Is Religion the Only Solution for All the Problems in the World

Zakir Naik


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AI: Summary © The speaker is discussing the issue of religion as a solution to the problems of the world. They explain that religion is the only solution to the problems of the world and that individuals should follow the church's values. They also mention that if everyone follows the church's values, there will be no problems.
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Hello, I'm Ashoka I'm doing my MA economix in Loyola College. So my question is that in this time of, at this time of this, like, every world is in a bit of distance, we are in a way of the one piece, whether there is a region, whether it's a religion, peace, or whatever it is, we need peace, we need some humanity.

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And we have lots of people from outside countries also. So is the religion is the sole thing that we are doing so much of problems all around, is that religion is the sole problem for that we are diminishing the WTO all around and we have lots of problem over there. And is the religion is the solution for the things happening all around the world? And is it the solution for the people dying in Ethiopia we have children dying out of hunger is the solution is the religion solution for them? What is the solution for the real thing for what we are wandering all around? Is that the religion is the only solution for what we have debating all this time. What I think so we need thank you for

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that. Thank you. That's a good question that we have in so many problems in the world is religion the solution for this problem? There are so many people dying in utopia is religion, the solution, brother, the religion, which is true is the solution. Allah says in the Quran in surah imraan chapter number three, verse number 19. in Medina in the lol Islam, the only reason acceptable in the sight of Almighty God is submitting a will to Almighty God. If every human being submitted the will to Almighty God, you won't have a problem utopia. Allah says in the Quran and several sahadi that the third pillar of Islam is every rich person who has a saving of more than the nisab level. 85

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grams of gold should give 2.5% of a saving in charity. If every rich human being does charity, poverty will be eradicated from this world. Leave us at utopia they will not be single human being anywhere in the world will die of hunger.

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Do you know that the three richest men in the world the three richest men in the world their wealth is equal to 48 poorest countries GDP, three richest men. If all of these people use the card it will solve the problem of the humankind. So the problem is that if every human being follows follows the religion of submitting his will to Almighty God like that you gave one problem. Any problem you get Alhamdulillah the Glorious Quran has the solution to the problem. Follow the right religion and you get your peace.