Yaser Birjas – Asking for Safety from Oppressors

Yaser Birjas
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Hello, Ceylon Baraka, Vietnam Hamid and earlier cyber Salam, the Sleeman Kathira mama.

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Welcome again to another dua from the Quran. Today we're reading from Surah tunas chapter 10 is number 85 and 86 in which Allah subhana wa Tada speak in the context of the story of Musa alayhis salam and the frown, which is what we were talking about last time and the story in this sort of, but here chapter 1085 and 86 Carlota Baraka Allah. For Cairo, Allah Allah He Turkana, Robina lotta Jana fitment Tiller como como la aalameen Wanna Gina Motyka mineral Coleman caffeine in a translation ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada speaks the word saying? So they said upon Allah do we rely, rely our Lord make us not objects of trial for the wrong people

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and save us by Your mercy from disbelieving people. Now, to put that in the context again.

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When Allah subhanaw taala sent Musa to the tyrant round with his brother Harun sent him to Frauen and we covered that as we were speaking about the DUA that was taken from Surah Olara a few days ago. So Allah subhanho wa Taala brings it now in the Surah Surah. Juno's a different and a different actually site are different you could say seen from that story, and we mentioned before that ALLAH SubhanA peated story Benissa eel, moose and round many times more than any other story in the Quran, the story of most of the ground and when it's right or mentioned the most why because we probably going to resemble them in our life. We the closest to them in terms of resemblance so do not follow

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the wrongdoing otherwise you're gonna end up in the same the same fate and the same destination like that. So here Allah Subhana Allah is bringing us the story of Moses on the round from a different angle. We'll call it round today we'll call this I had an idea when most RSA show he showed the round the miracle of us pinata has given him

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round was terrified. They realize oh my god, I can I can beat this so it's like kind of like asked her the advisor with the widow said call all the magicians in the country you have so many of them. They at least they can defeat him or call him around to reveal coulis or handle him. So he made an announcement public announcement. Bring me every knowledgeable sorcerer. I want all the magician's of the land to come to fight against this man and his brother for a merger as Sahara to Karla Musa al Kuma and to Monaco when the magician they came, and it was the time for them to duel, and suddenly the debate over this matter, Musa CERAM told them whatever you have in your hand, throw

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your tricks you begin now the sewer right now here

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skips a lot of other scenes that will discard the scrubbing other sewers went into the Sahara first the magicians they first came around and said I said to him hey, what do we get if we win this debate for you? He goes call you will be the macaron in the locker manager. You're gonna have the reward and you got to be the best that my entourage whatever you want. I'll give it to you.

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these are all skipped here and went straight into the debate and when we're most I told them you start first throw all your text down there Furama Alko Karla Musa magic to me sir when they did that and they trick the people's eyes with optical illusions most RSM with full confidence after he kind of like had that an anxiety a little bit or fear in his heart. Allah subhanaw strengthen it again with his with his miracle. God I must imagine this whatever you just thrown over here there's nothing but magic in Allah so Allah subhana wa Donna will cause it to fail. It can all be ruined right now the only be filling in hola Laos, Lahore animosity and because Allah subhanho wa Taala he

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does not amend the work of the corrupt this is all corruption. You deceiving yourself deceiving other people is not going to be successful.

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While you help Allah who will help kabhi Kalamata he will carry * majority moon and Allah subhanho wa Taala he could help he establishes the truth be can imagine by his words while okay almajiri Moon even if those liars, those criminals, those thugs they rejected or oppose it. Allah Subhana Allah was still confirmed the heart

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and then with all that sin, what happened? Do you remember the other sin that we mentioned what they've rounded in that moment? He was terrified. Oh my god. They're gonna now he's gonna lose his people when he was a clever politician. So immediately he stood up and he goes, Oh, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Says you guys are be plugged in all of this beforehand. This is no one budget. Your magician, your Master Chief Master magician. And he is the one who's beating

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In order such that you can fool us as a community, the Egyptian people or at least the people of Egypt, they want they listen to for Ireland. So yeah, you're right, you're right.

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And they denied what they saw with their own eyes.

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The proof the miracle I finally again the certainty of sight, they fooled themselves and they denied it for the sake of their desire not to change what they already comfortable with. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada here. He speaks about that, but he skips that part. To say that those who believed in Musa in that moment were few of all the 1000s and 10s maybe hundreds of 1000s of people back then to attend this scene and this facility. Few people believe the others they all just kind of went with foot round told them for Katara Musa Illa Daria to uncomment those who believed in Musa just handful handful of the offspring of his people, which means the Benny is slightly not even the Egyptians for

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color Allah Hoffa Mira ninfa Oh, no matter him, they believe but it was so terrified that frown and his people are going to go after them.

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In if Iran, Allah, Allah and Phil, were in our Eminem was Riffian. Allah subhana says, Indeed, because if around was was wholly within the land, and indeed he was off transgression, meaning, yes, it's, they deserve to be afraid of him, because it was a transgression. He was a tyrant was horrible, he could destroy them. And that's when they made their dua that will Musa alayhis salam told the people and they made a dua for Karla Musa Yeah, call me In Kuntum Amman to belay for Allah hate our crew in control. Muslimeen Musa told his people after he heard their anxiety and their interest word from them, all my people, if you have believed in Allah, then rely upon him if you

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shouldn't be Muslims, this comes handy for us right now because again, when a time of confusion, and so much so much attack on Islamic value and religious value altogether, as a matter of fact, even common sense value in our time, people are now shaken by all these

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all these incidents, and the ones used to be passive, you know, a crowd of liberals who just want to live and let live and so on no longer want to do that. They become so aggressive and terrifying. They want to cancel the other cultures right now. So all of these kinds of things so Musa Sam is telling his people look, if you believe in Allah azza wa jal if you truly believed in Allah azza wa jal, then rely on him.

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And don't worry about these myths at this moment. Don't worry about them. Put your trust in Allah subhanho wa taala. Rely on Allah azza wa jal and submit your world to him and you will be okay. And that's what I made a DUA and they said call for Cairo. Allah Allah hito Khanna says we do rely on Allah azza wa jal. And then they said Rob Birna Ya Allah, we trust you. We rely on you. And then they made the DUA, which again expressed their anxiety and their interest in this matter. Robina lotta Jalna fit antennal comma Dalemain O Allah says do not make us fitna do not make us fitna or subject as a trial for the wrongdoing people what does that mean exactly? is don't let Don't let

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these people

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and hurt us. Don't make us the game for them while they hurt us under the tortures you Allah protect us from the wrongdoing that's what it means. So when we make this dua We ask Allah to protect us from the evil doing all these people then as they say that they can cause you the harm in your in your livelihood and your family life and your reputation your name your fame, with the internet, you know, being a tool and a weapon in the hands of many ignorant peoples of how you can imagine what damage could be could happen to innocent people because of that. So here it says called Walter Jana fritatta. Jonathan telecom Madani mean you Allah do not make us object of trial for the wrongdoing

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people were not Ginebra Motyka Minella Coleman Catherine and your Allah save us by Your mercy from the disbelieving people means from this they will disbelieve your Allah we need your mercy to help us to go through these trials. That's the dua of Bani Israel one day when Musa alayhis salam told them to be patient as the trials gotta come anyway. But trust Allah subhana wa Taala rely on Him, submit yourself to Him and ask Allah for protection from these wrongdoing people and also from the cafe May Allah spawn to protect us

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now, the story was obviously continued but we're going to focus on this right and shallot Allah to repeat that data together with the LA Zoo

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Allah ukata kalna

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filata Jana fitness and little Comilla Alameen

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wa Jinnah, Vera Matica mineral coal mill Catherine

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Robina Allah katoa

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fell outta Jalna fitness and they'll call Malala min

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wanna Gina Vera magic?

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Mineral Coleman Catherine

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Robina Allah Katakana

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fell outta Jalna fit nuttin little Kamala limin

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wanna Gina erotic

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mineral Tolman Catherine

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Allahumma and tavoli Yuna

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for Lana or Hamner,

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one to Hyrule Warfarin

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rubberneck for Lana.

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What a warning

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word fear method.

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We're under Hamra Haman

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Rabbana Africa in our sobre

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what our Muslim in

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Robina if turbina whereby in a coalmine, I will help

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will antiviral fatty Hain

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Robina lotta Jana al coma volumen

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Robina alumna and fusina

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were LM talk for Lana

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water Hamner. Learner Coonan nominal ha serene.

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Rob Donna origina Manhattan Hill Korea.

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Allah, Allah Allah.

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wa jal Lana Melaleuca Walia

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wotja Alana Mila drunkeness Zerah

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Rabbana masala Katha Bartylla

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Subhanak Sakina either now

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or bene in Nikka min to the villain now,

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for the Alpha Zeta

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woman volley me and I'm unsought

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Rabbana Inanna Samana

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Mona Odeon you know the real Iman

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Amin over Europe become famine

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Rob Robert Fuller and I don't know gonna

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work if Iran say

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what our phenomenal abroad

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Tina, Marwat solid

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wala tofu Zina yo multi Emma

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in Nicola totally fooled me

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Robina Evelyn I don't know when

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was Rafa and FE M Marina

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was a bit aka Domina

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one SORNA Allah Coleman Catherine

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Robina mana Bhima and Zelt what Ivana Rasool

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for October and I'm Asha headin.

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Rabbana Taco Bell Mina in the semi or Aileen

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Allahumma inna now the vicar was a Rihanna min ash shaytani R Rajim

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Rob gonna have Alana Megalodon Korea tanta Eva

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in NACA semi

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Allahumma Malakal mold,

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till milkman, Tasha

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for 10 00 ML commandment SHA

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what rizoma The Sha?

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What are the lamonta Sha

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viatical higher

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in Nicola kuraly Shane Kadir.

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Total Leila for now.

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We're totally out of line

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autocorrect will Hi MNL made

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autocorrect will may terminal Hi

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Protaras Aquaman Tasha will be very hazy.

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Robina in mana,

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fall for learner lubaina

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Okina Agha nor

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Robina LA to the Kaluga Anna

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Vida it had Atana

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will have Alana Milan Kurama.

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In Tel Wahab

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Rabbana Inaka jamea Nurse

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laomi Laura Buffy

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in Nicola to coloful me

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from Bana, semana Wattana

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have run Accra, Ghana,

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while Akel mercy

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from Benalla to Edna

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in nesina Astana

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Robina wala Malala inna Israa

00:15:34 --> 00:15:36

Kemah Hamilton who

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Anna Lee AnnaLena mooncup Milena

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Robina wala to Homina Malhotra catalana

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wa for Anna, work for Lana for HANA and Tamela Anna from SORNA. Alcoa mill Catherine

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Robina for his eyeliner sobre

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was a bit awkward Domina

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on Sunnah aralco Mill Catherine?

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Rob burner. Tina dunya Hassan.

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Well Phil karate Hazara

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in LA

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we're in LA Hey Roger, your own.

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Aloha my journey. Famous EBIT? Workflow Fei Li Hiram minha

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Ravera Taco Bell Mina

00:16:43 --> 00:16:45

in Atlanta semi olallie In

00:16:47 --> 00:16:50

Robina wa Jana Muslimeen any luck?

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Women the retina

00:16:54 --> 00:16:56

Oh matter Muslim matter luck

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well Arina Mana xicana

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Whatever Allah inna in the world Rahim.

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Robina watch and fina my yellow eyeliner.

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While you are live on Al Kitab I will hikma

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why use Akina

00:17:21 --> 00:17:24

in Africa until Aziz will Hakeem

00:17:26 --> 00:17:29

Rob burner Angel hurdle Bella the Amina

00:17:31 --> 00:17:38

aurizona Minister Murat Wah Hello, man I'm in home

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Billa he will yo Malacca

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Allah Medina Surah Thomas takim

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serata Latina and I'm Tara him.

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Why are the Malibu

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what are the only in

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Spanish and Santa Monica

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