What does Islam say about finding a spouse

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The speaker discusses the importance of being a woman and following her manners in marriage. She emphasizes that women are a source of inspiration for marriage, and that the woman is a servant of Allah. The speaker also mentions that women can be used as an example for others to follow their actions.

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Tablas know, the beauty of Islam Wallahi. Stan didn't leave anything without addressing it. Like what did the restaurant is AutoSum taught me as a woman, let's say as a mother, let's say as a grandmother, let's say as a daughter play in relation to marriage and experience. Right? So for me as a woman, or what he said, he said, either document or Bernardino hollow. If a man propose that you're pleased with two things, Dina religion and follow his manners. Because we do the order is say, yes.

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These two, if I put these as a priority, meaning if these are not there, the answer is no right away. If these are there, then you come to the less ones which is basically compatibility, which a lot of that's fine. And what did he say to the men about the woman ductable, Murali orba the woman is usually sought after for marriage for four reasons, beauty, wealth, status, and religion. And then he gives the advice, how they can be dealt with the interlocutor, choose the woman of the day. So here I am. The most important thing is me as a woman, back to the first thing we said, I am a servant of Allah. So when I am at that moment, making a decision about marriage, or I'm involved in

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that decision, don't forget you're a servant of Allah.

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Right? That doesn't mean I'm not going to have feeding towards that person. There's nothing wrong with that, as long as the feedings pleasing to Allah and the feedings goes with the what Allah wants me to do. So if I go like that and put the boundaries or I'm sorry, put the

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outlet outline a thorough Swati salatu salam said it's an absolutely fine