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The speakers discuss the importance of fear and sadness in the past, as it relates to the future. They emphasize the importance of building up goodwill and not regretting the loss or sadness in the future. The speakers also touch on the concept of regret and loss, with emphasis on the importance of following one's lifestyle choices and doing things for oneself. They emphasize the importance of happiness and building up goodwill in the future.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu alayhi wa salli wa ala he was having his main ulcer had Bella said about the believers that have inhalation, while

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Allah said this, about with respect with respect to the eye for that as well as the near the hopeful knowledge and whether or not they will have no fear, and they will have no sadness.

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This is just about myself. And, you know, fear has to do with the future. And sadness has to do with the past.

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Now, with respect to the ACA,

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not having fear means that the believers would have been added to the agenda.

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So they do not have to fear the displeasure or loss or have that anymore.

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They do not have to fear the punishment of Allah swatter anymore because that is that is done. And they have been awarded Jana mela make us among those

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with respect to sadness. Naturally, when you introduce them, there is no sadness. All that was in the past is past, it's gone unfinished, there's no sadness, and you have an agenda. But what is the meaning of saying there have been at least one

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with respect to the dunya.

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Now, once again, the issue of

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hope in the dunya has to do with the future.

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So when you say that there's no code for the engineer,

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when you say that there's no confidence in you, what do you mean? We need half has to do with the fear of the unknown.

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Now for the believer,

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a believer does not fear the unknown because

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he or she believes

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he or she believes in living in the present,

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and not excessively being worried about the future. Because the present is what for the most part affects the future. It's our deeds on a day to day basis, that open and shut doors for us. In our future,

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I tell deeds on a day to day basis, that bring about changes that come into our future. For example, if you eat too much, and you put on weight, and then as you grow older, you get all sorts of ailments which are not devious, but which are the result of our lifestyle choices.

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So also for other things, if we build up a bank balance of goodwill, which people by doing things for them and doing, making sure that those people are pleased, and happy and taken care of, and that we support the the weak and if we stand up against the oppression of the strong, then we build up a goodwill database, we build up a goodwill bank balance for ourselves. And this comes to our aid in the future. Because when we need something, there will be a lot of people in our corner cheering for us and helping us to get forward in our lives.

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There's no fear, there's no sadness, he has been here for a

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while I was alone, because sadness comes from regret, sadness comes from two things, sadness comes from loss and sadness comes from regret Alhamdulillah if the believer is expected of the believer that he and she follows the dictates and the orders of Allah subhanaw taala and the sun are going to be set alongside us. And if he follows the order, there are lots of animals out in the sunlight and there is a lot of others they will sell them, then where is the question of regret, because he or she is not going to be doing anything that they will need to regret later. Anyway, in many ways, they come to the possibility of seeing the possibility of disobeying Allah, immediately they will

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hold their hands and feet back and they will hold their eyes and ears back and they will not indulge in that disobedience also held that the moment it comes to the question of going against the Sunnah optimism of Helen, they will not go against the sun, Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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and so therefore, when they look back over their life, they will have no regrets. Third thing is that in the question

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on the on the occasion that they may actually commit a sin, because of forgetfulness, because of their own weakness in the dollar store. So believe immediately is conscious of his sin. He is regretful, he is contrived. He is sad that he has made this commitment and immediately mixed up I mean next door he makes it with a full and complete certainty

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about them. The Hobbit although he is the one who for

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gives us a sense of relaxation. And therefore, he makes over the sadness goes away. So there is no sadness, on account of regret, and also for the video, no sadness, or at least no lasting sadness on account of loss because the video have begun believes in the color of Allah subhanaw taala. So if there is a loss of any game, whether it's a loss of life, or whether it's a loss of wealth and however it is a loss of health or any other kind of loss, he knows and she knows that this is what was written for him. And you also know that this was written because even in that

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we just hired for his fifth

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Genesis We are number one no commercial human at home, he was not so

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well with us a lot of us should have submitted a lady in our for mercy button Paulo, in that environment and Roger Allah, hi highly in Latin America,

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the homeowner motto

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that surely will test you

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with no hope, with fear

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or with hunger or not familiar language and by the loss in your wealth, or nothing family well I'm putting in your health in yourself and in your possession your children and so on. And so glad tidings for the people who have suffered machine slavery, who are the people who have suffered who say, in that in that hearing, that we are from Allah and we towards Allah is our return. Like Allah him Salatin, Arabic Mama, Allah said for them Allah tala century salams on them, and on them with a common motto don't and these are the people who are rightly guided. Now when that assurance is there, then where is the question of sadness, even when there is loss, the believer remind himself

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and the loss cannot happen on its own, the loss is the amount of loss is the cause of Allah subhanaw taala the believer has been the believer is pleased with and accepts the decree of Allah subhanaw taala and the believer looks forward to the salado Allah subhanaw taala and to the blessing of Allah subhanaw taala and to the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala if he is

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patient, and if he has several, he doesn't complain and inshallah that is what he does. So that's awful that a him laughing You know, in this dunya means that you do not commit sin, it means that you

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are patient and therefore there is no fear and there is no sadness. ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us among those about whom this has been written, meant to make us among those who will be rightly guided and considered to be the actor guided by Allah Subhana Allah sallallahu nanopi very well as your Savior has been