Your Ramadan 2014 #17 Remembrance of Allah

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The speaker discusses the concept of happiness and how one can achieve it through various ways. They also mention a disturbing story about a man who claims to be a god, but the speaker disagrees and suggests planting trees in Jannah. The speaker plans to return to the show in the future.

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smuggler from Los Altos America, like Oliver catotti says he was as he would come in to another episode of Russia Ramadan 2014 day 17 last we have started the countdown, the final countdown of Ramadan, you know, so already day 17 and very soon Ramadan will be parks and leave us again.

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We're still talking about the you know the concept of happiness, how to define happiness have one, how can one be happy? I want to mention also a very, very important very important concept. And no, that would all make us happy and shallow. That would bring us that peace of heart, that peace of mind that feeling of contentment, the feeling of, of, of serenity, it's something very simple as well is the thick of a loss of Hannon without Allah says that it

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was him

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in this isn't solid rod number 28 while letting me know that my Apollo boom daddy can

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be the gorilla hated my inaudible to those who believe and without my inoperable vinicola and their hearts find ease with the members of Allah. Indeed Allah again it comes back and he repeatedly says indeed with the members of Allah that hearts find his heart find contentment, you know that serenity though the the concept and members of Allah subhana wa tada and there are many hobbyists in fact that that that pretty much you know not talk about the same know the importance of the members of a mosque kind of data. When the Prophet Mohammed says in becoming Muslim for instance, about these two beautiful words very, very light on the tongue and the maternal happy photography son. You know

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tequila tan, if you miss that heavy metal the airbrush man, very very light on the tongue, very heavy on the scale and very beloved to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala handy if you want to plant trees in Jinja busy yourselves with so Pamela having some other handy so Pamela handy let you know a lot about the Prophet says the treasure of Zen that what is a treasure map that Hello inequality

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is defined as well. You know seeking forgiveness the Prophet says and it's hate also reported by Anna's sunon millesimal is default Java loaded in Photoshop only polycarbon Maharajah was a common hated by those who constantly seek forgiveness from Allah subhanho data along with alleviate the pain the hardship would not bring them out from distress or despair distress or anxiety, you know these this depression and he would provide them from ways and avenues they have never thought of. So if you want to

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make lots of mistakes file meaning seek forgiveness, you know from Allah Subhana Allah Tada. In fact, Allah has also says that in the end, you know, so that no one knows address these people. So ignore number 10 definitely. Allah subhanho wa Taala says we're not told these be his people got to stop. Back home in nevel kana Ruff, I told him I told them Allah is talking about back home seek forgiveness from your Lord, in who can or follow.

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You will see Li sama la comida LA LA and he was sent down rain upon you he was sent down range you in abundance, rain he means systems from Allah subhanho wa Taala well you only can be unwell

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and he will provide you will bless you increase you in in wealth and children while you can be unwell unwary what many? Where do I come? Where do I come and where do I look on jannetty which I love him and Hello. And he will also not only increase you in wealth and children but also in gardens and bestow upon your rivers meaning engine that you know so here stepfather one of the means of of increase to your your system that's one of the means of also increase to your dear to your blessing to your offsprings to your children is to follow your lead can be rewarding with any so if you're looking at you know your brother or sister out there who may be seeking to have children and

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they've been you know, you know, trying and trying his stepfather is one of the keys to having children in trauma to how to have in pious children. In fact, I want to share with you a very, very important story. Very beautiful story about also the thick of a law. It's a story that happened to one mmm from the schools of thoughts, but because we're running out of time, I'm going to hold that story until tomorrow.

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inshallah Tada. It's an amazing story. It's all about the numbers of Allah. And till then keep planting trees in Jannah through some harmala and Shangri La, La ilaha illa Allahu Akbar, and I will see you tomorrow for another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2014. And I say now I sit on my day come up with like, I don't wa barakato