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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salam ala, mousseline Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there's one cathedra in the Sierra Nevada.

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Just everything that

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bears fruit needs a special kind of substrate and special kind of soil a special kind of medium in which to grow.

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And then medium diverse from taking the analogy of plants differs from plant to plant.

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For example, tea,

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which all of you are familiar with drinking,

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I don't know if any of you have ever grown tea but I've grown tea and manufactured tea for 10 years.

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Tea requires it acidic soil,

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a 4.5 Ph,

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you have some other crops which require an alkaline six plus pH value.

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Now if you take tea and you plant it in soil, which is too alkaline, it won't work.

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You take something else which requires an alkaline soil and you plant it in acidic soil, it will it will be good It won't go.

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The substrate the soil, for knowledge for real knowledge,

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the knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala his other

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his other

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others not only

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it is part of it but it is not restricted to wearing a Toby or not extending your feet towards the Qibla or saying Salah and so on. So for all of these are part of other what are what that but it is not restricted to the

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other is the sense of glory and all and Majesty of Allah in your heart.

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When we talk about Allah subhanaw taala as of is the sense of understanding why we learn about Allah subhanaw taala but only one reason why do we learn about Allah anyway?

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I can call all the names we can worship, so we can watch him so we recognize Allah subhanaw taala so we can worship Allah subhanaw taala so the all and majesty and glory of Allah settled in our heart, his crushy etc. Haha gelato

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and frog is cashiered we rise is the what we know as the newest Tawakkol of Allah Azza wa Quran Allah subhanho

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All of this is part of other

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and that is why there are so many stories of the hola and de vaca Ha, who, for example, Abdullah Abdullah bin Mobarak Muhammad Ali, one of the great

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FOCA and automa of the Tribune.

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He himself has a bursary on how to Lolly and so if you're an authority now these three were contemporaries, where did the times that people like this where they were they were all at the same time period. And at one time they were all together maca.

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So, Abdullah Abdullah says that I studied other for 30 years 30 years

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before I approached the

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studied other for 30 years before

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we know the famous story of your family, we run a civilian

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family his mother when he was a little boy, his mother used to every morning she used to dress him up,

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tie a turban on his head

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and she would send him to do massages and why leave to study under arrabiata Ray. Robbie, I've been a been a bit of the ramen for Farooq Abdullah Ali, one of the great scholars of this Deen. She used to send him in Mali bananas to study and arrabbiata Ray.

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And she would say it every day she would says due to this and she would say to him take from the other of Robbia before you take from his ill

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take from the other overweigh before you take from his

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very interesting there's a very interesting story in the Sierra of Arabia to write himself. He was called right because I mean opinion and he was called right because he was so well known for his

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rulings in fifth. And his opinion that he was named became right Arabia

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After I

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die stories are interesting he his father Farrokh

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first of all also an inferno of was an added verb was also from the beginning very deeply interested in the Quran and in studying and learning and he was not interested in anything else.

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So as he really became a teenager, he became, you know, maybe

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20 or something. And his mother and his arms and so on used to constantly get buried. I mean, what is this, you know, you're on your way. Today, we have a situation where

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we have literally, here are your 12 year old, 14 year old kids who come to me and say, Sure, please withdraw, I should get married.

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But this is the case of work. It was the opposite. He didn't want to get married because he's I have not I have to study.

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And this was, this was a very common thing with a lot of people, one of the greatest of the

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Imams of the Shafi mother, and know how to learn it. He never got married his whole life.

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He said, no time, I if I get married, and I have to give time to my family, this is part of apart of religion, I can't just marry and abandon my wife, so I blogged anyway, so they used to get up. And so he what Faro did was write jewelry, he bought a set of conditions. So he said to his mother and his arms, I will marry a girl who's only who has this and this and this and he put this huge set of conditions, she must be half as Quran, she must be this of Hadees she must have that and so on. So Angie made this into his whole idea was, I will give you a standard that you can never find. So goodbye, you can come back to me. But never underestimate women. Right? So they found him. They

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found one girl like that for him. So now he got married. He now he got refused. So here is girl did you told me you told her the conditions, all the conditions.

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So nigga was

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that night, when he first saw her for the first time. He didn't like her at all.

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Or whatever it was he never He just didn't like it. So what did you do? We put it was a like Allahu Akbar.

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And he brought up now his wife, newly married, she's waiting for her husband. And as soon as Allahu Akbar

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they pray to regatta and even forgot. And

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so she realized that she knew what was going on. She wanted to add him herself. He was a great scholar herself. So she realized what's going on. She's a look what's going on here. My husband doesn't like my face. I mean, simple as that. Right.

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So when he finished one of those rockhard they were there he was praying. She said Allah subhanaw taala said, rasa and Takara who say

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we are Allah Who fie Phelan kathira.

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She said Allah subhanaw taala says maybe there is something you dislike, but Allah subhanaw taala has put a lot of hiring a lot of Baraka a lot of blessing that

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so far Rob was still not convinced he stood up a Allahu Akbar. And he forgot So further

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he suddenly found that he cannot be set so now this is a man who is an alien who is average this is everything right? And he can't he cannot reserve so the fact that so he got the message he said, No, this is not there's something else happening here.

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How can I forget?

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So he

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stopped that salah.

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And he was with his wife.

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But next morning

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straight from even from his house, he went to the Mercy version of Mozilla who lives all happened in Medina went to went to Mizzou

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and romaji is another we there was a continued a battalion going off to fight in Iraq. He joined them in went away.

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He had 36,000 data, he left that his wife

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and he went to the masjid. He went off when it's convenient

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to fight in Iraq.

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He did not come back for 27 years.

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So after 27 years, whatever battles being fought and so on all that finished.

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Now this bad divided he is he may have left by very when he left he may be what 25 or something he goes for 27 years. He's coming back now he's in his 50s

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he's tired also is not a word of advice his dad

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so he came

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here to spear resort.

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He came to his house

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he knocked on the door and the young man opened the door.

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So, he said to the man move, I have to go inside.

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You have to go inside, inside when

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he said this is my house.

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The man said you who? I don't even know you. How do you mean you just come to somebody's house and this is my house

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he said, Who are you? Are you there? I'm gonna absolves he's a nonsense you are not the owner of the I'm the owner of this house. Now this big argument started

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when the voices were raised, his mother came out on the balcony she saw him she said

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Robbie, that is your father.

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That is your father

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so then he had design and so on is he is was easing isn't what it was that he left with.

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And the son wasn't even one way first Thursdays anyway, he came inside and then of course, after 27 years disease save his wife. So anyway, they had the conversation whatnot. And it was

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Nadia left the house he had something new he left so these two husband wife meeting after such a long time.

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So all these videos that finally said to me that we go to the budget

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and you know, pray there and come back when he went to the Mercy diseases be or zoom you be crowd and there is somebody sitting in the corner there and he's doing that so the lighting was not so great, so you couldn't make out who the person is. So this man he has people So who's this person who's a chef? Was

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this shirt is Olivia.

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Then what are we which is the labia

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Abdullah Han El Faro.

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We are the son of Pharaoh.

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He shouldn't be

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the visor.

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reviewer for augury Joseph

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so all these people,

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they've been sent to him wherever we

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were, how is it you don't know this man? This is this is our

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this is one of the greatest Allamah of this time.

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How did you not know him? He said I was not here I was in Syria somewhere. I was you know, I didn't know this one.

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He was very happy obviously he came home.

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And then he asked me why we said you know I left for you 36,000 dinner.

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What happened to them? What do you do with the money?

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He said you saw what I did with the money.

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What you saw just now in the budget. That is what happened with money.

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That Roberta Ray is a product of that money. Meaning she used her money to support her son and herself are 27 years 28 years of learning a study who's ever try to RE is the teacher of

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Imam Malik bananas.

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Imam Malik Benaras is the teacher of Shafi

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give a shout out to Larry is a teacher of Muhammad Muhammad.

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One after another the greatest names of the scholars of zoom.

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This is the reward. None of them were wealthy, nobody had palaces. Nobody ruled countries.

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But their names 1000 years later today are taken with great respect. And we said how to rally

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then there are millions of people following them.

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And we cannot even imagine the kind of agile the kind of reward that they will be getting from the people following them and doing this. This is the result of

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this is a result of approaching the deal in the correct way.

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And when myself when you let us inculcate this in our lives in a place to begin with that is solid and we stand in Salah before you do anything else. Just think to yourself, where am I standing? You're not standing here on this carpet in western Western Mass. You're standing before the Arusha ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Surah Surah Salam said when the slave he said the Salah is Mirage a woman he said it is the mirage of the of the believer. He said when you may have sudo you are not making such the on this masala you are making CELTA before the age of Allah. The key is to we know we know all these words, you know, to get that sense to get that feeling to get that emotion in the heart and

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say so

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Only Adam I'm standing before you before you are

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when I'm excited that is before your throne.

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You are seeing me. You are listening to me you know what's in my heart. You know what I want to ask you even before ask you.

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You are the one who gives me the words to ask. You are the one who puts that thought in my mind to ask this

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and you don't do it without a reason. You do it because you want to give it misery to me.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala for this inshallah we ask Allah Yara, give us the words that please you. Give us the word to praise you in a way that you wish to embrace. Use the word to ask you the way you wish to be asked and then give us what we asked with fire and Apphia and add to that from your majesty and grace or Salalah Hannah will carry Murali he was meant to go