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The success of Islam's success of its teachings and its use of shameless language are discussed. The importance of planning for life and avoiding distractions is emphasized, along with the importance of fasting and investing in one's Salah. The importance of practice and daily activities is emphasized, along with avoiding fasting and staying true to one's intentions. The speaker provides advice on healthy habits and building healthy connections with oneself, and mentions upcoming events and a coffee class.

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a long work about all along who

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guerrilla he's from Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah in Amador who want to stay you know who want to study he wants to steal a funeral who want to stone so what I will do bIllahi min sure all the unforeseen elements see Dr. Molina but yeah dealer who fella mobila from a yoke lil fella and Taiji de la Hui Walia Murshida

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shadow Allah Illa Illa Allah Hua Hua Shan ICA de la Hanwha hidden a hidden samosa yet delicate Sahiba 10 Walla Walla, walla Mia Kula who want a huddle

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should I be Yana or are we mana Mohammed Abdullah he was a pseudo philosophy you whom in high up here Habiba? Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Wahhabi Bynum of Medina Allah early he was soft big marine or bad

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apologia law general goofy Maka Nikita V he just wrote Ramadan Allah the Zilla fee Hill Quran, who the LIN Siva Yuna team in alHuda well for con women in Shahid, Amin como Shabbat failure, Sama

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Subhana, which out of the month of Ramadan, the one that had the Quran descended within it, guidance for people and clarifications from previous guidance,

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and revelation.

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This is probably being recited in every Joma football all across the globe. Imagine the amount of how many genres do you think occur in the world.

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Even imagine the number of dramas that happen. Like today's Jomar how many hookbaits have been given across the planet if you think about it, um, the 10s of millions, every man will get on top of this man, but we'll see the exact same I guarantee it.

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Because Allah subhanaw taala calls upon us

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is this time of yours is high season or Allah subhanaw taala opens the doors.

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He opens his doors, and he brings us close and we all recite the same idea. We all have the exact same idea in our minds. And you make it makes you think men magically milk. Now who is the King of all kings, who was the one who can bring the hearts of millions of people towards him subhanho wa Taala with just with just a time coming close, just the anticipation of a few days where the the healer will change and you'll see that in them who's able to who can do this, who can call upon his service and they just come running and every hotel guests on the menu and it says the exact same verse and does the exact same reminder there's no there's no there's there's no art to it. There's

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nothing special. What do you think I haven't I'm gonna reinvent the wheel on the mimbar today's the same thing you know exactly what I want to talk to you about. Honestly, you can just I can just give you 510 minutes to reflect and then you can go home. You know what I'm gonna say? You know what, I'm going to remind you

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have, you know what you need to do? You know exactly. You know exactly what you should be doing in the next 30 days, it would require nothing of me.

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But nonetheless we will take a moment and enjoy the beauty of what Allah subhanaw taala is presenting us with as a Prophet alayhi salatu salam and say we'd rather this is we did this a number of times at the beginning of Ramadan, he would talk to people and he would say that duckula shahada Ramadan Are we that kind of oh what do they let him in Layali Ramadan different highly different wordings when Ramadan enters or when the first night of Ramadan occurs? But he had Ebola Jana generation 50 had a boo boo summer but um you will have come in hubbub we're only a boo, boo Johanna fella Musa I mean hubbub. Well, Sophie that is Shayateen Mara that will gin when Adam guna didn't

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heal how you react to Bill. Way above your shell react. ochils theater will Allah Hirotaka Amina Nury with Lika Kula Leila Ramadan comes the doors of the heavens, all the gates, the gates of heaven, there's a couple of them out. It's not just one, read the Quran. There's a few of them, they're all open all of them. Imagine if you have a little bit of behold in a room when you open the door, people smell it from from outside. Imagine Allah subhanaw taala opens the doors of gender. What do you think comes out of those doors? Why do you think you feel the way you feel it Ramadan? Why is it that you cannot explain to me exactly what happens inside of you during Ramadan? There's

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something special, there's something special for 30 days and 30 Nights, maybe you take advantage of them. Maybe you don't. But there's something special you know, it's everyone who goes through the nose. There's something special about these days and about these nights. Well, he's opening the doors of heaven Subhana wa Tada. And he close all the doors of the Hellfire, every each and every one of them. It removes a Sheltie and they're shackled and removed your enemy.

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They're your sworn enemy. That's what they want to say a leader want to prove that you're not worthy. And what Allah subhanaw taala has granted you when Allah subhanaw taala said, was you do the Adam still respect? The one that I created whom I made superior? I said, No, he's not good. Let me let us prove now Danny can do reata? Who will kalila?

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I'm going to I'm going to guide them to a different direction, I'm going to actually force them I'm going to treat them like I would you treat a horse? Then he can put it in their mouth and just move them in any direction I want because they're not worthy of what you granted them Europe

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is what this is that enemy of yours is removed. Why do you think that is for 30 days that you don't have to deal with? Maybe because they've completely overcome every any protection that you have. Maybe because my walls aren't doing too well. There's a lot of holes in there found ways through and I'm losing this battle. So here's 30 days, here's a 30 day truce, figure it out. Find a way to make sure when they come back, they can access immediately. Take a look at the flaws and the deficits that you have in your protection and your security system on the inside and maybe fix them so when they come hounding they don't find anywhere to go. They don't there's nothing that they can do

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because because now you are much more in a much better situation. That's what it happens. And then a voice is calling into heavens Yeah, bail, he led up to the one end. Those who wants higher those wants goodness, those who are looking for change or something, something that's much classier than what they're doing right now. Come close. This is your time. This is your time. You know about the shadow vehicles live in the one who doesn't want any of that stay behind Doa

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law grants to the NIH grants freedom of punishment. Imagine that. Imagine the concept of being freed of punishment for Allah subhanaw taala states somehow that you are no longer going to be subjected to any form of punishment at all, that there's nothing that you that's it you will always be forgiven. You will always be pardoned. It will always ease for you subhanaw taala way back so you repent so he forgives your sin because you're not going to be someone who's going to be punished on the day of judgment. He declared that for you one night during Ramadan, where you really showed you brought your A game. You offers it every night. Subhanallah different people you think it's a

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lottery ticket? No, it's not random. It's based on merits. And based on the fact that you tried hard, you stood longer, you read more, you worked on yourself, you tried to be more sincere, you're honest with yourself and you, you self regulated. And you have this little bit of

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being able just to look at ourselves and be honest with who we are, and point out the deficits and point out the problems and mistakes and turn to him supine, otol and full repentance and show desire and that which he possesses that we do not. And he'll grant it to you you're going to what you want is what Ramadan is.

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The Prophet alayhi salam was he would use harsh language sometimes, when he talked about those who somehow managed to live through Ramadan and not have all of their sins forgiven. would use harsh language he very rarely ever did it get so out of character for him it has stood out to us and that if I'm forced to actually think about it, what he was saying, well in my room when Halima Ross met Allah, He said

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He Ramadan, the one who was truly deprived when he did when he wants to define Subhanallah what to honor the deprived one. He doesn't talk about finances. He doesn't talk about disabilities and talk about rights. He talks about the one who somehow managed to live through Ramadan and not gain Allah subhanaw taala has compassion and mercy

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and oedema man, I know that I'm another Heidi's Minnesota Yamaha Yamaha Fody Malayala Kula, someone who is deprived of the goodness of Ramadan has been deprived of all good what are they getting?

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What are they possibly getting in life if they did and they weren't able to walk away from Ramadan with something of benefits?

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It was a rocky mountain for Abdun Dakka Dakka li Ramadan Ottoman Salah Fernando Furla May the servant who enters Ramadan and leaves and does not have all their sins forgiven may that person continuously be humiliated to draw against them how could they Shame on them? How could you it's the easiest thing in the world. How could you not have every sin forgiven from Allah is just opening the door your tongue will forgive you you don't want it and that's the only reason is don't want it. The only reason Allah Subhanallah doesn't forgive that because don't people don't want it's like oh, you're offering that I'm good

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I'm okay thank you I'm good. If you offer it to me for free i'll take you but I'm no no, I'm not gonna. There's too much to watch on TV. There's a there's too much food I need to sleep I need to go out to eat. I don't have time for that. I know what it is enough that I'm not eating during the day go and have to do more. I cannot say you're going to offer it to me offer.

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We need good manners with Allah subhanho wa taala. My teachers, that's the first thing they taught us about Allah, Allah dub, you have to have good job with Allah subhanho wa Taala we have to value that which he is valuing. When he opens his doors, you don't come running.

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What do you mean? He opens his doors and you don't come running, falling on your face and getting up and running. Because he's opening it then then you don't really care about what He's opening his doors for. When he closed the doors you don't you're not thankful when he offers you forgiveness, you're not jumping up and down trying to get it when he tells you all free you from punishment, you're not killing yourself to make sure that happens.

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That he's offering something and we don't feel that is that important. This is the most this is the most Liva This is the worst thing that could happen that he's offering and we just, yeah, it sounds alright. But I have more important things to focus on. Really, like what

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what's more important, what's more valuable to you, within your life, then Allah subhanaw taala, forgiving your sins and wiping your slate clean. What's more important to you than having your your name put on a list that will never see punishment of any sort. What's more important to you than achieving a night that's better than a lifetime in terms of reward.

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What's more important to you then being able to speak to Allah subhanaw taala and have your DUA accepted by Elijah to what else was more important than to be written on the Day of Judgment in Ramadan as one of the people of Jannah there's a list, there's a list for people of John, your name on it.

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Our names on it, we have no idea. We don't know. We don't know if our names are on it or not. We don't know.

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Ramadan gives you that one chance to get that name on that list. Because once it's on the list, you'll never be removed ever. Once your list once you make the list, Allah subhanaw taala doesn't take it back. You can make mistakes, but he'll help you repent. You can go astray he'll find help you find your way back. Because Allah subhanaw taala does not grant and take it Kadeem would never give and take away ever, ever. And that's for human beings. Allah subhanaw taala is much more generous than that. When I asked you to do last week, was to take some time and plan things out and plan out your Ramadan. I believe that good things come from planning. In life, you're often forced

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for the majority of your life to make spontaneous decisions on the spot on the spot. You have to come up with stuff, you have to have that mental grit, to be able to just come up with a decision and stick to it on the spot because you didn't have the opportunity to prepare for anything. That's okay. That's a skill that life will teach you and you have to have it. I'm not talking about that. But when you're given time to plan for something, it's not like Ramadan just jumps in your face. Not like one day you're walking down the streets ala Ramadan turns out to be tomorrow, you know beforehand is coming your way. You have time to plan when you're given time to plan for something

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and you don't show the lack of respect to what's actually coming shows that you just didn't care enough. That's why I think it's very important to take and this is to plan when you look at the Sahaba or the LaWanda or they planned they planned five and a half months after Ramadan they will just make dua that Allah accepted the Ramadan. And the five and a half months after that they just made draw that Allah allowed them to reach the next Ramadan, they prepared their dua they prepared stuff, they made sure that their business was going to work on a lower less amount of time traveling less so they can focus on their worship on their spirituality on your connection with Allah Subhan

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because you never know. You don't know if you'll live to next Ramadan. I honestly don't understand it. Sometimes. People who don't care for Ramadan. I asked him how do you how do you get it? How do you get through with your son

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I feel before Ramadan that my you when you look at your phone and there's only 1% and just read and you're just gonna turn off any moment that's how I feel and Ramadan just catches me the last second just before it completely collapsed collected just catches me and collects me and then allows me to so if you don't use it I'm done how are you charging yourself? What are you using? Are you making a teach me because I don't know, because I can't imagine going through a year without having an OB GYN in the middle of it. If it's not there, how else am I going to survive? My heart's empty you feel that you're so far away from Allah you don't even know if it's worthy of using the words anymore.

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You feel ashamed coming to Jama you feel ashamed the way you pray ashamed or the way you read the Quran, you feel ashamed of everything because your heart so empty, and then Ramadan comes along. And it gives you a pat on the back and it pushes a little bit forward elevates your status a bit and allows you to feel a bit that this will work out again gives you another baseline and hope that inshallah you can find your way back to God again, if you don't use it or move on because this year you had exams or this year you were traveling this year you were you had other problems. Are you going to make it to the number one after what are you using please please Yanni educate me on this

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because I don't understand it's I think it's very important that we take I offered 10 points, I will explain them to you briefly. I think 10 is a lot I agree 10 is way too much. Maybe choose four or five of them. And just planning them out and just commit yourself to them. I can guarantee you that if you decide in your life, to actually treat Ramadan with the reverence and respect and love that it deserves. You will not regret it ever, you will continue to cherish this time in your life. And the more life more like it's difficult. The busier it gets. The harder it gets, the more you will commit to it. And the more you will find solitude and salvation within what the month actually

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offers you. And that's why I think it's worthy of your time to take a little bit and think about it number one.

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Perfect Your intention before Ramadan, before Ramadan starts. What is your nothing works without an intention, right without knowing why you're doing it to what you're hoping to achieve nothing works. If you just wing things when it comes to acts of worship, they don't really mean anything. You just say Allahu Akbar, you have no idea of prayer you're praying. It doesn't matter what you pray. It's not it doesn't matter if you pray like 5000 in a row for two years straight. Nothing's accepted because your intention was not clear to begin with Allah subhanaw taala as he explained many times in the model beneath everything is based on your intention. Why were you doing it? Perfect the

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intention? What are you why are you going fast this month? Why are you going to pray? Why are you going to do all this? What's the reason for whom because everyone else does it because that's the habit because that's the culture you were raised in or because Allah subhanaw taala called upon you they told you cookie by de como cm a told this is John Ramadan Furman Shaheed me como shahada, yo some

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that's why these, understanding the bounties of Ramadan is important. Why are you doing it because I want Allah subhanaw I want to obey Allah, I want Allah Subhana Allah to grant me that which I don't have take time and perfects that intention. And think about it until it's nice and unclear to you. So every time you get lost during the month of realize 30 days,

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keeping an attention alive for 30 days is not easy. Keeping anything clear for 30 days straight is not a simple task, it actually is very, very difficult. So you have to have a clarity of why I'm doing it. So you keep on going back to your attention. Why is that? Why do I want Ramadan? Why am I doing why I'm pushing myself this year? Why am I turning to Allah? And do I Why am I fasting, you remind yourself of your intention, what you were hoping to achieve? The intention may may differ from one person to the other. By the way, you may not have exactly the same intention. Yes, pleasing Allah is the umbrella concept. But maybe you have something a little bit more specific that you're

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looking for that you want to take time and think about number one, number two,

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fast with excellence.

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Remind yourself what fasting is fasting is when Allah subhanaw taala tells you what is the most highlighted thing you have in your life. Well, food and drink Okay, what else well, married good. So all the 100 stuff and during your date, you can't do them anymore. They're haram but now Halal is going to be haram. It's as if I'm standing here and this is all this is the Hello, hello, please. And there's a lion and there's haram on the other side. Allah Subhanallah say Go stand over there. Please. Don't take a couple of steps away from haram so you can be farther away. So when you fast from halal and you fall into haram, it's almost it's insane. It's crazy makes no sense at all. I'm

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standing in Highland I can't have Halal anymore so I'm gonna go jump into haram allottee What is this? How is it? How does that work? That's why the Prophet Allah has sought to teach us robots or even lay said humans to me, he loves you I will not push. There are people who will fast and all they get out of it is the fact that they were once hungry and thirsty. There are people who will fast and all that will be documented for them on the Day of Judgment is that on this day, they were hungry and thirsty for 17 hours. That's it? Nothing. What about what about Kulu Amelie Allahu Allah Surya and in the holy energy Zb, this beautiful Hadith where all the acts of human beings that are

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Muslim does will go you will get a calculated calculable reward for except fasting, I will reward you personally for it because you did that for me. Because no one can tell you not to eat and drink when you're hungry. Why do you go to work? Why do you struggle in life so that you can feed yourself and clothe yourself and your children? And I'm telling he's telling you don't eat and drink only God can tell you not to do that and you

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On no one else is worthy of that power upon you. So he takes it he me, it's a big deal for Allah. He calls upon you, he wants to reward you, but some people will fast. And all they'll get is that they were hungry and thirsty for 30 days in a row.

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You understand how scary that is? There's that that just sends a shiver down our spines. That that's that's possible. That become your milkier when you're like, oh, yeah, you fasted but yeah, whatever.

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Why? Because you didn't fast with excellence. When your gut fasts from eating and drinking, and then your eyes are probably fast from haram, and your ears and maybe your tongue as well, AB or the rest of your body should be fasting from haram. Because it makes no sense for us to be fasting from hydro but then falling into haram too fast with excellence. Make sure that when you're fasting, you're watching yourself. You're watching your thoughts what you say how you deal with people around you, what you allow yourself to listen to what you allow yourself to look at what you allow yourself to say, be very careful. Don't do this.

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Properly. Someone taught us that right? He told us whenever you're with someone if I either saw back I don't know, shatter America.

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We kind of see you're mostly I mean, you almost told me a honeycomb. If my servo said to failure Polian, you saw him, right if someone is is coming, being aggressive with you, or mistreating you during Ramadan during your fasting, say I'm fasting.

00:21:22--> 00:21:23

This is not a threat.

00:21:25--> 00:21:52

This is not a threat. Like when someone comes and say hola minify and it's not threatening, there's not a threat. That look I'm sorry, if you say one more word, I'm going to lose it I'm going to destroy it. No, this is not as not used as that this is not some form of this is a reminder that I'm fasting. I can't engage in this type of behavior. I can't stoop to that low that low level No, I'm not gonna allow that because if I'm not eating and drinking for his sake then obviously I'm not going to go do something that would anger him subhanho wa Taala

00:21:53--> 00:22:04

Prophet Allah Islam salmon lineage holders Zuri with MLB hyphenation Allah Hydra and yet the auto anima who was the person who is not gonna stop lying and saying falsehoods during the Allah does not need them not to eat and drink

00:22:05--> 00:22:15

doesn't need them not even drink. You're gonna lie to drink. That's the point. I'm asking you to fast purify yourself take a step back fast with excellent number three. Enjoy the Quran.

00:22:16--> 00:22:51

Ramadan, Quran they're like they're stuck together you cannot you cannot detach them from one another. The reason Ramadan is Ramadan is because of the Quran. When Allah defines it oh my god in the Quran, he says shall hold Ramadan what Allah they assume will be in Allah the OOM Zita Al Quran the one that the problem was descended with guys this value. That's why Ramadan is a thing. Ramadan is Ramadan because the Quran was sent in Ramadan. Ramadan is value is from the Quran being descended in Ramadan, you understand that concept. Many as a month, its value, its status, the fact that it comes on we is because of Quran was in it.

00:22:52--> 00:23:17

Ramadan asks, and asks me to reconnect with the book of Allah. Take the book of Allah off the shelf, and start reading it again. Learn, connect, if you're not if you don't have a connection, if you don't understand it, if you don't feel anything about the Quran, if you don't feel connected to the Quran, fix that and Ramadan, fix it learn to read and recite and memorize and contemplate and reflect upon what Allah Subhana Allah is teaching you.

00:23:19--> 00:23:52

Please do that. And I don't know what else you could do it. Like there's no other time that will allow you to actually enjoy this book. This is divine revelation. This is the communication that Allah soprano sent to you speaking to you and I know that we may understand from him. You don't need me to explain No. Get rid of me pick up the book. Why do you care what I have to say I'm irrelevant, irrelevant, and people like me are irrelevant. Only if we can explain to you what's he saying? Only if you're reading what he's saying. You understand you ask. That's the only relevance we have. And if we can't explain to you what he's saying, then there's no point of having us to begin with.

00:23:53--> 00:24:16

You're just trying to understand what Allah subhanaw is saying to you. So read, enjoy the Quran, were enjoy enjoy it is there's joy. I I feel bad if you don't enjoy the Quran if it's not joyful to listen to, to recite to reflect upon. I feel there's a part of I don't know what to do. How do I get you to see it differently? You understand what you're missing? You understand what you're missing. You can't read the Quran and enjoy it you can just tell how much is there.

00:24:18--> 00:24:48

Number four, invest in your Salah. The most important act of worship of Allah invest in your Salah don't do the marathon Tara we don't do the Torah we have that is just so that you can you know digest the food that you that you ate during the by the way this is the month of fasting not over eating at night. I know that's how we've defined it for others, but this is not the month you lessen your consumption. You eat and drink less than Ramadan. Not more. Some people feel okay some of them are Muslim, I have to start eating. And the best thing is when I'm told we have

00:24:50--> 00:25:00

facial will be fine in six o'clock or something or 530 in the morning or towards the end. We have to finish everything up for why because people need to you now we're in 10 minutes tough so hold it

00:25:00--> 00:25:17

Need to watch someone who eats I don't understand I need someone to show me. How do you eat for an hour? How do you what are you doing the private audience that I would have a couple of dates and water versus holding a couple of days of water for maybe a meal. Just learn to listen your consumption and eat less make it one meal habit after after a week or four.

00:25:19--> 00:25:22

The night is not for eating the night is just that you can

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regenerate a little bit of the energy that you lost during the day.

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Invest in your Salah, if you come and you've eaten a meal that you've never eaten like before. You think you can face that? Oh yeah.

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You think if you eat a meal that you've never eaten or the capacity but you can stand here and pray that no, you're gonna stand there and then you burp and you cause a public health hazard. Or you go ahead and you fall asleep in the middle of soda or you need to leave after photocopier you can't think anymore you're so tired. And you just lost a night of PM. You just lost the chance to stand in Salah and hold the Quran and listen to it being recited and connect with Allah subhanaw taala in your studio you lost this why? For what for once telling me for what

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nothing will like for nothing or nothing of any value at all. Invest in your Salah, find the messages closest to your house, figure it out your schedule and go there and stand with the Imam when they start he starts and leave when the Imam is done. What is it an hour and a half.

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What is the longest delivery an hour and a half an hour and a half tops. What's an hour and a half a day telling me what's an hour and a half a day. That's your fold what's an hour and a half a day. Ask your phone once an hour and a half a day how many times depending on you ID three, three and a half. That's like if you're really good if you're not doing four and if you don't have an hour and a half to pray.

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We stand in line for for rides in Wonderland for more than an hour and a half. You have no problem. You're in traffic sometimes for an hour and a half. Men these days go to the toilet for an hour and a half. It's not a problem. This is not time that you need to spend it you're being offered something by Allah subhanaw taala that is unequivocal There's nothing. There's nothing similar to it. The stand, you get tired, sit, you're too tired, lie down, but be there. But be there because this is your time. He's not asking you to do this every single night of your life. We can't do this every night of our lives. It's impossible. You can't continue after Ramadan what you were doing in

00:27:16--> 00:27:36

Ramadan, but you can't even do it in Ramadan. You can't even give it that invest in your Salah. Teach your kids if you're not doing it for yourself, do it for your children. Bring your son or your daughter let them learn to stand and recite and pray and make record and teach them to make dua and there's the Jude investment and salah the most important act of worship you do this daily all your life. Ramadan is a

00:27:38--> 00:27:48

training course for you. It trains you because practice makes perfect right or allows you to be close to perfect. So practice you pay a lot 600 Watts if you do 20 unlock another 600

00:27:49--> 00:28:15

Whatever math is 300 bucks a month you pray in total. Yeah, that's 300 raka you must be get better at the end. Your Salah at the beginning of Ramadan must get better at the end because you did 300 of them. You must have learned all tricks if you stay focused, you must have learned a little bit away about how to exalt Allah and think about it, how to read party, how to not be thinking about something different than Fatiha, how to go down and so you wouldn't actually ask Allah for something or speak to your Lord, how to sit in ask for forgiveness during during Jews.

00:28:16--> 00:28:22

How to say send me Alana and honey then actually be grateful for the blessings and bounties you have in your life you must figure something out.

00:28:24--> 00:29:00

Number four, invest in your cell. Number five, daily invocations very important for you to be begin to have a Ramadan is all about habit building. Right It teaches you how to build habits you can't stay at that same level of the habit after Ramadan, but you can come down to a baseline that's better than you were before Ramadan. Just do vicar daily, come up with a number come up with a couple of tests that you do every day. 100 of distal Farah 100 of Salah and and maybe 100 of la ilaha illa Allah and Allah how they will tell you that do it every day. Three 400 tests behind once in the morning once of the evening, stick to it throughout Ramadan. Commit yourself to it. What else

00:29:00--> 00:29:30

are you doing? You're hungry if you have nothing else to do during the day. There's nothing to do during the day. You're too hungry, you're too tired, your metabolism is low, you're slowing down, pick up just do to speak. Speak of Allah but remember Allah subhanho wa Taala daily and vocations a Muslim without a word is something very confusing to me. I don't understand it. A Muslim doesn't have a daily invocation amount. I don't I don't comprehend that. Because the Sahaba all of them they had a history and amount of Quran they read daily. And they had a moment of invocation of Allah daily all throughout their lives. That was that was a given the Prophet alayhi salam told them if

00:29:30--> 00:29:32

you miss it, then you make up for it the next day.

00:29:33--> 00:30:00

That's how valuable this action is. Number six, learn the art of Da learn how to make dua if you don't make don't learn how to do it is so important. I talked about this a few a few number of weeks before learn to make do art learn to sit and speak to Allah subhana wa Tada you're offered a free two hour every time you break your fastest saw me and if you need to learn to do that is never going to be rejected. always going to be accepted doesn't mean you get what you want when you want it you just

00:30:00--> 00:30:25

Want to be accepted by God and responded to you? Every time you break your fast? Learn to make drought learn to start a conversation with Allah that is healthy that allows you to build your life around it. You explain your hopes and your fears and your ambitions and you talk to Allah subhanaw taala what's going on? You learn to read signs in your life and you and that continues with you. A cola COLA that was toasted Allah honey welcome. Let's start with hello we have a Camilla frozen mustafina So hirola.

00:30:36--> 00:31:04

hamdu Lillahi wa wa sallahu wa salam ala Bella like I love to learn and be about Idaho on early or sophomore diviner, Jehovah I was running out of time, I'm going to leave the rest of them for you to look at I will be talking about them in sha Allah over tonight after maghrib in Arabic and we'll talk about them similarly Saturday and Sunday after maghrib as well so you're welcome to come and attend to listen to the planning piece a little bit more. I'll encourage you as much as I can to to embrace Ramadan make this Ramadan the best of your life that's our motto every Ramadan that comes to you it's going to be the best of my life I'm going to change my life based on this Ramadan you'll

00:31:04--> 00:31:31

try hard you make some changes won't be as good as you want but okay Ramadan if you looked at them after you'll do you'll do better you'll keep on doing better every Ramadan you will perform a little bit better you'll be a little bit closer to Allah subhanaw taala you're planning it out a little bit better you'll come up with a with a more effective way of of connecting with your Lord connecting with the Quran connecting with yourself you're gonna get with yourself understanding yourself and investing in yourself so that you're, you're well and you're healthy. The whole point of wellness is that we need to be well as Muslims, well, not unwell, Muslims can't do anything, they can't change

00:31:31--> 00:31:59

anything. You can't change yourself and become real. You can't change the world, the army, you can't take care of a nation if you can't take care of yourself. If you don't know what's going on in the inside, you're not willing to invest in it. And Allah is giving you these, these high seasons. Here's Ramadan, fix yourself, you don't want to do it, then what are we doing? What's the point of any of this? Why do we even keep on doing what we're doing? If we're not willing to take the advantage of the opportunities that he opens for us? subhanaw taala here, here's Ramadan, get better, get better, get healthy, get well learn who you are learning what your purpose is. Connect

00:31:59--> 00:32:31

with me and let me go with you. Let me enjoy the love that I will offer you and the mercy that I will bestow upon you and the forgiveness that will take take the burden off your back. You don't want that then what do you want? Explain to me why what's worse, what's worse than what's what's worthy in this world of death, not it's, I want you to take some time and go through them and think about them. And this may not be your plan. And that's okay, if it's not figure out your plan, though. Have an objective and make sure you attend you achieve it and Ramadan. And that's why we pray together. That's why we pray together we have why because we do it as a group, because we're

00:32:31--> 00:32:59

gonna come close to Allah subhanaw taala as a group as a nation, because if I'm not doing well, one day, which is normal, because it's 30 days, you're not going to be perfect all 30 I'm not doing well, you'll be doing well. And you'll help me through it. And the day that not You're not doing well, I'll hold your hand, and I'll get you through it. And we'll get through it together. And we will elevate our status together with thee with Allah subhanaw taala watching upon us, that's the whole point of this month, invest in it, learn especially if you're young, especially if you're young, listen to me, listen to me, this is you learn to love Ramadan, I cannot I don't know how I

00:32:59--> 00:33:30

wish I could just take this concept and just insert it into your heart somehow. Just because it makes such a difference for you. If you are able to always watch out for Ramadan, take care of it, build yourself learn and draw yourself closer to Allah. So every year, it'll make the world of difference for you. You'll always respect this month, and you'll always look forward to it. And you'll always find your way back no matter how far away you drift, or how many mistakes you make and how far away you find yourself from although we'll call you back and you'll come back and you'll figure it out again, and you'll be better next time and you'll you'll notice and recognize the

00:33:30--> 00:34:02

mistakes that you made. So just make sure that you take some time and think about that here in this semester. Inshallah Tada, I'm not sure there's. So we have we've shared these posters, I just wanted you to kind of be aware of them. Here's the plan for us here. And honestly, we're not we don't have a lot of space. So when I'm talking to you about committing to massage and coming from Yvonne, look for the closest message, all of them have Barack and all the members of the city are people who do the same who will commit themselves to Ramadan and provide a beautiful experience for you to take upon yourself. Commit to the place that you're most likely to be able to go to every day. If you're

00:34:02--> 00:34:28

if you're driving 30 minutes to a you're not gonna do that for 30 days. I guarantee it. I know the fluctuation of people number one. Now the first night it starts to go up, then it peaks it peaks the first night, second night, third night, six nights, seven nights, and then it slowly it's everything near Agra falls it may Agra falls down and then explains around there until the 20th night and then the 20th night starts to climb up again for the 27th night you have the peak. And that's not how that's the normal fluctuation of human beings of Ramadan. That shouldn't be you.

00:34:30--> 00:34:58

If you're understanding what I'm saying that should not be you that can be people but it shouldn't be you. You should be there every night. Because you want because you want forgiveness because you want close you there's something that you want. You're asking for it and you want to you want to love to give it to you and you're willing to push yourself for it then that's not you, you'll be there. So find a place that's more likely for you to be there. It's close by you can commit to it. You can go there for lunch or you can go there for a shot. You'll go for different times and you'll be able to commit yourself the time that you have extra you take your kids and you go and you sit

00:34:58--> 00:34:59

there we're going to have it

00:35:00--> 00:35:29

sha Allah after photo every single day either during the weekdays it will be attributes of the prophets of Allah Allah Who early was lobue Salam, and on the weekends will be the fetus with forsterite they usually do it I've seen of a surah Saturdays and Sundays throughout Ramadan. I've been doing this for six, seven years and this year inshallah we switch just so there's a different series where people who attend when weekends and can't attend weekdays they will after also every day there will be brothers here in the masjid who are available for Quran we citation for memorization, they'll do a Huffman will just read the whole Quran in one setting and make a small

00:35:29--> 00:35:58

dua. So if you want to come and you want to learn to read, or you want to increase your memorization, or you just want to sit in the masjid in an environment that allows you to even work on your laptop and study because you have exams, I had another session and the message is open from outside until nothing we don't have, we don't have public authorities at this Masjid. Just as an FYI, if you don't have the space doesn't allow for it. But you're welcome to primo from here. And if you have something just fine. If you're single, and you have no one to cook for you at home, then you're welcome to just stick around. If that's the case, if you have your own food, I give a dose

00:35:58--> 00:36:31

before it a shot every day extra will be then you can immediately just because the time has been around nine o'clock, I'm going to try and finish early enough for people to go to sleep because I have work in the morning as well. So we start maybe in 2035 minutes before they show us around 825 or something like that, I start I give I give a delta. Usually what the doses is I put down exactly what the verses are going to be recited that night, we're going to start for their first night from students in Batara. And we'll end and I when I add something to data will be written. And then I will explain what the theme of these of this is. And I'll talk about specific verses. And I'll give

00:36:31--> 00:36:58

you a few a reminder of a verse or two that I think are meaningful to me. So that when you're reading after the holding the Quran, with the ministers reciting in front of you, you know what to what to expect, and you know what the context is, and you're looking forward to a verse that I explained to you. So I'll explain to you a verse or two or three, depending on the time that I have regarding the use of that's going to be recited, we're going to recite it just a little bit every night will be 30 of like our tents or Asia, tuna and then 10 tarawih. And then three Witter. And that will be the case for the whole the whole month. And then we have Sheikh Abbas, who does three

00:36:58--> 00:37:29

o'clock in the morning, another classmate comes in and just in to rock out, he reads the foragers. And that's only for those who really want to, we'll have some time we'd like to kind of do something extra. And then the last 10 days is a different story that will be explained closer the last 10 days, obviously, the message is open most of the day and most of the night, and there's a lot more going on. But that's the that's our plan throughout the month. You're welcome to come and engage with us in any way. I would advise carpool, because we our issue here is mostly parking, like maybe we may have space for people for 10, but may not have enough enough car parking spaces for

00:37:29--> 00:37:58

everybody. So if you're coming, you know, try and try and carpool just to make sure it's so easy. And I would advise you look for the message that's closest to your home. I'm not calling people to come look for the one that's closest to your house. So that you commit because what I care about is that you commit for the full month that when you say I'm going to be there for Ramadan you're there every day. You don't leave you don't halfway 15 days and you're tired and you start making excuses and you start sleeping and you stop going for fish and you stop going for a shot. No, no no. Find the place that you're most likely to commit to because the closest to you. May Allah Subhanallah

00:37:58--> 00:38:20

grant us the ability to benefit from this beautiful month. I hope that was a benefit to you. While I'm waiting Aloha Madonna Marina Lehmann for fun in Hola. Hola. Mala Keita, who you saw Luna Island maybe? Yeah, you are living in LA he recently moved to Lima Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Medina while early Muhammad can also later Allah Ibrahim are either early Ibrahim barbaric Anna Medina. Early Mohamed came out McDonough Ibrahim

00:38:21--> 00:39:01

Ibrahim Villa La Nina in Nikka hamidou Majeed, what are the Allah humanoid robots in hula for that eluna for rebuttal. Well Omar Walrath man over ID what Allah Who man as well as you He will muhurta mean in one early hippo giddy and upon hearing what I'm still harbor Hill hotel in Miami. Juanita Did you know mentally mbsfn in Isla yo Medina one my homegirl from Attica or hamara Haman Allahu mellifera little Muslim you know when Muslim at well me Nina well me not Allah Hi yah Iman whom well I'm what Allahumma Pearlridge whom Allah Muhammad Amin whenever we score Ruben Macrobius what find one man in Muslim woman What if a bull man in blue mean worse than the man oedema? Al Muslimeen

00:39:01--> 00:39:39

Allah Houma living at gmail email on my blog Allahumma [email protected] My one what is open it his CRM I will pm will help Baldassari where he will listen Allahumma John who Bucha Hora Hayden William human and robot are getting allergenic and Muslim in the mature they belong to a female body be Hayato but I mean, John Lucia Holofernes, Elana krummenacher Amin wrote Dona fi La Cava in a de Nicola den Jamila What about Lena fie him and Jimmy is going to be in October no so ha for here now we have all been registered and we'll have one other alcoholic Allah homophobia, disease, whatever however that Quwata illa Allah Allah you know I'll leave a bad Allah in Allah Allah Yamamoto son

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what Eater is in orba? We don't have any fascia it will carry Well, Beverly, you're able Camilla come to the Kuru, nothing for you.