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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shara Philomena Eva mousseline, Muhammad Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi, WA early he was seldom at the Sleeman, Kathira and cathedra. From Abbado,

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my brothers and sisters, there is a very beautiful Hadith or Surah Salem,

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where one day he drew a rectangle in the sand, he took a stick and he drew a rectangle in the sand.

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And then he drew a line, a vertical line

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in the center of the rectangle going all the way up and then through the top of the rectangle extending outwards

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and in this vertical line within the rectangle, he drew

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two or three cross lines.

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So, this I was at Arizona, what is this diagram?

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Here, he said that this box the rectangle box is your life

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this is your life

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whatever happens to you is within this box, this is your life.

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He said the central line which extends to the full extent of the rectangle and then goes out is your desires.

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What you want to achieve and so on and so on.

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And is it the cross lines within are the hover this these are the calamities maybe accidents, maybe illness whatnot.

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So if you look at his box now this is the extent of your life is his box.

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The central line is the desires it's also a lifeline

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and in the lifeline are the how are these accidents. So you get one, you miss that the next one and so on.

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And the line or the desires go out of the box

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so he said your desires are for things which are even beyond your lifespan.

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Now, think about this as these are usually

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the way people did this or this is to say, don't have desires.

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I don't teach it like that.

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My teaching is Allah subhanaw taala created his world and He created us and He created our desires and he created our hopes and aspirations so that this world continues to run.

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Right? If all of us today here became supremely conscious, that we may not even live for the next five minutes, then believe me we will stay here we will not even go home because we will say if I'm to die let me die right here in the masjid good place.

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Right forget my job, forget everything else, the word will come to a heart. This is not the maxim of Allah Subhana Allah wants the world to run so Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us the desires

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the issue is to keep the desires within the purview and the boundaries of the deen

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to have ambition Alhamdulillah this is very good. You should have ambition

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right? You should have ambition you should have the desire to change the world you must have the desire to influence the whole world. And don't worry about the fact though I mean I'm you know one one person, everything happens from one person only. All of this you have desires for your children for example, you want your children to to prosper and grow and then you will now by the time your child is grown and whatnot, you may not even be the you know, you understand that but you have the hunger nothing wrong with that. The question is what happens when that desire comes into conflict with the hope of Allah subhanaw taala

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This is where the issue is

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to fulfill the desire if I'm breaking the laws of Allah subhanaw taala then there is a major problem.

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But if I'm fulfilling the desires within the framework of the deen Alhamdulillah this is very good. We should do that.

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But not breaking the laws of Allah's Ramadan, this is not acceptable.

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Then the issue of the Hawa this accident calamities, whatnot, is where we have readable color with Allah's rather than we ask Allah what is protection, but if something happens, we say Alhamdulillah Allah Koolhaas, we are pleased and thankful to Allah subhanaw taala and we are happy with whatever he decides for us 100 Like this is there is hiring that even though we may not be able to see the fire immediately in front of us, but this is our Aqeedah This is our belief that whatever Allah decides for me Inshallah, this is good.

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Yes. So the point is that we have to give us I remember myself and you let's think about the salaries and keep this in mind.

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And in these two perspectives, one is in terms of our

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ambitions hopes and so on. And the second one in terms of coming to coming to terms with and accepting the color of Allah subhanaw taala

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right now ambition and hopes.

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Again I do not differentiate between

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the strata definition between deen and duniya because in my view that definition itself is wrong.

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The the two the two opposites are dunya and akhira not Deen Antonia.

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What is the deen is the name of the method of living in this dunya

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so how can Dean be the opposite of dunya? Cannot be what is how do I live in this dunya according to what the

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so deen is for the dunya Allah did not send His Deen for us for the Kabbalah we prayed Zaporizhia we are not going to praise Allah Felicia in the grave. There is no Salah on the day on the Day of Judgment, right 50,000 years. Samson Alpha Santa how many Salatin that knows Allah.

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But here in one day there are five

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so deen is the way of living in this dunya that is the reason why we need to learn the other why why do we learn the Invert?

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If you ask me why don't you become a medical doctor? I don't want to become a doctor. Do I know medicine? No. I don't need to know medicine. I know doctors.

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But what am I my dean do I need to learn by the Yeah, because it applies to me.

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And I must know this is the beauty of Islam is in Islam. There is no priesthood. There's no clergy there are no you know batteries.

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Each one of us It is our job it is for dine on us to know as much of the deen as I need to know to practice it on a daily basis.

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So all the FARA each one of us must know all the fried, all the obligatory things that are obligated on me.

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I must know this fully and completely and I must be able to do that I will be able to fulfill that

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I say this all the time every male Muslim should know enough Quran to be able to lead Salah he must know the Messiah of leading Salah we will lead Salah properly

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notice we

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I've seen here people you you ask them to lead Salah and then you are embarrassed because now the guy doesn't know he's doing all kinds of wrong things.

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We must know enough. Every male Muslim must know how to do the hard work of Joomla I'm not talking about the buyer and I'm not talking you don't need me to give a big speech. I'm talking about the for club. How's it to be done?

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He must know this. Every male Muslim and this applies also to females must know the aka of the janazah how to get closer to the body.

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The soul of the governor

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How to lose the lotto Janessa we stand in

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we don't even know what we're doing. I mean people are standing you ask them Do you know the DA no you don't know how many rows are up to the elevator? Why is it that the man must always remind people this is how it should be done what how many times we've done this

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because we don't this we have made this unfortunately we as Muslims

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treat Islam like people like the Hindus or the question is somebody where the job of worship is belongs to the priest. So I hand over to the priests that the priests job I give a donation I'm paying you to make dua I'm paying you to lead salah, Lucha whatever this is not Islam

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This is not Islam you don't pay the Imam to do lead sunnah.

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So please

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every time there is a Gerasa that people can delete us do not know I don't know.

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Why don't you know how long does it take to learn five minutes

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that five minutes you don't have please don't do this to yourself. Please come

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I will teach you please learn

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these are very very important things critically important things and then for the rest of the deen whatever applies to you in your life at that time for example, if you are going to get married then you must learn about the

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all the the Dean related to marriage if you're if you start earning then you must know the Dean related to the guy if you're going for Hajj then you must know the D and related to Hajj and so on. If you're not going forward, you don't need to know that if you know that 100 is good but even if you don't know it's okay, but when you're going you should know if you're getting married then you should know about marriage. If you're going to start a business then you should know the deal with respect to the business.

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So, those are obligate those are obligated those are you know special things at the time but the, what is fourth in the the, this is something that we must all make the effort to learn and to know inshallah and to practice ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to learn this deed correctly and to live by this deed and to practice this deal so that when we stand before him Jana gelato that we will be forgiven We ask Allah to take us in a state of obedience and to resurrect us in a state obedience and to cover us with His mercy and we this forgiveness was Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was away maybe Raja karma