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On Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Bucha mursaleen my mother rasool Allah is another Heidi when it was

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just Limon, cathedra and Garcia.

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My brother and sisters, we have been talking about the importance of self assessment and so on and so forth.

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Today I want to talk to you about the

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therefore, what should we do in terms of actions.

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Now, one of the

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things that happens what we do?

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I call it an unconscious copout strategy

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which is that we globalize a problem. So, for example, if I asked you what is the biggest problem with the Muslim ummah, most likely you will say it is disunity.

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disunity. So, if I say well, what can you do about that? What can I do? I'm one person

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Muslim Oh my 1.8 billion people right. But there is no unity in the heart.

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We have given a mugger Omega

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but if you localize that into say what can I do?

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What you can do, for example, is to make friends with somebody who is not from your particular mother or your particular sector.

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You those

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this can be done right.

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Our problem is we were talking about how there should be unity but then in our budget if the budget is a Hanafy budget, you will not you will treat a Shafi or a Maliki as if he is the governor.

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And vice versa. If it's the Schaeffler budget, he will take the Hanafi as he as if he is

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somebody who's not obviously even right.

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So where is the unity going to come from? How?

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So, the key is, like somebody said, If you can't feed under people feed one.

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You can't educate 100 People educate one

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ear for the education of one child is possible to feed one person one time.

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But we globalize the problem the reason why we globalize the problem is then it legitimizes doing nothing.

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So we feel justified, what can I do to solve a problem? I can't help?

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How can you solve the world's hunger problem? I can't

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How can you solve the problem of ignorance and illiteracy I can't solve it, but it was can you educate one child Yes, can you feed one person? Yes.

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So we globalize a problem unconsciously in order to justify doing nothing.

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And one thing for sure, if you take some action, maybe you will succeed maybe you will fail obviously, there is no guarantee. But one thing for sure is if you take no action nothing will happen.

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Let's see if I take some action maybe

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the the result is not exactly what I wanted, but some result.

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But if I take no action at all, nothing will happen.

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So extremely important to actually take some action. Second thing is also which is another

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block to development and action is we

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define the goal as too high.

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Nothing wrong in being ambitious, but we define the goal as you know, very sort of maximum effort to start a business you're immediately you're thinking of Jeff Bezos.

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So again, it naturally will make you

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it will it will not encourage you it will discourage you zero How can I succeed

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but if you again localize it and say what is the first step I need to take, then there is a path forward.

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So I want to say to you I call this one degree more, just wondering.

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And I want to say to you that at 99 degrees water is hot. at 100 degrees water boils, boiling water produces steam steam can power an engine

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until 99 degrees nothing will happen. What is hot, but at 100 degrees or trend will move.

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Mad Rob? One degree more

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I just want

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to give you some live examples in the 2012. Olympics.

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The difference between a gold medal and normal.

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I'm not saying difference between gold and silver, golden bronze, gold medal and no medal. The difference was point two, five seconds, one quarter of a second.

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Right? Point two, five seconds

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in the Indy 500 car race in 2015.

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The difference between the first and the second place, first and second was one second.

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Once again, the differences in difference in prize money was $1,650,000.

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So, therefore, I say to you that the difference between good and great

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is only one degree.

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Only one degree I'm not talking about, you know, somebody who's as failure No, between good, you're good, but from there to great is one thing. So a little bit of effort, but focused, concentrated effort.

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For that we need

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five things.

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First and foremost is our call on Allah subhanaw taala.

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So knowing Allah subhanaw taala and trusting, having complete and total faith and trust in Allah subhanaw taala that comes only from obedience to Allah, you cannot have Tawakkol and Marcia in the same place, we cannot have disobedience to Allah subhanaw taala and Tao Quran Allah because then if you're disobeying Allah vegeto you're trusting or what?

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obeying Allah subhanaw taala it out of resources, Allah, this is the underlying thing without once that happens, then we have total and complete reliance on almost one. So number one, number two, is to think about our mind.

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Our mind is like a fertile field.

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You can plant anything in it, it will grow.

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But the field will give you only what you plant.

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The harvest will be only what you plant,

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it will grow anything. But it will give you the harvest of only what you plant.

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You plant good you get good, you plant evil, you get evil, you plant even and you want good won't get.

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So that is very important. What goes into the mind.

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road the doors to the mind are the eyes and the ears. And that is the reason why it is so important to be careful about what you see and what you listen to what you say what may be important. And by mind, I mean really the concept of color which is mind and heart, the intellect and the emotion together.

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Second thing is focus. What differentiates the lion from the antelope, the same thing that differentiates laser from ordinary light and that is focus.

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Ordinary light at best eliminates laser cuts through steel.

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Same thing,

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just focus.

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So we must focus on our selves

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not on the whole world on ourselves.

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And why should we focus on ourselves because we will do question only about ourselves. Allah will not question me about you or you about me lol question me about myself.

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Number three is a goal.

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We are only as good as our goals.

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So what is my goal?

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Clarity of goal is the first step to success. If the goal is not clear, then effort is wasted.

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When the goal is clear, the effort is focused. So what is the goal?

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And I always remind myself and I tell people to write it down. Write this goal down on a sheet of paper, it must not be more than three to four words, maximum five words. Because if you have to write more than five words, it's mean five words it means that your mind is not clear about the goal. So thinks about.

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Some more thinking is required to narrow it down to not more than five words. Write that on a sheet of paper, put it in front of you where you can see it everywhere.

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And focus on that goal. And the last one

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On his perseverance

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is to stay in there

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because life and success in life is a

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it's not a sprint it's not 100 meter race it's a marathon

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is 26 miles it is you have to run and continue to run and the one who succeeds is the one who stays in the race.

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Because you don't lose a race when you fall you lose a race only when you fail to stand up.

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So as long as you if you make a mistake, no power mod mistakes are for learning you make a mistake.

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But if you do not get up, then you will fail. So falling out of the race.

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So how long do we learn until Allah keeps us

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so like somebody says, When do I know if my job is over? And the answer is if you are alive, it is not over.

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As simple as that Allah subhanaw taala will keep you alive and take work from you as long as you are willing to work. So I remind myself when you let us focus on our goals, be clear about them. Deal with them if possible inshallah and have the Aqua

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masala will carry value. He was a big name radical