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hola hola Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Masha, Allah be able mousseline Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam just leaving Catherine kathira abajo might have other sisters, we are in the last Juma of Ramadan Kareem.

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We are coming to the end of this blessed month. Let me begin by thanking Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah who for having given us this blessed month in good health, and with the ability to

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maximize the benefit of this month by pleasing Allah subhanho wa Taala. And by doing that, which is for our own benefit,

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we ask Allah subhanaw taala to continue to bless you and to keep you protected and to enable you to continue to do the work that you are doing, which pleases Him and to save you from that which does not please Him.

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This is a continuation of the last jumar which was make your da powerful. This is the second part of it.

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As soon as he taught us five ways, five ways to make our da more powerful. First of it. First of the ways is to cry. And I'm not talking about Original Sin I'm saying even if you cannot, if tears don't come pretend to cry, but ideally speaking really cry with the glory and majesty of Allah in our hearts. Subscribe and making God Abdullah Amma in the last Adil Anima reported that a Surah Surah Salam recited these two ayat and wept.

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All we live in a shaitan rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Robby known as Ilana kathira minasi foreman. Wi Fi no mini mama now Swanee for inaka offer over him. So to buy him Muladhara mentioned even Imani salaams da, he said oh my Rob. They have indeed led astray many among mankind. But whosoever follows me verily he is off me. And whosoever disobeys me Still, you are indeed off forgiving, Most Merciful. See, the heart of arrival is Sarah. Even though disobeys him he does not say Allah punish him. He says Allah even if it is always misty, you are the Most Merciful You are the most forgiving. And the other eye which also was recited in the web was from sort of my that

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into at home for in Homer badak. We're in Tukwila home for inaka and

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Azazel Hakeem in as a home for inner home rubberduck we're in the villa home for inner gundel azizul Hakeem, if you punish them, Yara if you punish them, they are useless. And if you forgive them, verily you Only you are the Almighty and the all wise

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and this is the statement of Isa la sala before Allah manatal. Rosado, salaam wept and kept saying rugby Amati rugby Amati Robbie Amati Oh my Oh, my Oh my Oh, my rock my oma Allah Subhana Allah Who, who knows everything who sees everything, said well, Islam.

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Angela, Islam came and he said, You're rubbish, saying, ask him. Why is he said, Why is he aggrieved? And of course Allah, Allah knows this. This is to honor the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and to establish witnesses in his favor. So he says, Ask him, Allah. Allah said, ask him why is he said Why is he aggrieved? So does the resonance a judge agreed, at least set up? What will happen to him? What will happen to my own Allah? Does it tell him we will make him happy with respect to Islam? And he said well so far you will take rabuka Fatah as diatoms

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and very your rub will give you all that is good so that you will be well pleased to see the situation of rubbish. We spent our whole life trying to please Allah. here Allah is saying, I will please you. Yeah, Mohammed Salah

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Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala Muhammad Rasul Allah.

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Allah, Allah Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali Ibrahim

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then said then I will not be pleased if even one of my oma isn't gonna

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say that I retired Rolando used to say to the people of Iraq, you think that the ayat of greatest hope in the Koran is called di Valerie Ross Sara uzima, Taka Natoma raha de la in the La Jolla de novo Jamia in the whole of Oro Rahim is the beautiful eyes.

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I'm sure the Zoomer where Allah said oh my Obi slaves or embody, who have transgressed against themselves by committing sins, despair not of the mercy of Allah. Do not despair of the mercy of Allah. Verily, Allah Subhana Allah forgives all sins, truly he is asked, forgiving and most merciful. So then I

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say to the people of Iraq, you think Can you say that this is the ayat of greatest hope in the Quran, but we the Sahaba and the annulment, we consider the ayat of greatest hope in the Quran to be one so far Utica buka Fatah, because as soon as I said I will not be happy until every single one of my oma is freed from Jana. And Allah promised to make him happy. Now, soon as Adam said, in a beautiful Addison theorem with a two eyes will never be touched by the fire of Jana and I which weeps out of fear of Allah subhanaw taala and an AI which spends the night in the in guarding the cause of Allah. Even O'Meara delana is to say, it is dear to me to shed one drop of tear than to

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give out in charity 1000 Gold dealer.

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I just said delana, our mother, she reported once rasulillah salam was sitting and he started weeping until his beard what was wet, and he continue to cry until he wet the ground under his feet. I mean, the tears fell to the ground, and the ground was three under his feet also became wet. When it was further times. Now this is happening in tahajud. And his whole Salah is crying and he's weeping, and to this extent copiously when it was further time bill, Allah Delano came to inform him that further time had come upon seeing him crying this hard, he exclaimed Yasser Allah subhanaw taala Why do you cry so much? Why Allah has forgiven whatever you might have done wrong in the past,

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and what you might do wrong in the future. He is an alert is a level of light, should I not then be a grateful slave? And I was revealed upon me tonight was to him who recites it and does not reflect on its meaning. And then he decided

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in a vehicle to somehow do all the wealthy love you lady one

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lady in the Koran Allah, Allah

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will be him with Africa on weight of a Karuna

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p na.

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Na comma.

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is Wally. We saw robina inara Sameera da da Yura De Lima neon. vino, we're a big home for one robina

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walk up here on say, Dena, what

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is rotary Allah, Allah is meant which means indeed in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of the date of the day, our science for those of understanding for people who are understanding, who remember on us standing, sitting and lying down their side, and get in the reflect on give thought to the creation of the heavens and the earth, saying our wrap, you did not create this without purpose you did not create this endlessly. Exalted are You Above all, that they associated with you, then protect us from the punishment of the higher our indeed, whoever you admit to the fire, you have disgraced him. And for the wrongdoers, there are no helpers, our job Indeed,

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we heard a color that is also known as a solemn calling to faith saying, believe in Europe, and we have believed our forgive our sins and remove from us our misdeeds, cover them up and cause us to die with the righteous. And then let's also say it the hola toughly hope and fear Allah that you may be successful. Whenever I read this either I always tell myself and I said man, a word Allah smarter. The Sahaba said Ramana inasa man, all our love indeed we have heard and we believe but we are we have not heard the beautiful voice or noise or Salah yet we still believe the Please forgive us.

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And this is why always made hamdulillah sisters, Ramadan Kareem came to help us to repair that connection with Allah subhanaw taala, which is the only connection which is eternal, and which will never break, the only one that we need.

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So the first way to make dropperful is to weep for the glory and majesty of Allah, and for in in in awe of him, and to thank him. The second one is to confess our sins. Perhaps the first drive here on Earth was this part of our father and mother actually served and Hawaii Silla. They were sent down from Jana, and given the key to return to their real home, which is also our real hope, and that he was called

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to Santa Windham toquilla.

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Allah said, they said, our app, we have wronged ourselves. If you don't forgive us, and you don't best for your mercy on us. Surely we will be among the losers. The beginning of all turnarounds is to accept the need to turn around lasondra asked us to question 14 centuries ago, he asked for another one. Where are you going? Where do you think you're going? But we were too busy to answer him, our routines, the compulsion that we yoked ourselves to, in pursuit of material with the totally crazy insane society that we created based on only one value, which is self indulgence. And then we forced everyone to fall in line, are deliberately pursuing a collision course with a lot of

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animal data blatantly and shamelessly violating his will. Even when he declared war against those who do that. I mean, dealing in interest based finance, we accepted that declaration of war. while pretending to follow Islam. We thought that if we build beautiful Masada, then spend some money in charity, that would suffice. Quite literally, we tried to throw money at Allah to propitiate him, like people try to rule with idols. We did everything except answer the question that Allah asked for aina Tato so where are you going? So Allah Subhana Allah stopped us in our tracks, and demonstrated his power and his contempt for our arrogance by using a virus, something so minute,

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that it can't even be seen with the naked eye. And boy, did we stop? Did we stop? We walked into a wall, and we are still reeling with the concussion of it.

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If we don't obey, Allah can force us to obey. If we won't answer, Allah can force us to answer if he won't change. Allah subhanho wa Taala can force us to change. But that is never easy nor painless. That also we discovered, the time has gone my brothers and sisters therefore to acknowledge Allah subhanaw taala supremacy and vow in submission before him and revert to Islam. Yes, I know I'm talking to Muslims. It is we who must revert to Islam. This is true. This is the cure for COVID Mr. Farr, Allah, Allah give us the greatest Mashallah the greatest good news when he promised mama can Allah Holy zivame want him? Mama can Allah who was zeba home home yourself Iran, Allah insult

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Llanfair Allah

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and Allah would not punish them while you all hamazon sellers are amongst them, nor will you punish them while they seek forgiveness.

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What must we do to invoke this promise of Allah that He will not punish us? Make sure that that rasulillah so the seller is with us today. That means through us following his son and sending lots of salat wa salam on him, sorry some Allah Hi, listen, and by making large service to farm, let us seek Allah subhanho wa Taala His forgiveness while we have a chance, and Laura told us what no Elisa Lam said to his people, so called to stuff

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your city, sama la mirada, Gombe Albany, where Jana, come Jana tomorrow Jana Kumar Hara. I said to them, ask forgiveness from Europe. Verily he is of forgiving. He will send rain to you in abundance and give you increase in wealth and children and best on your gardens and bestow on you rivers is the fire on tawa changes the path of destiny. And Allah subhanaw taala in his infinite mercy kept that door open until we see the angels

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until we made miracle mode. But since that can happen at any time, let us not

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Relax and get lazy about repenting and changing the course of our lives. We have only until we meet with

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our brother and sisters, we must repent and try to make amends. Where we sinned is the far is an essential precondition for the acceptance of those who continue to disobey Allah subhanaw taala deliberately may like to read the rest of the surah to see what do I know Ali Salam made for those who refuse to make a Stefan israa almasi who are Sol, Sol katima. insisting on sin is the cause of a bad ending without a man. Shadow admin also Delano narrated that also as Sam said, the supre way of asking for forgiveness is to say, element or Billa. collect any one abduch one

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master data I will become in charge

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of all of

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them before filming for a node i have frozen.

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Which means Allah, you are my Rob, there is none worthy of worship, but you, You created me and I am your slave. I am committed to my covenant and my promise to you as much as I can. I seek refuge with you from the evil that I have done. I acknowledge before you all the blessings You have bestowed upon me, and I confess to you all my sins, so grant me forgiveness, for no one can forgive sins, except you. As all as I said, I'm added if somebody says it during the day with firm faith in it, and dies on the same day before the evening, he will be among the people agenda. And if someone says it at night with firm faith in it and dies before the morning, he or she will be on the people

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agenda. And this isn't Buhari, so make this into part of your morning and evening Oscar. This is called trade with Mr. Farr and say this three times inshallah Allah Subhana. Allah May Allah grant us that we are among the people agenda.

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Point number three. So first one was weeping in Salah two was making stuff up. Third one, though, by reference made to previous good deeds. This has been mentioned in the story of the three people who enter a cave to shelter from heavy rain, and its entrance was blocked by a huge rock that slid down the side of the mountain, and it sealed them in the cave, facing certain death in a very horrible way. Now they invoked and they made dolla dolla and they mentioned the most sincere deed and Allah subhanaw taala accepted that da and he responded and he released them, the rock moved. And this is the Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim. So let us reflect on what deeds we have done, which we can use as

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our vasila for our door before Allah subhanaw taala. Do something in secret, and keep it with you to use as your vasila to ask Allah. One of the most effective ways in which either has deceived us today is through social media. And it's demand that we make every private thing public. Don't ruin whatever good you do by talking about it. Let Allah subhanaw taala make visible what He wills, but you keep your good deeds secret. And definitely don't post them on social media. Get out of social media, especially Facebook and Instagram. They are the most powerful of shutdowns tools. Number four, asking Allah subhanaw taala to bless our lives or Salah by sending the rules and Salam on him

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sallallahu sallam.

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This is actually a requirement for the acceptance of da sola sola Salam said, in a hubbies which is in sale jammy every door is suspended until the blessing of Allah is conveyed upon the prophets Allah is Allah. This, as I said, is our means of keeping our soldiers are seldom in our midst, making dua for our soldiers and I'm sending Salam on him Ali Salam and following his Sunnah in our lives in all that we say, do or allow is to keep Baba Salah Salem in our lives. People must remember what happens when they see talk to or deal with us. The fact that this will automatically make us the most beloved influential of people and role models for others is a bonus. The sunnah of

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Rasulullah Sallam is like fragrance. It benefits even the one who didn't bite provided the one who bought it is wearing it. That is wear it with pride. Let us be identified with it. And because we follow it, and while we decide to follow the Sunnah, let us remember that the biggest sooner is kindness and gentleness, not harshness. Number five, the last of the things which make drop off is to face the Qibla raising both hands

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And being in a state of Voodoo. Now whereas we can make dua in any state and any situation, it is preferable to be in a state of Voodoo, face the Qibla and raise both hands when making da Musashi alano reported when also does our Salah cat finished

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from the Battle of oh nine, he sent

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to lead or galanos to lead an army to us and he sent me with him. I will our other Lana was stuck in his knee by an arrow, which a man from dusum shot and it lodged in his knee. I removed it and water who's out of it.

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He said, Our Rolando said oh the son of my brother, convey my greetings Rasul Allah, Solomon request him to ask Allah for forgiveness for me. He survived for a short while, and then he died. I returned and called on resources. So I'm at his house, and I found him lying on a bed, made of stocks of date palm leaves, knitted with ropes. And on it, there was bedding.

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The strings of the bed had left their marks on his blessed back and sides. I told him about our and ours news or the land and his request to tell him to ask nosler to ask her So Sarah, to seek Allah's forgiveness for him, the Sooners and asked for water he performed below and he raised his hands up saying Oh Allah, forgive your slave abou Iman.

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Musashi says I saw the whiteness of the prophets, Allah Salam under that means he raised his hands. so high up, he continued, he said, Oh Allah made this is who said

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he said, Oh Allah make him on the Day of Resurrection, superior to many of your human creatures. Now I was I

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saw that this is a something amazing is happening here. The doors, the treasures of Allah subhanaw taala. The doors are open. So he also took advantage of that. And he said,

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he said, Yasser Allah subhanaw taala. Would you ask Allah Subhana Allah forgive me forgiveness for me also, and He is Allah sallam. He said, Allah forgive the sins of Abdullah in case and admit him to a good entrance on the Day of Resurrection. Now have his Alani I have to lay in his Kitab in his book phulbari he says making dua in a state of Voodoo is muster. It is desirable using this or this as the delille for this Holla Holla. As the month of Ramadan draws to a close, let us beg Allah subhanho wa Taala to forgive us and cover us with His mercy and grant us Jana, I want to read for you one of my favorite hobbies, which is narrated on the authority of Salford in her his alma

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masini. Delano. He said while I was on my way, along with him know what other Lanois talking, holding his hand in mind. Suddenly a man appeared to him and said, What did you hear as soon as I said, I'm saying about confidential talk about secret conversation. And he said, that is Abdullah

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bin Omar raga Lanois, he said, I heard a salsa some saying, on the day of judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will draw here, a believer He will draw him close to him, draw near to a believer and put his forgiveness over him and screen screen his sins and screams and then Allah will say, did you do such and such a sin? Did you do such and such? And the believer will say, yes, Europe, yes, Europe, this conversation will continue until Allah subhanaw taala will make him confess

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all his sins, and the believer things that now he's ruined, is finished because all his sins are up there in the front. And then I lost right that I will say, I conceal your sins in the world. And I forgive you today. Now going to Jana, and then he would be given the record book containing is containing his good deeds only in his right hand. As regards infidels, and hypocrites. As regards the gopher. The Hoshi the key and the one of your co the witnesses will say, these are the people who have disbelieved the rub. And behold, Allah Subhana taskus is upon the transgressions. This is in Bukhari Muslim and if nomada and as I say this, finally my brothers and sisters, let me remind

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you on myself, that we are in the period, one of the nights of which inshallah is Laila to call it a night in the worship during which is better and reward than continuous worship for 1000 months. This is Allah subhanaw taala takeaway gift to us. This is Allah

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As booster for us to fill our book of deeds, with the best of deeds, which is about the worship of Allah, let us not neglect that night and wasted and socializing, and other useless activities. never seek Allah subhanaw taala is forgiveness, which is the biggest treasure that we can possibly get an ask Him for His mercy and repent our sins,

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repent to Allah subhanaw taala and

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where our sins hurt somebody else, seek their forgiveness and compensate them. If depending on what the nature of the transgression was, if you transgress can transgress on their rights, give back to them what was rightfully theirs. And make sure that does make sure the account is clear before we meet a lot of artha give lots of charity, because charity cools the anger of Allah says I just do catalana she reported, she asked us what's your sort of law?

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If I find let it What should I ask Allah? And he said, say Allah in the Gulf of Oman, we're happy to her but I fought for an Allah, you are forgiving, and love forgiveness. So forgive me. I love the sisters. This is the dua that I just heard Elena, may Allah grant are the best of the best. She's the one who thanks to our questions. We have the dean and in this case, thanks to a question. We have this very beautiful door. I remind myself in you, knowing the DA is not is not important. Doing the door is important and to do that, it is necessary and important for us to

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control ourselves and to ensure that we do not do anything which

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we need to regret later. This is the mantra that ask Allah subhanaw taala to make this your best Ramadan yet, and to be pleased with you and never be displeased and to accept your above that your car your

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car and to reward you in keeping with his majesty and grace or son Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was savage mind burrata, Guevara Hamid while hamdulillah roble army even warranty when it was a loving just the most beautiful leads for you inshallah. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.