Mirza Yawar Baig – Measure the connection

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the measuring of one's connection with Allah and how it can be used as a metric to judge it. They also touch on the impact of mentioning someone's name on one's heart and how it can affect their emotions. The speakers emphasize the importance of not claiming to love someone until they are true, the increase of demand for humor and fear, and the importance of being true believers in the connection between the heart and the mind. They also mention the need for education and social media, and the importance of measureing connection between the heart and the mind.
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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim on hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shanna freedom Gabriel sullied. Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to sleep on cathedra because

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of other systems we talked about being connected with ALLAH SubhanA wa. So let me

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tell you today and share with you

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some thoughts about what is the measurement of that how do I know if I'm connected with Allah?

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Allah Allah Himself mentioned that measurement for us instead of the lava Allah Samantha said in our Winona Lena either as okay hola hola hola Hello are either totally utterly him either to the other two Imana or Isla rob him yet our Carlo and Lavina you're going on a solid that we're members of FICO hola como

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lo Raja to nine Dara beam Babak Farah to what is called Karim Allah subhanaw taala mentioned five qualities of people connected with him. And these five qualities can be used as a meter as a test as a criterion or criteria set of criteria to judge whether we are connected with Allah subhanaw taala or not. The first and foremost I don't see how beautiful the burn of the Quran is how sublime it is and how true to human nature it is. The first of them, I want you to think about it that Allah Allah Azza Allah subhanaw taala over and above and superior to any missile any example that can be given or him jello, jello, but just for just for us to understand. Think about this. Think about somebody

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you love beyond description, right? We of course we have Muslim we love nobody other than Allah. beyond description, only Allah we love more than anyone or anything else. And then when we and then we love rasool Allah SallAllahu sallam, more than we love any other human being. But among the people that we know, think about somebody you really, really love very much. What is the first thing that happens when somebody mentions their name, you immediately there is a quickening of the heart. Immediately, suddenly, you feel that you feel that in the heart, your mind flooded with beautiful images, your eyes flooded with, with the last time you saw them, the picture of them that in your

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arm in your mind's eye. Right? So there is an effect on the heart of just the mention of the name, the person hasn't come yet. We haven't seen them

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have spoken to them. I think just a mention of the name. Somebody took the name. As soon as you hear the name.

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This happens to you. In a human context, the person may actually have meant somebody else because people have many people have the same names. But when that person mentions that name, even though they didn't mention the person you are thinking off your instinct reaction is, that is my that's my friend. That's my that's my Beloved.

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Allah saying, when Allah Subhana Allah has named mentioned, truly Verily, the believers are those moving in are those who either has who care Allahu wa jeelabs coloboma, when Allah subhanaw taala is mentioned their hearts, Shiva with the grace and the oil and the majesty and the glory and the magnificence of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. There is an effect as a perceivable perceptible effect on the heart of the person. So the first thing to do when we are thinking of the Quran will Caribbean Ramadan and Ramadan and listening to the Quran and Ravi and I have been reading and so on. So what is ask ourselves go back into our hearts and see and look what is happening to my heart.

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The tragedy is that we have become so disconnected with ourselves and have been and remained so disconnected for so long, that go into the heart and see and so forth seems like some foreign language, but we have to get over that. So once you let Kuru is anything happening to my heart when I'm reciting the Quran, especially when I'm reciting the ayat of the Prophet of Allah subhanaw taala, the glory and magnificence of Allah subhanaw taala AYATUL kursi and so on. And so the necklace is everything happening in my heart. Number one, what do you look? What either Sukira Allah where you look, what is that truly Attalla Heemeyer to who Sir the tone Imana and Allah says Amen My

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IATA recited before them, when they recite the IRS, when they see the IRS around them I means the ayat of the Quran it also means sign meaning or anything. Krish when my when my slaves these are the believers when they see the Ayat of Allah or when the Ayatollah recited to them, when they listen to them when they read them themselves czar the Tomi man that eemaan increases. What is a measure of our increase of RMR? How do I know if I'm or if a man is increasing? One of the measures of Eman is the

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The disappearance of fear of anyone and anything else from my heart. I cannot say I have strong emotion while I still fear somebody or somebody or something else. I cannot say I have strong emotion when I'm when I'm fearful that what will happen to me what love my family, you know, look at all the turmoil in the world, maybe the economic and economic collapses have going to happen, and so on and so forth. And all the banks are collapsing. And so what will happen

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is what kind of knowledge is this, that it doesn't free us from the fear of the flock. And we claim to be collaborative believers. What can I believe is the SWOT analysis. So Allah said, dazzles, FEMA even increases. Now I want you to think about your own self and say, what are the other sides of the increase of humor. Another side of one is fear, freedom from fear of anyone other than Allah. Second sign of the increase of demand is a reliance only on a lot of Akula. Nothing else. And that's the third point Allah mentioned in this particular in this particular area. And also for me, a fear increase of Eman is to stay away from everything, which was one of my vision, was that it know that

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we steered away from what Allah privated even though the thing in itself was haram, what about staying away from what Allah subhanaw taala prohibited, when that thing itself is when the thing itself is harmful over everything, how and everything Allah will actually intrinsically harmful to us what we're seeing, so this is the side of it, then why not be metaphorical, and they have Tawakkol on, they have completed Tokenizers martela. Let's think about this, the reliance is a consequence of these two things. A heart which is responsive to the to the name of Allah. And even that increases with the Dhikr of Allah. These two things produce a heart, a system called witches.

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Allah haram behavior, our color on their, on their rub, they have Taqwa they have completed total faith and trust on their rupture ledger know that Allah mentioned two other things which are visible in our lives. He only said well as you wrap

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up wounds solid they are the people who establish the salah. How particular are we about Salah there is no point in claiming Torah to love Allah and to love his messenger Muhammad Salah when we miss Salah when we leave Salah when we deliberately delay Salah because of this that there is no clear there's no point in making those claims because Allah subhanaw taala standard is different. As far as Alaska is concerned if you are doing all of these things you will claim to do anything and be anything those claims have no words because you're you are delaying your Salah and you are missing your Salah. So what

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up Munna Salah for me matters, economic thought, and this burned from what we have given them and again this is not only money, money is definitely one of those, but money and time and talent and life and energy and and strength and all everything which Allah has given us, we set it up and say Allah first claim on this is yours because it belongs to you. So therefore what every time there is, there is a need which is in the path of Allah anytime a brother or sister is in need, this is the path of Allah. Anytime a house of Allah is in need, it's a path of Allah anytime there is any good work to be done, it's a path of Allah anytime there is any education educational need, whether it's

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religious education or science or scientific education, whatever is for the good Mr. Will more of an ironworker, the Muslim is ready so Hamdulillah this is my this is what I need to spend on. Obviously it means being Succot and not trying to play games his role playing soccer, doing all of that. So one around behavior and move on to the phenomenon and then Allah subhanaw taala

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with these five characteristic characteristics five criteria of connection with a loss manager, we ask Allah for them so let us check and see how I increased in these. And if we have done this Bashar Hola, hola, Erica humo in Raqqa these are the people who are the true believers. Would I Iike homall Me no nah ha ha these are the true believers Lhomme Daraja to ninja Ruby, for them that are the result with that. There are stations of honor with their DWIs accepted they will be you know, honored.

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Laham Donna, Jasmine and Ravi were McPhatter what is going carry and they will be forgiven and they will be given beautiful risk. Easy risk in this world. And of course it's going Kareem is Jana inshallah. So

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think about this. Am I earning halal? Am I eating halal? Or am I playing games

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All my green footwear shopping today charge EBT is a great source of social photoshopping. You as Chad GBT fatwa and the GPD will do an incident

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you know, searching everywhere and then give you a fatwa. This year this can be that there can be people who say, Well what's wrong with that? You know, it doesn't move through the same thing. Mostly does not do the same thing because both D does it from from a, it removes the anatomy of the heck does it from a fundamental basis of the question of a lady's heart, from the fear of Allah subhanaw taala is of the anger of Allah and His heart from from a trust in Allah subhanaw taala in his heart, that is where it comes from. And then it is the the whole experience of everything together. It's the Quran, it's the Sunnah it is the soloists racetams

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actions, which is the Syrah all of this together, right? No, no, no computer board I'm gonna do that for you. But anyway, that's a different thing. I don't know. The point I'm making here

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is to understand that this is the measurement for the connection with a law that we mentioned about yesterday we asked last Martello to increase this connection, make it stronger and stronger and make us among those people who are truly connected him Jalla jalla wa salam, ala Vickery while he was a member of the Garona

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