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The importance of knowing the rules and behaviors of Islam is emphasized, along with the need to be clear about expectations. The speakers stress the importance of affirming Islam's belief in "has been met, not yet met" meaning, not being seen or experienced, and finding a way to correct one's belief in the "has been met, not yet met" meaning, not being seen or experienced. The negative impact of dying in the process of becoming aware of one's spirituality is also highlighted.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam Adarsha Philippi Eva mousseline

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Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi when it he was sent up the Sullivan cathedral cathedral.

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Padma Babu, my brothers and sisters

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and last round of data set yeah you are Latina, Armano amino

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and rosemary that is it all you who believe believe.

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Now remember this is coming to the Sahaba revival ahead image who are the standard bearers of Islam? Who are the peak of Eman who are the role models that we have been asked to follow and we and they are the gold standard against which we will all be assessed and judged.

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And to them a lot smarter saying yeah you Olivia Armando Amina. Oh yo, believe believe

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Abdullah had the opportunity to listen to a beautiful hotbar

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by Dr. Muhammad here in Florida. May Allah bless him and increase human virtue with grant him Jana

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and Eve at this point in the hotbar, which I think is so relevant and valid,

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that I thought I'm gonna share with you.

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I think about this, that when we look at ourselves, if you say

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I want to, I want to

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I want to establish,

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if I were to select, then what must I do? So there's a whole list of things that we need to do.

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You must know first, for example, even before we come to Salah, we have to be clear and cognizant and knowledgeable about all that it takes to prepare for Salah right all the Messiah of the hara, how to make wudu What is your what is impure?

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The material of the of

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you know, purification of the body purification of the place, purification of clothes,

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purification of the heart,

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all of these which

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in some cases, without them Salah is not valid at all. In other cases it is valid but

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it enhances the value of the Salah if we know this, for example, if we do not have a widow Salah itself will not value but Mikado and so on and I pray but

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I don't understand anything but for sure, although about concentration and dedication and i My heart is filled with all sorts of negative stuff and so forth. My Salah is valid, but I'm not getting the benefit of Salah I am really not

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my salary is not beautiful, it's not being beautified because it's not free from the dunya it's not free from all the stuff that our loss manager does not like yet it is completing something is you know, we are

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fulfilling a father Allah gave us so therefore inshallah we ask Allah for His mercy in any case, but it will be much better for me if I learn. Let's think about that, that even before Salah comes even if we take the

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Imam of fossil we say our to Billahi so first and foremost is the image. If you take the kind of Islam if you take the pillars of Islam, the first pillar of Islam is Shahada. That's how I even enter into Islam.

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So when something is as important as that, that this is the difference between being Muslim and non Muslim is the difference between Jana and Jana. Then how is it that we believe that we have been sort of unfortunately coached that for this I need not very easy.

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I just say Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, this is enough. Sometimes maybe even that, I don't say because I'm born in a Muslim home and so on and so forth. And I

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am not required to but I never actually officially, within quotes, took the Shahada. It's assumed that I

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wasn't was born in a Muslim home. And a person who is, you know,

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who grew up in a Muslim home is not necessarily required to formally take Shahada. But when we say to each other, I don't just mean the motions of it. You don't need to go and sit in front of anybody in the masjid and take it meaning. Do we really consciously honestly believe and if we believe that what is the proof of this belief? What is the evidence that I believe

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Preparing for this. That is the reason why, if you take the 13 years, if you take if you divide the zero Prosser off the 00 turnover we're

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in the context of it's from the time of

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becoming an OB. And also there is 13 years in Makkah, and this 10 years Medina so the period Maca is even longer than the period Medina. And the period in Makkah is including in the kind of revelation that came the surah that have been the murky sorrows, which were revealed in Makkah. They all focus on even on Jackie, on Allah subhanho wa Taala as that

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glory and magnificence.

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The whole merit the whole

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effort was on

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putting the glory and magnificence on those manuals are interlocked.

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And that's why it's hard for us to say that level ima somata allemaal. Quran they said we learned EBA and after they learned the Quran

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and that's the reason why he says an earlier Delano used to say that

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we believe in Ghana, we believe in Ghana, as if we can see it and used to say that if Jana and Johanna were actually brought in front of us or if we were presented in front of Jana, in front of Jana, you it will not change the status of our event, even by an iota because we already believe we don't have to see to believe

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you're in an event means to deny what we see and to believe in what we don't see.

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That is why the first

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condition of Evagrius Iman Binoy

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Allah's Martha mentioned this olive law means radical kita will Buffy yodel motori Allah Deena you may

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Allah unless the joven Mahkota reflagged me and Allah said this is the book in which there is no doubt

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and this is a book which is there which is guidance for those who have Taqwa or the little faith and who are devoting the most Tolkien are those who have Emanuel what is a rave is the unperceivable not just the unseen, the unseen, the unheard, that which cannot be seen that

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any shape or form

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this is not just now, which cannot be perceived today, and which will be which will not be and cannot be perceived ever

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this is alive.

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And so, therefore, this allows you

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to have this belief at the level of your head because in the same Surah later on unless mountains here is it, you don't have a right.

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And later on Allah Samantha said we'll ask her at home you can own Allah said and they have Yaqeen on the Accra, the Accra is from the right, one of the things of the rabies jacker

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and Allah is it there is in your head. So, you will not be right or you can ona be laughing. So, people who have

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Diva and who have belief in the unperceivable and people who have complete and total

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and the level of complete trust in the unperceivable and this is the and this comes from the understanding the glory and

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so that is the reason why I lost that I said yeah you will as you know our know Amina or you will believe belief

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system. This is the essence of Islam. This is the fundamental beginning of Islam. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to understand this beautiful deed

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in a way that is in keeping with his majesty and grace.

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You know, it's very, sometimes we can take it, take it for granted, we Muslims, but just think about that. Just look at the people around you. People who are you know, all kinds of completely engrossed and completely immersed in all forms of disobedience around the Samaritan, all forms of Zillow, see what's happening if you're seeing today see or see what's happening in China see what's happening in different places where people are in the Congo, there is a in the Congo, there is a there's a genocide going on in the Congo. Right? And so

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One is over. I mean, there's a whole long list of people who are doing all these things. Apparently they have power apparently they have authority apparently they can kill and so on so forth but at will. But really if you think about that,

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these people have been given things for which Allah subhanaw taala has no value in the in the sight of Allah there is no for example, they're given to me. They're given water to drink, they're given food to eat, they're given power and authority and they are given money and they are given armies and so on. If Allah subhanaw taala had considered any of those things to be important, Allah would not have given

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a gust of wind the breath of wind to somebody who denied Allah.

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They would have just stood there where they were standing, they would have suffocated at night, Allah would not have given a grain of rice, a morsel of food to somebody who denied Allah subhanaw

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taala gives them because in the sight of Allah, none of this has any value, what has value and like give to those who he values who he loves. And that is Shahada. That is the weight that is acceptance before most of America the highest form of that is to die the bottom and the smarter. So don't take the people who are dying in the path of Allah subhanaw taala and think that they are you know, losing out and they don't feel sorry for them. Hamdulillah we ask Allah subhanaw taala for relief for them. Definitely you no doubt about that. But at the same time, we remember the items the Quran ultramarathon as a lotta has abandoned Adina cote Lu feasability la him what but here

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in the rob him years ago, Allah said do not think of those who are dying in the battle or being killed in the battle almost as dead they are not dead they are alive and they are with the rub and there is receiving the risk.

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I wish there was an upside if they were asked a lot smarter would ask them do you have any desire there was the law only one desire send us back into the world so that we can die again for you and again for you and again for you.

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My brothers sisters we live in an upside down world my lab have protection and may Allah protect us Inshallah, we'll talk more about this or just now,

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Eman and you read this now you will as you may know, or you will believe believe so let's examine ourselves and say what is the delta what is the weakness? What is the

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what is the deficiency in my belief which I need to strengthen I need to straighten out I need to correct I ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us complete total demand in your head in him men and fulfill our hearts with His glory and majesty was of a lot on the balcony while it was I paid my ticket