Akram Nadwi – 3 Steps to Help You Fulfil the Purpose of Ramadan

Akram Nadwi
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Now the month of Ramadan is coming under the many big understand misunderstandings in the society really. People think if you get the Quran, you will be guided to the sinner true. Or Arthur you live to be cathedral Maria DB cathedra Allah misguides many people by the Quran and He guides many people to Quran. Just because you have Quran, it does not mean you are guided.

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People say they've got a messenger like Muhammad, you're successful. No, it couldn't be you got Muhammad, but you don't get success, he will be successful by necessity you you know you have your own responsibility, month of Ramadan tonsa by does not mean that you get a month of Ramadan to you become pious, no,

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you need to do this Allah somehow it is Allah who gives Ramadan. Allah has done what he needs to do his job to heal this you Muhammad is the prophet, he gave you the Quran as a book, he gave you month of Ramadan, either you know month of his spirituality or whatever he gives you times for the prayer.

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But that is to help you by that not immediately just by having a Ramadan you become pious. Now you need to do what you need to do.

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When you got the Quran, you need to do something to wet tie for the prayer cups who brought the time Allah, Who taught you how to pray Allah, but you have to play is a legato play on your behalf.

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Something you have to do, to know Ramadan is coming to ye and last ohata was Ramadan. The reason is, because He has created are in this earth, not to live here. Not to enjoy here. No, it is very short life, to test us

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who is going to obey Allah, and who's not going to obey Him, once the test is done, then you come back to him judgment will happen, then you go to eternal life paradise.

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But when He created you, here he are, so fulfill your needs. Because he does not want just to return to you without you know treating wealth, you know, he makes you happy, he gives you food, everything.

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But many people they forget the purpose and all the deed in a food order attractions are that they attract them. So they forget really why they are here. So they become more busy in eating, drinking, you know sexual relation and this relation, there is so many, many things. And, and they loved this world, they love this life. Do Allah did not make them to live here, they have to come back, but they loved it. So therefore come so much attachment to this world,

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with the harmful people or with should realize, really, they came here for a short period. And they are going to leave this world whether they like or don't like

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whether you're rich or poor, whether you're Muslim, or non Muslim, everybody's same, you are going to leave this world do not attach yourself too much to this world.

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You will need something from here without that you can't survive, you need to eat, you need to drink you need to have sexual relation. But just according to the need, less than that will harm you more than that are so going to harm you.

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Anything that people have in this world, you know for this world, it has about a proper quantity. People have to have but not more than that. Not less than that. Amen. Anything for the hereafter. Yeah, that has no limit. As much as you can do a car to your ability, you get reward for that and it will be there for you. But in this world, if people get more money, it is going to harm them.

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Like Indian people say, if you've got three elephants, on your on your door, don't become too happy that three elephants are tied to you. So, you become very happy about three cars, four cars, five houses tied to me. No, you are also tied to three elephants.

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Three elephants are tied to you and you also tied with them to just regulary how much time to spend with them, it is busy in your free time has been a you know carbon, you know just just think, to the very poor to understand that in this award when we live

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there or Allah made the desires. Why? Because otherwise you can't survive, but he wants to you to understand them properly because I had they are a means necessary for your success. They are also harmful to you. The data he gave us mind he gets fitted on nature that you know your nature will say how much you get, how much food you get, how much drinking you get how much saturation with nature will say to you and then the mind will help you ask your mind it will tell you how much food you need.

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What time you need?

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People think I must eat three times a day five times a day ask a federal federal sir No you eat when you hungry. There's all

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the travel nurses that just because sometimes you see people eating versus start eating you pass by by corner shop Indian food tasty. I know a lot of salt and flavors at this 100 Do you actually have enough food at home? To sell no so nice. Let's just eat something nature does not say it is actually some your dessert. It just you don't understand. The people must listen to the nature fitrah they must listen to the mind.

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But the problem really is that people lie to themselves. They somehow misinterpret them tempt how they make a mind to serve their desire. They make the desire FITARA to serve their desire, desire because it's stronger

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towards they need people like that. They need external commander who can say to them no, you internally you you know your command. We don't listen to yourself. Your mind says Don't eat too much by eat. Your fitrah said Don't eat too much, but you eat

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what do you need? You need an outsider who can say no this what you need, and he can stop you. If you do this, that why Allah subhanaw taala sent to a 13 two we have first word FITARA internal reason you know also with us but that's not enough. Then he sent revelation through messengers external which tells us what to eat what not to eat, how much to eat, how to have sexual relation when to have when not to have all the details he tells

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there should be enough there's still not enough why because we don't listen to him as well. We don't listen to a live video

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there's the former really the big big problem or Allah loves us you know He's so kind he knows really if we don't listen to him, is it going to harm us or not him so he made many many arrangements to realize us that you know that how much we need him to one of them with a month of Ramadan. The month of Ramadan he gave just to create in us this this discipline many people understand what a month of Ramadan really is. Only people read you know you read a book I found was an equally valid readings of the last week y'all know me Dean, the chapter on the fasting all those two he will say there are three types of fasting

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fasting Allah live people fasting of course, special people and fasting has sort of hovers the elite it all about foodie how much to eat and this and that. If you're a hustler Havas you only eat in the morning a little bit even dirty in the Iftar time just drink water

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and you know because the food is the problem you don't eat to that word they say really that you know

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stop eating eat less all these teachings out there if you read People to People say Ramadan is Ramadan that you read how to eat less because desires come from eating

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is it true?

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This is not proven that's not does not why Ramadan is so easy maybe it is you are with Elisa many many people say but they have done serious mistake a mistake is because even the prophets Allah some said before Ramadan that is um the month is coming one of the things about this month in Scharoun user Duffy here is column mean a month in which the pro version of believer is increased

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believers get more more food in this month.

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If Allah gives you more for the month of Ramadan but he does not want to eat towards the purpose

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that He gave you food and water Nevada to you eat it is a word

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just keep it

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this proper why Allah gives people more full Ramadan so you to know that that is why all of our Muslim world Muslims eat Ramadan and more than any other material like that.

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Everywhere even the poor people they eat Ramadan and more than any other month even quality

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so much good quality of the food is Ramadan order in so much food different quality of the food that you want to get to now it is wrong really to say Ramadan IV train you how to be to eating less actually Ramadan we eat more.

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So the purpose of Ramadan and not to train you to eat less eating less is already there anyway, but Ramadan did not come there to discipline you around eating less and more. It did not.

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Ramadan has come only for one purpose.

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that at this external command that is good for you and you need to be trained how to obey external command that what Ramadan is so now you know really you used to have breakfast lunch and dinner now external command says no you have to eat before dawn

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nobody used that tough time already in this world nobody gets up so early I the muscles to do is to eat that's not a very people sit awkward time nobody gets some people even go sleep that time how can they eat that time and then don't eat at lunchtime during working hard and all the things maybe you heard fighting teaching or no eat when the sensors

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who said this Allah commander and then you listen you train yourself how to obey that what the month of Ramadhan to teach you the how to obey how to receive the external command how to obey it is basically teaching obedience

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or making a training you for obedience

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to now for example there are so many ladies there is originally make very nice food to ask the lady the month of Ramadan where you are in the kitchen and nobody sees you do eat something

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because nobody sees you just because you're making anything anyway. Do you know what stops you from eating?

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doctorly in other times you know in other days you have eaten food

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your nature so you don't need any more food

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and then you go and find a very nice for somewhere you sit less is more why you gotta follow your nature

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your nature said Don't eat anymore your mind said don't eat go to harm you because listen

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now in the kitchen you're hungry your nature actually says eat fitrah says eat a mindset you should eat because you know you need energy fitrah says Nature says you know culture everything says But what makes you not to eat

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this Allah sorta Mira Ramadan like that even the children there are strict Ramadan every bit as per Ramadan that what Ramadan is really that why is there are a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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that whenever people do any action

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you know they're rewarded by angels illness alone except fasting for in a holy war an IGCP because it was only for me and I am the one who rewarded

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the month of Ramadan has come to teach people how to become obedient

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it is not to teach you to curb your desire and hungry like mama daddy makes all these big details and many many people do. It is not about that actually some time during the month of Ramadan a very short day like in the North Country in the winter days are very short. There's no turning for hungry. So nothing

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sometimes could have been hotter Ramadan actually you are in good country where the the cold and not feel anything nothing. Nothing happening. You get not about being hungry. It is actually about training you how to obey learn the obedience to when you become conditioned then you think okay, Allah said to me don't lie. I should not lay don't bake a bite. I should not bake a bite. Don't hurt anybody. I should not hurt. I should not harm anybody. Because if Allah Suharto said

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don't eat an eating halal for me or all the time, but we don't eat because Allah said to bake but in order haram lying the only way the Haram How should I like

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the creativity that why the Quran actually calls it what Lacan called, you got that was the Kobe's

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and that what Quran keeps why Quran came to make it to Bella della Kurata Holden Alif Lam Meem the article kita Abu la Reva fee who the limit that the if you want to become more 30 This is your book follow it. You need external command karate external command for it you become a 30

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if you want to become a 30 get Ramadan. Ramadan and Khurana both do the same thing. That why the Quran was revealed in the month of Ramadan Shah Ramadan Allah the goon Zilla fee Hill per month of Ramadan in which Quran was sent down because they both do the same thing.

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In the month of Ramadan Gibreel used to come and read the Quran with a professor Larissa revives with him.

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In the month of Ramadan, the Prophet used to read more Quran you too generous to decide because both do the same thing to

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The other purpose of the month of Ramadan is what? To train you for obedience of Allah subhanaw taala

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once you learn that, because your life is only good if you obey,

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obey Allah not yourself.

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Problem is when people start obeying themselves, that light because they're all around their own self, that heartful really, you need to become ceramic, not the master.

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When you become master it the harmful to you.

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You don't need to command you need to receive the command. You need to obey the command

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in order to ask what Allah wants or I'm not what I want.

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People sell to your life you live it like no, not your life. It live given by you or ask what Allah wants from me. And as I tell you, if you live as you want, you're going to harm yourself. If you live either landlords, your life is so good because a lot of not want to harm me actually, everything he says is good for you. In order last comers, so 29 Wasn't there so it's so good doted. Alas, it just said this, this was ramped this water I follow. This is so nice. all comers for love none of them are in their love interest, no single command of Allah benefits Allah

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or last commands to benefit us all and it's not even if you've been fasting month of Ramadan did not benefit him benefits us.

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It is very, very important a lot of distance really that what is going on course, that cover the cover means to live a life of obedience. The cover has got three parts, how many parts, three parts, the three parts are important you got to three parts. Then you got proper tackler. Then it improves improves.

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First parties what that you do maraca maraca aim, you know Murata ba raka raka Yurakucho Miss to watch. You watch the commander that Allah has commanded you see, he's there like running an office and your boss is there for you to connect to you do nice work properly, you know, people can be impressed by you by feed not there. You waste your time. But when it's when your boss is there, your quality of the work becomes better. Is it like that? This is to first thing is to know really the one who commanded you he sees you. Do you see him? Because he can see you there all the time there in the kitchen. You don't eat anything why? Because he's there.

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Can you deceive Allah?

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Cara cheetah Allah carry eat and he does not know. He already knows. So same thing backbiting lying anything more acaba he knows really read commands you to pray, then pray. When it comes to those the prayer than that time nothing is good for you except prayer. If you do something else, it will be hard for you. You will need to understand properly No, this is time for the prayer. I will do this. Otherwise whatever I'll do no Baraka noble isn't good will be in what He commands. See Morata is there clear? So the first part of the quiet Morata but that way when the reader is remastered parcela Salam Ali Hassan s animes how to improve my bother to Julia ask how to make my body better.

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The prophets Allah says the way is and Tara would Allah Karna Katara file limped upon Tara for a new Uruk the way that you worship Allah, if you see him because you if you don't see him, he sees you the same thing to this Morata by the very very importantly

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you know there is a story. The one young girl she was in the desert a night if you came and don't nobody around. The younger mind was passing by he saw the gun too. He wanted to do wrong things with her. He came to her

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so she said no, I'm scared. I'm fear I have fear. He said would you feel myanna in the Kovacic? No hidden the desert nobody see the other than the stars.

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To Who are you scared of? Who are you afraid of? The man said to the girl Who Are You Afraid to what she said for Aina moko okay whoo ha.

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Very the one who made the stars.

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You only look at stars. I'm looking for the one who made the stars for item Okay. Whoo ha.

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So this is really that you know, don't fear the people fear Allah. People cannot harm you as much as the luck and harm you.

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Nobody disobedience with either harmful to you, either disobedience of Allah to Morocco, all with watching second half

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Pasta coins worth half. Fear, really, that if I don't obey Him, He can punish.

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All that I fear, it's going to harm me. Like when you don't follow the health, you know rule and all those things, it's going to harm your health, your body, you're going to suffer. If I don't, if I don't listen to him, it's going to harm me, nobody else. If I cheat, it is going to harm me. If I lie, it is going to harm me. If I don't pray, it is going to harm me. If I don't fast it is going to harm me all the time. Keep understanding that and fear of Allah, half of Allah

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you know, this is the very important question all the time have fear of Allah somebody asked her really one of the greater teacher that when I pass in the streets, you know my eyes fall on the women. I look at them

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What should I do? How can I work and help me to control my my bed look when the teacher said no really before your eye force or on someone? I love I force on you before that I noticed.

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When you see someone Allah has seen you before that that what you want to do. Allah is there

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that no enjoyment really no benefit, you can get real if Allah does not like something, it cannot help you to simple matter. It never can you go for you. Any temporary enjoyment, all the way harder for two if a lot of not one something it never, never can benefit you never never.

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If anybody does Zina,

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you know with the person that they love the most. It is never, never will have any barakah it is going to harm both of them. If both are happy doing it is only going to harm them. It never never can be good for it impossible. No good can come from this relation, no good at all. No enjoyment. This enjoyment will finish very quickly. And then all the time. Casa for love will be under both of them all the time. They never can come out impossible.

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The time when he says pray if you don't pray, it, never go to benefit you.

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It never never go to benefit to fear and learn to stand properly. There's nothing better for the heart than the fear of Allah fear for like the health of the heart.

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That how you can healthy. Like when you fear that, you know if I don't follow the rules of health properly, I'll fall ill to fear when you fear then you do well.

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Fear of a lie the health of every half of Allah, this fasting Morava our secretary what half of Allah.

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Then the third thing is the political since Allah sees me. And since I fear Allah and I know really nobody can harm more than him, then I must OBEY Him. And I must avoid disobedience.

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To first of parties Morondava watching second is half fear of Allah. And the third one Yetta Tula obedience of Allah, we must obey Him.

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These are three parts.

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If your fear of Allah but not obeying, it is a false fear, not real fear.

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To talk about basically the more normal more practice

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that you learn how to discipline yourself, how to obey Allah subhanaw taala when three things come, then people become good. That have it once you do distinct Allah in Allah. Marlin with Turkey. If you have to cover Allah is with you.

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If you have taqwa, Omonia tequila, yeah. I love who Maharajah. If you have Tacuba any problem comes any difficulty comes Allah will solve your problem. I love will create a new door for you.

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If you don't have food, Allah give you food from where you cannot imagine well Zuko Mina, hate to lie.

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In the success or the thing paradise, everything on tabula

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rasa in the Butina Mufasa people were Tekoa they are the one who go to great success.

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Everything for tokoto basically Quran came to teach you Toccoa Ramadan again, to train you for taqwa. What is now Ramadan is coming from now one make sure really

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Don't disobey Allah or obey any enjoyment that comes with disobedience. It is harder for

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anything that he makes him that are simple matter is don't please yourself.

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Allah does one thing, when you Please Allah, the pleasure will come to you you become more happy people who please themselves. And there are people who Please Allah, the One who carries Allah, they are the one who believes themselves more. I tell you this all will happen. If you Please Allah, Allah generous, then allow me to give a toast which you could never can get anyway, all your pleasure will come from him. But right we are hallelujah, you will do

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and very importantly, people understand when you listen to Allah, like, you know, one other teacher.

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They were there in India, you know, there's a town village ROM, it always had been noble people, good teachers. So there are teacher near Mobarak billiger Rahim Allah Tala and the town's Navab, the emir, but he stood as a southern Eastern the principal is 20 the stone by anybody the teacher bought from noble families I get from him. Very good and pious person never involved the money he was poor person. He didn't borrow in history teach three. Sometimes something get to somewhere but anyway, not very good. Life

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from money wise, to one day was doing guru he fell down unconscious. So the parents who the student he saw him he came and helped him they said what happened? Oh, my teacher the teacher said was three did I did not eat any food three days. The story directly was very upset, you know that I'm noble. Down Why is it my teacher? And he had no food for three days. And nobody helped him. He went to his house you know, noblemen brought all the food I you know so many different varieties. He brought his teacher

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details to offer him midwifery Mr. You know, I'm really so hungry after three days. You know, even the dead animal the halal haram haram because Halal farm but I am those people who don't eat if the desire something

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when you left him, me It kept by mind that you're going to bring food for him.

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Since I desired I cut it to the hungry for three days is still his so insisting on his response. This is how Allah makes you so strong, insisting that he said I caught it. The student knew his teacher and did not argue.

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He took the food and disappeared.

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And then again came with the same food and asked his teacher tell me when I left you did the spirit that I'm going to come back the teacher said no. Okay, now the food has come without the dessert, eat it. Same food just one minute it just you know he would. The first teacher did not eat because he deserved a second time it had no desire, no food. This holiday just very quickly the result comes is how you become you become noble within moments. If you obey Allah and do sovereign and Taqwa you become noble people who break the patience they become mean they become law really let the story of work from Allah Tala one of the greater

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the student doing not so good in Hadith, but that's another matter but he's a noble person from Medina to like many Halima all the time writing and this and that did not have enough money to eat it came to his wife and wife by have to manage the house do I become angry anyway? This vibe was upset she said okay. You don't care for me. Don't care about yourself. They're fine. I can understand the children they go to see the no children the neighborhood. They go to a new cloth and not too much labor cry. Do something before it pains come here. Every child will have new cloth my children, they will cry. It's okay I'll do something. I'm going to borrow money from one of my

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friend he went to his friend in Hashmi Finet and said to him that noise is coming the nothing in my house and my wife said you know children will be crying and this and that. That I borrow some money from you. So the friend said yeah, I've got a sack full of golden money sealed take this Oh welcome to become happy he brought to his house said to his wife see? See you know, full sight spreadsheet happy there's somebody now that don't work at the moment. This was about the other friend he said to work at that you know it is coming nothing at home and my fail wife is saying that you know get something for children twice look I'll come to you borrow money from you. What are they don't have

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that time at least and I've got you know the full SEC anyway. You have to work a day came to his wife said you know my finance has come he has same you'd like me. So give half I'll give a half to him to half we can survive anyway. She's the how mean you are. Your friend gave the full second you go to give him half. Give him the whole thing. To then he brought the whole set to his friend. The friend saw the psychic

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He's gonna he said where do you get from? I said no I didn't have anything I went to my high school friend and asked him and he came they said you know who second this mind

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he came to my house he turned to I gave to him now you weren't you a gift to you see all three positives.

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Then the news came to Harvard, you know, MUHAMMAD RASHID, they were Khalifa there he called work at the end listen to a story from him. And you know, Psych has got home and you know, maybe 2030 dinars in visa. Oh, Arkady this 1000 dinar golden money 1000 dinar will be enough for whole life and maybe more than that one dinner Dinner for more than a month or something like that. 1000 Dinner golden money gold 1000 dinner for your Hashmi for him 1000 dinner for your other friend and one for them dinner or could be for you and her 2000 dinner for your wife because she she's more than just than you

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telling me really you know Western societies we've pressed so much curved Western society create anybody like there

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can you cover this what we knew really not the money not the banking thing. You needed this human character. That one leak can come from by society.

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That what allows if you create something like that, all Europe will become Muslim. Everybody's cup people love Islam. That's what we need. If Ramadan truly comes really. There are two basic meaning here this month is coming. It is not about eating less or more to the wanting to create in you you know this is print that you know you water you fear Him and you never adhere to disobey

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you know never and remind yourself Ramadan is only one month.

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Light always in the luggage.

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Which who is more important allow Ramadan

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Ramadan, Allah Selim, who the master Allah.

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Teach Yourself Ramadan can come and go. Allah never goes or lead or wisdom.

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So what can come then I will get into that today but Allah is still there. Don't disobey him. Don't disobey Ramadan and Don't disobey Him before Ramadan or after Ramadan. one a month only has come to train you how to obey Him. And obedience is always good for you. And the Quran. Woman I love her as hula hoop soccer the further follows me Halima those who obey Allah his Messenger, they have great success, the real success in obedience,

00:32:41 --> 00:32:49

that the problem every really people have family problems, What the Why family problem is there, because the husband wants to exploit his wife.

00:32:51 --> 00:33:00

He doesn't care. He's saying I have powers I can do whatever the wife wants to, you know, his or her own command. She you know, she wants to have the husband, she only sees him.

00:33:01 --> 00:33:28

The both of them see Allah, they will make effort to sacrifice real to then they will compete how to be much better how to be more tied to each other. The reason they're not kind because they don't see Allah. They see their own self, their own ego, their own pride seems to everybody that we allow us to create a society where people love everybody help each other because they figured out on

00:33:30 --> 00:33:53

their own or other unforeseen while Carnaby him Kasasa those people who prefer others over themselves, even if they are in desperate need, they need to do it when you are I have enough money I give when I have to food to go to throw I'll give you but when I don't have anything and only 1/3 God and you come to my house I'll give to you that is more difficult.

00:33:55 --> 00:33:57

Robbing even for several Muladhara is great, very,

00:33:59 --> 00:34:19

very, very big Tavi, the one who's has since the hobby. He did not see the profit, but he's also hobby. But Abdullah Massoud was hobby he said to Robbie yarby I Love Rock Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihe Salam Lahab Bucha Oribi if ALLAH the messenger has seen you, he would have loved him

00:34:20 --> 00:34:37

as the harvester to the Tarbell, you gotta be Ravi, the wife wants a murderer. Very good dish. Sweet, right she had no money but she used to save save because she knew her husband likes something like that. They were very appreciative very expensive. She you know, they don't have enough money she made one day

00:34:38 --> 00:34:59

and she offered to her smart she know that he loves this so much. didn't have money when he was about to eat a burger Nagato that I'm hungry for a few did Arabic gave the whole tip today but even before testing, or the person was very hungry, very, very hungry. He started eating lectins he does not know really how pre sensitive or libido if you start

00:35:00 --> 00:35:24

So much money and time. So she said, If he knows what he's eating, in the DeSantis came from her mouth. Because you know, she's regretting that she made all this for her husband, and now this personality, and he doesn't even know really what he needs. To she said, If he knows what he's eating rubbish, if he doesn't, he does not know. He'll know his Lord knows. Don't worry, if he does not know. He the Lord knows.

00:35:25 --> 00:36:09

So this certainly what what really if society, people really very you fear Allah, very watching where you obey Him, but it can't be everybody nice to everybody. In a lab, don't become selfish, don't have ego, don't want to make people to accept your terms people so we are going to make him to bow to me on my terms. No. Why don't you bottle why you want other people to bow to you. The very bad men are really all the way they make effort when you want to please Allah don't make effort to please yourself. Don't make effort to please your society. Only one thing you need to do please Allah if Allah becomes happy then everything's video so I don't know how much time you've got. And I

00:36:09 --> 00:36:22

think I summarize everything in Ramadan is coming to not so much talking the more thing is really that is pretty good in your mind. So summary of the matter is Ramadan is not to make you hungry

00:36:23 --> 00:37:03

Ramadan is only to train you how to become obedient, that Ramadan is distinct that the Obeah we're eating unless he's always find anywhere the thing to do with Ramadan because Ramadan you already to everybody eats more Ramadan the you go to eat more but with obedient and allotted Allah never mind that people eat Ramadan more but what he minds really that people don't obey even in that month, last ultra high the murder you know many things actually help to help you to get you know the best benefit of Ramadan minute in there. One important thing in Ramadan is admission in the Quran.

00:37:05 --> 00:37:26

Because you know, since a you really are in the mood of obedience, and Quran teaches that this is a time when your your understanding of the Quran will be much better to prove much better. So you make two readings. One reading is you know a fast reading of the Quran. You know read like a one Jews every day to do the three Jews

00:37:28 --> 00:37:30

then make another reading where you reflect

00:37:32 --> 00:38:12

you know, contemplate ponder Quran half a page, two pages from beginning you know, read every verse, try to understand what allies commanding you Why Allah Kumar something like that, why not something else? Give me questions, many questions, reflect upon that. So that a very good really in this world really piety and fear of Allah and all those things, they increase by knowledgeable when you know more, you become better nearly always helpful when people want a snack and if you know really this food is going to harm you too whenever you learn more and more than your desire for that food cause a weaker

00:38:13 --> 00:38:48

even if they've decided you're thinking no really you know it's going to harm if you keep reading people really read it in many many writings about the sugar that how bad it is it is like poison many many reading many many articles read then your desire to become then you start less less and to hate it you know that is poison. So you know you need very people love this more and more it all to the Quran actually this book of teaching or the knowledge instruction from Lazada teaches you what to do the Quran said you know to Darby Kitahara a few

00:38:49 --> 00:38:57

who that deliberately instruction for the police without without means if external instruction

00:38:58 --> 00:39:10

the rotate the booklet forward without any external instruction uploaded photos and Arabic language Hello Hawaii Hawaii internal instruction that a Hawaii

00:39:11 --> 00:39:13

to when you eat food who commands you.

00:39:15 --> 00:39:21

internal desire internal instruction internal instruction is always wrong.

00:39:22 --> 00:39:59

Okay, it's a mystery so many problems so many tests. The external instruction is come from the one who knows you and who loves you who will it look good if a conference ignore it like you it's always hard for any external command if Karsan ignorant people it hurtful but when external command comes from one who knows who loves you who can't do it it's good to put up Quran is who the Buddha further every single thing the Quran is helpful to you. There's no book like that. In every single book there the internet desire the author's mistakes, problem, but this book is always safe to learn these spent time

00:40:00 --> 00:40:02

aim, but what you need to do is

00:40:03 --> 00:40:04

elevate yourself

00:40:05 --> 00:40:17

to the level of the Quran. See what the speaker was not what you want. Like many students they come to the class teacher say something towards the do they interpret account to their own level?

00:40:18 --> 00:40:53

So they are by the students, the lazy people. Clever sausages No, I think this means this but it can't be like that to cut teacher return up to something the teacher is eating something Hi, let me make effort to understand what he wants to say. Not what I understand. This is a very, very perfectly in the learning what the one of the problem is. When people lower a teacher teaching the teacher to their own level that or with her food that you never learned properly. The way always need to make effort to lock in on many things that people see the lighter parts Allah Allah Salam,

00:40:54 --> 00:41:16

what they do, they lower to themselves they have all problem that they do something for drunk purpose to death in the profit must have done for the same purpose. Same thing they don't necessarily know. Like in a mall room sale. Car a car era, the US as a food McGee Gertie Bosch Basha dharna Wisden share, she's

00:41:19 --> 00:41:37

the accent of pious people don't compare it to your own action. What? It looks similar, but don't think the same when you write in the Arabic overdo share. And she that looks in Shin Yara to write a share to like that.

00:41:38 --> 00:41:43

But the meaning a different share and Mr. Lyon and he remains milk.

00:41:45 --> 00:41:57

In writing both are the same. But in reality, both are two different things. Huge difference between both of them. So the prophets do something and you do. So like the Prophet got nine wives,

00:41:59 --> 00:42:06

to all the worldly people first thing comes to the mind is really that, you know, we love women and all those things. Simply father, he's like us

00:42:07 --> 00:42:11

that never can think really, that maybe he is at another level.

00:42:12 --> 00:42:34

When he was young, he had only one wife. When he's old, you know, all these wives are guys like the men and women want to get married. Some women actually even give came to Medina to give him themselves as a gift meaning if no matter nothing, Quran says the game actually they say, you know, you take us, you know, marry without any response or teen is just a gift.

00:42:35 --> 00:42:36

The prod not accept.

00:42:38 --> 00:42:50

You see it in what what's happening here. Because the Quran was to make very clearly that the prophets Allah, Allah salah is a prophet, whatever he does it 24 hours it needs to be recorded.

00:42:51 --> 00:43:19

So there should be people in the family they can record differently and thereby the Kanata was Khulna. Might Allah he will you will the guna Oh, why is the Prophet you need to record learn whatever is done your house, whatever the profit that you need to record it to and they didn't really they did this recording. Nobody's life has been recorded by their wives, I the best at the profit, every single thing how her relationship with his wives, how he kissed him.

00:43:20 --> 00:43:32

How in Ramadan, he's to kiss everything that touching, kissing relation, but also together, anything he did, or the typical open book to people on the piano they can follow

00:43:34 --> 00:43:39

and how nice he was how kind he was how they loved him, how he loved them. Everything is so clear.

00:43:41 --> 00:43:45

Now that he in double said the Hadith that the prophets Allah or some other tomb,

00:43:46 --> 00:44:22

and a man came to the Prophet Allah Lissa Lama said to him, I made a very nice dinner, good dinner for you. So I'm inviting you come to my house, the Prophet of Allah his wife Aisha, to he said to the person will have the my wife as well. He said no. When do you the prophet that didn't didn't know he lived there again he came that you know if you can come for dinner the Passover Javi this one has been the most No, they said you know then he left the third time he came he said you know please come to dinner the first Mojave desert

00:44:23 --> 00:44:59

so he said yes then honestly Dino bought at a profit and you know I left the home pushing each other so happy and they went and had dinner nobody read the story really think the perfectly like us greedy when it's very wet anywhere with a cold February wife and children we want to get everybody there all distance are there so you know it don't same thing is somebody whites only you why you want to institute on the second person. The religion. You know the Batman came three times every time you asked me just you and you said no my wife as well. If I if I do this, you will think I'm greedy.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:41

When you see the Prophet knew something like that, there will come no theory what's happening. The prophet had been met so many time in your Texas life, you know, but this time what is happening are happening. There was no food. His wife had been hungry for many days Azim there's no food for a noble person, very bad really, to go enjoy the party. And when he knows his wife is more hungry than him. That that thing really is kind of like a movie people do the opposite. If you go for the party, which I live, leave the wife you know, they have nothing the prophets or some of the noble humor proper human. Here's not really that I said, I'm hungry, I think he can't enjoy the food he can't

00:45:41 --> 00:46:22

eat really, that his wife do not have any food this actually does. raise yourself to the level of the profit there yourself to the level of the teacher, lift yourself to the level of taco that on purpose when you read something the Quran, don't lower down to your level, or the Quran or something like that. It is a scientific idea in our time scientists say same thing. Now you may have the Quran because science is not a necessity. You just made it saying that why you no no remove this scientific thing. Lift yourself into saying something else. Many people read the Quran and the lower Quran to their own level, what you need to raise yourself to the level of the Quran. It is then

00:46:22 --> 00:46:23

realities will be open to you

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