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The speakers discuss hedge's journey and the importance of hedge as a dress rehearsal for judgments and life. They emphasize the importance of hedge's lessons on life, including the importance of prioritizing one's life and avoiding negative consequences, as well as the importance of avoiding negative consequences and being mindful of actions. The transcript highlights the history of hedge mergers and the need for flexibility and presence in public, while also discussing the importance of learning to be the center of one's life and the need to be present in public.

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So many lessons to learn for the from from hedge. And it's interesting because hedges a pillar of Islam,

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one of the five pillars upon which the religion is built, yet the majority of the ummah will not have an opportunity to experience it. It's very strange,

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a foundational element of the religion of Allah, yet the majority of the ummah will spend their life having not had a chance to perform Hajj.

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Allah Subhan Allah he says, What are the Finn CB had G to carry Jana whoo

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boy MIDI. Deena mean cool Khalifa Jinnah me. Nia shadow mana Fionna Allah commands Ibrahim Ali salam to make the call for her she made in the empty desert and Allah allowed his voice to reach all the people but then Allah says that they will come to you for a real deep and distant mountain highway to perform hedge Lea shadow Manaphy Allah home so that they may witness benefits that are theirs. So there are lessons and benefits from hedge that even if we don't go we can still learn from live by nowadays with hedge been easier to access with the with the transportation that we have. But think back just 70 years ago, when you may be bidding farewell for the last time in your life. Seeing

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someone has embarked on a month long journey to traverse wherever they're going from to get to the gamba, Lea shadow mafia alone. There are benefits that are there as for them. And so in today's hotbar I want to share with you hedge for the non Hajaj what can we take? What can we take from the the journey of hedging we started with the Brahmanda judge where they from the to wake the men were the two white clouds now the sisters were their normal proper hijab, but the men they were the two white cots and nothing else and it's a very stark reminder immediately as you enter into hedge that hedge is a dress rehearsal for the day of judgments.

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Allah subhanaw taala he says can either

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do well Tina, amen awful well

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known feel awful wasn't 1030 So we'll be sample in our became a woman in illness.

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Allah says when the soul will reach its throw as is about to leave the body you will kill a man Rock who will save you will run and the whole rock and the one who was dying who sold his leaving realizes that the moment of death has come

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while fat itself will be suck. And then one night will be wrapped to the other end the deathshroud to white clots. It's where all of us will that's our end.

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We will all be in that same moment. So when you enter a haram and you awaring that haram it reminds you of your ultimate goal and purpose and your ultimate destination in life. And that's why when Allah talks to the hedgehog and he tells them what to do what to do as you prepare to go for Hajj, prepare your provisions, your medicines, your clothing, your whatever you need for inhale Azadi taqwa, but the best provision for Hajj and the best provision for life when you meet Allah is to have Taqwa of Allah and awareness of Allah subhanho wa taala. So we learned from hedge two lessons immediately, the lesson of having tuck wonder in your life, and that's your most important

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provision. And the remainder that just to throw something he told us at Pharaoh McVicker had the one law that frequently remember the distorted destroyer of pleasures, death. Think about ourselves think about the time when you will meet Allah subhana wa Tada. And after the hijabs enter a haram they begin saying the very powerful slogan the bake Allah whom and a bake love bacon Shanti Kela kind of bake in Alhambra when Mehta laka well

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Sharika luck again and again and again 1000s of times for for almost more than 48 hours, almost 48 hours roughly. They are saying that tells me again and again and again. Here I am, oh Allah to serve you. Here I am. And we're hearing the stories from the Hejaz right now how they don't have guides and they the food today out of it was spoiled and many got food poisoning and, and the transportation and the motto with was fire and all these issues. They don't have a hotel and they don't have the big commandment to bake. No matter what tests comes my way. I'm here for you, Oh Allah, nothing will distract me from my goal of earning your pleasure. And the hedgehog. I'd say the

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Toby is so often that when they leave, it's literally ingrained in their heart from the moment they come back home the rest of their life. They live by the bake Allah who's gonna bake.

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If you're diagnosed with the illness, a terminal illness, you lose a loved one. You lose your job you're tested and whatever it is with your children or your family.

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Your your spouse, whatever it may be,

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when you have an opportunity to earn some big money, but it's through how long, whatever it is the Tobia rings through your head before I stood up for the hook. After my first hedge, it became a practice of mine. I say that make Allahumma the big to remind myself, this is for Allah, your life is for Allah born in Nassau 91 Uzuki Why am I here? I want my man to

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be nine. I mean, my life, my death, my sacrifices, everything is for Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. Right. So the telopea reminds you that no matter what comes your way, no matter what circumstances you face, the baker Lahoma the bank, I will always keep my focus on you, Oh Allah, I will not allow my heart to be distracted by dunya we matters that can pull me away from you. And the Hajaj then proceed to Mina and they spend the day in MENA on the eighth which was yesterday. And then today, they go out to herefor.

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And they've now completed out of an out of what a day is out of the province asylum. He said about the day that there is no date, more than the day of out of which Allah subhanaw taala freed his slaves from hellfire. A day in which the hijackers are freed from hellfire. And Allah subhanho wa Taala he says we're in the hula yet the new Suma ubuY. He became one melodica Allah draws close to the hedgehog on the day of alpha. And he both of them he is proud of them to the angels. And he says ma Hola.

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What do they want?

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Which is the next lesson we learned from hedge? What is it that you want?

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What is it that you want when it comes down to when it boils down to it your life that you live thus far? 50 years? 40 years 25 years? What does your actions testify to what you want?

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Not what you claim you want you say you want Jana? You say you want to be saved from hellfire. But what does our life up until this moment? Now?

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say about that question. It's important question you have to ask yourself because Allah asked the angels and he knows what do the Hajaj wants? For me know me are born on

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Tina if in dunya woman at home

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amongst them Are they those who say

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to me, Oh Allah give me dunya give me something in this world.

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And they have left the hereafter so they have no portion of the hereafter.

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Well, I mean, my own one I'm

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Tina dunya Hassan was

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but there are those who say Oh Allah give us in this world good oh Allah we need this role to to get by but oh Allah also give us in the hereafter goodness and Oh ALLAH ultimate desires will be nicer but now it'll save us from the punishment of the Hellfire. So hedge one of the lessons we learn is it it re audience your prioritization in life.

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And the Hajaj on the day of out of the day the Mercy Allah descends like no other day, the most the most magnificent day of the year, the process before the as the sun was setting, he told me that I'm about to tell the judge to settle down so we can address them. Then he tells them he tells the judge Maha Shiva NASA attorney dibala Isla and in fact he says all people do breed Alison Lamb has come to me just now. Welcome to anemia. Robbia Salam and he conveyed salam from Allah to me. And then he says we'll call in Allah Azza wa Jalla LaFerrari and in our fat while in my shower, the Allah subhanho wa Taala has forgiven all the people on the day of out of all the Hajaj who are there nada,

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Allah has forgiven them well bombing on homotopy ads and all the evil consequences of their deeds. They have been protected from Allahu Akbar. So I don't know how Bobby heard this and he said O Messenger of Allah have an inner Hansa? Is this Beshara? Is this good news that Allah has forgiven all the her judge? Is this for us the Sahaba the 100,000 with you,

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for our generation, our time to hedge with the Messenger of Allah. He saw Selim says had come. What do you mean by that come in.

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This is for you. But this is also for every single Haji who comes after you to the date until you are until the Day of Judgment. What incredible manifestation or the Mercy of Allah and the Hijazi leaves him was 35 That's where they are right now as we speak in was Danny fat and was Danica as open plane. The world's biggest sleepover as they say. 2 million 3 million people all sleeping in one place and one empty plane, no roof, no shelter, no fancy bed, no fancy bed

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Ain't no clothing, no fancy, like mattresses in the like, just laying there in the open the open land and it reminds you of simplicity. And remind you again on the day of judgment as we talked about what the Haram The all the people gathered in one place is indeed judgment people all be gathered in one of the mashup and the land of the gathering. So reminds us again simplicity, disconnect from this dunya

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the hedgehog you're sleeping there with nothing is headford dunya you hit back Allah be disattached from this dunya Allah who will love you was that the man the nurse can nurse and be detached from what the people have and the people will love you as well. So teaches us simplicity as we spend the night in mystery. And then the Hedgehog, they go to the gym arroz they leave Mazetti and they go to the gym a lot. And they still throw seven pebbles at General tilaka bonded on the 10th day, the next action they will be doing a shot Allah and what is the significance of this we know when Abraham and his son was commanded to slaughter his son. And shaytaan came to him and told him Hey, he tried to

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distract him and and prevent him from doing so. So but he took seven pebbles, not a bazooka, not a RPG. He doesn't need an assault rifle, just a small pebble and then with the words Allahu Akbar shaytaan is defeated.

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So when she thought comes to us, we have to seek the same thing in melody in a telco those who have toward the provision of the Hereafter, either massamba If Amina Shivani, Tibet Carol for either whom obviously our own, those who have Taqwa of Allah when shaytaan comes to them, they remember ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and that Allah lifts the veil and allows him to see clearly. So Shavon is very weak. He says in the Day of Judgment Americana the Alikum in some font I had no control over you in Latin TAO to confess the jump to me, except I just told you to do this and then you did it. You answered Fernando Mooney, don't blame me today. Blame yourself. We're learning that Shavon has no control

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over us in Meribah de Sena Ali, Hey, Sally comes from dawn. They said Lisa Ali hymns have been my slaves, you have no control over them.

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So make vicar of Allah remember Allah to protect you from Shavon. We learned shaytaan this week, and then whenever I want to slaughter his son is married to sacrifice that many of you will be doing. What did we learn from the sacrifice, he put his son down, he put the knife to his neck and then the Ram came to to offer the replacements. It wasn't that simple. If only it was that simple. His only Son who he had is my eighth he had after he was over 90 years old. Imagine the love he has for his son. If I was asked to solder my cat, I wouldn't be able to do it your own son

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and he puts the knife to his neck and then he begins to do the slitting motion but Allah doesn't allow the knife to cut. Now tomorrow when you go into your karate if you try and cut the the animal in it doesn't cut what do you do? You either sharpen the blade you make sure it's sharp but if it's already sharp, then what do you do? You cut back and forth you push harder to make sure it'll cut the neck. So but hey Manny, Sam with his own son in front of him with his own hands. He is moving the knife back and forth. And with each slitting motion, he's moving harder and harder and harder to fulfill the Command of Allah. And when he did that for the master Mao would tend to hold up in one

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day now. Yeah, but

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then he fulfilled the promise. So Brian Allison um did not slaughter the sheep that day. But what he did do is he slaughtered his knifes. He slaughtered his knifes

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and the lesson we learned from the judge is that when you make the sacrifice, you are sacrificing

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any desire you have any philosophy you have any idea or or or leaning or practice that you have that is contrary to the Command of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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that's what you do when you when you sacrifice the animal. It's not like you're not Allah Maha the meat doesn't reach Allah the blood of the animal doesn't reach Allah, one lucky duck.

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But it's the type of Allah the awareness of Allah as you do the action that reaches Allah subhanho wa Taala So brothers and sisters today, sacrifice your neffs and be with a judge and spirit and such that I will no longer follow my desires anymore. I will submit myself to the commands of Allah subhanaw taala and then the pajamas they shave their hair. And when they shave their hair, it's Subhanallah you know when you have a newborn child, what do you do you have an Africa you slaughter an animal and you shave their hair. And similarly the Hajaj they slaughter the animal and they shave their hair and they return they're hoping to return men heads Flm Jada fourthwall um you have soap

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Raja RKO, me one of the president says whoever performs Hajj and doesn't have any illegal any any relations with their spouse will perform any sin. He comes back like the day his mother gave birth to him.

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So you perform the sacrifice you shave your hair, you're hoping that for every hair that falls as the President said

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all your sins are being erased and then the hundreds go to the life and perform the life around the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala seven times why seven? Why not five? Why not three Why not four. We learned submission again to Allah Hajj teaches you submission again and again and again. And in 20 minutes I can share with you all the lessons of hedge but

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and what you learn from hedges as you do seven circles around the Gabba, you are like you it's like you have a you're orbiting around the cab. The cab is the center of your existence at that moment. And similarly, Allah should be the center of our existence of our lives. Every day are circuits we do in the day, we wake up, we go to work, we come back home, we spend some time with the family, we go to sleep tomorrow, rinse and repeat the same cycles we do every day with a few variations. The life is the same. It's the same cycles every day, but what it means with each cycle, you're centered on the house of Allah with each day of your life. You're centered on Allah. Is my life living being

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lived for Allah subhanho wa Taala and then you go and perform your Saturday between Safa and Marwa as Hardrada his Salam did the wife, Brahim Ali salaam, when she was searching for help for her son is married as he's starving, laying on the ground. And you learn faith from her job. You learn to look good from her job. trust in Allah from hydrolase center when Abraham left her and she says I love America behind that. What are you doing? You're leaving us in the middle of the deserts, no food, no water, no vegetation, no people. It's just me and my baby. Did Allah command you believe us? Ibrahim said yes. Then he said either now you'll be your own. She said then Allah will never

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forsake us. So you learned faith from her mother Hyderabadi Hassan. These are the some of the lessons of Hajj that we can take in our lives and implement to live the life of someone who has performed Hajj even if we have not yet done so. Because many times there'll be many pilgrims, but few Hajaj We ask Allah to give us Sophia Hakuna Kalia has also found a way to compensate for the rule in the hunger for all right

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so now Rama know him him the ladder blind yourself to Santa suit Allahu Allah and use it as your main aisle and simply with a statement from Ibrahima Hello town and he says manlam Yesterday I'll be out of Philadelphia and who do Delilah Dr. Rafa, he says whoever is not able to stand on the day of out offer the let him stand at the boundaries of what Allah has forbidden.

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And he says woman let me so three and maybe three months Danny fan whoever doesn't have the ability to spend the night and was Daddy for failure but Allah Tala Atilla and Eukanuba who is Zima to let him spend the nights that he has in the worship of Allah and obedience of Allah. Woman lamb yak dura Allah that he had the heebie minha whoever doesn't have the ability to slaughter the animal and Mina failure the Baja holy of Nova Hill Munna, let him slaughter his desires, so that he can reach his ultimate desire which is the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala and he says, Woman, lamb yourself, there are also little baits there now who bear aids, whoever isn't able to reach the house of Allah

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because it is far far looks adorable baits that let him intend let him live a life to reach the Lord of the house of Allah subhanaw taala and who accountable you know human have little worried for indeed Allah is closer to him than his jugular vein in Allah woman. Economical saloon Allah Nibi yeah you will live in Amarillo Salado he was selling with us Nima along with Sanjana Muhammad Juan earning Mohamed Kumar Selita level Rahim Allah Allah Allah Hema indica Hamidah Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Juana Mohammed coming back down Ebrahim on Ernie Ibrahim Amin in the Hamidah Majeed Allama filling with semi anonymous Dima to me you don't want me not Lucha iminium la mattina

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carabiner Samira, but even Mooji without Allah we ask you to bless us with the ability to visit your house to perform Hajj Genoa, Allah for those of us who have not done so we asked you to allow us and those of you who have done so to implement the lessons of hedging our lives to live a life of Taqwa a life of simplicity, a life of tilaka and a life of faith until we meet you. Oh Allah, Allah Allah Amin. Welcome Asana