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From day one muscly

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hammock Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to Steven Amato

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maroon sisters we live in a world today where

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we have been conditioned to believe that we are at the peak of knowledge

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that we have the

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everything everything that is to be known we know it already

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and therefore we question we ask questions which are really logical if you think about it and say how is this question even logical

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but we asked them

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and one of the outcomes of this mindset

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to have lost

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a sense of wonder and we have lost the spirit of real inquiry into something to understand how it works

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if I ask you for example, what is necessary for life

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for anything to be living?

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What is required his

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for life for someone to be alive something to be alive? Not only human I'm saying anything to be alive what is required?

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What okay? What is

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how about if I tell you I can name for you specific creatures we don't need air?

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They don't need water. So I don't know if they have it or not.

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But they multiply.

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They reproduce

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I can name for you not what I can name for you many, many, many.

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One of them we experienced for the last three years we experienced here

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what is the Coronavirus?

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This is a stone

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This is a living thing

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is reproducing believe

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it's killing you. You're not killing it.

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All the technology in the world didn't wipe it out. It's still there. You're saying oh it became a we our problem also is words. We have invented words. So we say words and we think it's all over. It's no longer an epidemic. It's a pandemic. So our problem is solved. You still die brother

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You know what I'm getting at?

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So how come nobody asked this question and says,

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since I do not understand how the virus works, I don't believe in the virus.

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There are people who are saying that

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a lot of them were saying that before the right

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point I'm making here is Allah subhanaw taala gave us this example in the Quran. So this is not something that I have to prove to you. And that was the sort of the normal story of Solomon Raisa. And you know, also I don't want to go to the entire story. You know the story I know the story if you don't know the story

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of how the throne of the screen of Sheba Bill case was brought from what is now horrible Sally, near Yemen, in Saudi Arabia, all the way up to Jerusalem and it was brought in the split of a second.

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In the blink of an eye,

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it was brought, the man who did that was sitting in front of the river is alive in the court. He didn't go anywhere.

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He did something.

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Now the question is this.

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What whatsoever is the reaction to that?

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Because here is something which is completely miraculous. What as you call it, here was this huge, massive material thing made of gold and God knows what. And suddenly it is sitting here right in front of me. How did it happen? No, I didn't go there. He didn't bring it nobody has brought it just

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what was the reaction of service?

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And Allah told us the whole thing, the entire story, I'm not making any of this site. I literally those three

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things one is the Oh Subhan Allah Sahiwal Kurama Seibel Morges Oh, my God, you got his BA Did you say? No.

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He said two things.

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He said have mean fugly or have B.

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He said this is the blessing and

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gift from

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you who did this in Randamie.

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You don't know who actually did

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It Allah subhanaw taala has been further up. And then he says the second thing, why did this happen? Leah blue Ernie

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so that I am tested

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whether I'm grateful or unreal.

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Now the reason I'm saying this is because today when we look at the world around us, we must keep this in mind and think about this. So Allah, Allah subhanaw taala created His Word is what is all Americans believe in the only people who don't believe in miracles are people who don't believe in science. That's why study science because science will show you how this world works.

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Not everything is that is true, but most of it is true. And it shows us how it works, because that will open our eyes to the one who makes it work.

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science and theology, religion in Islam, we are not opposite each other. Science is the way to understand us right? And again, I'm not saying that Allah said This interview is, it will not work the lovely lady want to hurry the ayah till sutra, Allah said that in the changing of the heavens and the earth in the ordination, then right there are signs for people of interest is where people will reflect

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signs which point towards the Creator which sides and will point towards the last Donalda science signs which reinforce and strengthen our iman in Allah

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and what's the benefit of that reinforcement? The benefit of that reinforcement is taken it takes away all fear and all sadness and all anxiety from that.

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This is my Allah. This is my Rob This is the one he can do this. So what about me I need to worry about my food. I need to worry about what will happen to me.

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The virus is not worried. The bacteria was not worried.

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The mouse is not worried.

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I should worry. And I call myself a Muslim and I read the Quran and I put it on was one of the issue worry

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completely hard becomes free from all of this stuff.

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And we see Allah subhanaw taala What should I worry about? Am I pleasing him or not with that's why he created we didn't create me to worry about food. He created me to worship Him on our Harlequin novel INSA Ilaria will not created the genome they won't be for anything other than ours.

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So I worry about whether I'm worshiping Allah as he wants to be worshipped. What is my salah? Correct? What is the quality of my salah? Am I praying on time am I bringing in the right way? This is my concern.

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Other than that, as far as my work and zone is concerned, yes, I will work I will work to the best of my ability. Why not because I need the work not because of our Give me food but because I am Muslim. And everything I do must be to the level of excellence whatever if I'm sweeping the street, that must be the cleanest Street in the country.

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If I'm cooking food to the best of my ability, if I read my home, my treatment with with my family the best that I can do.

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Not for that for because Allah, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is pleased with that.

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I'm obeying in obedience.

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And we will this

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right? So now I remind myself and you never, never never lose focus on the fundamental principle of Islam. And that is

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Allahu Akbar.

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That Allah subhanaw taala is the greatest and I can do whatever he wants.

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What are these, what is what are

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no limits.

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And all of these things which does relate to a miracle is not something specific, specific. We have a one day we are surrounded by miracles, but we are blinded ourselves. Every single day there are miracles.

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We see them and we go to philosophy. So Hamdulillah that Allah gave me the ability to see that he gave me the knowledge to understand that and he gave me the guidance to point me in the right direction to where I should look at and that is the whole road and in the in the power of creation of Allah subhana

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wa salam ala alihi wa he was happy