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The speaker discusses the challenges faced by young men in their early stages of their lives, including the pressure to get everything done and the struggles faced by men in their early stages of their lives. They also mention a documentary called "The Holy Land five carbon" and discuss struggles faced by two men in prison for their actions related to terrorism and other terrorist groups. The importance of ambition and entrepreneurship is emphasized, along with the need to define one's success and balance between courage, humility, and ambition. The speaker emphasizes the importance of strong family in establishing healthy relationships and pursuing one's dream of becoming a physical therapist.

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I wish he could hear this he would call every day from the moment he was put in prison, I think until 20. So keep in mind, I'm I'm 11 years old when he's put in prison until the age of minimum 2021 22. Every day that he could possibly call, he would call for fidget and ensure that I'm awake.

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So I told my mom and listen to her response. She said, a lot of them I remember like it was yesterday, she said, I'm gonna know don't retire me. Are you kidding me? I can do a couple more. You have a couple more years in me. I've worn a couple of years and we just save up, keep going, keep going, like save up. And then when it's you know, when it's at a certain point, then then retirement even at that point, she didn't feel entitled, like, she would have never believed in a million years. I mean, Sam would be able to retire her. I want to tell you one thing, she

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the prophets, I said

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that what will mcglue Mr. Java

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leibny Mr. Gela. And, you know, their father has both, it was making.

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salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. How's everyone doing? I'm Abdullah Oduro. And welcome to The Man Cave, where we discuss issues of male excellence while being grounded in faith.

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You know, I remember when I was 16 years old, and my mother would walk in the room, knock on the door, and she would ask, When are you going to get a job? When are you going to do this? Do you have plans, she saw that there was no real goal that I had in my life. I think this is common for many of us, young men. Many of us that are older now. We can recall that time when we were younger, and we had no ambition. One of the things that are important, I know for me, as if a man is gonna walk into my home and he wants to marry my daughter. I want to know if he has some ambition. If he has a goal if he's striving to get somewhere you know the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he mentioned

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that if you are going to ask Allah for agenda, then ask him for agenda to fit a dose, the highest level of your dose, the highest level agenda. Him Mattoon earlier to have a lofty goal, you cannot get there without ambition. So what we're going to talk a bit today about is that particular characteristic that is needed in our young men and in men in general, to have ambition Hamdulillah we have our mashallah cohosts Brother, what I was

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gonna attend him and his MMA skills and everything that he doesn't like Michelle, may Allah bless him. And we have to illustrious guests with us today, masha Allah to medical law, we have to my left brother, Oussama, and Muhammad, Allah, He hamdulillah they have an amazing story. And they are the epitome mashallah of examples of brothers that have ambition. But I want to start out Alhamdulillah with both of you where you were raised? Well, it's probably best to keep it connected with

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our father. And our mother course, our favorite person is our mother. So then our mother and then our mother.

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And then, you know, that's alright.

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I'm amazing.

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It was a very, very normal upbringing. And

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Happy. Mashallah. So when you were at the age of 11, and 10, something happened in your life? What was it that took place in your life that served as a catalyst for further

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you know, what we're going to speak about in regards to being someone that had to make some severe choices that required ambition. Oh, anto? Sam, on the last question, too. We we were, we're very fortunate to have a lot of family around us. So both of us grew up with so much support that we didn't ever realize what was going on. You know, it was always fun. It was always games we played outside all the time. But yeah, there's something did happen when we were 1112 years old. My father was incarcerated and you know, sentenced to life basically. He was

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a political, a political prisoner. He was being prosecuted for essentially supporting

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children overseas enough as a specifically, imagine you donate funds to a charity organization or imagine you would like to send funds

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to Palestine, for children, widows, people in need, you can't just send it to, you know, a person in Palestine, you have to send it to a charity organization, which then, you know, has their own procedures and they distribute the funds. Of course, HLF, the Holy Land foundation at the time was the nation's largest Muslim charity organization. The charity organization that was in Palestine, was the same charity organization that the United States Government funneled their charity money towards,

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to distribute funds and aid to Palestine. And that was presented in the court. Right, right. The second trial, the evidence that was put forward,

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was just it was it was so obvious at that point that this is bigger than what we had initially thought. Right. I think my father also at one point thought that, you know, they were just going to get by this. Right. And it wasn't going to be anything serious. But at the second trial, once all of this evidence they were giving to the same charity organizations to the same channels that the United States government, and a ton of other charity organizations are giving to, yeah, why are we not accusing? You know, all of these other organizations. Another piece of evidence that they used, they pulled in a, an expert in terror, was unnamed, they would not provide his name. It would not

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provide his his occupation. They just said he's a terrorist expert, which that's the first time in history that that's done. It was the first time in history that that was done and the judge allowed it in. I think there was a common theme in that trial that the judge was very clearly bias and took sides with the government and against Islam and Muslims and had a clear agenda. It's probably important to note that the first trial they want our father and four other men actually won the jury trial. One of the jury members, I think, caused the mystery. Yeah, cosmic trial. So this is against the United States government. And we want the law the first time. And I think that was observed and

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noted. And it was, it was it was achieved in the height of fear of the Muslim community around what years this, by the way, between?

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Oh, 3208, essentially, it was when all this was happening. Oh, this is all from the crackdown of 911 like to crack down that post. Yeah. And to find out for Ontario, Ontario. Yeah, America was essentially honing down and really scrutinizing every single Muslim community and trying to essentially take every establishment down that was influential in every Muslim community. And my dad was one of them one of five, along with other four great men.

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And yeah, so he was eventually sentenced to prison for

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no material support to terrorism, or other counts as well. So there's a very good documentary that has two parts on AlJazeera. Okay, on YouTube, you can find it I think it breaks down what we believe to be the truth very well, the Holy Land five carbon fiber

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website called freedom to VNC and Shoukry Shukri. Abu Bakr is also so cable back here and

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move feed to other men that are also that were in this community that were in this community that are also in prison, different prisons, but with my father, to other men. All the drama and all that and using Amazon have been released on dilla orders here. I only mentioned all of this because it's not only about our father, right, it's for other great men Hamdulillah. So could he has the same sentence as my father. So this fight we're fighting this fight

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for him just as much as we are for our Father, and then Inshallah, on normal feed will be out very soon insurance from lunch, there will be two LaShawn

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unites us with your father as well. But I mean, justice will inevitably show love prevail.

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So you grew up a lot of times, you know, it's the father that teaches, especially in Palestinian families, you know, on Palestinian flag, usually the father hands off the business. This Sunday sets him up in the sun is like sitting in this in this business, whatever it is, you know, whether it's a gas station, a supermarket or a restaurant, whatever it may be you nobody teaches them the ins and outs. I think you guys have to like, kind of hold your own and figure things out how

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How was that process? I will say that highly due to our mother? Yes, she say that, of course. So, of course, we were very young. Yes. I remember very vividly, I'll share the story. It's a it's one of the only stories I remember of the case. I was so young that which obviously, it's a huge, no, no, that we were that young. Right? Again, you're not able to absorb a lot of the, I guess, feelings that you would be able to absorb. If you're the age of, for example, my sister who was older than us, so she was able to kind of visualize and again, absorb all of it at a very, at a very mature age. I didn't know him. I was we kept going to the same courthouse every day. Like mama when we

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leaving board, just thinking this is like normal procedure, right? Yeah. 10 years old. 11 years old. When are we gonna go home? Come on, come on. That's like getting a license. Yeah, something like that. Like, can I take my skateboard with me and skate outside in downtown Dallas, like, well, this is all going on.

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That was that was my mind set. At that time. I remember very vividly taking my skateboard telling mom Oh, if I could, you know, go skate. While this is all going on.

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Here. That's so sad. But you know, I feel like it was good because it, we were very, they kept us very ignorant to the entire thing. My mom and our family and everyone made it feel like, everything's okay. Everything's normal. barely ever felt that. And I think the only thing truly that we struggled with, and that we saw our moms struggle with and, again, had nothing to do with there was no emotional distress because of no father anything. It was all. We saw our moms struggle, work, you know, till 9:10pm doing documentation, you know, for school, cooking dinner, like, like a superhero. Like imagine you have six kids, by yourself left with debt. You know, with all this

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attorney stuff going on. And so your, your that's what we witnessed, we witnessed financial struggle, you know, yeah. And I think growing up, we all knew we were going to be in a better spot no matter what, we were not going to live our whole lives like this. We saw our mom's struggle. She tried her hardest. She tried her hardest to make us not feel it, but we can see it wearing down on her. You know, that's what we experienced. It wasn't the wasn't the emotional distress. It wasn't the we were too young for that. When did it hit you?

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Like what? Because you said when you saw, you know what you said? When did it hit you to eat, you both said to each other, we got to step up, like around high school that as I got a little older I could, I would like Hamid said

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I was able to absorb again, keep using the same word.

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A lot of what my mother was going through. And so when you get older, you get more and more

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sad for the trials that she's going through. And then and you see her working. So we lived at the school. Basically I went I went to the same school that she taught at so I would go with her in the morning. And she would stay there all the way till seven eight o'clock sometimes crazy. Come back cook a 30 minute meal for six kids easy, amazing. Alfredo, just some soldier things that are incredible or edible. So always made diet always made this dua and Allah subhanaw taala I think answered all my, all my diets. It's crazy. I always made diet that I want to be a part of I'm not saying I'm the one that but like, allow us be a part of our mother's retirement allow us to be a

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part of her ability to be Nikita to be relaxed to rest. Right? And now that we're a little bit older, because of how independent and strong she was. It took her a moment to always ask her I say why don't you ask for things from an authoritative standpoint when it comes to us? Like demand your mother I deserve this. Yeah, like I want this right in the beginning. You know, she was very hesitant even though were her kids. But now I'm dilla she's very authoritative.

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Rightfully so. It's wonderful like she's she's, she feels entitled is what I'm looking for motion. Authoritative is the wrong word. But even even that, to be honest, her his his meaning or definition of entitled, my mom is still always so as into

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Ask always her own sons. And she was always like that as we grew up, and I think that, you know, subconsciously affected us well as like we don't ask, we do you know, she, she got many hit, she was offered many handouts from the community donations, you know, groups that were giving money to different families that were affected by this. She rejected all of it. And she did inch and I know that for a fact. And she always told me growing up, don't take handouts, you know, we're gonna, we're doing this together. Don't worry, all this stuff. And she would remember her credit card very, you know, clearly and I remember how she would like, just get over and get to the other side and the

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next month and the next month. Well, Santa, like, was really emphasizing is that she doesn't she never even the entitlement aspects she feels today is so, so small, she barely and I think that's truly, subconsciously, what made us do what we what we did over the last few years. And yeah, how could you not? Yeah, how can you not be ambitious in that like concept? Exactly. working that much, you know, leading by example, because she'll effectively the mom probably felt like she had to teach the girls how to be a woman and teach the boys how to be men as well. But she had to, she had to do everything. Right. And that's probably why she was like, you know, making sure she's she's on top of

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everything like that Subhan Allah and look at the product. You know, a major ambitious you you said, She set the standard high for you guys very high. Right? Like the amount of work and whatnot. A lot of times she does nowadays.

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We still have that like, no, like the ambition? No, no, not at all, ma'am. Mr. Panola? And, you know,

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I think with the coupling of mom and dad, you still do still communicate with that at all? Of course. Yes. So, I mean, just those words from from dad, and then mom being there, together, it's made you the man that you are today, you know, the last one of Dallas tofield when you mentioned

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how, you know,

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your mother, you know, was one of the use, you've seen her struggle, you see what she's going through? And I'm almost sure many, many young men go through that, man. I mean, there's some that, you know, there's probably Dad's not there, but he's there. He's there, but he's not there. Right. So sometimes you will feel you know, that the Son may have Where's where's my dad and that he's, he's, you know, he's in the house, but he's not there. And he sees mom struggling. That has been a means of ambition for something as well. So when seeing in your case, mashallah, dad is it's amazing. Dad is there? Is there? Exactly. You can communicate with him his words or words or words

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of gold. He was an entrepreneur as well.

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And he was there absolutely was not showing I hate to cut you off. I wish he could hear this.

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He would call every day. From the moment he was put in prison. Till

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I think until 20. So keep in mind, I'm I'm 11 years old when he's put in prison around that age, until the age of minimum 2021 22. Every day that he could possibly call he would call for fidget and ensure that I'm awake.

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So the Father

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the father who did not stop amazing. Yeah, it's I like to say that that my mother is definitely that my favorite person in the world. But bro for the longest time, I just felt like he was beyond

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like human.

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Like he always just thought of him as a Superman a Superman until I'm pro. That's what a kid thinks. I'm saying until I'm like in my 20s This is the guy.

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Yeah, yeah. So when it hits you all right. Okay, Daphna here, we have to step up. How did you all get into your entrepreneurial endeavor? And then stay in it? Like where was the manifestation of ambition for you all of you know, you realize, okay, Dad's probably not going to come home soon. Mom is situation that she's in right now. We have to step up and contribute and step up and take care of our sisters and a mom as well watching our mother in the situation that was she was in but then also Alhamdulillah beyond that our childhood was great. Again, our mother enabled us to just be very happy, right? So and instilled a lot of trait Good, good characteristics in us, which meant work in

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whatever you do work hard, right? Alhamdulillah it wasn't necessarily

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geared towards, on like being an entrepreneur and doing your own thing or starting your own business, and it was just whatever you do, put your all in it. 100%. And then in terms of how that converted to business, I'll allow the best.

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Absolutely, yes. I would love to romanticize it to make it seem like, you know, for the viewers and for the show, but you know, it's, it would be fake. If we said, our main driving point was, you know, we need to get out of this struggle, and we need to, you know, take care of our family. And although that may be a subconscious thing that's in our minds and in our hearts, I think what Sam has said was spot on, I think it was that do everything with,

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with, with tenacity with, just make sure you do it at 100%. Don't give up on it. And if you give up on it, look at me, like, look what I look, look, look at your mom, like, look what she's been doing. Of course, you have your dad calling you and being your business adviser and pushing you from from a prison. He was moved all over the place. I think at this time he was in Atlanta or something pushing you saying it's in your genes, do it, do it once you're doing once you're doing it, do it, do it, do it, you know, and this guy that you like, you know, that you look up to in praise is telling you, you know, maybe you're a role model came in and he was saying do it, you'd be like, energized, you'd

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be ready to go. So he, you know, he pushed me and I think my mom set the stage as

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for both of us, for all of us in our family, really all of us in our family, not just Muna salmon, but my sisters, we all have that same ambitious, we're going to do it no matter what no questions asked, just just get it done. Essentially, in college, you know, some things happened. And I decided, you know, that's it something just weird happened. clicked in my body was like, had an idea. And what's I didn't think about business growing up it just that idea clicked. A year before I thought of I want to get in business. I just was I was playing soccer. I wanted to become a physical therapist, whatever. And all of a sudden, I was just like, wait a second, I want to do business. You

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know? Really? Yeah, it was weird. Very weird. And when I talked to my dad, he was like, yeah, it's in your genes. That's why you

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it was hibernating for a few years. And, and yeah, we did it. And subhanAllah I was thinking, and my mom. You know, hopefully she hears this because we joke about every now and then I remember saying, oh my if you could just you know, invest in me by giving me your credit card so I can pay for gas every week. You know, that's all I need just gas money to get from here to school to the office because I was going to school and we started the company. And she was like, man, you can't like I barely have anything at the end of the month. I barely like, you know, where am I? How am I supposed to budget and an extra $100 You know, a month for you? That doesn't make any sense. And I was like,

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Mama, just trust me. I promise you I'll pay it back. Pay it back and.

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And it's how like, literally like a year and a half two years later, Ember and mama's house before choosing to get married before I'm not trying to like, you know, brag, because I truly did it out of like, I wanted it like it was love. Like Believe me if it wasn't I would have not, you know, care to do that selfish tendencies will definitely come out you would buy yourself a car or you know, home, a Rolex get married all this other material stuff. You see all these people doing that before they take care of their own family, which is mind blowing. And before like, I remember sitting in her room with you. And we were like, I was like, my mom made it. I'm making more than you now. I'm

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making more than you. I'm going to college. I'm making more than you and we were. We were all like laughing and I was like Mom, Okay, I'm ready to retire. Do you remember that? I was like, I'm ready to retire you. How old are you? I was like, 2223 years? 2022? No, no. Hey, I was 22 years old. I had just started my master's. I just finished my undergraduate going into my master's. Okay, so you were studying? And you started a business while you were studying? Yeah. In my undergraduate in my junior year of my undergraduate year, yeah. Okay. We started a pediatric clinic speech, occupational therapy. And at the time, we had to I had hired my second therapist. And because of that second

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therapist, you know, now I was going beyond a breakeven point. And I was,

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you know,

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at this point of profiting and we profited. I was I was making at that point, maybe, like, about $5,000 a month and, you know, I was a 22 year old 21 year old in college, you know, who has no business experience? No, nothing, making more than your mom that was like, I was on our ultimate like, threshold for you. Yeah. And it was consistent. It was consistent health care. It's very

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are consistent. I mean, I'm the Lead today we have 100 people working there. But at the time two people was like, I was like, you know, that's it. And I made it and didn't even think, you know, so I told my mom and listen to her sponsor. She said, a lot of them I remember like it was yesterday. She said,

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No, don't retire me. Are you kidding me? I can do a couple more, you have a couple more years in me, I have more a couple of years in me just save up, keep going, keep going, like save up. And then when it's you know, when it's at a certain point, then then retirement, even at that point shouldn't feel entitled, like, she would have never believed in a million years. I mean, no, Sam would be able to retire her until we're maybe 30 or something like that, you know, year later. Yeah, we, you know, Sam, I started another business. In solar. It was open. I mean, what a long story about Sam, Sam, I worked Sam and my cousin worked usif worked at a

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solar company that was just doing installation, they were essentially on the roof, putting the panels down summer jobs. And I had a good year, and I thought I was Elon Musk. And I approached to Sam and I was like, semi usif. What do you guys think? Let's do this together. And we all agreed and it like blew up over there. We have 175 people

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to share what I take away from the story. The ambition side of it is is good almost define it as not making excuses to stop or to fail, or whatnot. You know, like you had growing up, you're like, oh, you know, I grew up without my father. Most of my Oh, you know, I came from a low income family kind of struggling. So I, you know, I could barely pay for my gas. Like, there was many moments where you just could have like, had that excuse. Yeah, but ambition is where, like you, you take out all excuses. Like, no, I want to do this. Now. I don't care what it takes. You know, that's that's ambition. Right? Yeah. I think before this, you mentioned something that I and I think it ties into

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what I want to say. You define competence as a combination of two things. It was courage, courage and humility, humility, like, ambition is great. Courage is great. Yeah. Right. And it's necessary to to find out whether or not you're going to fall into the best goddaughter that Allah has. Kind of were one of the paths that Allah is destined for you, right? It's like you're doing your part, you're the best that you could do to find out if you're going to get the maximum of what was already written for you. I cannot explain how many scenarios, how many situations that the business should have just collapsed, really malt just, and then and then something happens? Right? Like, what are

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the phrase right? Out of the

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unexpected, never never

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falls in our lap, I'm gonna tell you one thing, she,

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the prophets, I sit

00:28:12--> 00:28:14

down with him as Lou was the Java

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leibny. Mr. And, you know, their father has both, and he's making a lot. For them, it ties perfectly to exactly what I wanted to conclude with and exactly why I think, or one of the main reasons as to why we wanted to share this message for the sake of our parents, our mother and our Father, to spread the message of our Father, and the men that are in there with him. That absolutely, like if you look at our current state, and you look at it's a perfect picture, it's a perfect storybook, like, the father goes to prison. And the children and hamdulillah are given this. We of course, we worked hard we work, people work harder than us, man, a lie, it's it's, it's balanced is like you

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said, it's the confidence is understanding that you need to work hard, but not convincing yourself, that the work got you there, just always reminding yourself that there's someone smarter than me, but Alhamdulillah that I've been placed on this path that is that is a path of it is you know, and I better be doing, you know, we all have our shortcomings and we all have our ups and downs but you We try our best to do the best that we can with the risk that our data provides. But I just wanted to make that clear that I definitely agree that there's a direct direct correlation between between our, our father situation and and this what they remind me of chef was that you know in Pseudotsuga

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when one Musa

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esalaam as coder, why'd we build while we built this, this wall for nothing in the middle of night? What did Allah say? And he said, What can a boo hoo male saw? They said they had a father. That was gracious. So Allah sent us to take care of them now. It's like, it's like that, that preservation Yes, you know, 100% No. And I think that's, that's important, you know? Because, I mean, we have to remember this shaytaan is real estate, and we'll come to you. And he's like you said, like, why are you doing this? You don't you don't know anything about this industry? You know, there's, there's people out there that are much better than you, you know, people are looking at you, are you sure

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you want to? So that can kind of play it play a role in weakening of that ambition, or that fire that was there. But I think what's really beautiful about you brothers is the presser appearance, you know, and that's a characteristic of someone that's ambitious, that they persevere throughout all of the trials. And the tribulations are the tests. And, like, when you realize what was really going on, you know, while you're in school, establishing, going through with an idea, because, you know, a lot of people have ideas. But then when you actualize that idea, it's a whole other level. And like you mentioned right now, how, you know, you faced so many there were so many roadblocks and

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pushing through Allah, He that is so important for a man light. So important is now now that you don't have a family and children, those roadblocks, you know, you you know, there's probably going to be brothers out there that's lost their job, you know, the children are looking at them. And mashallah, how you mentioned, you know, your mother, you know, when you're in court, when they're in court, you're not really understanding what's going on. You know, you as a father, you have to look back and, you know, subhanAllah you know, they're going to you won't be able to tell them, hey, look, I lost my job, all this is going on or sales plummeted, or we lost, you know, this many

00:31:54--> 00:32:10

employees, but you have to keep moving on persevering. And you put on that that, like as a father, you know, you come home and you never tell your kids you make you always make them feel like they are comfortable no matter what your situation. They are okay, no matter what.

00:32:11--> 00:32:27

You know, but also on the other hand, being that this is the color of Allah, let's talk about the goodness that has come out from this situation for my father before he went. Was he a half of the Quran? No, sir.

00:32:28--> 00:32:39

Is he a half a little Quran now? Yes, sir. Before he went, did you don't just breeze by that he memorized the Quran in Yes, hamdulillah I'm still convinced he's not human. But

00:32:41--> 00:32:41


00:32:43--> 00:33:41

why I love his daily routine is vigorous exercise, reading, staying up to date on politics, and our industry, sometimes more than us. So he'll send us letters of newspapers and magazines of content. And and like kind of news headlines that we don't know about. He's always asking for, you know, financial updates on our businesses. He's kind of advanced his career right now into I think that's really baddie. I think he just likes to find a ton of books as a series and as like, let's start with start. Let's start off with volume one to volume. Yeah, sure. So it is, it has been on one and of course, you know, it's a test but on the other end, it's like, there's so much good, good that

00:33:41--> 00:33:53

came out of it. And because of this, I promise you will lie. I promise you there was never a day that I felt embarrassed. never a day that we felt sad or angry, I would say or

00:33:54--> 00:34:11

more upset or shameful or something like this. I'm always proud. Always proud. And I think that's an AMA for us for Allah to instill in us the rebar I guess, right the content you know

00:34:13--> 00:34:23

fathers father's only worry in that moment, you know, leaving a family behind like that is what's going to happen is his wife, his kids, you know, is everything they could

00:34:24--> 00:35:00

I didn't even teach my son how to you know, shave his beard how to trim his you know, mustache how to how to you know how to do anything. And so of course his worry is can imagine I mean you as a father me a new father, I can't imagine you know, going for life and leaving my little child you know, that's like an insane thought. So, although some people you know, feel sad and feel I feel like he is on a mountain right now. He feels higher than ever. Like Sam has said he's, he's, he's Hafez memorize the Quran. He's converted countless people

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

You know, he's looked at there as a light in the prison, everyone looks at him as a wise man, when he walks into the visitation room when we go visit him, he's, he's shining white, white beard white skin completely white. Like, as if, like, he's like a light walking into there and everyone's looking at him and like this, you know, like, like, like that, you know, and he's looking, and he's walking and feels like he's shrinking because he's getting older, He's seven years old, but he just walks in there, and you just, it's a wise wise man, like, like you said, like it, like a non non human figure, he's walking in, you know, some kind of walk. And anyways, he's, he's on a mountain,

00:35:38--> 00:36:22

he's like, my, my sons are good, my daughter's amazing. My wife is taking care of my, you know, my, my little Down Syndrome son that I left, you know, with my wife and six kids, he's, you know, the chief snacks officer in our office, you know, putting snacks away playing games, like he feels truly, I'm so content with where my father is right now in his life, because he feels like he's, he's on top of the world, he feels everything is done. And the only thing that would make me happier is coming out and being with spending the rest of my life with my wife. And that's it, you know, somewhere in Turkey. That's it, everything is taken care of everything is taken care of. Wow. You

00:36:22--> 00:36:53

know, and that makes me content. Yeah. You know, yeah. And everyone should be like that, too. We are working, by the way, just want to say we are working on a campaign right now behind the scenes that will be released. I say we have primarily 100%, my sister node, the last few years leading this effort. But I think when when, when the right time comes, when everything is prepared, I think we would love to, at one point, share this information as well. So one thing that I really observed from this is,

00:36:55--> 00:36:58

you know, we talked about another series about another show.

00:36:59--> 00:37:38

But how Khadija de la and how was the source of inspiration for the process along when he received the revelation? You know, he went to and he said in the har*a NFC when you received a call from Rebecca, the HELOC, you know, the first revelation, he went to Khadija the source of inspiration. Right And subhanAllah, you know, just countless times I'm hearing, you know, nor my mother knew of her sister nor my mother. And then you mentioned earlier, you know, your cousin's your uncles, that they are also incarcerated, because there was a connection with your father, the strong family unit. I mean, the main reason we're doing this, this show of masculinity is the establishment and

00:37:38--> 00:38:12

preservation of families. Yeah, that's the that's, that's the ultimate goal behind this show. And that's the ultimate goal behind me wanting to talk about this for young men, because if young men grow up and not wanting to have families, not wanting to get married, they're caught into the isms and schisms and pill, red pill, whatever pill it may be, you know, they don't want to establish any kind of family, you know, subhanAllah, it's gonna be very difficult to see individuals like yourself know, so when we're seeing, you know, the strong, I mean, there's nothing, there's the process, I've said almost three times for a reason. And then anything

00:38:13--> 00:38:50

after that, your father for a reason, you know, that is the glue, mashallah to Byculla. You know, there's nothing like a strong mother, you know, and then there's, there's nothing like this young son, looking at the strong mother and not knowing anything else. Except that strength, right. But all of it together. And that's what makes Islam so beautiful. And that's what makes, you know, Allah being an alcoholic, it just a beautiful process, in thinking and pondering over it, it creates the male and the female, and their natural characteristics coming together.

00:38:51--> 00:39:29

is like when I'm almost showing your father talks to you. He's telling you something in a different way than mom would tell you. Yes. And all of it together, is what made it was made you who you are today, and still is. And we're still growing up. Yes. You know, and then with your sisters. I mean, I'm all I'm hearing is strength as well. I mean, I can persist and ambition. And I mean, it's not like when we talk about these characteristics, ambition, integrity, you're not President females. Yeah, no, it's President females, but in the way the hospital has created them. And that's what's beautiful. Subhanallah we're seeing the manifestation of family and we use the term extended family

00:39:29--> 00:39:37

but family you all together in establishing and in raising each other. And as I'm sure you know, it's

00:39:38--> 00:39:40

you we gotta we gotta say this.

00:39:41--> 00:39:43

Because necessary, you know,

00:39:44--> 00:39:59

we got to call out all the moms out there that you know, because you know this, you are the source of ambition for your sons. You want them to be men. You are the one that that makes them into men. Right?

00:40:00--> 00:40:10

Because even when you when you reflect on the prophets I send and his wives like, you know, he was married to a DJ and DJ was the source of strength for him. Right?

00:40:11--> 00:40:18

But he also had otherwise and so not to say each one had her personality, right like a DJ wasn't like soda.

00:40:19--> 00:40:25

Like almost selama or like I Isha each one had their own kind of personality. But

00:40:27--> 00:40:40

But Khadija was the one that that was needed for that period of time right at the beginning of the Isetta, you know, so, the moms need need to be like those ideas.

00:40:41--> 00:41:19

That empower. I remember my mom when I was growing up, subhanAllah fascinating. Similar, my mom didn't work. She was a housewife. My, my father worked hard. He worked long hours. But my mom was always like, You got to grow up and own a business, your mom, you got to do this. And then she would tell my dad once you buy this business, let the kids run it. He already knows this. And she's always like, my mom had that entrepreneur mindset, right? So a layup for that and I had my first business when I was like 21 Right. I was still in college. I had a mechanic shop and I used to go to like a dealership a little a little dealership, buy and sell cars and fix them and stuff like that. So and

00:41:19--> 00:41:28

I was making my I remember like, my mom, yeah, when I came home, I would sell cars. And I was like, 21 I'm like, Baba, you know, I made more money than you this month.

00:41:30--> 00:41:32

And then they kind of have a blue coat dirty your hands.

00:41:34--> 00:41:46

My dad didn't like it. He's like, That's why I'm paying for you to be an engineer. I'm like, why is I gonna wear a tie? sit in my office all day. You know, I didn't like I was always like a little hustler. You write

00:41:47--> 00:42:15

stuff but my Subhanallah it was the mom that always pushed. It was the mom that always pushed the dad. The dad kind of gives you guidance. But the moms Zach the mom pushes that sorry. Oh yeah, the dad kind of steers a little but the mom is the one that like gives you that confidence and that ambition so shout out like to the moms out there listening and Sharla definitely you are the main contributor towards ambition I think that's what we learned from these experiences.

00:42:16--> 00:42:51

Yeah, and as we started the show, I mean my shout outs to my mother as well Masha Allah may Allah you know, got her Sharla to Islam, but definitely that natural characteristic of you know, I'm thankful for her calling, calling on me a 1617 asking what I'm going to do you know my life and how I'm going to, you know, live out that legacy. You know, the family and Pamela, may last month Allah bless all of you for coming in May last month, Allah bless our mothers particularly, because those are the ones that help in making this man it's not only just the fathers though the father has his role in his position. Uncle's had the role in their position. The mom without a doubt, has a primary

00:42:51--> 00:43:04

primary role and position in making this ambitious men to sokola care for tuning in the last month Allah bless you brothers, masha Allah wa sallam Muhammad Ali and brother Moraga vertical Orpheum cinema they come