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I want you to go through the whole Quran with me. Join [email protected]

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are mostly just subliminal lm pubblicato battilana them. Finnish guru who added Masai Kamalesh guru who Allah neon.

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One who sadly Allah rasulillah crumb, the shadowfell Shami, one noodle uttam while kitabi mokum waka Melina, Bina well hartham cd Villa de Adam, Lesiba shalabi here is a new medium, whether it be 30 he Ibrahim alayhis salam Hina kanaya Furukawa debate Allah Hill Muharram

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for sallallahu alayhi wa sallam very highly lumen a Latina barakallahu Bianca fatahna salado Birmingham Elijah

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hamdulillah and let the let me attack his religion well let me akula who shared with me akula who volume in a bully for cambio de la

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hamdulillah hilarie Angela Allah, Al Kitab Allah Masha Allah who Raja

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well hamdu lillahi Lavina muda who want to start you know who want to start Phil when we knew he wanted to walk Kalani when do we let him in? Shuri and fusina woman sejati Melina and yet the healer who Fela Malala for my new bullet fella ha de la wanna Chateau de la ilaha illallah wa who la sharika when I shadow under Mohammed Abdullah he was solo Allahu Allahu taala Buddha will help you Hara who Allah de Nicola de Vaca fabula he shahida for solo Allahu Allah, he was seldom at the Sleeman kathira on kathira Amma bad for inasmuch as Hadith he kita boleh wa halal howdy howdy Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in a shotgun udimi sativa or indica La la la la la la la

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la, la la la la la, la

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la la la villa. He managed a ton of regime. He had to hand up somewhat in a jury era Big Hero be a 10th of the Year for the holy theory, buddy. What Holy jannetty propitiously Sabri were silly Emery, no naka tambien, lasagna Cali, la Mata Bittner in the multi v La ilaha illa Allah, Allah homage and Amina Latina, Amina Mohammed Ali Hart, whatever, so be happy, whatever. So I mean, I mean,

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Allah azzawajal created the human beings in need. When we Allah describes human beings as well, Haleakala in sonoda, the human being was created weak, what that means is we constantly need to replenish ourselves, we can't just eat food once and carry on. Eventually, our body consumes the nutrients of that food. And the energy needed to continue life hits us hunger pangs hits us hit us again, thirst hits us again. And we have to replenish ourselves. So physically, everybody understands that we need to replenish ourselves continuously in order to survive the same way human beings are created with emotions. And we have certain emotions, or you know, even even, you know, a

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functioning mind, you can't constantly be serious. Or you can constantly be thinking about the math problem you're trying to solve, or you know, the book you're trying to read, you need a mental break. At some point, the brain runs out of juice, it runs out of batteries, and you got to stop and you got to go shoot some basketball or play a video game or do something to take a break. And the same thing happens when you're emotionally stressed. So our our minds need a break, sometimes our body needs a break, and it literally created the night so that it can become so bad, the body can take a break, and it literally dies. So it can recharge, right. And the same way in our emotion.

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Sometimes people are very stressed out. And they have a lot of anxiety, or they have a lot of negative thoughts. And their emotions are overwhelming them and they say you know what I need to you know, do something to calm down. And people have different kinds of coping mechanisms most of the time. So they're supposed to be healthy. Some people just do something as simple as take a walk in the park or ride a bike or maybe if they can afford to, they go on a trip or something. Other people choose, you know, damaging coping mechanisms they might turn to drinking or they might turn to drugs, and they might turn to, you know, inappropriate kinds of company etc. But they're every one

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of these is a kind of, I need a break, I need to recalibrate I need to reset myself. And you know, psychiatrists, and people in the mental health profession, they talk about things like self care, like you should eat well, and, and, and that's true, you should eat well, this is something that pretty much an Islamic principle, Allah gave us this body, we should take care of it and we should eat healthy, the same way getting rest and taking care of your physical self. That's something we should do because Allah will ask us about the favors he gave us. And this gift of this body that he gave us, we should take care of it. The same way taking care of your mental health is important. So

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taking those kinds of breaks, doing things that you find relaxing, whatever it is, you might need to figure out what that is and take care of it.

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But there's one dimension of it one side of this problem of what the human being is. That is, that is something a lot taught us and we could not have known on our own in its entirety is that a lot of put a light inside every single human being a lot put a rule inside every single human being. And that light is our connection to Allah. From birth, it's our connection to Allah. It's somewhere inside your heart. And you and I have it. And it connects us directly to Allah, the Muslims and non Muslims. It doesn't matter. Everybody has, every single one of us has it. But I'm talking today I'm talking about Muslims. I'm talking about people who also know about the other light, there's a light

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inside of us. And there's a light that Allah sent down from himself. And that's called the Koran for Aminullah he was really he were newly let the answer not believe in Allah, believe in his messenger and believe in the light that we sent down. Right, so there's two lights down, there's a light inside us. And there's a light of Allah's words, and these lights have to come into contact with each other. Because the light inside also starts running out, it starts getting weak, it needs to get recharged, just like your body and my body needs to get recharged. Just like our emotions get any need a break, they need to replenish the same way, the the light inside of us, this room needs

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to be replenished and it's replenished by the word of Allah. A simple way of thinking about that is our body a lot created from clay, our body electricity from clay, and so all of its needs from the earth. And so all of our body's needs come from the earth. Right? And our hearts are connected to people. Right? And so our emotion, a lot of times our emotional needs are met by people around us, a child needs a mother's love. a spouse needs to be feel feel like they're respected and valued and loved and cared for and protected. Those are emotional needs. They come from other human beings, but our rule, it came from the heavens. And it has its own needs. And its needs can only be met by the

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source. And that's the word of Allah. Now what happens is sometimes someone says I can't sleep, I have anxiety. I don't I can't find any peace. I've tried everything. I tried taking walks, I tried working out, I tried, you know, playing video games, I tried this, that and the other. I've done all the relaxation exercises there can be I'm going to therapy, I'm doing everything I can, but I still don't find any peace inside me. I'm not okay, something inside me is still bothering me. And maybe the reason it may not be but maybe the reason is that the roof inside you and me the light inside you and me, we're violating it. We're doing something wrong to it. It meets with the word of Allah

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and the word of Allah wants us to take a certain road. And we don't want to take that road. We don't want to go on the road that this light is calling us towards. So we deny our light inside and we say no, I'm going to go a different direction. But before I go any further, I want to try and explain to you why we do that. Why is it that we don't listen to this profound light that Allah has given us? And somehow we go in a different direction. Allah azza wa jal in Salta Shams he describes this reality this will take me a few minutes to explain bear with me usually I try not to make the hookah abstract but this is one of those very important fundamental concepts that Muslims should be aware

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of and think about for themselves. So we're looking today a little bit at sort of assurance where shamcey will go haha well committee that Allah when the hurried agenda, well lately is Ayesha was sama Bonanza will have the wamalwa ha ha. So now he, he says, he says I swear by the sun. I swear by the sun and I swear by its brilliant, glorious light.

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And then he says I swear by the moon. And the fact that the moon keeps on following the sun, I swear by the moon that follows when it follows the sun. So the moon is subordinate to the sun. He says when the howdy evangelia. And I swear by the morning time, or the daytime that makes the sun appear in its full glory the daytime when the sun is blazing. well lately, it is Shahada. And I swear by the night when it covers up the nighttime that covers up the glazing light of the sun, reality completely changes between night and day. It completely changes the place can look a certain way at night. And a daytime you find it's a completely different place. You know, but previously, I've

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talked about this, you know, at a different occasion. I went one time to an island, and I arrived there in Bermuda. I went to Bermuda to meet the Muslim community a long time ago. And when I went there, arrived at nighttime, and we're driving through from the airport and it's all pitch blackout so you can't see anything. It's completely dark, and they don't have a lot of lights on the road. So it's extremely pitch black, even scary if you will. And the morning came and it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. It's green, it's brilliant. The sun is blazing on the ocean floor.

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But you couldn't see any of that at nighttime reality completely changed between night and day. Right? So he says the night as it covers up the glorious light of the sun. And then he says was Santa Ivana. And I swear by this the sky, and what an incredible creation what an incredible construction it is, what a constant it is. Well out of the mouth for haha and the earth as it's been leveled out, and how incredibly it's been leveled out. Now, these analogies that's that Ally's giving these these images that alleged describing first he described the sun, then he described the moon, then he described the night and then he described or the day and then the night, and then the

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sky and then the earth, right? But what does that have to do with where I started, I started with ourselves and a need inside of ourselves. Allah says when I've seen one Massawa,

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all of these images culminate the conclusion of all of these images for you and me to understand one thing, not the universe outside of us, but the universe inside of us. He says, I swear by the knifes the person, a person, our own self, he swears by our own self, to Allah, this self, you and me that he created is a remarkable creation. And to understand it, to understand myself, Allah wants to give us a picture of some things you will learn about yourself. If you contemplate the sun, and the moon, and you contemplate the night or the day in the night, and you contemplate the sky and the earth, then you'll learn something about who yourself. And he says, Well, nassarawa, and what incredible

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balance he's created with, this person has an incredible ability to balance. And he's been made in a very balanced or he or she has been created in a very balanced way. Now the first thing you can see a correlation already, Allah did balance the sun and the moon, they have their own place, and they're perfectly balanced, one little bit out of balance, and the solar system gets destroyed. The night and the day are perfectly balanced. They're constants, the world can go through all kinds of chaos. But the night and the day are gonna do what they do. They're gonna keep on rolling. You know, our life can be put on hold, but the sun is not going to be put on hold. You know, our we would wish

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the time would go by faster, our time would slow down our time would go back, but it's going to, like clockwork, it's regular, it's steady, and it's perfectly balanced. allowance has that kind of a balance actually exists inside you and me. There's a balance inside us. The problem with that statement is when we look inside of ourselves, we don't find balance, we find chaos. We find, man today I just my anger took over and I couldn't think about anything else. Except this thing that's been bothering me and my resentment took over. My sadness took over. For some people, their hatred of themselves takes over, their guilt takes over their shame takes over. For some people, it's their

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anxiety of the future that takes over something or the other inside of us creates all kinds of imbalance. Some people just gotta think about work. I can't think about anything else. And they're ignoring all kinds of things that should be worried about, and their life is out of balance. Some people are just I don't want to think about my problems, and they keep eating cheese doodles. And they're destroying their body and their mind. And their life is out of balance. And Allah says he made you and me with an incredible precision of balance. And then he described it. He said for el Hama Fujiwara Watashi wa. He said he inspired it now common translation say that he inspired this

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person, each and every one of us he put inside of us. its own food. Sure and its own taqwa. they translate this as sinfulness and piousness sinfulness and because you know, 5g, it is a sinner in Arabic, but the word for jewel actually comes from fudger.

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And fudger originally actually means explosion. explosion. And you know, when rocks burst and waterfalls come out, fine. pageT, mean, Huth, Natasha, Dinah 12, springs exploded out of the boulder in Fujairah was used when the sky is going to explode on Judgement Day in fragile, right? That's about when fragile, right? So the idea of food is actually a kind of explosion. And by the way, if you go to the beginning, the sun in the daytime is exploding with light. it's it's a it's a brilliant, aggressive being that God created. Allah created the sun that is constantly exploding and by the way, scientifically, they're constantly explosions happening in the sun. They're constantly

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explosions happening on the sun. And it comes out in its full glory, just bursting. What does that have to do with you and me? Allah says, Allah put impulses inside us feelings inside us that want to explode. You know, you're having a conversation with someone and they say something, and you have a great response inside you.

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You've got a nuclear war response, ready to put them in their place. And it's right there, right?

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To what explode, unless as he inspired the human being with the ability to be impulsive with their feelings, like animals have, animals feel threatened and they attack, they don't think about it, they just attack and almost feel an urge. And they do. And if animals feel hungry and they eat, human beings have some of the same mechanisms. We want to act immediately, immediate impulsively, gullible to a Boolean algebra, you love to rush into things, we're impulsive. And so Allah says, He put inside us these very powerful emotions, and these powerful impulses that want to explode inside us, we just want to do it, we just want to feel better, we just want to act it out. You know, once

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it comes and takes over, and you're not even yourself anymore. And it's not even about one emotion, I gave the example of anger. But it's not just about anger, it could be about lust, it could be about greed, it could be about fear, it could be about anger, it could be any number of these emotions that can that can become impulsive, and you can't control that. And then Allah says what taqwa and he inspired each of us with the ability to protect ourselves from our impulses.

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He gave us both, he gave us the accelerator, and he gave us the brakes. And he gave us both, and you kind of need both, don't you. Because without the accelerator, the car Don't move, doesn't move. And without the brakes, you're not going to be able to stop, you're gonna crash into something. What Ally's telling us is, every one of our emotions is actually something that's needed, that's needed. But if you don't stop and protect yourself from letting it over run you, then it's going to become an explosion. It's an explosive power, and you have to control it. And so Allah gave human beings the ability to measure and control and protect themselves from their own selves, from their own

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selves, and any one of those emotions that becomes overrun, and you're only thinking about yourself, and those feelings, those feelings are the most important thing to you, when that happens, then you're not even protected from your own self. So Allah says, In another place in the Quran, woman, you can show her enough. See, for Elijah, who will have your own sort of Robin, he says, Whoever has been protected from the greed and the impulse they have inside of themselves. Those are successful people. Those are the successful people. What I'm saying to you is, let's talk about some of these emotions. Now, some of these impulses that Allah put inside of us. And now I'm not talking about the

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animal ones, you understand those already. But some of the ones that make human beings unique, not like birds, not like camels, not like, you know, lions, we have some unique impulses inside us that other animals don't have, you know, the the desire to mate, or the desire to have a safe home, or the desire to protect or the desire to mark your territory, we share that with other creatures, we should you you put a fence up, right, and a bird puts its nest out. It does that and it even, you know, it's you we have alarm systems, and birds start chirping and we think that they're chirping because it's a beautiful sound, they're actually warning other birds not to come near. That's what

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they're doing. When they do that, you know, and you know, some of you notice birds keep smashing into your window, and they don't stop. That's not because they're dumb because they see a reflection. They think it's another bird in their territory. And they attack it. So human just like human beings, right? Oh, my mo m Falcon. Quran says we have things in common with them. But what are some impulses that are unique to us? that we have that animals don't have, for example, the need to be heard?

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The need to be heard, like I'm not talking about? Did you hear what I'm saying? Sometimes you're talking to somebody and you're explaining yourself, and they're like, Ah ha, ha, you're not you're not hearing what I'm saying.

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You're not listening to me. You're dismissing what I'm saying? Yeah, they can hear but not hear. They can hear or not hear. You know, and they can see they understand what not and you can feel like I'm not being heard. I've been dismissed. I'm being ignored. The need to not be ignored as a human need. cats don't care.

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birds don't care. But human beings care when they feel like they're not being heard. Like when you're talking to somebody and they don't even look up from their phone, you feel dismissed. You know, but a dog doesn't mind. You have a problem with that. We have a need to belong. We have a need to feel like we're accepted. We have a need to feel not judged. You know, you we have a need to not be reminded of our mistakes and need to feel safe, not just physically safe, emotionally safe. You know, we have these different needs emotional needs inside of us that are met by the people around us are they're supposed to be like a child is supposed to feel safest with their mother for example,

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right? Or spouses are supposed to feel safe with each other. They're called spouses are called clothing for each other. You know why they're called clothing for each other. Because when you wear your clothes, nothing about you is hidden from your clothes, your clothes, touch everything. Your clothes know everything. They know all the secrets, because there's a part of them that faces outside but there's a part of the

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faces inside. And so the clothes, no the ugly, the clothes, no the good. No clothes, no everything. No, there's nothing hidden. And for a spouse to share everything with their spouse is a scary thing, because you're letting somebody into your very inner self. And sometimes what happens when you share something, and later on in an argument, they bring it up to shame you, or to attack you, you start questioning whether I should, should have opened up. Now these needs that I mentioned, the need to feel safe, they need to find a confidant, they need to have someone to talk to, they need to be heard. They need to feel loved. You know, these need to feel protected. these are these are

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necessary needs, not just physical ones, but emotional ones, when these needs are not met, when these Now let's talk about that scenario. And these needs are not met. When somebody says, I don't feel loved. I don't feel like anybody cares at home about me. I don't feel like I'm respected, I don't feel dignified. I don't feel understood. I feel constantly judged. I feel overlooked, I feel ignored. When you have these feelings. Then just like when you don't get food, and you say I gotta eat, right, you don't have food you got to eat. When you don't have rest, you got to go to sleep, your body's tired, you got to go to sleep, when these needs are not met, you and I try to find

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something human beings try to find something to fill in that gap to feed that void. And when we're about to feed that void, then comes a less light. Because the law says you can feed this light. But here's the way you should. And here's the way you shouldn't.

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Okay, because whenever you say I need to be I don't feel like anybody in my family listens to me, I need to find somebody to talk to, there's a healthy way to find somebody to talk to. And there's a very long way to find somebody to talk to, there's a dark road, you can go and allows light will come inside you before you accept the message. And before you write back or before you make a call. And it's going to say that's not a right way to go. That's not good. And you say, Don't talk to me right now. I just need someone to talk to. I needed an escape, you understand. So what's going to happen inside you is these feelings, these emotions that are very powerful, because they're

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explosive. Remember, they're explosive. But Allah put that light inside us so we can protect ourselves from those explosions. That's what he gave us. But the thing is, when that struggle happens inside you and me, we're we're trying to follow this light that Allah has given us. And every one of us has it, every one of us feels it, there's something and by the way, the imagery, I didn't even go deep into it, the imagery of the, the the night, the dark, you know, there's no light. But even then the moon is still a little bit there. Sometimes you're in a terrible, dark environment. There's people around you that don't care about what Allah says, There's no light

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around you. But somewhere inside you, the sun is still reflecting something in you still says this is dark, I gotta go find the light again, I gotta go towards the light again, you have to, that's a struggle You and I have to have inside of ourselves. But what happens when you this is a very brave thing to do. What happens when a person decides and I know I'm taking over my time, I'll take two minutes, I'll be done chumma

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what happens when a person decides they're going to be brave, and they're going to overcome these explosive feelings, they're no small thing. They're going to overcome these explosive feelings, and they're gonna go towards a less light anyway, they're gonna follow a lessly. And that means they might have to feel like if I follow this way, I might lose this person. I might people might not might not be happy with me, how am I going to fulfill all these emotional needs, if I follow laws way allows way doesn't look like it's going to give me gratification. These other ways are giving me instant gratification. That's what happened was shaitaan says follow my way. And I'll give you I'll

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fill those holes for you right now. And Allah says follow my way. And you may not feel it right now. But I'm telling you, this is what's good for you and you I will fill them for you. Because the lead didn't give us these needs to not fulfill them. But he wants to us to fulfill them in a way that's blessed. Not a way that's cursed. Even if you feel good right now it's gonna bring ruin to your life down the road. Don't do that to yourself. I shouldn't do that to myself. Find the road that's going to bring more and more light into your life. So when we do that what happens? Then finally what I started with people feel like they're not calm. Remember, they go running and jogging and working

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out and listening to music or playing video games and they still don't feel calm inside because their light is crying saying What are you doing? Allah says yeah, enough. So in the self that is finally calm. Let me talk to you in our ob key. Go Come back to your master. Meaning come back to this slide.

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is a person find calmness when they come back to Allah? When they come back, you have to ask yourself, I have to ask myself, what is it in my life that this ayah means? What is it what is coming back to Allah means for you is different for what it means for me. Your story is different than mine in Asakusa, shatter your struggles, and your efforts are all over the place. Every one of you has your own story. What does it mean for you to come back and find calm in the company of Allah? Well, the attend Maria, this is the formula and listen to this carefully. How do you know you're coming back to Allah one, you know that you are content with whatever Allah does, you're no

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longer worried that you're going to lose something, or there's going to be a void inside you, you're completely trusting a lot of he'll take care of it. He'll take care of the one who gave you these feelings knows how to take care of these feelings. You're already with him. And Maria, and you're making sure whatever you're doing, he's happy with you, too, you're happy with him. But also, you're making sure that every step you take, you can say to yourself this step I took, maybe other people were upset, but I know Ally's happy with me.

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When you can take those steps, then you have calm in your life, then there could be chaos outside in the world. And inside the earthquake stopped, you're completely tranquil. Then he says for the holy Fury by the enter into the company of my slaves, which is a description. It's remarkable. He didn't say that holy jannetty what holy, everybody has Bolivia, buddy, meaning enter Heaven, enter come into heaven, and then enter the company myself. Because once you go into heaven, then you meet people, but align this ayah did something else. He said something more even more remarkable. I want you to be ranked among those who enslave themselves to me, they gave themselves to me. And when you

00:26:48--> 00:27:20

do that, then you know agendize there's not just the gender of the data that's there in these two but there's a gender here to then that gender happens that calm and that that there's no concern left, that tranquility happens when you and I decide that we want to be a less slaves, no matter what our loyalties are not even to our own emotions. Our loyalties are to Allah. When we can do that inside of ourselves. When we can make that kind of a Hydra. Then for the Holy Spirit, the body was fully jannetty then enter Madonna

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is that? You know, I know I'm taking over my I'm so sorry. But holy Jana, enter heaven. Enter jangarh know what collegian Mati enter Maya Jana miser, as if Allah for these people who turn back to Allah and they follow the path of light, the path of revelation when they take even steps in that direction. Allah says about them, I'm making a special journal for you.

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I'm making a special journal for you. Those are the people we want to become. That's the struggle we want to win. This is a it's a profound thing that Allah has given us, between, you know, these feelings that we have, and the struggle to control them. And to find that balance path in between. I pray that Allah gives each and every one of you inside of your heart, the strength and the willpower, to trust Allah and to follow the way that you know is going to lead to him being happy with you, and you being happy with him. Allah xojo make us all of those that are are the attendance of the year and make us all of those that are theory by the E that are among his slaves and enter

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into His gender. barakallahu li walakum phylloquinone Hakeem when I finally would be it would be hacking.