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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala shudder freedom via your mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala Ali was salam to Steven cathedra. Garcia.

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From Eduardo, let me address some question because somebody asked me this question whether celebrating the birthday

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of Rasulullah Salam is Jeyes or not Jaya, is it be died is Musa was it for the what is it?

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So I want to

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clarify this, because it's a matter of a lot of conflict. People get into arguments and so on, but they don't understand.

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I want you to think about this birthday. And birth.

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We'll add an yomo. Willa.

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Now, these are two different things.

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These are two completely different things.

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If you're celebrating the birthday of anybody, right?

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Then what is the first thing you need to know?

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What is the first thing if I want to celebrate the birthday of somebody? What is the first thing I need to know?

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To number

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right there. However, if I do not know the date of birth, then obviously I cannot celebrate the birthday.

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In the case of rasa Salam,

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what we know for sure, is the year in which he was born. And that year is known in the Arabic languages, I will feed the year of the elephant because that was the year in which Abraha attacked or tried to attack machi never made it because Allah subhanaw taala destroyed him. But he tried to so this year was a year of very great significance. The Arabs at that time did not have their own calendar, they had only the months and so they knew that there was no custom among the Arabs to maintain dates, in terms of days. So, not only for this for anything, there was no 20th of October 1955 All this was not there, but years there and even the years they remember the years in terms of

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something significant which happened in that year. So I will feel because this is in the Sierra, when you read the Sierra you will find there the term which is used for our husband, the year of sadness, and this was the year in which the Solar System lost two of his most beloved people. How digital cover are they Alana O'Meara Khadija are mother and Abu Talib, the uncle of Orissa salah, who he also loved very much. So, Lazarus was very sad. And that year is called the AMO. So they had this thing. So now we notice

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the month itself Rabil out while

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most people

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feel and believe that He was born in Robbie will our world but this is again, there are some difference OB somebody's at this point that

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they itself there is no

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there are many notations. Now you might say, Why is there so much confusion?

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What do you think?

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The reason is Now, contrast this the day that Russell was passed away? There is no confusion about that.

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Right? Everyone is agreed upon the fact that he was he died on the 12th of February.

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No convenient. Now why is there confusion about his date of birth and there is no confusion about his data passing.

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Because when he was born, who knew that this world Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was going to be the Rasul and the Navy and Qatar want to be in and say that nobody knew. Except Allah, of course. But other than that, nobody knew that all these were going to happen. So they did not have a custom of preserving dates of birth. Nobody did. I mean, if you ask, okay, now, what was the date of birth of Hamza with Abdulmutallab? We don't know. What was the date of birth our data, we don't know, what was the date of date of birth of Albuquerque city. We don't know the law no.

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Because this was not the practice of the earth. They did not preserve any dates of birth. So we don't know his date of birth data passing away, of course, because he was the Rasul and you know, well known and there will be more than 120 130,000 Saba, they prayed for him and they took turns and so on, as far as all this happens, we know

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so when we don't even know the date of birth, how do you celebrate your tomorrow? Right second thing is from a religious Islamic angle. What I told you is a logical angle but Islamic gang there are some questions which you

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If somebody says we should celebrate his birthday now, please understand using a special birthday. So first of all, we don't know the second thing is, as this question

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why are we celebrating? We're celebrating because this is a rasa is alive and if you celebrate Allah subhanaw taala will be happy and Allah will reward us. So any action we take for the reader of Allah expecting reward from Allah, this is a call what it's called a bother any action, right? You're sitting here in this much this, why?

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Because some insha Allah some good things about Allah subhanaw taala and then and inshallah we ask Allah to reward us this is a bad

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you call some people and feed them for the pleasure of Allah it is a mother. So similarly if you're celebrating the birthday also salam, it is bad. So now first question to ask is celebrating the birthday of resourcer Is it

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is it something which is a bad or Hashanah? It is something good or is it Massiah is it something which is disobedience of Allah.

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Now if it is disobedience, suppose somebody says oh no, this is disobedience, then don't do it.

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Obviously why will you do it? But if it is obedience,

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if somebody says no, this is must be done, it is Hassan. Then for anything which we say in Islam is a bother. We need the lead.

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This Dean is a dean of the LI dean of the Kitab of Allah and the Sunnah Suzanna is not the dean of my grandfather did this. You are sharing this so Ansel Morrison did this. So no, no, no, no, this is not this. There is no mythology in Islam. There is no authority there is no superstition. Islam is a dean of the lead. So if somebody says why are you doing something there has to be evidence from the Quran and Sunnah.

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what is the

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ask this second question. Was Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam aware

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of this obedience or not? Did he know that this his birthday should be celebrated?

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Now if they say Heba he didn't know.

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If you say he did not know. Then you are accusing the rosary salaam of ignorance, we just go for.

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Right, which is COVID. May Allah save us from that? If you say he was aware, then the next question is, did he convey this or not?

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Last round that I said, Yeah, you are Rasool balumama. On July like

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he's an orator. Oh my Rasul Oh my messenger convey whatever has been

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sent to you

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by Lee Moundsville. I like while lambda Val, Ababa lokta Risala if you don't do that, it means you have not completed your message and not completed your work right. So did he convey now if you say he did not convey then there is that is over because you are denying the Ayat of Allah subhanaw taala you are saying that Trump did not do his job in our 11 If you say he can read

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then where is the evidence? Allah doesn't call her to Quran ago in Gaza Okay?

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provide evidence if you are truthful.

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So if you say conveyed this thing where is the Hadith? Where is the Hakama is gonna be a salam to say celebrate my birthday on this particular day there should be no i mean i If you say where is the Where did the Hadith to say that there is a Salah should be bread we have that is?

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Where is the Hadith about what do we have? That is?

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Right. So ma'am, anything? Are you any of the above that Islam? There it is. Mustafa there is this is not for this, this is proof, where is the proof of this?

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So the issue is to understand this, that to celebrate the birthday of rasa Santa, there is no evidence.

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It is not something that nobody told us to do. It is not something that he did. It is not something that any of the Sahaba of

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the whole of our agenda did not do it. No salary. Now, when did this start? This started with the far Timmy Dynasty, which was the Israeli Shia dynasty in Egypt

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from 909

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Common Era to 1171 This was a

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dynasty which started in Egypt. The it was the minister of the war Minister of

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Fatty means who was neurobion Sanghi, whose nephew was Salahuddin

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and surrounded up took over the Fatimid dynasty. Right? So, there are of course, another all arguments about surrounding iob show swore allegiance to the Fatima Khalifa then event I guess, the Messiah Dao that's all not part of our story here. So the point is, this was started by one of the hola of the parties and what did he do? He actually celebrated I wanted to celebrate your own birthday. So to celebrate his own birthday, he created a one week long celebration started with this birthday of Rasulullah. Selim, then that of Fatima Ravi Alana then I live every day

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that has an appeal I know that Jose know that. There is one book

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so one week of celebrate, this was not this was done. Think about this. Rasool was passed away in 632. Right 6/3 year US born in 571. He passed away in 632. Fatty dynasty started in 909. So obviously this did not happen the day started I mean, it some some time during that so easily three to 400 years after.

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Now as soon as a resident passed away. So if you say three to 400 years, obviously there is no zahavi involved. There is no data involved. There is no data involved. Right? They all all of them are gone. They're all dead after that this thing starts. Now unfortunately, the problem with these kinds of things is that they become popular. Everybody's Oh Mashallah. MashAllah Madonna Mila. There is no Milan. Now having said that,

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should we celebrate the birth of resources?

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Yes or no? Birthday no birth. Of course. Of course. This is something we this is the greatest. Allah Subhana lecan Munna Allah Allah mamina is Basa fever Suleiman and visit so Allah subhanaw taala read that letter, I have sent you the greatest blessing Rasul from among you.

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So we are very happy that number seven was, but of course, we are very happy, we are more happy that Russell was salam was born, then we are happy that our own parents or anybody, no, this is the this is the man of the Muslim, that he loves the VRA CERAM more than he loves everyone and anyone on the face of the earth. So should we celebrate his birth, meaning that he was born of course. Now what is the best way of celebrating the birth of resources?

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What is the best way?

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Follow his followers life is not just a matter of saying you know, I have this big Jelsa and we have this nice biryani or something

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and she can sing and achieve and this and that and that don't go no, no, no. Follow his life for Allah Allah Allah. Allah.

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God Allah who feed us who delay who's Wartune Hassan Lehmann Gara, your doula yo Allah Hera was like a La Casita. Allah said for you. The best example is the life of my professors are now example meaning what to do what? Just one one day in the year make one big Tamasha No, follow it in your whole life, more your life on the life versus Islam. And Allah said, this is for the one who looks forward to the day of judgment, who looks forward to the meeting with Allah's words a Hamdulillah. May Allah make us among those who your joola While Yama Akira and make May Allah because among those who do Zacher Allah because you know that we remember Allah subhanaw taala greedy, so, yes, we

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follow him. Yes, sir. Yes, we celebrate his birth we are very happy and the way to celebrate his birth is to follow his message is to follow what he taught us right in every aspect of our life. So this is so let me clarify because people keep asking me questions. Certainly, if I was involved, this is the issue and Johnny to fight and no need to have conflict. But we should understand what is what are the facts, what is the history we should know inshallah we ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep us on the path that leads to His pleasure and to save us from all forms of share can be that and coho and all sorts of masa masala, Allah Allah Allah will carry Hualalai. He was a remember Africa