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Tonight on Mother's Day

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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi Don't be able mousseline, Muhammad Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just even because he was here

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from Abbado, we have been talking about

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principles of the ACA in terms of the hate and so on. So, let me continue with that.

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As I mentioned before, and I remind myself and you that to enter Islam is one sentence.

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Later Hey, Lola, Muhammad Rasul Allah.

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So also to leave Islam can be one sentence.

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So it is very important to

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be careful, especially with what we say.

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Both are important what we feel in the heart and what we say both are important.

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But once we say something, we become culpable, we become

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liable for punishment.

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Until we say

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it is between us and Allah.

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But once we speak, there is a liability.

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For example, if somebody feels in their heart that Salah is not fourth, not necessary. I pray if I feel like bring up or if I don't feel like pray, I don't pray. Or somebody might say Salah is not for the dog, there is no salida I don't need to pray. He feels in his heart.

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As long as he doesn't speak, as long as he does not say that. This is between him and Allah, it is a bad thing. It is a it is a very evil thing, it is something which is a major problem, but it is between that person and but if the person says that, then there is the major problem.

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If a person completely loses faith, may Allah protect us from this among the big calamities of Dean, to lose faith, somebody completely lose? There is no Islam there is no God, there's no nothing. He has become atheist, but in his heart is not set it. So as far as we are concerned, if it was a Muslim, then we treat him like a Muslim. You don't know what is in the heart, we don't go into somebody. But if the person says this, then kind of says it. Pro Islam then if the person dies, and they come and say will you make the another so this person said that he's not a Muslim? He said that he has no faith in Allah.

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Right. Now, as far as Salah is concerned, because Allah is the first pillar of Islam or the second pillar of Islam, it's the it is the proof of Eman. So, some of the some of the I might have taken a very strong view under the good view to say that if a person dies and we and that person did not pray,

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then we cannot do so as a general on that person because as far as that person is concerned, he has left Islam because

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by now buying a home or Salah and had a lady buying an albino masala for one out of the half of Africa. Oh come on color Lisa to Swami said the I had the line the dividing line the covenant between them and as them is we will not Muslim and us is the salah and the one who leaves the salah has left Islam for could go for a yes committed COVID

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Some other Imam taken a view to say they are not contradicting the zoo. Yes, if a person is not praying, then the person is has left Islam but the view they take is to say that

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just because you did not come to the masjid does not mean he was not praying. Maybe he was praying at home maybe he was praying somewhere. So we take a more Kinder softer view and say that it is not necessary. I should see him praying. Right? If somebody says he was praying we accept that even if nobody says he was praying as long as the person did not say I will not pray. As long as that evidence is not there. We will still do Serato Jana, it is up to Allah subhanaw taala whether Allah gives him Jana, Jana that's upon us.

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Right? So what we speak is what we believe in what we speak is very, very important. Now, in today's world, some of the places where we get into trouble

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and unknowingly people don't realize but one is out for the hood.

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Right? A lot rather I said we're filthy sassy. Hyah two year old. Alyssa in the results in the punishments of Islam. There is high art there is life. Now you might say the punishment in Islam for murder is execution. So how is their life? You are cutting up somebody's head how is their life or analyzing their life? Hired?

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The reason Allah smarter is

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saying that Allah Allah is because the the there are two,

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two goals for the punishment. One is to punish the individual, somebody who commits murder that person has to pay for them. But but another goal of punishment in Islam, which is probably an even bigger word is to make it a deterrent for anybody in the future. That is the reason why some of these punishments are very horrific. For example, the punishment for adultery committed by two people who are married, but not to each other, between two married people, the woman is married to some old some man, the man is married to another woman, and they are committing adultery, the punishment is death by stoning, it's not just execution or it is dead by stoning I was ever in a

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horrible punishment, this is very barbaric and so on, so on. But the reason for that is what and that is why also the evidence required for that punishment to be levied is very, very strict. It is an eyewitness account by four independent people.

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Right. And that eyewitness account is must be it very graphic to say that there must actually be there was there was bear witness that they saw the act of intercourse there was they actually saw the

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the the actual action of intercourse the entry of the

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of the male organ into the humerus. So if they say are these two were lying together in bed that doesn't that doesn't count for as evidence. This is the reason why it is so severe is because I'm not sure either does not want anybody to punish by mistake.

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But if this evidence is there, what is it showing, it's showing that this corruption has become so big that four independent people or more actually can see it and these people are not bothered, they are doing what they are doing? Right? In spite of all this people watching. So then definitely there is a punishment and that punishment is so severe, and so graphic, so that it is detrimental, it's a deterrent, not every deterrent for anyone who has these desires. Another place where we get into trouble is with regard to inheritance or loss right and I specifically mentioned all the detail laws of inheritance, how what the sun will inherit hammer, the daughter will inherit and so on and so on

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as well. Now, there are some people who feel that this is not fair is it should be equal, why is the woman getting less than the man and so on right now, there are there are explanations for that it is not unfair, it is very rare, it is much further than what you and I could have, would have decided for the simple reason that the woman can inherit from three different sources from her parents or siblings from her children.

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Right. And she what she inherits, no one has any share in that Android or for for though a husband also so for, for people from whom the woman can inherit. And no one has a share in that the woman need not share what she inherits with her husband, with her children with anybody. It is her money. It is her property to do as she wishes, but for the man he also inherits. But on him is the responsibility of supporting his parents if they are there if they need support, supporting his siblings if they need support supporting his wife if she needs support supporting his children. So now this man is loaded with four different kinds of responsibilities. The woman has no

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responsibility that Allah subhanaw taala gave her

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a smaller share than the man so the daughter gets a half and the son gets one share in the inheritance. So there is a system of justice there.

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Similarly, other things,

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there's very important in terms of our Aqeedah

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never to feel or speak and say anything which goes against the Quran, which implies that Allah subhanaw taala did not do justice or which are which implies that also Allah Salam did not do his job and did not completely explain everything, right. The reason I'm saying that is sometimes we talk people talk very loosely, just conversation.

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That loose Doc is when it comes to Allah subhanho data and is Rasul Allah is Allah when it comes to the Kitab of Allah and it comes to the the Hadees and Abuja, this loose talk is very dangerous. There's loose talk until you clean out of Islam. Right. So be very careful with that with that talk. One bigger final point, homosexuality

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in this country today, practically everywhere in the world right now, there are people who feel that they themselves are not homosexual. Right

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But the affiliates okay

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so what's the problem? This is unnatural

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so all these you know this is wrong bad No, it's not wrong it is right. Nothing wrong if two people want to have sex

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they're not harming anybody who are they having it's consensual both of them want it

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now the person saying it is not doing it

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he's not doing it but this is what they are saying this is what they are feeling please understand

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I'll give you an example.

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If a person

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is praying he does his Salah is boring but if he or she says Salah is not required

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select not forth

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then this person has left Islam even though they are praying

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you get the one I'm saying they're not they're not stopped praying they're praying but their opinion

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is okay.

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But Allah subhanaw taala said something is not okay when others words that he said something is worth and you say it is it is it is okay not okay.

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You have exited Islam even if you are praying

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your prayer will not say because

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another example

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if you commit check knowingly, somebody covered say without you know ignorance, some custom practice they should be correct about somebody knowingly commit shirk.

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Like for example, he goes to the grave of any grave or even the grave of Ross wasallam and he makes dua to the person in the grave. Yeah, Phil had been full on give me this give me that give me that. Make dua for me to Allah subhanaw taala I have no children give me children. I have no job give me job. He's doing all this right. Now if a person is doing it without knowledge because he's ignorant, your character was ever other please don't do this. This is haram in Islam this ship, but if somebody is doing it deliberately, knowingly, then he is committing open shirk and he has left Islam now. If you have a person who does not do this, but if he sees somebody says no, he's okay let them

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do it on it.

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They will get something from them.

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Why don't we Why don't do it. But it's okay.

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So what is he doing? He is legislating in the place of Allah subhanaw taala and his rasool Allah and he is making what Allah made haram into halal.

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So even if he's not doing it, it does not save him. This speech what he's saying what he feels about this, which is what Allah made haram, he makes Halal bodalla made halal remix Hara, what Allah permitted is prohibiting what Allah privater is permitted, this takes them out of Islam, even if they are not doing it themselves. This is a very important thing to understand, especially in the context of today. Because this is one of the I call this the, the Amroth the diseases of the so called educated people.

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Because you are you know, you speak English or something and you are educated you feel that now you have a right to legislate in the place of Allah subhanaw taala. And neither of us will know we don't have time to legislate Islam is Allah did not leave it for us to guess and to come up with our own ideas. Allah subhanaw taala told us and taught us and this was a result of daughters, what is right and what is wrong, and to believe that and to act on it.

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Both are very important.

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And the example of that is how do you enter Islam like I told yesterday, does it well we believe that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and Muhammad Rasool Allah. So Allah azza wa jal Sena is the Rasul of Allah and the Last and final one after him there is also we believe this in our heart and then we Acropolis and we speak this and we say it says Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, and then the rest of your life you will live by this karma meaning that what Allah permitted you do what Allah prohibited, we do not do that. So please understand this. loose talk is not good. loose talk can be very serious, it can take us clean

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out of Islam. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from this and to save us from ourselves and to save us from the from the wasabi Sucheta was Allah Allah Allah will tell you and Allah He was a member of the government.