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I really truly feel sorry for any young people who fall for this. This is the problem too. Like a lot of people who hate entertain, they'll just see the headline and

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I'm obviously a Muslim, I'm Islamic. What most people don't understand about a lot of the Islamic world is that a lot of these things are outlawed. Right? So somebody sent me this clip of people to Pride March shouting out, we're here we're queer, and we're coming for your children.

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They're telling the truth ivacy both sides of politics are saying, Why is Tucker Carlson interviewing a human trafficker? This is America's most famous ad Well, you know it's I go that's how I'm and he looks back he goes, how you know about her and are you cautious about your diet?

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I'm not as questions about my diet as I should be. Okay. Christians are starting to realize especially conservative Christians that Islam are a lot of people envy the fact that reading the book, what can we say I'm sorry, I

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wasn't something I say I don't think he's a human trafficker. I think he's probably done what would be considered haram?

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and His final messengers, Muhammad, peace be upon him? This is our religion, Islam.

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This is the dijo

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I was ready to talk about this. I would only talk about explaining how much respect for the faith of Islam show Welcome to the deen show. The Deen show.

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Assalamu Aleikum, greetings and peace everybody. My next guest is an independent news analysts he brings a different and unique perspective to news reporting. He's back here on a D show. You guys know him has anomaly. Thank you. Appreciate you. Thanks for having me. Anomaly my man. How you doing? Brother? How are you? Ben? Life is good. I was glad when you guys hit me up. It's funny. I was just thinking about you guys, and that we should do another interview. And then I saw the email literally in the same week or two. So great timing. This was destiny. See? You were thinking they were thinking and God made it happen.

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Amen. Amen. How's everything with you how you been since the last time we got together? Everything's good. Just been trying to work trying to have a little fun and take care of the fam. So life is good. So bringing us up to speed. You've been talking about a lot of different things, you bring a unique and unique perspective to news reporting. Can you go ahead and bring us up? We got a few things here to talk about GMO mosquitoes, the Lockheed Martin target, almost going under, and lab grown meat. And your tape being framed? You reported on that. There's a lot to talk about. Where do you want to start?

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Yeah, I mean, either one of those. I guess what I would say is, I'm noticing in politics, because that's the field that I dabble in, that I thought a lot of people were doing journalism, citizen journalism, but now you have a lot of partisan people, right? A lot of people that I think they made a name and made up brands, questioning narratives telling the truth. Now, I feel like a lot of people this year, that's what I'm saying. There's a lot of selling out. And there's not a lot of honesty. So I always try to no matter what the topic is politician, I try to be as honest as possible and as fair because I don't want to be compromised by a, you know, a politician because

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then I can't do my job. So we could start maybe the mosquito thing is definitely an interesting story. If you want to start with that. Yeah. GMO mosquitoes. Let's start with that. So a couple years ago, they released GMO genetically modified mosquitoes in Florida and in Texas, and the reasoning but the company was backed by Bill Gates, I think their name is ox Teca like oh, a x, etc. A or something Oxitec. And their plan was basically to kill mosquitoes and lower the population by sending out I think it was male mosquitoes that can't have kids. So just tricking mosquitoes into mating with fake mosquitoes to kill mosquitoes. That's what they said. They release them into the

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public. And I'm not saying this is the correlation. They've done fact checks, of course on this and I won't say things that I can't prove. I like to be honest. But malaria has popped up in Texas and Florida for the first time, in a long time. And those are the two states that they released him and I'm not saying it came from that. But I do find it interesting and just I don't know who voted for this stuff. This is the type of stuff when people fight over Trump and Biden and DeSantis and Biden

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beer or DeSantis, and Trump, these are the things that they're doing. And I don't think any politician has the power to stop them or care. So that's why it's important for citizens to pay attention. And if they don't want that voice, your opinion about it is just one of the things that in a free society going by the Constitution, we have freedom of speech. But then you have also a lot of these social media platforms where you can get canceled, or you can get in some trouble talking about certain things. That happened to me also, when the whole thing was going down. And people were locked into houses. And we were talking about certain things and certain videos were removed is as

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some of the you let me know which things we could talk about which things we can't.

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I think, pretty much anything goes as long as you're trying to be somewhat accurate. But you're right now I got videos taken down during that. And the funny thing is, once they get what they want, now, you could talk about it right now. Now. It's like, oh, now you could talk about it.

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I remember when when the things are going on, if you question masks at all, even if you did it in the most. So are we okay to talk about masks now? I think you are because it's all gone. But I still try to be careful as far as what I say. But even if you're careful, they they're selective and unresponsive. If they censor you,

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inaccurately they don't care. You know, it's kind of like a dictator, where there's nowhere to talk to, there's no court to go to they say this, you say this, and they win because they own YouTube. So let's, let's get into the next thing that kind of goes into that. And it gets your reaction because you also spoke about this. Do you take care of your immune system in other ways? Do you take probiotics? Are you cautious about your diet?

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I'm not as cautious about my diet as I should be. I'm a junk food a Holic? Actually, well, that seems like a terrible thing for you. It is a terrible thing for my health and something my wife is working on. But that seems ridiculous for someone who works with health. Yeah, yeah. Sometimes, man, I just don't get it right. How often? What, how often? How often do I steal a bag of chips or something like, garbage? Yeah, that does seem ridiculous. For anybody who's really wanting to be more conscious of their health, the first thing you really got to get down to is your nutrition. This is very important. And it seems like when Joe Rogan was asking him about his nutrition

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lifestyle, it was so upside down. And this is one of the key figures for health.

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When they locked us down, the first common sense thing I thought was if they can mandate a lock down, they could mandate an exercise for the whole country to exercise together. And if they're not doing that, but they're taking away sports and gyms and athletic facilities, then how much can they really care about our health. And you see that with Big Pharma, everything comes back to pills, or vaccines, pills or vaccines. And on an equation, if there was a health chart, you know, medicine would be one part of that, right? Taking care of yourself with supplements or medicine or whatever you think, is medicine, whether it's food, but then they act like the rest of the pie chart doesn't

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even exist. So someone like that get exposed? And he says, do you take care yourself? And he's like, No, and Joe's like how your whole? That's your whole thing? And he's like, Well, yeah, well, because he's just basically a big pharma salesman, in my opinion. And that's, that's an issue that both parties seem to not care about. And I feel like a lot of politics is like WWE theater to get people fighting, when sometimes the top of the pyramid is controlling both parties, the lobbyists and certain industries. So yeah, that was a great clip to really expose the experts and health they don't even take care of themselves. Yeah. What's his locket, Lockheed Martin, you spoke about this.

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And the rainbow colored alphabet movement that kind of got they got behind. And then but this is this is a an industry that is making weapons or what is right, yeah, Lockheed Martin is a weapons manufacturer. And they're one of the big I would say War lobbyists that lobby both parties. And I think it's in their interest to have wars and to make new weapons, because that's what they do. They put a rainbow flag and did some sort of, I guess, Pride marches or something, you know, they they sponsored their own rally, and they had all the LGBT activists in the street with them. And it's just funny, because years ago, it used to be the left wing that was against war and against

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Raytheon, and Lockheed Martin and all these weapons, contractors and lobbyists. But all you have to do is put a rainbow flag over it. And I guess if it's gay left wingers, they don't do activism anymore. Are these the same? This is the same company that was in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, and you know, anything about that was probably I think, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon when it comes to all the US weapons that they're using and funding others with, whether it be rebel groups, or you know, their allies. I'm pretty sure it's them. You know, if we're at war, I'm sure Lockheed Martin is a part of it. Yeah. Have you have you

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started training, some martial arts. So jujitsu or anything you've been hanging around with some of the UFC fighters. Yeah, I've been I hit the punching bag, but I haven't officially trained jujitsu or anything. I don't want to take at least boxing lessons and I want to get in like a YouTube celebrity boxing match. Are you doing? Yeah, to punch somebody in the face? Yeah.

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Yeah. So you interviewed a UFC fighter not too long ago, and you guys are talking about what's the big thing right now, is the sexualization of the children. You talked about. But yeah, Holly Holm mentioned it after a fight. She won. And she said, I don't think they should be sexualizing the children. And it caused huge controversy, because they called it right wing and you must be this and she said, Hey, I'm just talking about sexualization of children in general, I think it's going too far. And, you know, they're using the LGBTQ which is like a shield, right? Because then if you push back against it, they say you hate gay people, or you're you're being a bigot, but they're starting

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to do it lower and lower to younger and younger kids. And, you know, a kid thinks that he's a truck driver, because you tell him about truck drivers or he wants to be an astronaut or a firefighter. At a certain age, you only know what you're taught, and you don't really know who you are. So they're using the LGBTQ plus thing to get into the schools to push it on very young kids who they don't even know their sexuality. I mean, you know, I saw I think her name is Charlize Theron. She's some celebrity. She adopted black kids from Africa. And they're like, 2345, like, super young, and she's transgender them and they're like, they're, they're women now, and they were boys. And I'm like, you

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know, this is pretty sick. These these kids barely know who they are. And their parents are, you know, trying to change their sexual orientation. It's, it's like gotten to such crazy heights. They're not waiting till you're 18. Even it's like, there's no age that isn't too young for them. How's that even possible? I was watching a clip of a father, he was talking to his son, and he was talking about what mom gets him to do. And his mom has dressed them up as a girl, put makeup on them, and she's kind of like pushing what she'd like, okay, she didn't get a daughter now as muesli. Oh, it's unfair. So now I'm going to start to make my son, you know, play the role of woman and

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she's programming him, these things, take a take a, they have a strong impact on the children, and then you end up messing them up as they get older. So we're seeing a lot of this and now it's like a free for all.

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These pronoun thing is just take exploding, you got like, last time, it was like 120 30 different pronouns and whatnot. Right. And I think it was Governor Ron DeSantis, who removed some books from school. But the reasoning was, it was, some of them were like * books, they had just straight up sexual, like pictures and speeches for young kids. And he removed them out of the school, and they're trying to act like he's Stalin, or Hitler removing, like, you know, really serious books, like, Oh, he's book burning, and he doesn't believe in free speech. And he's made it clear, he's like, I don't think there should be * in a kid's library. And I don't think

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they should be pushing sexualization on them. Because, you know, at the end of the day, they want to celebrate Pride month for an entire month, which is like celebrating * and homosexuality and, you know, straight couples make children and procreate the human race, that's just how it works. You know, we wouldn't even exist without people making babies. So to celebrate a whole month of that, and then behind that, it's not just adults, you know, having like sexual escapades. They're using it to target young children. And it's kind of like with abortion, I, you know, I have a certain stance on it. But I understand if someone is like when they're trying to figure out when the life starts,

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and they don't understand, but you have certain left wingers now that will say up until birth, you know what I'm saying like it the mother's pregnant, it's like coming out and there was one Democrat who basically was saying, if the if the baby comes out like that, they can make a decision about it. Like they're just talking about slaughtering a half born baby. Now. You know, this is murder. I mean, this is a life a human life. It's really crazy. And when you see this happening, there was a clip of actually was, I think it was a pastor. I'm not,

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not sure 100% But he was at the board meeting. I don't know if you saw that. And going back to what you were saying about these books. He started reading the book. What can we say? I'm sorry, I

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wasn't something I say it

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wasn't something I say.

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If you don't want to hear it in a school board meeting, watch your children be able to check it out of the school system. See, we have perverts that are perverting our kids and you will sit back smoking your prayers and celebrate them

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. But you don't want me to reach so you can hear me. Why does it bother you? Yes or no? You can't answer that question. You want to know why? Because politically speaking, you can't say that is wrong. Right. He's was cut off. He was going into the book. And then somewhere along the lines, they were like,

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they were like, Hey, slow down there. Did you see that? And then he said, Hey, you expect children to watch to look at this to see this, but you can't even hear what I'm saying. Without even see. Right? You see that? Guy? Yeah. Isn't that crazy? It's crazy. What's that that book was in a library for children. And they're showing they're showing Zach is * you're seeing, you're seeing pictures of, of adults coming together and doing what's goes on in private, in your bedroom. I don't know if you saw Jen Psaki. She was the old press secretary for Joe Biden. But she came out recently. And they're starting to figure out that a lot of Muslims in America do not like this similar to

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Christians. And she basically was trying to say that the reason Muslims don't like this stuff is because white people are tricking them. And I'm laughing because I'm like, you know, when it comes to Islam, and how countries that are truly Islamic or trying to be truly Islamic, are dealing has nothing to do with white people. It's their belief also. So I think they're in for a rude awakening. They tie everything back to white people, like as if, and it's so demeaning as if there's no other culture or race or religion, that that can think for themselves, right? That everything has to come back. They think they're being nice when they say stuff like that. But it really just shows that

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they don't think other people have a mindset or culture of their own. So as they're starting to realize that Muslims do not overall like like that. Yeah, we have a clear

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boundaries in Islam, which is halal or haram. And if you heard the terms haram, have you heard that term? How do you know how to do it? Don't do it. It's, it's prohibited, right? Something harmful for you. So what's haram? And what's Halal permissible is, is pretty straightforward. So this is the this is the thing that is clearly defined is laid out. And there's no confusion. There's nobody tricking us on that. I had a Muslim driver that had to drive me like three hours in Florida, I had to rush to get to like a different part of it from off a cruise. And I took a very expensive Uber, but I was like, three, four hours. I gotta make sure this guy's a cool guy, because he's driving me

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for three hours. He was Muslim guy, super cool guy, but we're talking and he starts talking about what's going on with all the rainbow stuff. And I go, I go, that's haram. And he looks back he goes, how you know about her, and then he loved me, because I said, I said it was haram. And you know, from then on, it was a great, a great chat. So he, you know, he gave me his number and everything. But he was so impressed that I knew her. And I just did a response to those, Patrick and David and another Christian, or if he's a pastor, Chris

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can help me out. I forgot his name. But they were talking about putting aside, Patrick, ben David, I think he was going in the right direction. I don't know your thoughts. I did a, a, I was commending him for this, about putting aside any kind of theological difference, whatever the case, to go ahead and unite to be a force to be reckoned with to come up against what's happening to our children. You see this in Canada, there's a big push now leave our kids alone. What do you think about this?

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Yeah, I think that is going to happen. And I think it I think it's a great idea. And, you know, I understand that there are religious differences. And you know, people have a right to their own thoughts and their own culture. But I do think the propaganda in America is what drove up like, in organically, I think organically, some people will drive themselves apart. But in organically through the war in Iraq, and the war in Afghanistan, the anti Islam propaganda was so strong in America that it drove Christians and Muslims like so far away for decades, and everybody doesn't have to be exactly the same. I'm not saying one world, whatever. But it's it really wasn't organic.

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And now that that is healing, and people are seeing through the propaganda, they're starting to realize that Christians are starting to realize, especially conservative Christians, that Islam are a lot of people and be the fact that certain countries still hold those values, dear and this country doesn't because Christians have been so weakened that they think that it's only Saudi Arabia. It's only this and the reality is a lot of these laws between husband and wife like you can't stay at a hotel that used to be in Catholic countries also, it's just it isn't anymore. So yeah, I agree completely that people should stand together on this stand firm in their values. And I

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think it's a natural occurrence where the media and the powers that be I think that they know who the threats are against a one world government

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against this liberalization of the world, and they know that the to their two biggest opponents are going to be Islam, you know, the Middle East and I would say Western Christian countries that hold firm in their value. So I don't think it was a mistake that they drove people so far apart. I think it was coerced because they have to turn the two strong factions that will fight the propaganda against each other in order to conquer. How can you it's really ironic. I mean, you have so many different rules and regulations in place. And you have to to unlearn what is it to enlist in the army, you got to be what 18 or 2018? To drink a drink? It's 18 or 2121, to drink? To go to a tattoo

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parlor and get a tattoo, can you walk in at 11 years old and get a tattoo, I think you need a parent, you need a parent right? Even to go and get your passport you need. Here in Chicago, you need two parents to come in with you. So you need parents a lot. And then you can go on with our rated movies explicit contact all of this stuff. There's rules and regulations. But why is it now when it comes to taking off a fully functioning body part just like if you were to go in to see a doctor and you said, Hey, man, just I want to take this arm off and take my eye out because I feel like a kid comes and says I feel like I want to be a pirate. You know what I mean? I feel I'm I'm a

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pirate, you know. So I'm going to put a patch on here, you got to take my eye out. And you want to cut off my my arm here. I want to put a hook. What would the doctor segment get? You know, get the * out of here? No, but he would probably you know, he would definitely not. He would definitely entertain this. But over here. We're entertaining the fact now that children here and pushing it to the puberty blockers and giving them time now to think about this and then helping to facilitate them to go ahead and change their genders. Oh, somebody sent me this clip of people to Pride March shouting out, we're here. We're queer, and we're coming for your children.

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Of course, when they were called out on this, they just said, Hey, it's a joke. It's mockery, you know, kind of like the gay men's choir in San Francisco who said the exact same thing. So I get it. You guys like jokes? I got one for you. Once upon a time, there was a bunch of people that threatened to mess with other people's children. And then when they tried to make good on the attempt, they were brutally mauled beyond recognition by a father who identified as a grizzly bear. See, it's funny, because it would be true.

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Right? So for them to have a community into the future, they do need your your children. That's how they think, for there to be a homosexual community and 100 years from now, they need straight people's kids. Because only straight people have children. So they're very, they're telling the truth. That's the first thing. They mean what they say. And I think from a religious perspective, a lot of people think that these rules like, Oh, that's too crazy. And they don't want you to be free. But there's a reason that God wants people to be disciplined, because when you lean into the Haram, it's like a slippery slope. You don't I'm saying it starts with this. So you see that with the left,

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if they were to say, even when they just get made gay people get married, if it would have stated that most of the public probably would have never even noticed because they're too busy working, etc. But then it's like, well, now we're going to do to 17 year olds, and it's like, now we're going to do to a 14 year old. Now we're going to do a 10 year old. Now we're going to do a two year old now we're going to abort a baby at seven months now nine months now halfway through birth, and these people can't stop. They're so addicted to the Harroun lifestyle that they just go further further and further into it. And it's just crazy. And what you were saying with the identification? It's the

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same thing with voting. I don't care. I know there's a political debate going on. But when you say Hey, should we have an ID to vote because I need to I need to go on a cruise on a plane everything I need to get a apartment anything. And they say, oh, no, it's racist to have that and people get so caught in the left and the right and the emotion of it, that they don't think properly. And it's like, I'm not asking people to be this way or this way, or pledge allegiance to some looser political party. Use your common sense, use the common sense that God gave you should like you said, if you can't get a tattoo, when you're 13 years old, should you be able to chop off your * at

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seven. You know what I'm saying? Have a mother try to change your gender at three years old is nothing to do with politics. It's basic human nature and people are so clouded that they can't think straight. Yeah, and I think if you take out if you take a higher power out of the equation, you take your Creator out of the equation and now and you're not living for something greater. And for a greater purpose, you're gonna end up like we were talking about you're talking about jumping into, you know, debauchery you're gonna don't jump into experimenting, and there's no guideline, everything's subjective. So there's no clear guidelines and they just make things up as you go

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along. So why why not now, right? It's like, what are the who said

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The perimeters. And I think that in America, a country that really values Liberty, liberty from government, I think even conservatives are falling into this trap where I call it freedom versus discipline, freedom from government, like concentration camps is good. You don't want to be in there. You don't want them to take over. But discipline is what makes a man great, not freedom. It's discipline, you know, a discipline fighter. There's a reason he has eight pack abs if he has the freedom to eat Cheetos every day. But the reason that he's great is because of his discipline. So I think even a lot of conservatives in America, they lean so hard into life, freedom, freedom,

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freedom, and yes, from government tyranny. But that's the reason the West I believe is failing, is because they don't have discipline, and they're too addicted to just saying the word freedom. Technically, Freedom means you could change your gender have your three year old like that you're free, you know, that's so you got to be real careful with what the parameters of society are. And I know you think about that. Yeah, absolutely. I don't know as a family from the show. I wanted to kind of describe this as sensitively as possible but but we have to educate our children we have to educate our secondary educating them to the lifestyle that they we got don't doesn't want them to be

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indulging in. And now with this whole transition thing. And the pronouns and whatnot. You had a person, a man who was

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I don't know if you call it a what is it the trans and he was in I don't know, if you saw that clip, he was in the bathroom, a woman's bathroom. So he's dressed as a woman, he's in a woman's bathroom. And he's got his phone out. But then the private part of the his, obviously, he's dressed as a woman, but he's got the male genitalia. And it's an it's an it's a, it's a it's how would you it's he's got a

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How can I? You know what I'm saying? Have you seen the clip?

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Yeah, Joe Rogan was talking about this. So paint the piece. So he's a man dressed. He's in a woman's bathroom. And now someone's record recording that he's pretty much has a erection? Oh, he's in a woman's bathroom. Right. So he's,

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this is the kind of things that are happening. What do you what do you think about this?

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Yeah, I mean, I guess when you don't have any guidelines for society, and anything goes stuff like that starts happening, they had that at we spa in Los Los Angeles, where they had a, you know, biologically born man in the woman section, with with the junk hanging out, and women were complaining, and they said, there's nothing we could do about it. They use this sort of stuff as a shield. And they're very crafty with it. Like if you disagree with them, you're a racist, or sexist or a bigot, or you must hate them. And you must hate people. So it's a very crafty way of just pushing the envelope further, further, further, further, further. And the second you try to stop it,

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then they say that you're being hateful. And, you know, the conservatives in America lose, because they move what I call the Overton window, which is like the where it's all happening. It all moves so far left that now if you look at the Republican Party, they're actually further left on this topic than Obama was. When Obama got into office, he said that, you know, a man and a woman is a marriage before he legalized it, because back in that day, which was only 20 years ago, you couldn't win an election in America, if you believed in gay marriage, even California voted against it 20 less than 20 years ago. So now that's how they work, the media and the culture moves so far left,

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that then the opposition to that is still further along the line than it was. That's why I think religion is important and people having strict values because I'm not surprised this stuff's happening. And you know, that I think the Republican Party doesn't have an answer for it. They just really just turned into the Democrats of like, 15 years ago. How much do you think that the freedom of speech is getting eroded at and also the freedom of religion now to go and practice your religion, and your religion, obviously, is against these things, and then also to speak to us to use it constructively, intelligently. This what you have in the Constitution, this freedom of speech,

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how much you think this is being chipped away at?

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Definitely a lot. Like you were saying, during the lockdown, we were experiencing the craziest thing we probably ever seen, which is like you're stuck in your house, you can't go anywhere, you can't run your business, and then just voicing opposition to that, which is normal. They use private companies to shut it down. But now we're finding out that the government was talking to these companies, you know, they're reaching out saying this is illegal or, you know, don't let them do this. So I think it's definitely happening. I do think that there is some more competition on the horizon, but say even rumble, you know, if they're on the Apple Store, they're beholden to Apple. So

00:29:55 --> 00:29:59

there's one platform that never bent the knee. Their name is Gab, you know

00:30:00 --> 00:30:36

They call them anti semitic. Because basically, there's this rule that if you want to stay on the App Store, you have to play along to a certain speech regulation guideline. And never did it. So they got kicked off the whole app store. Now the only way to find them as on a browser, but anyone including rumble, including, you know, these free speech advocates, there's a certain game that you have to play to stay on the App Store. And if you're not on Apple App Store, it's hard to you can't really compete with social media. So yeah, there's a lot of little tricks they have, I think, to control the paradigm of what you can and can't say, so far are we do an okay

00:30:38 --> 00:30:44

with what we can, what we can what we can and can't say, oh, no, yeah, you're good for sure. I mean, I think

00:30:45 --> 00:31:21

I've been fine over the last couple of years. I'm always pretty thoughtful about what I say, as long as you're just not, like aggressively freaking out over like crazy topics. To me. They do sensor, some stuff, but a lot of people are a little sloppy with it, you know, as long as you're not super sloppy. Okay. Let's get into a couple more things. I want to talk about this lab grown meat. Can you talk about that? Fill us in on what's going on with the lab grown meat? Yes, I guess they found a way to grow meat in a lab. You know, I don't understand the scientific process. But it's not real. You know, it's not like a cow giving birth to a cow and you eat it. It's obviously faker.

00:31:22 --> 00:32:04

Well, they claim it's real meat, but it's claimed it's real, they're real? Well, I wouldn't consider it real but and also this, they'll claim it's safe. And you know, it's safe and effective. And it's going to save the world from climate change, or whatever the thing is, but you know, there's a certain beauty to nature, there's a certain beauty to like a bunch of bees creating a honeycomb. And you look at it, and it looks so beautiful. It's like the perfect shape, right? And then the honey has got all these nutrients. And now you're just taking a cow and somehow growing its meat in a lab. And it's very, it's very weird. And I don't want any part of it personally, but to each their own.

00:32:04 --> 00:32:43

Yeah, this is, again, something going off from the natural way. And when you go away from the natural way, the way that God Almighty has put things in order, then you have disorder. And I don't, I don't see it always, it's always masqueraded in something positive as good. But then you see just all of these destructive things that happen after that becomes like a big, big business, people benefiting over people's health and not really taking those things into consideration. And I won't say too much, because I know it's a topic like I don't have problems with this because I word it properly. But I think with climate change, they're going to do very similar stuff that they did with

00:32:43 --> 00:33:24

COVID, which is basically like you can't question the data, right? You know, this, like they did this is the science, don't question it, or else will kick you off. I think they're going to do that same sort of thing. And part of that equation is they're saying that, you know, cows are and farms are a problem. And in certain European country, they're starting to shut down farmland and tell farmers, you know, you're causing climate but without saying too much. You look at the world and say a country like Ireland or Netherlands, their impact on the world is very small compared to America or China. So this idea that that's even gonna, you know, make a dent in the science is not but I

00:33:24 --> 00:33:35

guess that's their thought is like, we got to start with us and then everyone else will follow. Aren't these the same people were saying follow the science and now they can determine if a man's a man or a woman is a woman?

00:33:36 --> 00:34:22

Right? I mean, it's it's definitely pretty odd. If you're paying attention. It's obvious that they can't do basic math or science yet they're the experts. Have you heard I'm gonna teach you another term shaytaan Have you heard this term? shaytaan shaitan is a will be equivalent to this is the master deceiver, a bliss the devil. Then you have underneath the Shakedown, you have little shade Shayateen Shayateen so this is the devil and the satanic forces. We would say working okay, yeah, for sure. him his guy, humanity. Right. Yeah. So let's I'll finish off here with one more thing that you also you discussed. You talked about agitate, getting framed. So being a news analysts and

00:34:22 --> 00:34:59

reporting on many of these things, what was your conclusion? To the whole agitate being locked up in Romania? What have you Yeah, I don't think he's a human trafficker. I think he's probably done what would be considered haram? You know, I don't know for sure. But his whole life. Definitely. That's not that's that's no shadow of a doubt. You know, that webcam, all of that stuff. That is definitely those things are hot. Yes. From the past. Yeah. And listening to them because I like Andrew Ted. I think he's super interesting to listen to and I think they're mad at him because he basically a welcome

00:35:00 --> 00:35:34

A lot of young men and to not being pathetic, but listening to him and you know, his brother, I like both of them. They have a lot of pride in their past. And I think that was kind of an error, just like, it's one thing to everybody makes mistakes, and everyone does stuff, but like, they're so proud of like scamming men and lying to them. And they just always were talking about that on podcast. But here's the thing is, it's not human trafficking. A lot of people, they're glorifying it, I think, for the podcasts around, but a lot of these *, women have guys that are doing the messaging, you know, it's a full blown business. So that's not actually that unusual. And as far

00:35:34 --> 00:35:45

as flying women and doing stuff, it was not human trafficking, in my opinion, I don't think they were flying women against their will. I think a lot of women wanted to do it, they wanted to hang out with them.

00:35:46 --> 00:36:26

It's just the way they talked about it. They talked about it so often and so recklessly, that they're using anything that they can get against them and trying to frame them on it. So I don't think they're guilty of human trafficking. Although I just I think it was just a bad move of them being like, you know, lie to these women and bang them and make them love you, then you do them into the webcam, just kind of dumb to just say that publicly so many times. But I in a court I mean, saying something dumb doesn't mean you trafficked like women for that reason. So I do think that if they had never gotten famous and woken up a lot of young men, I don't know that they would be

00:36:26 --> 00:36:37

charged like this personally, I think it's a I hope that they get a fair court for sure. Yeah, that was interesting that through because you have a lot of people who will do things

00:36:39 --> 00:37:18

for for likes, for shares for you know, in the social media realm, just to be as outlandish as possible. And you have people who are saying and doing far worse things. I mean, equally in Islam, these things are obviously haram right? But we do believe that people can change for the better we want people to change for the better. That's how the world becomes a better place when people leave off things like that * and * and all of these the life of debauchery, this is something that really you know, Islam is about worshiping one God and being morally upright, very simple found foundation that you live your life on, and you're conscious of your Creator, at all

00:37:18 --> 00:37:48

times you make a mistake, you turn back, you ask for forgiveness. And that's how we should be as a society when somebody's you know, trying to change for the better not to push them back and hold them to their past for the rest of their life. If they say, Hey, I'm done with that. Why are you going to keep bringing it up over and over and trying to not help someone to grow? So that's the ironic thing. Yeah. And if you read the court case, like this is the problem too, like a lot of people who hate entertain, they'll just see the headline, and

00:37:50 --> 00:38:05

I'm obviously a Muslim, I'm Islamic. What most people don't understand about a lot of the Islamic world is that a lot of these things are outlawed. Right. Ivan see both sides of politics are saying, Why is Tucker Carlson interviewing a human trafficker?

00:38:07 --> 00:38:45

This is America's most famous ad. Well, you know, it's it's so it's such an important issue for our youth and adults. As you said, some of these laws are actually extending into adulthood. You know, we often say the gender affirming care is health care, gender affirming care, is mental health care, and gender affirming care is literally suicide prevention care. Would that be your view as well? I 100%. Agree. It's so it's genuinely I want to actually genuinely give my heartfelt condolences to any young person who falls for this crap. Because you're going to be so miserable for the rest of your life. If you chop off your *, take a whole bunch of chemicals. As a teenager, you are

00:38:45 --> 00:39:20

going to be miserable for the rest of your life. Yes, you're never going to be the person you want to be. You're never going to be accepted as that person. You're never going to feel happy inside. If you fall for this, I genuinely feel sorry for you. Even right winger said that and I'm like, You guys are so pathetic. Like he can't interview people. Now you're trying to blacklist and interview. Tucker can interview whoever he wants. And even if Tate was guilty of that, I don't think he is. He could still be interviewed. That's what the journalism is for. But you read the court case and the headline versus the you know, the gist of it just isn't adding up like a lot of these. These

00:39:20 --> 00:39:51

accusations are so flimsy. I think in a fair court that the tape brothers will be innocent. So hopefully they get that I don't know how Romania works but yeah, I mean, it's it's rough going through. Yeah. How do you how do you see that playing out now? So they got they were in the Romanian dungeon for for several months, there was like three months, something like that. And now they're on house arrest and then right at the end before the time expired, they threw some charges on him. I think it was something with

00:39:53 --> 00:39:59

something with the getting girls to do the TIC tock videos and taking their money, something like that. And I don't know what else

00:40:00 --> 00:40:16

I don't know if you remember. So I haven't seen the new charges. I remember the original ones that got them locked up, but I haven't been following. It seems like they're throwing the kitchen sink at them. Yeah, I hope they have good lawyers. And I can't imagine what the courts are like in Romania. Hopefully they're fair. But

00:40:18 --> 00:40:56

you know, I hope that they get off. And yeah, I don't, I'm not buying the whole story, although I think that some of the stuff they were saying is definitely not good. But I don't I don't think it's not trafficking, you know, saying If anything, it's like, there's women who have played man and, you know, dated them for their money and stuff, and went on a bunch of trips and then broke up with them. Is that evil? Yes. Is it illegal? You know, and I'm saying to lie to somebody and deceive them? I don't I don't think it's, I don't think that's trafficking. So we'll see, like, tick tock videos, that's not some human trafficking. And you had some of these women. I mean, this is the

00:40:56 --> 00:40:57

thing that obviously any kind of

00:40:59 --> 00:41:44

any, if you have a kind of takes away from people who are really being abused, and really being targeted and defenseless, human beings, women vs. Bad men or women, but in his case, women, but he kind of takes away because it seems like some of these women from who were alleged victims, you have one group saying we're not victims, and they're saying you guys can pretty much think for yourself. So we're going to, we're going to use you here on our side, the prosecutor side, then you have the others who have also made these allegations, I believe, against other men. And then you also you had the London case, not too long ago, you have men being accused of certain things. And then you had,

00:41:45 --> 00:42:25

then what happens is, they get their whole lives ruined pretty much, you know, they get pretty, the sticks with them their whole life, but then later, they get exonerated, they're free, but the stigma still stays with them. It's already there destroyed for life. Right? Yeah, without playing the victim. I think men always get the worst end of court cases, especially in marriage, etc. You know, the man is always being treated a little rougher. And with them. I mean, we just experienced the biggest, like human trafficking scandal with the Epstein Ghislaine Maxwell thing in America, and none of the media seems really that concerned about that. And none of the presidential candidates

00:42:25 --> 00:43:00

are running on that, to suggest that Andrew Tay and Tristan Tay is the big story is clearly not you know, they're just super, super famous. I think Andrew became like, the most famous person in the world. And, you know, when you get that big, people come out of the woodworks and it's just like getting a lot of money, then all of a sudden people from your past start suing you. And all of a sudden they have a problem. I don't I don't think a lot of this stuff would have came to light if Andrew never got so big and famous. And to be fair, obviously, this is maybe a bigger charge than some others are charged with. But that happens very often, whenever anyone makes a lot of money

00:43:00 --> 00:43:06

publicly. Everybody, every weasel from the past starts coming out saying, oh, I want a piece of that pie.

00:43:07 --> 00:43:08

Yeah, so

00:43:10 --> 00:43:39

that was pretty much brought us up to speed on some of the things that are going on some of the things that you've covered, if people want to go ahead and look into some more of the news, get some because they're fed up with all the lies in the mainstream media and and you take How do you do it? What's your what's your procedure? How do you encourage people to do the critical thinking, you know, the practices, critical thinking skills to kind of do what you do? What kind of formula would you do?

00:43:40 --> 00:44:13

I would say, just try to use common sense, because what I'm starting to see now, and maybe it's just my atmosphere is a lot of people became politically active, right, they saw what was going on, and they became politically active. But when it comes to the two party system, although I do believe one is slightly better than the other, and living in reality a little more, there's a lot of traps and tricks in the two party American system. So what I don't want people to do is like they get so excited, and then they become what they hate, and then they become bias and then they become brainwashed by the Republican Party instead of the Democratic Party and they don't critically think

00:44:13 --> 00:44:52

then too, so I think people have to be really open minded because there is a lot of like, you know, influencer traps, where if you get in a new echo chamber, they start feeding you just like one side and stuff. So for me, it's been tough this last year too, because a lot of my peers that I thought were very honest and stuff I realized they're the fake version of the other side. So if you pay attention, just always try to, you know, not be too emotional over politicians. They're like car salesmen. You know, they're not your religious leader. They're not your family member. They're a politician. So just just have critical thinking skills, really think about it and don't be afraid to

00:44:52 --> 00:44:59

challenge what you hear from any new station because I think a lot of new age people that kind of took over the mainstream media

00:45:00 --> 00:45:38

In my view, not to be pessimistic or anything, but they're just as fake as the old guard. And now a lot of people are falling for that. So, you know, just don't, don't be overly like culty, about any politician or political thing. And then just just check out the story. See what you think. Sometimes Sometimes I feel like people who get so immersed in politics, you're almost better not to write, it's not good to be ignorant. You don't want to be lied to. But I think there's a lot of traps out there. So, you know, I tried to do my best to educate people and bring the truth there. But it's a crazy world of social media, I'm sure you know, it's like, you can get caught in an algorithm really

00:45:38 --> 00:46:20

quick. And sometimes it's just like a hamster wheel loop. So I try to even avoid that myself, because I get trapped in it sometimes to just looking at certain issues. Yeah, anomaly. Thank you. Thank you for being with us. Yeah. Thanks for having me. Always a pleasure. And maybe I'll have you on the show one time. We could weigh in on some some topics that that you're good at. Sounds good. Thank you, brother. Take care. Appreciate you. All right, peace. Our brother in Islam, Eddie from the deen show is creating the center, which is a masjid and a Dawa Center, which is going to help non Muslims learn about Islam. Allah and the most beautiful thing about this is that we can all be a

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part of this we can all take part in earning rewards from this simply by donating whatever we can to make this a reality. Which is, let's do that. i Let's click this link. Let's donate what we can and let's make this a reality in sha Allah.

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I cannot live without giving you a gift if you're not yet Muslim, and you tune in and see what these Muslims are talking about, and you'd like a free copy of the Quran. Go and visit the deen We'll take care of the postage and everything and get it delivered to you. And if you still have some questions about Islam, call us at 1-800-662-4752 We'll see you next time until then Peace be with you as salaam alaikum cool

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