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Villa Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala

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Muhammad Rasool Allah is Allah Allah highly right it was it was salam just even with hearing

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from other

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mighty sisters

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if you are in a shooting competition

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What do you need to win the competition

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basic fundamental things most people want to win the shooting competition

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good breathing

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a gun

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whatever the archery competition

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because everybody all of this is gonna

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all your answers are correct but I'm saying what the very basic fundamental thing and the reason I'm saying fundamental because

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one of the one of the signs that something is fundamental is that most people will not mention it.

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Most biller mentioned right because it is understood it's supposed to be that we will Why do I need to say that

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I'll give you another example come back to the shooting we'll give you an example of this.

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If I tell you which is your favorite airline you will mentioned a while back several Emirates,

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Qatar or whatever now and I say okay now why is Emirates your favorite airline? It was a very

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very good frequent flyer program the in flight service is fantastic the seats are great what not whatever

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So suppose I listen to all that as I look generally

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you never mentioned safety

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Why didn't you mention safety?

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Why didn't you say that the most important thing for me is that the plane should land in one piece. Right?

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It's understood I mean

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does it mean it is not important of course it's important you don't want you're not going on to the bread or die you know you

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it is so important that you don't need to mention it that's how important it is.

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So if you are looking at shooting me here I'm saying shooting as a example

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my real aim or my real focus is actually life

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and that is nowhere the target is no What is your what is your reaction?

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Yes accuracy is important yes breathing is important yes having a gun or bow and arrow or whatever it is you're using there is all that is important but what are you shooting at which target

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you get the one I'm saying suppose you're standing in line right and then 10 People are competing and you've got 10 targets in front a you are the most accurate shot in all of them.

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But you hit the next guy is target instead of you're on target what level

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you can't see your absolute Bullseye that's right except it's the wrong target.

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You lose

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these are saying this is because this is what is one of the biggest problems in our life.

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wrong priorities skewed priorities

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you should hear the wrong target

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give me another example.

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We have in the budget now we have the Quran Quran

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memorizing and reading

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classes in the evening in the morning after South Africa diversity is

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what is the goal? Why do we there

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for what

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oh you're not sitting in front of the map or that you can do it on your own

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by go to the class

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whether through everyone for that you don't need this

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for your Astra

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so you can do on your own Why should you switch Nicholas Nicholas

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but What did Allah subhanaw taala say what should be the reason for it and Quran

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In our moving on Alladhina isa Luca Allahu wodgina kuru boom.

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What is truly a delay him is to who Zarda to Imana while our ob mutoko encircle Advaita was that I said the believers are very unruly, though only those are the believers.

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Who when the name of Allah subhanaw taala, as mentioned before them their hearts shiver with the glory and majesty of Allah subhanaw taala as what

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and when the kalam of Allah is recited before them, they demand increases and the result of these two things the reward of this is they have to work well on their job while being ethical.

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When we sit in our Quran Halaqa when we sit in the Quran does do even talk about this?

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Does anybody asks

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what is happening to my heart?

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are using only third which

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is the mud long is a well known enough Maharaja of this Maharaja that

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just think about that that'd be really important. I'm not saying it's not important but let me find me one single Hadith one singular these

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were Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, correct it somebody started with or said that Tajweed is important. Therefore read correctly, find me one Hadees in the entire collection of others. I'm not I'm not an expert on this right.

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I have never seen not once. If somebody has a spiritual to me, I would love to.

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Not once in a while.

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And there are I give you the Quran itself where Allah is Rhonda is talking about the effect of the recitation on the heart.

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And there are any number of Hadith about the effect of recitation on the heart. There are Hadees, where as soon as salam praised the recitation of some of the Sahaba Abdullah bin Massoud.

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Then, also, as I

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said before, there are Vilano Abdullah Masuda Llano, then Abu Musa Rasheeda, Delano and so on, were a source of praise their residents he did not say that the youth is great, he didn't. He said if you want to listen to the Quran, the way it was revealed

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but not one single place where he corrected somebody's studies

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now again, if somebody thinks that I am against the reason that's a good thing, because nobody will be against that right is that which is the right way of reciting? So we must learn but where do we give importance what do we give importance to

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now the reason that is important why I said you know, when you are shooting What do you need, you need to know the right target.

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That is a reason why even though our surgeries we may improve and we may correct it over time and read correctly there is no effect of the Quran that

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the whole life goes heart is still filled with fear and anxiety and worry and this and this

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we are worried about this I my my might get sick I miss MODAF on that might have been that might have where is the opal

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We heard we listen to the courage just now. In certain

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whatsoever the first time anybody remember

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very iconic ads, which most of us know

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you remember evolved over

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about parents not even to say off to them, right?

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So we heard the ad for how many of us whose parents are alive parents are passed away on the law that's a different thing. But for parents who are alive how many of us thought about that and say here is Alaska law? Unless one that is saying do not even say woof? Is this the way I treat my parents?

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Do you think about that?

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If you thought about that a hungry life you did not think about that. Then what is the good of listening to that?

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This is the meaning this is the point of saying Do we have our priorities in the right place?

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Focus on what Allah called important first after that everything has no problem

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hope was everything but core importance is what what is the Quran Al Karim doing to my heart?

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If that is not there you can have that with any number of things would change.

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Allah is not go into take that with example when when we meet even on the day of judgment but Allah will see what is the heart he laminata Allah who you tell me in Zelly

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so the Calvin Selim has to come from where that is the meaning of the Quran in the heart

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focus on the correct things.

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Inshallah, we'll talk about this more in the next few days. But right now I want to you know, fix this in your mind and my own mind, which is focus on the correct target because you will, you can be the best shot in the world if you're shooting on the wrong target is wrong.

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What is the target?

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And if the target is right, that even if you don't get a bull's eye, you will get somewhere on the target. It will still count for something. Right? You didn't You didn't get 10 out of 10 You were you have you got five out of 10 But you still got one, but if you hit the wrong target you got zero.

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Even if you even if it is

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so we ask Allah Subhana Allah Jalla DeLallo to enable us to focus on the character things and to give us Baraka in that make it easy for us and to accept it from us. Or sell Allah Allah Allah Karim, Allah Allah He was I will never have to go