Jana.

00:39:14 --> 00:39:20

Because she is seeking divorce. She's breaking apart her marriage without a genuine reason.

00:39:21 --> 00:39:22

Without a genuine reason.

00:39:24 --> 00:39:49

That for example, she starts comparing herself with her friends and she says Oh my friends, you know, they've been married only five years and already they have a house of their own and we are still living in this basement apartment for so long. And my friend her husband, you know, he got her an iPhone. I don't even have a cell phone. She has the latest laptop. I don't even have a computer. She has this and I don't even have that comparing yourself with other people.

00:39:52 --> 00:40:00

And thinking that my husband's not good enough saying that oh we have to live with our in laws and other people don't have to well your mother in law so good your father

00:40:00 --> 00:40:02

but also helpful. What more do you need?

00:40:04 --> 00:40:36

being ungrateful and thinking that if you leave them, you will somehow from somewhere find a better option, not necessarily. Your main times that happens at men, when they are divorced easily they can get married again. But women, once they hit their mid 30s, or whatever, it's almost impossible for them in our culture, unfortunately. And the more religious a woman is, the less chances she has of getting married again, unfortunately. Right? This is how we have made things in our society.

00:40:38 --> 00:40:53

So Allah says phylogenet Hara li Hema FEMA for that. So in this case where she feels she cannot continue the marriage, she is unable to give the rights of her husband so she can see color she can seek divorce and there is no sin on her. If she does that,

00:40:54 --> 00:41:10

and why would it be a sin on on the husband, that he is taking back what he gave to the wife? Generally, if he would take back from the wife what he gave her would that be permissible for him? No, we learned earlier phala your hen Luna come it's not permissible for you.

00:41:11 --> 00:41:20

So at the time of Hunter, he's taking back Allah says legend, there is no blame there is no sin, meaning it is completely permissible.

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