Purification Of The Heart

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be managed and the reason that

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offers useful one a lot Peace and blessings young Prophet Muhammad, from Milan, why don't you tell them and allow those who follow the path of righteousness until the last day.

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The topic of today's football

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was the heart.

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And the presentation of the Islamic view

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concerning the heart

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began by quoting a very famous Hadith

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it is in the form of knowing, and another collection

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in which the Bible has said

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things which are permissible halaal are clear.

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And those which are prohibited,

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are also clear.

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And between them, there is an area of obscurity,

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a gray area,

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which is not understood by most people.

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However, the one who avoid that gray area

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as protected his religion and his honor.

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And whatever falls into the gray area,

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falls into

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the gray area itself

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is prohibited, but that it needs eventually to the wife.

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And the alarm went on to explain what he meant by saying that fall into the private, he said

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that everything for every ruler has a sanctuary, an area of land which is his own.

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if a person raises sheep,

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right next to the border of that house, the sheep are liable to cross over and eat from the sanctuary.

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And the border of a law's sanctuary

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is the

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prohibited area. The gray area is right next,

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I would say that the sanctuary is the alarm and the water is that gray area.

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And if you hang around that gray area you're liable to step into the private.

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Then he went on to say that in everybody

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there is

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a portion of flesh

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if it is good,

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it is pure, then the rest of the body is pure.

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And if it becomes diseased, if it becomes corrupted or rotten than the rest of the body becomes corrupted and rotten.

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And he went on to say

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that it is none other than the heart

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the question usually arises

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how it is

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that the heart can play such a major role

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in the body?

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When we know that there is such a thing as heart transplant.

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And they do

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how it is that the elements described the heart in this fashion.

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Well, we know that there is such a principle as

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you can transplant the heart of a criminal into the chest of a righteous person.

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And that doesn't make him a criminal. And you have the heart of a righteous person into the body of a criminal and doesn't make it right.

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So what then, is the bumper sticker?

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He didn't say it is a composite.

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we have to understand that

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when we speak of a human being

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a clump of flesh and bones.

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That human being is not real, or it's not a true human being unless

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he is infused by the Spirit.

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Because man is not just the flesh. He is both the flesh and the spirit.

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So when we speak of the heart, we're not speaking nearly of that organ, the organ, but that organ which is in contact with the spirit, is the combination of the spirit and that organ, which now plays that role,

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you as a human being, who

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is fed faced with trials

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and not

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so many examples, that we we all know, within ourselves that we feel,

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we talk about a pain in the heart having a pain in your heart,

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it is something which is it is not, it is not purely physical, and it is not purely spiritual, it's the combination of.

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So, that central point

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where, the

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physical organ of the body, which we know physically speaking, if it goes back,

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physically the body starts to go back, when

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and if the heart is healthy, in general the body is healthy enough.

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But that alone does not determine the state of sickness or health of the individual as a complete human being.

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Now, if the spiritual aspect of the heart

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is good, then the spiritual aspect of that human being that whole body now becomes

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the actions which are performed by that body are good actions. But if that spiritual part becomes diseased, then the action