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Coming to terms with the world

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amigos salatu salam O Allah.

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Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam seldom at the Sleeman Cathedral Cathedral, my brother and sisters, dear friend of mine, sent me a few questions from Perth, Australia, Molly Moran Mehta, may Allah bless him.

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And I think these are beautiful questions, which encapsulate the biggest confusion that we have in our lives today, in the modern world, when we try to understand Islam and try to practice Islam

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Alhamdulillah we have people, especially youth today, who would like to follow Islam as completely and fully as they can.

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But they are confused. And the confusion is between these two terms dounia. And then.

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So here are the questions that malibran sent me. I'm going to read these questions, and then I'm going to try and answer them. Because I think this is a good opportunity to send this message across the world to all the listeners of this podcast.

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So that this this, what I call the eternal dilemma is inshallah solved.

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The first question is, in your view, what does it mean to be a Muslim? In this day and age, I want you to listen to the words carefully.

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He's saying, in your view, what does it mean to be a Muslim? In this day and age? What are some of the responsibilities and opportunities for us over the next five to 10 years?

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Now my answer to that is, the beauty of Islam is that the message never changes. So therefore, the phrase this day and age is the material, the message of Islam, and therefore, the responsibility for Muslims remains the same, irrespective of the day and the age. Opportunities, however, however, will differ with time and age and technology, and politics and economics, and so on. And so. So what is the message of Islam?

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What is this universal message, the single truth of Islam, which never changes over time,

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it has been the same, from the days that I'm giving it to this world, and it will be an evil, all around. Opportunities differ in how we can do that from time to time from age to age.

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So as against evil, all around, I want to repeat that the message of Islam is to spread goodness, all around, and to stand up against evil. All of that. Opportunities differ in how we can do that from time to time from age to age.

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So ask how you can spread goodness around you. And look for the way to do that, given your specific location and resources and ability. This is the first time

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known history in recorded history, that entry barriers, exclusivity of knowledge, even resources have all become obsolete. Everything is available, free of cost.

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All the knowledge in the world is available at the click of a mouse. All we need is focused an industry that means purpose. Purpose is more important than our

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purpose, without power builds resilience. Power without purpose is a bull in a china shop. So focus and industry, the willingness to work and knowing what to do. You can make progress. Or you can make excuses, but you can't do both.

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I will repeat that. You can make progress. Or you can make excuses. Or you can't do both. So decide what you want to do.

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The second question

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is that this is the biggest fallacy and the root cause of all problems, the artificial dichotomy between dunia and afra

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the success in this world such as financial, political or lifestyle success, does worldly success bring happiness?

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My answer is that this is the biggest fallacy and the root cause of all problems. The artificial dichotomy between dounia and accurate, there's only one form of success and that is entry into jail. The first misconception therefore, to remove from the idea is that there are many options

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several forms of success there aren't others around. Derek told us clearly that there is only one definition of success and he said coluna in the Eco mode. We're in to a phone now we do rock boom Yeoman Yama fonzo. Has he handed Nari? Well, the villa Gemini purpose woman had to do Nia Illa

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Allah monitor settings automatic raw, everyone will taste death. And only on the Day of Resurrection, will you be paid your wages in full, and whoever is removed away from the fire, and admitted into general, only that person thought fast, only he is permanently finally successful. The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception, meaning it is a deceptive thing. It's a deceiving thing.

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Now, the thing to understand is that there is a goal. And there is the means to reach that goal. It is like going from Dubai to New York to reach New York is the goal. No compromise in that. But how to get there is up to us. We can take a direct flight to Emirates, or we can try to hitch a ride on a cargo vessel or get a job on a cruise line or going to New York or in that direction it rides on other ships and so on. The eventual purpose is the same to get to New York, you're not saying I have several goals, to get to New York or fly on Emirates or take a job in a cargo liner or whatnot. No, you're saying the goal is only one get to do how you do that depends on where you are, what age, how

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much energy, enterprise money, temperament, likes, dislikes, and so on.

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And finding in this analogy, you will experience the hardship or ease of Whatever method you choose. Neither the hardship nor the ease is the reward, the reward is getting to New York, the hardship and ease are both factors of the journey, they will change with the means you adopt. So enjoy or suffer. So three things to understand in this analogy, number one,

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that the goal is one, number two, that the means can be many. And number three, each means comes with its related, hardship or ease. So let's look at this. Now let's relate this to our ultimate goal. And that is to be freed from the fire and enter Jannah ask Allah Subhana Allah for this for all of us.

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So the first thing to understand and remember is the goal is only one the world remains the same irrespective of time and age and place and risk are the best of people ever is for the benefit of mankind. You enjoy our maruf you enjoy and and your support everything which is doses and conditions and that is to regenda when we die, and that will happen by spreading goodness all around us. That is the New York in my analogy, or does it come from Clara on Martin overigens leanness, Tamura bill Murphy was on how 911 curry Allah, Allah subhanaw taala said you Muslims are the best of people ever is for the benefit of mankind. You enjoy our maruf you enjoy and and your support everything which

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is good and you form it alone can you forbid and you stop and you stand against stand up against all evil and you believe in Allah

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hydrogenous mindfulness, which is an observed which means the best among you is the one who benefits people.

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Now this is the fundamental never changing message of Islam for all times in all places, Islams message never changes, spread goodness everywhere, for everyone in any situation.

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Point out to the means can be many to spread this goodness is not necessarily one single way many ways to spread goodness, I can choose any profession that will enable me to spread goodness absolutely any profession at all, that enables me to spread goodness. Now to ask, if I can do something which is haram in this context would be oxymoronic because told us that there is nothing good in what Allah subhana wa tada prohibited. So any halal profession that spreads goodness any halal activity that spreads goodness all around will get me to general that is the Emirates or cargo ship or cruise line or whatever in the analogy, which is the best means that depends on who you are,

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what you have access to what you like what you don't like zones over. All means are good, if they are legal, moral, and don't add calories and they get you to your destination

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Each means is your vote to gender. There is no one right way, there is one right principle, which is to please Allah subhanho that any way any profession any business or service, which pleases Allah subhanho wa Taala is the way to get to gentlemen.

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Point number three, each means comes with insulated hardship or is

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dry dry a marriage business class and you know what enjoyment is try working on a cargo ship and you will know what facing tough challenges and succeeding. Get a job on a cruise liner and you will know that hard work in great food can go together.

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Each means comes with its own enjoyment. That is what we call success and confuse ourselves. It is not success, it is enjoyment of the journey. Success only when you reach the destination not before. No matter how much you enjoy the journey. The success is only at the end.

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The finishing line is only at the end, not in the middle of the race. But there is certainly nothing wrong in enjoying the journey or anything good in deliberately seeking hardship. There's nothing wrong and enjoying the journey nor is there anything good in deliberately seeking art is going to happen because of the artificial dichotomy that got created by interpreting dunia Acura as two mutually exclusive things. dunia is our location. Dean is the roadmap it's the way we need to follow to get to our destination which is the the three donia The ashira are intrinsically and inextricably related. You need one for the other that is why it also rose ourselves in the dunya is the

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cultivation for the asset is there a dunia, muzzleloader aka, the dunya is the cultivation, the alpha is the harvest. How can you get a harvest without cultivating your fields? How can you get done without working for it in this life? The only as attractive, Allah made it attractive, but called it

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deceptive. It is intriguing it involves you It sucks you in and makes you forget your destination your goal. Imagine you're flying from Sydney to Makkah on Singapore Airlines. The first drop will be jangly airport in Singapore, which is one of the best airports in the world, full of delightful restaurants, rain forest, a slice of rain forest, shopping to the waterfall, beautiful lounges and so on. Now, what would you say to someone who was with you on your flight and was getting distracted with all the attractions of Chiang Mai, you would say keep your eye on the departure side don't get lost in jaggy, we need to catch our current connecting flight to Makkah, no matter how nice Chang

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is, this is only an interim stop. The final destination is MCC. That is what we need to do with adonia. Keep an eye on the desk on the deposit side with the difference that in this case, there is no signage. So be prepared to depart. And the question the next question, I was asked it.

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He said this will sound like a silly question, but I am exaggerating the point to highlight the key issue or enjoy. Enjoy it. But remember, you are not there to stay. It's only a transit Hart must board your flight. And that's why

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COVID dunya and nigari.

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He said stay in this dunya like a stranger or like a traveler.

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It's not as soon as the resident didn't do it. The Sahaba didn't do it. None of the setups and he did it other ampere didn't sit reading the divine books that were revealed to them. Are we not better off reading the Quran 24 seven instead of studying for university or going to work? Now my answer is you could read the Quran for seven it's not harder. But it's not as soon as the rest of them didn't do it. The Sahaba didn't do it. None of us none of us and he did it other ampere didn't sit reading the divine books that were revealed to them. musasa was a huge activist and a warrior work to freeze people from slavery and then to strengthen them materially and spiritually. He

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traveled the world and he built the Kaaba. Usually Salaam ran Egypt as a general

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rule the kingdom the likes of which was never seen thou that a ceramic chainmail armor even though he was a king, find me the Navy who sat and read his book 24 seven. So why would you? The Quran came to teach us how to live in the world. It didn't come to read 24 seven.

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The books came to teach us how to live how to live this life. There are workbooks, there are field books, there are instruction manuals, they're not relics to be recited and studied and put aside or story books or books of poetry, to read for enjoyment and entertainment. There are books or instructions to be implemented in our lives so that we may succeed in this life and the next you read then you apply. That is what we know from our pseudo self taught the Sahara. We know the story of the life

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to 12 years from now.

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So, what did he say when they asked him why it took him so long? He said, we would go to the soul as a seller who take 10 is from him, memorize them, understand them, seek clarification if necessary act on them. And only when we were satisfied with this, would we go for the next step? Did the sorrow sit around during the era? Or did they live by the forum? Why would you want to do something that they didn't do?

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The next question I was asked is an attitude that exists in our communities, around minority in Australia. I am only one person, therefore I am too insignificant to make an impact on society. What does Allah say about his Mansur is Allah subhanaw taala told us that he will question us simply individually without any reference to anyone else. So who cares? We are a minority or majority. Our question in the war Allah is for us alone. Allah, Allah told us to live by Islam. He told us to enter Islam fully. And he warned us against partial and selective obedience. He didn't tell us that he would hold us accountable for who he influenced or convinced or for the impact we make of it to

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me, he told us to do our job to fulfill the purpose of our existence. Our job is to show up impact or no impact. No one is Alam preached for 950 years, Allah subhanaw taala told us this number. How many people accepted Islam, he was a minority of one was his level of success or failure. rahsaan preached Islam for 13 years in Mecca. And we know that 13 now at the time when he was there in Makkah, during that period, you didn't know people didn't know that it's going to be 13 years, three, presion example 13 years, and Mark had not even 200 people were convinced. So was that a success, story or failure? As soon as ours are meant to live? And we know what happened? Was that a

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success story around? This depends on on what you look at.

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If you check to see whether he did what he was entrusted with, to the best of his ability, without being concerned about how it turns out. It was a total success. If you look at who was convinced, it may look like a failure. But how do you judge something or someone

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based on whether they did what they were interested to do? or something else? Whatever you may like to answer a loss router is merciful. And ultramarathoner said, Now, we may aku, Mama and lamb Jabba further care will pour an awful lot about that as we know best what they say. And you all know hamazon seller, and not a tyrant over them we have not sent you to force them to believe.

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But one them by the Quran by but one by the Torah, the one who fears the White, who fears the punishment of homosexuality, these attitudes, of saying Oh, but you see, I'm only one and I have two swans on all of these are misguidance of shatter. They prevent us from doing our job.

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All that we need to ensure is that we do our job sincerely and consistently. That is all as for impact. It is a natural result of doing something sincerely and consistently, impact will happen. It must happen, but only if we work sincerely and consistently. So focus on what you can do and what you must do. And forget everything else. today. The curse is social media, which we have enslaved ourselves to. We want everything

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to be out there visible, attracting likes, and thumbs up signs and flies and whatnot. That is the surest way to ensure that on the Day of Judgment, your book of accounts will be empty. Because you did good work for name and fame and not for the pleasure of Allah. Let Allah subhanaw taala judge the impact of your work and reward you for it. In keeping with his majesty and Grace, Grace, do what you know you should do sincerely and consistently starting with praying five times a day in the machine. That is the measure of security and inconsistency, authority and meaningless. What matters is what you do, not how many you are.

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The final question was majority and meaningless. What matters is what you do, not how many you are.

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The final question was, we can see that the Quran provides great guidance for us. But as a regular person who doesn't understand that I have two options to understand what Allah is saying, Go to internet videos or a translated para. What are the pros and cons of this?

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Am I answer this module This is what is this term? a regular person who doesn't understand the Quran doesn't understand Arabic. That means all Arabs are not regular, regular people. Anyone who understand Arabic is not a regular person. You

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also didn't understand English either. What did you do? You learn English, you didn't understand your mother tongue. You didn't come out from your from the womb of your mother speaking your mother tongue you came out and speaking nothing and you learnt. So why is learning Arabic not an option? That is actually the first and best option learn Arabic. So rephrase your statement. But as a regular person who doesn't understand Arabic, I have three options. learn Arabic, read translations, or watch videos about choose the first option until you get there Do any of the others but your goal is to learn Arabic.

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Last question I was asked was what message can you leave for those who are seeking success and happiness by the corner?

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Very simple. lived by the current study the Quran, study the Sierra because it is the Tafseer of the Quran. And then live by that I live by Islam. If I see it, I'm not talking about it. Not sure others and above all, not make excuses. Live Islam because that is what gives us success in this life, which leads to Jenna in the

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middle of that and I hope I have been clear this. There is no contradiction in this whole matter. dunia is where we are the accurate meaning Jenna is where we want to go. And Dean Islam is the roadmap. It is how we need to live in this dunya in order to get Jen so even when I have to learn