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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shadowfang via Eva was serene Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam doesn't even consider and consider how Nevado brothers sisters,

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one of the most salutary

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one of the most powerful things

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that is available to humanity.

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the most

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to the west is to the one who transgressors the most.

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The most salutary the most powerful reminder that is available to us is deaths is to witness deaths in one way or the other,

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to see somebody dying to go to a cemetery, and look at a cemetery see the graves to participate in a funeral prayer

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in salatu, Janaza.

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And even for people who are not Muslims, to go to a funeral prayer in whichever way

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in whichever form, to go to their own cemeteries, to go to hospital, see terminally ill patients,

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and to be at the bedside of somebody who is actually dying.

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This is one of the most powerful

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things to soften the hardest of hearts. And which has the potential to completely change the life of a person. Because what it does is that when you look at it, and when you have that experience, and you have a serious buy in and you're thinking about it,

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what it does is very simply, it reminds you that one day you will not be the one watching you will be the one who will be watched, you will be that person on that bed, you will be that person in that position of dying in whatever form it takes. And there will be others who will who will be watching you.

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And those around you that I mentioned this in the locker for either lol for Lola is Bella gotten home. One two heroes in Thunder Road, when a handle Accra Villa Haman Kumala Killa two zero, unless Valterra said that when the breath is stuck in the throat

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in secret, when the root of the soul is being extracted.

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And may Allah save us from the

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cliff and the pen, the pain of Socrates mouths, where all the nouns

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inside the body, they start feeling the pain.

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And they are in excruciating pain and we don't, you can't see it, people don't know what it is. And that's why in palliative care and end of life, times they give the patient morphine

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to calm them down and to ease that pain in some way or the other.

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But what people don't understand is that pain is physical, but it's also emotional, it is also spiritual, depending on the kind of life that one has lived, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to live a life which is in obedience to Him. geladeira who because the only people who are going to be spared that pain are the people for whom Allah said Nana, Accra Bula HeMan Comala kilotonnes zero people who are obedient to Allah subhanho wa taala, who believe in Him,

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who worshiped Him all their lives who are faithful to Him, they can hope to have relief from this pain of sacrifice, where as soon as as Adam said, he differentiated between the two. And he said that the person the death of a person and the extraction of the raw, the extraction of the soul of a person, a believer who Allah subhanaw taala, who loved Allah and wallah loves is like a drop of water falling from the mouth of a jug. Whereas the depths of the opposite somebody who spent his or her life disobeying Allah subhanaw taala in doing all kinds of things, which Allah subhanaw taala had permitted, and who dies with the anger of Allah subhanaw taala on them, we ask Allah for

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protection from this. For that person in the room, the soul is extracted. It's like pulling out a thorny branch from inside a ball of wet wool.

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And he said that it will separate each strand it will rip out each strand each string of that wall will be separated forcefully from the other. may imagine the kind of nerves the way the nerves will be painful.

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With the kind of incredible pain that the person will feel. Now, the reason I'm saying all of this is always did is because this is what

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observing it, watching it,

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reflecting on it, and just not just reflecting intellectually, as a disembodied topic of discussion, but reflecting on it very viscerally very personally, to say that one day, I am going to pass through this door. And that's why I know that we have the word in the month of Iran to move from one state into another one room and another one plays into another.

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And that's what that is, that is not extermination, that is not an isolation that is not

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finishing, that is only completion of one state of life, and moving into another state of life, from the animal shahada to the arable versa.

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That is why it's so important to continue to have a soft heart, where we allow debts to wake us up from our wide awake Dream, which is called the life of this dunya.

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However, one of the games of Atlantis to trivialize that, which is really the most serious topic on the earth. And the trivialization is called Halloween.

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Today, we are coming close to this holiday of Halloween here in America.

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And like all evil stuff, this stuff spreads fast. So I'm sure this Halloween is, is

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celebrated in many places. And all over the place, we have horrible skull masks, and we have pumpkins, imagine people grow millions and millions of pumpkins, and draw

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skulls on them. And then on Halloween, they call them Jagger lanterns.

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On Halloween day, this

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scoop out the inside and throw it away, which is the good nutritious stuff food. And then they stick a light in this pumpkin with a skull mask which has been carved into it. And they put it outside their houses. You know,

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I don't know what to do what but so the all over the place we have here

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pictures of or

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models of ghosts, which is a white sheets with the skull marks on them. Skeletons, plastic, skeletons, dead bodies, in positions of, of screaming with pain coming out of graves, all kinds of horrific imagery all over the place.

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There are people who spend literally hundreds of dollars, maybe even $1,000 on within courts decorating their homes with this with this stuff. And then we have you know Halloween parties and you have block parties and you have

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kids who call around and they say

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treat trick or treats. And if you give them some sweets, they go away if you don't give them sweets, then they do whatever they need to do anyway, the long and short of it is that here is debt which is trivialized, which has been turned into a festival, which of course has a huge commercial value because lots of money gets spent income in completely, utterly

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useless and negative ways. Whereas the value of objects for the living, which is to wake them up and open their eyes to the fact that this is the only reality that we can bank on and that is that one day I will die. Nothing else is is

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is definite. Nothing else is sure nothing as a certain.

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Like I said in the previous for the reminder. We we do we plan for retirement, but we don't know whether we will retire. We plan for college but we don't know whether we will go to college we plan for to have babies and we don't we don't know whether we will ever have babies. We plan to get married. But we don't know whether there is a spouse that has been written didn't into our culture. We plan for every single thing right? We plan for good health. We don't know whether a disease is going to hit us or a truck. We have no idea. Every single thing we plan for is uncertain. The only thing which is absolutely certain without any doubt is death and we do not plan for death. This is

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tragedy of the human condition is the

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deception of shatter which we must strongly

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condemn and go against

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and not succumb to and in that is the trivialization making it into a joke making into a party making it into a fancy dress event, you know having within quote fun in the name of deaths. I mean, how much more deviated and how much more deviant can you get? And how much more can you squander a great resource which would have been a great reminder to tell us there look Time to wake up. It is not okay to live your life in the state where we have

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we have no you know, idea and respect for the only truth that is which is that one day I will die ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to live lives of awareness and where we are aware of what we do and we do only that which will be beneficial for us in the ACA and not sell the ACA

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at the expense or other sell the ACA and then you know, use this dunya

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news dunya DX was the anchor for Salah Nabil Karim Allah He was surveyed member article right