How Muslims should prepare for Anti-Islam protests at Mosques

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the upcoming events of the Islam world's biggest mass protests, including the arrival of Islam's Creator, who is bringing people together to discuss the message of peace. The speaker emphasizes the importance of opening the doors to guests and making them come together to discuss the topic. The speaker also provides information on the importance of being a Muslim and gives a number for those who want to join the Islam community.
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Peace be with you. I sat down with a comb, I wanted to spend just a few minutes with you on something i thought was very, very important. Most of you know by now, the anti Islam, the protests that happen in Arizona now they've coming together to have some more with the guns outside of places of worship, disrupting people's peace. We're not going to get into the double standard here. This was done in front of churches or synagogues, Muslims going and protesting with guns, how this will be portrayed. But I was really flabbergasted to see how the creator works. Look, because it is incumbent on all of us to love for humanity will be love for ourselves. Islam, isolate him says love

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all mankind, and we truly care. That's why we're supposed to share but we haven't been sharing. Okay, we failed there. Now, since we didn't go out and share the Creator of the heavens and earth is bringing them to our doors. I was just amazed at this golden opportunity. That look, you didn't get it, we didn't get out there. So now, Allah, the creator, the Almighty is bringing the people to us. So what are we going to do with it? What are we going to do? So I got some things that I think are good points, that you can go ahead and in a community a come together and have a nice meeting to discuss this. And you can add to this also, but you got to open the doors now. I know mosques are

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always open to people. But have this day designated that you have an open house that people can come in and see that the mustards aren't bomb making factories. And it's not a place just smells like Bharani and Kurt curry, no, they can really come in and they can have a tour of the mosque, they can be explained a simple message of Islam, the pure monotheism of Islam, the universal message of Islam, the brotherhood and sisterhood of Islam, the way of life that was lived by Jesus, Abraham, knowing all the prophets that God Almighty sent, he sent them with Islam submission to the will of the Creator, not the creation. This is Islam, it resonates with the heart, the natural fit or the

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that God Almighty put in all of us. But now that has been distorted, people have gotten the wrong perception because the wrong message has been delivered to them and are no messages all except what Fox News and all these other media outlets are feeding to them. So that's the first thing. Open the doors open house to have the food ready, get some pizza, get some water, you got guests, and as long were told to honor our guests, these are guests who are coming to visit you. So now you've got to have a smile. Doesn't matter what hate rhetoric they spew at you. You say words of peace. That's it, you don't return this hateful rhetoric with hateful rhetoric. No, it's not gonna work. So have the

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food ready. three big huge banners representing some of the teachings of Islam brochures set up at tables. So people can go ahead and freely take it, they can pick up a car and read it. It's an open book, they go have brochures, on, on Jesus on the Quran and the scientific miracles in the Quran, the evidence that we have, that proves that Islam is indeed a way of life from the Creator. Have this all ready to go. And another thing that's an extremely important, have a good spokesperson on the front to be able to communicate to the people, somebody preferably you have so many now's the time for the people to reverse the converse to step up.

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dressed to impress. So Islam is not looked at as the other you can be a Italian Muslim, an Irish Muslim, you can be a Muslim, American Muslim, Muslim is like Jesus was. Jesus was one who submitted to all of God. Well, that's what a Muslim is. So I have them dressed to impress, speaking to clear Simple English, and communicate this message, this message of peace, peace acquired by what submission to the will of God, talk about the similarities. The Creator worshipping Him alone, not as Christian, you know, marry the deep love that we have for Jesus mother. And we call upon the Creator, the one that she called upon because she when she had Jesus in her womb, she wasn't calling

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upon him, she was called upon the one who put Jesus in her womb. That's the same God that we call upon when Jesus came out of the womb. And he called upon who the Creator, that's the one that we worship, the one who sent Islam as a mercy to humanity. And the last and final Mr. Muhammad peace be upon him. All of these things are so simple and so clear and they resonate. It's something that it's their right to know and at the end doesn't matter what happens to accept or reject. Your duty is just to share and be the best host give these people some love. It's your chance now, Allah sending them to you. He's sending them at your front door. I'm just I'm so amazed by this is this just

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amazing what it operates

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I'm excited. I wish I can be with everyone at every one of these these massages when the people were there but I can't but I can share with you like I've done some of the things that you can be doing you can add some things that you think will be effective but do your part now. Do something, don't just run on the bus, do the writing, give these people some love, give them some love. and tune in every week to the D show. Send them to the D show. Don't forget. We also have a one 800 number one 806 is to Islam. Have them tune in to D show calm and we'll see you every week new show. Until then Peace be with you.

videoThere are some big Anti-Islam protests coming up, so I thought I’d share with you some things the Muslims should be prepared to do when our guests arrive. Please share this with everyone in your community and at your Masjid’s, and be ready for this great opportunity!

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