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Then the minor signs will lead to the major signs.

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The minor signs are those the spread of killing you see in every day, there is a murder somewhere

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there is a mass killing someplace. This is an example the spread of adultery. It's all over the place.

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And likewise you know the the bad things which we see emerging in the face of this earth.

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The one sign which the scholars actually labeled it to be

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a transitional signs because it will transit the world from the minor to the major signs is the emerging of an imam of the Muslims called Mohammed Abdullah Al Mahdi.

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And this is the only minor sign that is almost left beside the fritas disclosing that mountain of gold

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those are the two signs belonging to the minor category.

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That is not here yet.

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But why did the scholars call or label ill Maddie to be a transitional sign

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because they believe he is the one that is Alia salat wa salam will pray behind and then mercy the luxan.

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So when he emerges when he shows up, that means the major signs will be here.

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The major signs are 10 of them are also Allahu Allah Sallam quoted them in one Hadith, the

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dogen, the Antichrist, this is number one.

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aiza descending alayhi salatu was Salam down to earth again.

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And yet Jews and Jews, the two tribes will break from behind the wall, which we'll call nine, Blaze them behind, like we read the story and Sora till calf.

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And after that, the smoke, the smoke, the horn, those are full. And the sun rising from the west, this is six, this is five. And then we have three major land slides or land.

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Earthquakes, basically one in the east, one in the West and one in the Arabian Peninsula. Then we have the beast adapa. And the last of these signs is the fire which will erupt out of Yemen which will drive people to the land of gathering.

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Now the scholars looked at these 10 signs and they said Rasul sallallahu alayhi salam did not mention them in order, or in sequence. So what is their order? What is the order of these major signs?

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hypnagogia one of the people who really did a great work on analyzing these major signs and coming up with an order because we don't know who's gonna come first. The hurry doesn't say who's gonna come first? Is it the gel? Is it the smoke? Is it the sun rising from the west? Is it the beast which one of these major signs will come first? He divided them into two groups. He said the first group

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is it the jab?

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Then, as I will come down to kill him, then yeah, George and george will break from behind the wall. And Prophet Isa will take care of that.

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So those are three signs, who will come in that sequence, then

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the world will enjoy ears of peace.

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Because Islam will be established actually the only religion which will be accepted in the face of this earth will be Islam.

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And profit as Ali Salaam will rule out of Jerusalem and he will rule the whole world and he will not accept any religion but Islam.

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And that may go for 1000s of years 1000 actually, Prophet Isa will actually go and perform hajj and Omar about his impact will stay.

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Then these minor signs pay attention to the minor signs which we experiencing, will he introduce themselves again, they will come

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Back again, corruption will gradually start coming into Earth again. And this is when the second set of the major signs will come.

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Are you following me? Oh no, you're getting that you're getting that how it's gonna go. So even though Brava HRA Salaam will clear the earth from all type of haram all type of things, but this is something that will lie on in after a messenger disappears, or he leaves, call us people would gradually go astray again. And this is when the second set of major signs will be introduced, beginning with the sun rising from the west, but to Subhanallah, before the sun rising from the west, Allah subhana wa Taala will send a soft wind, which will suffocate the believers.

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So only the waters of mankind will be living in the face of this earth. And on them, the hour will come. So the sun will rise from the west, the beast, the animal will emerge. And we'll actually speak to people that you guys are not worshipping Allah, and you should be doing that. And then the last of this, the fire that will come out of lemon. And this is when the day of judgment will actually happen afterwards. So this is in a way in the sequence to the end of time. So you have minor signs, which will living as we speak right now. So we're simply waiting for that leaders, which you know, Allah knows best when he will come. Certainly if you assess what is happening in the

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face of this earth to the Muslim oma, his time is right here. But again, you can because this happened before the Muslims went through this during the Crusaders. They went through this during the Mughal time. So we don't know if this is gonna be another cycle. And we're going to be able to fix Earth ourselves, take care of business ourselves, or Allah Subhana Allah is going to have to send this Imam this leader who will unite the oma will unite the Muslims. And you will lead the Muslims actually, to invading Islam will go back to Italy to Europe. And the famous battle which the West always referred to by Armageddon is gonna take place that you know, that huge battle, which

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will take place in Syria, and that's why Syria is a hot place always because non Muslims why the Christians in particular and Jews, they know that history they know that we believe in that stuff. And the what they have in the books of of prophecies, they are identical, identical to what we have. In any rate, the Muslims will defeat the West in that battle called Armageddon. And there will be a lot of killing. And it that Jen will break out of the island we believe that the gel actually is in a place in the face of this earth and an island hurry thingy that he will break out and he will start spreading corruption again in earth because this Imam can be restored. The oma can have

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brought back Islam to the front, and the Muslims are united, and they have a lot of strength. So the gel was released to stop this from happening. Of course, if the gel is going to try to defeat Islam and Muslims by going to the major sacred places, which is Mecca and Medina, but Allah subhanho wa Taala will be protecting those two towns from his injury. We believe that there are angels who will prevent him from entering into the two towns, then, at this time, and Maddie and his army are in Jerusalem, in Jerusalem, and he will go there to defeat them to defeat the Muslim army. That's what he wanted to he want to defeat Islam. And now these few Muslims, led by the leader, they are in

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Jerusalem, you know, waiting simply to free it and take it over. So he will proceed right away to Jerusalem with his army in order to defeat the Muslim army. Subhan Allah in the morning of that battle.

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Mr. Mohammed Abdullah and Maddie is about to lead the salah and he will notice that someone is walking into the masjid is not part of his army he will realize that this is Prophet Isa Ali Hassan and he will ask him to come to lead the Muslims and Salah prophet as Ali Salaam will say no I'm not here to lead. I'm here to simply

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you know be

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a follower of Islam, I'm not bringing anything new. And he will actually bring behind the Imam of the Muslims.

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After that Prophet esala salatu salam will go out, and he will kill the Antichrist. And we read in the Hadith that the breath of Prophet sallallaahu salam will be actually of chemical nature that any disbeliever who smells his breath will be suffocated and shaitan Jin, I'm sorry, the jail when he sees prophet a solid salam, we read that he will melt like salt mills in waters and he will die. Prophet eSATA is Salam will kill the Antichrist, he will come back and he will wipe over the heads of these Muslims who stood the time of Phaeton throughout this era, and this is what is meant by the Hadith let us talk to me normativa Irina Allah, La Mancha de la home Hata Tia, Mr. La home Cavalli,

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there will always be a group of my own my own the truth, following the truth, in spite of all what they go through, until Allah Subhana Allah sends the relief at the hands of Prophet a Saudi Salam who will further

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lead the Muslims and Islam. So how far are we now?

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So prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam, defeated the Antichrist. Now Islam is empowered Subhan Allah, Allah will destine the release of the two tribes, Jews and Jews. If you go back to Soraka those are two corrupting tribes who used to cause corruption and Earth. The righteous King, little kernighan built that wall and they are behind that wall as we speak. And every day by the way, based on the Hadith that is compiled for asylum and Muslim Hadith in our sadness, a man will kill me.

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And they actually try to break through that wall.

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And when they finish, they are about to see the rays of the sun they are about to finish. And the leader will say let's come back tomorrow and he doesn't say in sha Allah Subhana Allah when Prophet he says in earth, Allah subhanho wa Taala will inspire him to say insha Allah they will come back they will find it the way it was. The only the wall is easy to break. So they will break through the wall and they will corrupt Earth prophet a Salah Salam will take the Muslims and he will go seeking refuge in a mountain called the tube and he will stay there until Allah Subhana Allah will send rain

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will send actually birds which will kill those people. You know they will be thrown with with rocks and stuff they will be killed Jews and Jews and Allah will send birds that will carry they're

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actually they will die by an epidemic a wound which will attack the next based on the Hadith. And Allah Subhana Allah will send birds that will carry their bodies away and allow a sense of Hannah to Allah rain and wind and water to clean Earth and earth will be ready to receive Islam and Muslims. Prophet eSATA Salam will rule out of Jerusalem and his rule will stay for years and his impact will stay for years. Until again things begin going bad like I said, and these minor signs one after another will begin introducing themselves. People will start deceiving one another they again corruption and so forth, until Subhan Allah Allah ordained that for this world to end, the sun will

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rise from the west. But before this happens Allah will give relief to the believers of soft wind will be sent to suffocate the believers take them out, and the only people who will be left in the face of this earth are the worst of mankind. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Let the comitia illa Allah shadiness

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the beast will come out and most probably the other signs as well the landslides and all of these the smoke. You know, if it did not happen, it will happen again. But

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those are the type of feeble we're talking about. The our will, will will come while they are alive.

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They will go back actually to the worship of idols, they will worship idols. Imagine this.

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obscenity will be open in the street.

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A man from Abyssinia will actually come and he will take down the Kaaba a brick by brick because nobody performs nobody cares about it.

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jenama So, this is the time that you do not wish to be in the face of this earth. And if you believe then you should be released and then Allah subhanho wa Taala will command is revealed to blow in the trumpet. And with the blowing the trumpet, the hour is here, and the time has ended. And it's time for us to come back to Allah subhana wa. So this is in brief yonni a summary of the end of time. I don't know if you have questions that may answer Yes.

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Is a very good question. So salvado seldom

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mentioned sabew COVID amalfitana

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developmen before these fit and comes because when these fittings are here, when these trials and tribulations are here,

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if you don't have a man already,

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you're going to fall into the wrong hands, you're going to become a follower of the jack.

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The person must develop Amen. faith in Allah subhanho wa Taala. Amen, according to Arsenal, Jamal autosleep, that you believe in these things, you believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala, firmly There is no doubt and you strive to do righteous deeds.

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You must have a man

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before these signs, especially the Antichrist, several sources, Allah mentioned the Antichrist and the sun rising from the west. So for you to receive that blessing, actually dying would be a blessing to be relieved. From these final hours of this world, or final days of this world.

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You have to have a man so that this wind will actually come in and suffocate you. Likewise, when the antichrist in the face of this earth, if you don't have faith, if you don't have a man, you're going to end up following him. So and this is the importance of hate the importance of learning the religion beforehand.

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It's a very, you're referring to the alpha ribnica theory, it's a very weak, this a very weak is not even established.

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They are human beings. They come from Adam and Eve.

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They are human beings. That stuff that you read in the books of Tafseer is not authentic.

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You know, we have a rule, which we learn in dealing with the text.

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Don't take a word from its parent meaning to a metaphorical meaning without an evidence.

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You know, applying them to some people say it's the Chinese

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journey, if you open the door, actually, the description the way that sort of socialism described them, or more Chinese, or Turks, Canna European.

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Again, just believe that they are someplace, we don't know where they are, and they are behind a wall.

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They are actually behind a wall, we don't even know where they are. And they will break that wall. You see, we believe in the value we believe in the unseen. These pieces of unseen were told to us in the Quran and the sound Hadith. And we believe in Allah and His messenger and whatever Allah and His Messenger told us. So like, you know, ideally, the people say the sun rising from the west, that's another dilemma. They tell you, the sun rising from the west, that means Islam will rise from the west, meaning that the Muslims in the West will be more strong or stronger than the Muslims in the east. You can do that with the text. The sun rising from the west, that means one day the sun will

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come out from the west. So we're very disciplined once it comes to taking things from their apparent meaning to their metaphorical meaning.

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Only you know, the people who do that stuff is often a you know, luckily, it has a hidden meaning and apparent meaning. And only certain people know the hidden meaning that stuff is if you open that gate is a gate of misguidance

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Yes, yes.

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the 10 signs,

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the major signs, you see the narrator of this hadith His name is for the effectiveness, see the referee.

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And this hadith Hadith is 10 signs are compiled, ha de la la la the 10 major science was compiled for sila Muslim, the same narrator's

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Elena Muslim actually narrated the Hadith twice,

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from the same Mary.

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And in each one of them, you change the order.

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You're getting that. So today, I see the referee, that's a hobby who narrated the Hadith. Mr. Muslim compiled the Hadith twice, he is the main Narrator The same Narrator And he changed the order.

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And, obviously, obviously, you know, if you look at the order of these major signs, you will find out that, you know, the first thing that will come up the gel, the first major sign we know that will emerge is the gel, because it the gel will will trigger the coming prophet Asia. And yeah,

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you know, related to Prophet Isa, because he's the one who would be making the law. But the order is not we don't know the order. And that what invited the scholars to do that?

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Yes, that's his opinion.

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Most of them go with that.

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With that opinion, some of them mentioned the three earthquakes to be in between,

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you know, the, the first set of major science, the major three earthquakes are also celebrity fear, too. They said that they will be in the first set of three signs. But the majority of them agree with that sequence, which makes a lot of sense, because we know that Prophet Isa will spread peace in earth. So there is no reason for

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after he gets rid of Judah, which really a symbolic of corruption. And now the only religion is Islam that the our will come

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because this is the best of mankind. Basically, this is going to be a very good imagine the brothers and solemn wished actually he lives the time. Any one of these bluebella is in battle mercy covariation bad, messy,

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low unlikeable. The hubdoc Allah Safa candidate, what a good life will be after the messy after the messy after, if you throw a seed in Iraq, it will grow.

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And this is what the non Muslims referred to that the kids will be playing with the snakes. And the lion will be the wolf will be playing with the sheep, there will be so much justice and peace, the man will be carrying his cattle man going around,

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please accept my soccer

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there will be so there is no reason. Meanwhile, the prophet said the worst of mankind Are those the hour will take place on so it makes sense that there will be a break in between those 510 major signs and there will be another round of these minor signs corruption will gradually begin begin begin until it gets to a point where the major signs are there again and that's how they analyze the whole thing.

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No, they are they will happen in different times. So Sallam said with an APU when three landslides has full bill measure one in the East has phone bill another one in the west wall has phone bill Jazeera telara and one in the Arabian Peninsula.

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So three different times.

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Allah knows best but they some of the scholars suggested that they will happen within the first set of three that Jan as a region module.

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All right.

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The brother is asking regarding when is when is the day of judgment or the day of reckoning or the Day of Gathering. What a sham, the Sham album mashup.

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a sham means Jordan, Lebanon Philistine, Syria, those four countries

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That's refused to Sham

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Yeah, this battle will take place. You see, Mr. Mohammed Abdullah and Maddie will be leaving the Muslims. He will conquer, conquer, conquer, conquer, conquer

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the West. What Phil had is that the West and the Muslims will have peace and they will fight one enemy. And then if you just analyze what's happening now it's it's it's very you know there is potential but again Don't bull* you don't know it could be another cycle

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after the conquer and they defeat that common enemy imagine the Christian world and the Muslim world as soon the people of

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some people they say they end up fighting you know the Soviets or Shia that camp you know, they say that that's speculation but after they defeat that common enemy, some guy will raise the cross and He will say the cross conquered

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Muslim will actually go after Him and He will kill him and will say no, that's Islam

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as a result of this, the West will go in Syria.

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The largest army they will come under at flags at countries where the Hadith about the live number so they are not making that stuff up here. inheritor of Salima Muslim

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they will come under at flags 80 countries are lying and they will come to defeat the Muslims and Subhan Allah the Imam Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Maliki will be the leader of this army

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and there will be a lot of bloodshed in a lot of killing but at the end the Muslims will defeat that army

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will defeat that army and as a result of this

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the jail is gonna get upset and he's gonna break out of these chains Is he the jealous chain someplace and he's gonna be meat mad that the Muslims conquer then he's gonna break out and the fitness of the gel will start

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oh is it wrong? Yeah, what again?

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Can you stop the door from opening and closing so we can hear these people?

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I'm sorry, I really

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can somebody please convey her question

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the ocean will be in fire. That's that's the Day of Judgment where it will be hard to shoot direct. That is when the Day of Judgment is here. That water will turn into fire. Yes. Yes, just like last question. I think last question inshallah. Last question inshallah.

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Prophet he is a Muslim man.

00:28:28--> 00:28:31

He's gonna that is it's a very good question. So

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that is why the leader of the Muslims His name is Mohammed Abdullah will ask him come and lead us. You know what he will say what

00:28:42--> 00:28:44

this tells you I am a follower.

00:28:46--> 00:29:09

I'm not here to bring anything new. I'm a follower of Mohammed Salah. Listen. You understand? That's where the symbolic is. him refusing to lead in itself tells you that he is here to follow the Prophet sallallahu ala Salah Al Quran is the final message to mankind and he will follow the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu

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ala hersha Baraka lofi commsec, mula halen, I want to thank all of you guys for coming to Charlotte Tyler. We had a good weekend. I especially today was very well Mashallah shift Xochimilco for coming. May Allah reward you. She was also at another conference last night or yesterday and he's also with us here zachman mC mC Joffrey, Mashallah.