Mirza Yawar Baig – Tarbiyya 09 – Fulfill the Faraaidh

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of fulfilling the "four" pillars of Islam is highlighted, including acquiring knowledge and reciting the Quran correctly. The need for at least one knowledge per day is emphasized, along with the importance of praying the Sirah Fatiha and reciting the Bible correctly. The importance of punishment and establishing the five four Sala workplace is also emphasized.
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In the London ILA salatu salam, O Allah insha, Allah Allah He was happy

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to continue with the series on Serbia.

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Today, I want to remind myself a new about the importance of fulfilling the variety.

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What Allah subhanaw taala has made for it is our job to fulfill it

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to a level of excellence

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and this requires two things one is to acquire knowledge about that fourth,

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how is it to be done?

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And the second is to then do it.

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For example, the word of Allah subhanaw taala. The first and foremost of it is the Karima Teva

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by which we enter Islam, Allah Allah, Allah,

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Allah and we know the famous Hadith lm where he said that the one who says this Kadima with your class, Allah subhanaw taala will give him gender and dissolve asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam they said what is the class of the color and Adam said the class of the thelema is that it keeps you away from Haram.

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So, it is very important and we mentioned we talked about halal and haram earlier it's very important for us to know what is haram and know what is haram and to stay away from this Hara. This is the first and foremost Mutallab the first and foremost condition of the Muslim does not deliberately indulge in anything which is prohibited which is our

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savvy seem to have lost track of these things a lot.

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If a Muslim ever does something which is haram, it is possible maybe were forgotten or you didn't know or something, but to deliberately do something which we know is haram. You know, gambling is haram, but we still go to the races. We play cards, whatever. You know, I don't want to make a list of all the things I'm just saying that there are things today when Muslims do knowingly they know it is haram to still do it.

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So, that is the first one to fulfill the four is the second most important or without agenda is the Salah. The key of the agenda is Salah, Salah is for Allah subhanaw taala has made the five sarwat for on the Muslim to be prayed at the correct times.

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Not to be bred as and when we wish to read at the correct times.

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So, therefore, it is important for us to learn about Salah

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what is Salah? How is it to be prayed what are the conditions which you must fulfill before you enter Salah which means the conditions of the Hara and boo and so on.

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And then when we come into Salah, what are the conditions of Salah which are the kind of Salah which are the pillars of Salah what makes the Salah completely invalid you will have to repeat the Salah What are things which do not make the Salah invalid, but it may it makes the center defective for which you have to do says that. So,

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it is important unless we know these things, how do you know that your supply is even valid?

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Right then the recitation that is done in the Salah. That is part of Salah therefore too understood to be to learn to recite the Quran correctly is part of the rise of a Muslim

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it is for how else Salah will become invalid if you if you are reciting especially the Surah Surah Fatiha if you recite this incorrectly and if you are doing it in such a way because it is one of the records of Salah so if you are if you recite it incorrectly then the Salah is defective or it might become completely invalid altogether. We don't even know we are praying we don't care to learn. And as I've said before, ignorance is not a defense in law.

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So you cannot say well you know no one taught me I didn't learn No, we are all adults It is our job to learn. So let us learn to recite the Quran correctly.

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Then after Salah comes aka and then Hajj and then the fasting of Ramadan, all of these are the four eyes of Islam they are kind of Islam

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to fulfill them is our duty it is forth and as I said before, it is therefore necessary to acquire at least minimum as much knowledge as is required to fulfill the variety.

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This is forced on every Muslim to acquire this knowledge is for every Muslim Muslim now it does not have this knowledge that he is not fulfilling. He cannot vote without I mean how do you fulfill the four eyes of Islam unless you know them? Right now, it may not be necessary to know everything all the time. For example, you might say well, you know I don't know all the Arcana and then

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but then I'm not going for her just now so it's okay maybe.

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But when you are going for us was make the effort learn all those things. What do you have to do? You might say well, I'm still

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not earning so I don't play soccer just now. So how much I got and what is valid or what is liable for the cost and not I don't know just now because I'm not earning, that's okay inshallah, but the moment you start earning

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you must know this because you must be sure that you are paying that socket. But as far as

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fasting is concerned, as far as Salah is concerned, this we have to know all of us and we know we have to know all the time, so to fulfill the variety and to

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make sure that we have enough knowledge to fulfill this right and then to do this diligently.

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One is to have the knowledge and the second one is in spite of the knowledge we still don't do it and we don't do it diligently for example the most the one that gets the most beating is the Salah we pray when we want to pray sometimes we are so called busy and this and that and then we don't pray we leave sometimes even completely missed the Salah which of course is

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extremely bad thing I mean deliberately to leave Salah is cool

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but even if you don't leave it deliberately will leave it because of out of laziness and so on Allah Subhana terrassen planet on the people who are on Salah teams are

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the people who are delay the Salah deliberately. So, therefore, it's not my intention to

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talk about all the problems with living Salah, let us approach Allah from a positive positive angle. I mean we this is our meeting with Allah. This is our talking with Allah subhanaw taala who we love above anything else. Why do we need a threat of punishment to do it and that's a ridiculous thing right? So therefore, let us approach Salah from the in the way that salami stop rasa hora line is to say, the coolness of my eyes.

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Something I look forward to waiting from salatu salam abortive University said that used to wait for one Salah for another, raise another further and now he's waiting for waiting means what?

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Wait, you don't wait for a movie but you wait for something which you look forward to. I hope it comes fast. I hope I will be there at that time. And I want to get it as quickly as it comes. People will invent the iPhone five is released. They go and park themselves on the footpath all night waiting for the shop to open.

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Yes, I'll

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do that for some lousy piece of gadget which is, you know what we don't want to do this war to communicate with Allah subhanaw taala big because we don't understand the value of this thing.

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And that's why I want to end with the hadith of bootsy where Allah subhanho wa sallam told us that Allah subhanaw taala said that if my slave performs the five establishes the five for Salawat on time,

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as soon as he informed us and said that Allah subhanho wa Taala said that if my slave establishes the five for the Salawat at the correct time, then I take the responsibility on myself to forgive him and enter him into jail.

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And if the slave does not do this, then I do not have this responsibility.

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What bigger incentive Can anyone even with the single gram of human or single atom of human? What bigger incentive can we want

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to establish the five four Salawat at their correct types?

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And if we do this, Allah subhanaw taala himself has said as mentioned by Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah,

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that Allah said,

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I take the responsibility, it is my responsibility. Who else is there to forgive except Allah.

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Allah is no one to forgive, it's up to you.

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So Allah says, I take the responsibility to forgive this level of mine and enter him or her into

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you ask Allah subhanaw taala to include us among those who Allah Subhana Allah will forgive and enter into Jannah as his responsibility and you ask Allah to give us the guidance to do those ama which will lead us to this inshallah.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us our sins and to be pleased with us and enable us to do all that is pleasing to Him and to save us so all that is not pleasing to Him was Allah Allah will cut him while he was heavy, his main erotica

Fulfill the Faraaidh

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